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德惠市儿童医院是医保定点医院吗吉大一院网上预约挂号电话号1. Jon: Hi, there... I#39;m Jon Arbuckle. I#39;m a cartoonist, and this is my cat Garfield.『大家好!……我叫姜?艾伯克,是个漫画师,这是我的猫——加菲』2. Garfield: Hi, there. I#39;m Garfield. I#39;m a cat, and this is my cartoonist, Jon.『大家好!……我叫加菲,是只猫,这是我的漫画师——老姜』3. Jon: Our only thought is to entertain you『我们只有一个想法——让大家都开心』Garfield: Feed me.『我也只有一个想法——快拿吃的给我』 /201505/375870长春医科大学附属第一医院流产 Modern men spend more on impulse buys than women do, research has revealed。调查显示,现代男性冲动购物比女性花费更多。A study found that men regularly shell out an average of £25-a-week on items they bought on a whim, while women spend close to £19-per-week。一项调查发现,男性平均每星期在冲动购物上花费25英镑,而女性花费近19英镑。Food, beer and DVDs are the most common treats for males while clothes, magazines and wine topped the list for women along with books, shoes and toiletries。男性冲动购物最常买的是食物、啤酒和DVD,而女性冲动购物买得最多的是衣、杂志和红酒,还有书、鞋子和化妆品。The poll of 2,000 customers found that over a typical adult lifetime around £70,217.28 will be frittered away purely to satisfy the overwhelming urge to shop。这项涵盖了2000名消费者的调查发现,成年人一生中因一时兴起而消费的东西平均会花掉约7.02万英镑。Researcher Emily Stag said: #39;Twenty pounds a week might not seem a lot, but can add up to a huge amount over a lifetime。研究人员艾米丽?斯泰格说:“每周20英镑也许看起来不是很多,但一辈子这么积累起来数额就相当大了。”#39;For £70,000 you could easily put a large deposit on a house, pay off all your debits or buy a sports car。“有7万英镑你可以轻松地给房子付巨额首付,偿还所有的欠款,或是买辆跑车。#39;General consensus would suggest consumers are trying to save every penny at the moment, but our research shows we still like to treat ourselves or our loved ones.#39;“人们普遍都认为消费者在日常购物中会能省则省,但是我们的研究显示,我们依然愿意花钱满足自己或爱人。”The study found triggers such as receiving birthday money, coming into an unexpected windfall such as cash back from a company, or a small win on the lottery often result in spur of the moment purchases。研究发现,收到生日礼金、或是得到一些意外之财,例如公司返还现金或中了小额票等,这些通常都会诱发冲动消费。Six out of ten women admit they regularly give in to temptation if there is a sale on and six out of ten also cited retail therapy as the main reason for shopping on impulse。十分之六的女性承认自己经常抵制不住特价促销的诱惑,另外还有十分之六的女性说她们冲动消费的主要原因是通过购物让自己开心。Only four out of ten men said the same thing。只有十分之四的男性是因为上述原因冲动购物的。It also emerged one in three girls admit they don#39;t bother telling their other half about their recent purchases。研究还发现,三分之一的女性承认,她们不会告诉另一半自己最近买了什么东西。Furthermore one in five couples argue as a direct result of overspending each week。另外,五分之一的夫妇会因为每周花费过多而吵嘴。 /201507/384131梨树县治疗宫颈糜烂医院

