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The History of April Fools Day愚人节的由来April Fools Day or All Fools Day is one day of the year when youre allowed to mercilessly prank your friend, family and coworkers. How exactly did this day come about? We dont actually know for sure what started the celebration of April Fools Day. References can be found as early as 1500s, but these accounts are infrequent and not very detailed.四月愚人节或是愚人节是一年之中可以无情的恶整你的朋友、家人和同事的日子。这天到底是怎么来的呢?我们不真确地知道是什么起始了四月愚人节的庆祝。文献可追溯早至十六世纪,但这些记载很少也不是很详细。Most popular theories had begun around 1582 in France during the reformation of the calendar. Before France adopted the Gregorian calendar, they celebrated the New Years for eight days, beginning on March 25th, and ending on April 1st. When they switch calendar system, the eighth day moved from April 1st to January 1st.大部分盛行的理论源自于大约西元1582年法国的历法改革之时。在法国采用公历之前,他们用八天庆祝新年,从三月二十五日开始,四月一日结束。当他们转换日历系统时,那第八天从四月一日挪到一月一日。Because they didnt have internet, phones, social media and a mail system, a lot of people didnt hear about this change until years later. Those who did not hear about the change continued to celebrate New Years in April. Others refused to celebrate out of rebellion. Those who had been informed of the change and adjusted their calendars began to make fun of these fools who were uninformed or rebellious. This harassment evolved into a tradition of playing pranks on the first day of April, and then sp to other countries.因为他们没有网路、电话、社群媒体和邮务系统,很多人直到多年以后才知道这项改变。那些没听到改变的人继续在四月庆祝新年。其他人因为反对而拒绝庆祝。那些被告知改变,且已调整他们日历的人开始嘲笑这些没有被通知到或是反对的笨蛋。这样的骚扰发展成一个在四月的第一天去恶作剧的传统,然后散布到其他国家。However, April Fools Day was aly established in England, which didnt switch calendar system until 1752. Also people are aly engaging in pranks and light-heartedness around this time of year, long before the French switch their calendar systems, such as in the case of the ancient Roman festival of Hilaria.然而,四月愚人节在英国早已建立,他们直到西元1752年才改变日历。人们也已经在一年中这个时间,致力于恶作剧和轻松作乐,远早于法国人变换他们的历法系统,就像是古罗马的快活节的例子一般。Modern celebrations of April Fools Day have slightly different traditions, depending on the country you are in. But they all have the similar theme of pranking or humiliating individuals. In France, they try to tape an image of fish to your back without you noticing. And in Portugal, they throw flour at you. In England, you are always supposed to pull jokes until noon, and if you pull a joke after noon, you are called an April Fool. And in the ed States and Britain, even popular media outlets and companies have been known to get involved in the fun.现代的四月愚人节的庆祝有些微不同的传统,取决于你身处哪个国家。但是它们都有相似的恶作剧或是羞辱人的主题。在法国,他们试着在你背后贴上鱼的图案而不被你发现。而在葡萄牙,他们泼你面粉。在英格兰,你永远应该在中午之前说笑话,而如果你过了中午说笑话,你就被称为四月傻瓜。在美国和英国,甚至连受欢迎的媒体和公司行号都因参与这趣味而为人知晓。In 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had purchased the Liberty Bell from the city of Philadelphia, and it was going to rename it as Taco Liberty Bell. In 1992, NPR claimed that Richard Nixon would be running again for president. British publication, theguardian, famously pranked the public in 1977, when they said that a Semicolon shaped island in the Indian Ocean had been discovered. This hoax is credited for launching the trend of April Fools Day pranks by British tabloids.1996年,Taco Bell(注一)宣布他们跟费城市买下了独立钟,而且要把它重新命名为Taco独立钟。1992年,美国全国公共广播电台声称尼克森要再次参选总统。英国出版社,卫报,在1977年出名的恶搞了大众,他们说一个分号形状的岛屿在印度洋中被发现。这骗局归功于英国八卦小报的发动四月愚人节恶作剧风潮。So hopefully you now know a little more about the history of April Fools Day, or at least what we think the history of it is. Now that were at the end of this , you might be wondering if all this information is accurate, thinking it ;IS; a about April Fools Day! YEAH! Its ACCURATE! But seriously, its accurate. I wouldnt do that to you.所以希望你现在知道了多一点关于四月愚人节的历史,或至少那些我们认为是的历史。既然我们到了影片结尾,你也许会怀疑这所有的讯息是否正确,想着“这的确是”一个关于四月愚人节的影片!耶!是正确的!但说真的,这是真的。我不会那样对你的。注一:Taco Bell是美国的连锁速食店,主要商品是墨西哥卷饼(Taco and Burrito)。201504/368550