长春吉大一院四维彩超预约London’s future is up for grabs. When you try to imagine what direction the city might go in, it’s useful to think about Vienna. A century ago the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire was a rich cosmopolitan metropolis. It was an incubator of modernity, attracting people from all over, some of them nuts. Here are a few of Vienna’s residents in 1913 (as listed by B radio’s Today programme): Sigmund Freud, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and a young automobile worker named Josip Broz, who eventually became the Yugoslav dictator Tito.伦敦的未来是一片纷乱。当你试图想象这座城市可能前进的方向时,想一想维也纳会有所帮助。一个世纪前,这座奥匈帝国(Austro-Hungarian empire)的首都曾是一个富裕的国际化大都市。它是现代性的孵化器,吸引着世界各地的人们,其中一些是疯子。这里是部分1913年在维也纳居住过的人士(名单由B电台《今日》(Today)节目列出):西格蒙德#8226;弗洛伊德(Sigmund Freud)、希特勒(Hitler)、斯大林(Stalin)、托洛茨基(Trotsky)、弗朗茨#8226;斐迪南大公(Archduke Franz Ferdinand)以及一个名叫约瑟普#8226;布罗兹(Josip Broz)的年轻汽车工人,也就是最终成为南斯拉夫独裁者的铁托(Tito)。But by 1918, the Austro-Hungarian empire was gone. Today most Freuds live in London, and Vienna is a backwater.但到了1918年,奥匈帝国已灰飞烟灭。如今,大多数“弗洛伊德们”生活在伦敦,维也纳成了一潭死水。A century from now, London could be a backwater too. The city faces its own set of threats. Most pressingly, few people can afford to raise families there any more. London may become a gated playground for the super-rich. However, there’s an alternative scenario in which the place just keeps getting more successful. Aly the contours are emerging of a future London: the city as a giant drop-in office for millions of occasional workers who live far away, often in other countries. A ring of satellite cities ranging from Manchester to Rotterdam would turn into a new set of suburbs for London.一个世纪之后,伦敦也可能成为一潭死水。这个城市面临着自己的一系列威胁。最紧迫的是,已经没有多少人有能力在那里抚育子女了。伦敦可能会成为超级富豪们封闭的游憩圣地。然而,还有一个可能性是,伦敦只会变得越来越成功。这样一种未来的轮廓已经开始显现:伦敦会变成一个巨型的流动办公室,数百万居住地离它十万八千里、往往在另一个国家的临时工作者随来随走。从曼彻斯特到鹿特丹,一连串卫星城将变成新的伦敦郊区。The problem London needs to solve, says Andrew Adonis, Londoner, Labour peer and writer, is, “Housing, housing, housing.” What’s happening in London’s housing market can no longer be described as gentrification. That was the ousting of the city’s working class and bohemians. Now many upper-middle-class people are being forced out too. Michel Mossessian, a French architect in London whose firm employs lots of nationalities, sees something of a “seven-year cycle”: people work for seven years in London but then often leave once they have children. It’s not just that the average three-bedroom home in London now costs #163;1.1m, according to Home.co.uk. It’s also that London’s state schools — despite vast recent improvements — will probably never meet the standards of the world’s most aspirational parents. Simply being the best state schools in England isn’t enough.作家安德鲁#8226;阿多尼斯(Andrew Adonis)说,伦敦需要解决的问题,“除了住房还是住房”。阿多尼斯是伦敦人,工党成员,已受封贵族。伦敦房地产市场发生的事情,已不再能被称为中产阶级化。那是一场对生活在那个城市的劳动者阶层和文化艺术人士的驱逐。现在,许多中产阶级上层人士也被迫离开。法国建筑师米歇尔#8226;莫赛西昂(Michel Mossessian)在伦敦的事务所雇佣了很多不同国籍的员工,他发现“七年是个坎儿”:人们在伦敦工作七年,一旦有了孩子,通常就会离开。这不仅是因为如今伦敦一套三居室的房子一般要110万英镑(Home.co.uk网站数据)。还因为伦敦的公立学校(尽管近期有巨大改善)很可能永远无法达到世界上最望子成龙的父母们的标准。仅仅进入英格兰最好的公立学校是不够的。The solution: London needs to adopt satellite cities that can house a new tribe of “occasional Londoners”. In the Victorian era, the coming of the Tube and trains allowed London workers to move to suburbs. Soon high-speed trains will allow occasional London workers to live hundreds of miles away, around Britain or abroad.