African athletes buy souvenirs in Beijing非洲运动员在京购买纪念品Tea sets and traditional ornaments might some be some things that are usually considered as things to take home when visiting Chinas capital.茶具、传统饰品通常会是来中国首都北京必须购买带回祖国的纪念品。Not for Guineas Mohamed Lamine Dansoko, and the Democratic Republic of Congos Rossene Mpingo, who had a much more mainstream souvenir in mind to have in their hand luggage on their trip home.而来自几内亚的穆罕默德·西索科和刚果民主共和国的罗塞内·马尼格却不走这样的寻常路线,他们有着想带回祖国更为主流的其他纪念品。 译文属201508/396399

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201601/422884

;This desirable treasure was made at the request of the famed King of the Franks. A beryl stone placed in the middle contains a depiction of how, in Daniel, Susannah was evilly condemned by the old judges.The stone... shows the skill of its art by the variety of its work.;这件诱人的珍宝…是奉著名的法兰克国王洛泰尔之命而制作 的。中间的绿宝石包含了《圣经?但以理书》中记载的苏撒拿如何被两个士师诬陷的故事。这块水晶展现了多种精湛的工艺。It probably remained at Waulsort until French Revolutionary troops looted the abbey in the 1790s. Perhaps it was they who threw the crystal - clearly made for a hateful king - into the nearby River Meuse. When it was found it was cracked, but otherwise completely undamaged, because rock crystal is astonishingly tough. It is very hard and cannot be chiselled, but must be ground instead with abrasive powders. The whole thing would have taken an immense amount of time and great skill to work, which is why these crystals were such luxury objects. We dont know what the original purpose of our Susannah Crystal was, possibly it was an offering to a shrine, but it was in every sense an object fit for a king.它很可能一直被收藏在这个修道院,直到十八世纪九十年代这里被法国革命军洗劫。也许正是他们将水晶扔进了附近的默兹河中,因为它明显是他们所厌恶的王室的物品。当它被重新发现时已有了一道裂缝,除此之外没有任何残缺,因为水晶的质地极为坚硬,它无法用凿子凿,只能用金刚砂慢慢磨。整件物品所耗费的时间与运用的工艺应该都十分惊人,价值也必然非凡。我们并不了解制作这一水晶盘的初衷—也许是神殿的供奉物—但它显然与一国之君的身份相衬。By the time the crystal was made, Charlemagnes empire had broken down, and the whole of north-west Europe was divided between three members of his squabbling and profoundly dysfunctional family. The squabbles ultimately resulted in the empire being divided into three parts: an eastern kingdom that would later become Germany, a western one that would become France, and Lothairs Middle Kingdom, called Lotharingia, which ran from modern Belgium down through Provence into Italy. But Lothairs Middle Kingdom was always the weakest of the three, forever threatened by wicked uncles on either side. Lotharingia needed to be able to defend itself. It needed a strong king. Heres Professor Rosamund McKitterick from Cambridge University.这个水晶盘制作之时,查理曼大帝的王国已经四分五裂。整个欧洲西北部被他那内讧不休的家族中的三位成员争相瓜分,导致帝国—分为三:东边的王国日后发展为德国,西边的是法国的前身,洛泰尔那名为洛塔林基亚的中部王国则从现今的比利时经普罗旺斯一直延伸到意大利。中部王国因被两位邪恶的叔叔左右夹击,向来是最弱小的,洛塔林基亚 需要自卫的能力:它需要一位强悍的国王。罗莎蒙德麦基特里克教授是剑桥大学研究中世纪历史。201511/409483



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