解决方案是:伦敦需要设立卫星城,以容纳一群新的“临时伦敦人”。在维多利亚时代,伦敦地铁(the Tube)和火车的到来,让在伦敦工作的人们得以搬到郊区居住。很快,高铁将让临时的伦敦通勤者得以生活在数百英里之外的英国各地或其他国家。The UK currently has just 68 miles of high-speed rail line, from London to the Channel tunnel. But when the High Speed 2 line opens over the next 20 years, Birmingham will be 49 minutes from London, and Manchester just over an hour. “That’s hugely exciting,” says Adonis.英国目前仅有长68英里、连接伦敦和英吉利海峡隧道(The Channel Tunnel)的高铁。但高铁2号线(High Speed 2 line)将在未来20年内贯通,届时从伦敦到伯明翰只要49分钟,到曼彻斯特仅一个多小时。阿多尼斯称:“这非常令人兴奋。”Aly cities such as Paris, Lille and Brussels are joining the Londonsphere. I live in Paris. Sometimes I drop the kids off at school at 8.30am and later that morning meet someone for coffee near King’s Cross. I will probably never live in London again but I don’t mind. London and Paris are now perhaps the two most connected cross-border metropoles in history, an unprecedentedly creative network with trains carrying ideas back and forth. But I also know people who live in Germany or Spain and work in London a couple of days a week.巴黎、里尔以及布鲁塞尔这样的城市已经加入了伦敦生活圈(Londonsphere)。我住在巴黎。有时,早上8点半我开车把孩子送到学校,当天上午晚些时候我就在国王十字车站(King#39;s Cross)附近和别人喝咖啡了。我很可能永远不会再住在伦敦,但我并不介意。如今,伦敦和巴黎可能是有史以来两个联系最紧密的跨境大都会,在这个具有空前创新性的网络上,火车将各种观念来回传送。不过我也知道有住在德国或西班牙的人,每周到伦敦工作两天。London companies will need to strike a new deal with occasional workers: live somewhere else but drop in on us regularly. The companies won’t need to pay these people the “London premium” on salaries, or rent lots of expensive office space. The trains that carry occasional Londoners will themselves act as de facto offices: the Eurostar, French TGVs and Thalys, in utter contrast to suburban commuting trains, guarantee you a seat and a fold-out table. Sometimes the WiFi even works. Trains also free you from the Dilbertian timewasting of office life: the colleagues loafing around your desk grumbling about the commute, the boss or José Mourinho.伦敦的企业需要与临时劳动者达成一个新协议:住在别的地方,但定期来我们这儿。这些企业无需在工资方面向他们付“伦敦溢价”,也无需租很多昂贵的办公室。临时伦敦人乘坐的火车本身就将充当事实上的办公室:与郊区通勤列车完全不同的是,欧洲之星(Eurostar)、法国TGV高速列车和大力士高速列车(Thalys)可以保你有一个座位和一张折叠桌板。有时WiFi甚至能用。火车还可以把你从呆伯特式(Dilbertian)浪费时间的办公室生活中解放出来:同事们无所事事地围在你的桌子旁,抱怨通勤,抱怨老板,或抱怨若泽#8226;穆里尼奥(José Mourinho)。 Occasional Londoners can buy a family home in Lille or Rotterdam, spend #163;15,000 a year travelling to London for work and fun for 40 years and still be better off than if they’d spent that #163;1.1m on a house in London. And they won’t have to school their kids there. Homeshare websites such as Airbnb are solving London’s shortage of affordable hotel rooms while allowing the city’s large population of slacker-heirs to monetise their only asset.临时伦敦人可以在里尔或鹿特丹为家人购置一套房子,每年花1.5万英镑用于前往伦敦工作和,这样40年下来他们仍将比当初花110万英镑在伦敦购买一所房子要过得富裕。而且,他们不必让孩子在伦敦上学。包括Airbnb在内的租房网站正在解决伦敦平价旅馆客房短缺的问题,同时又可以让伦敦大量不思进取的土著用自己唯一的资产取得收入。In this scenario, London becomes not Vienna but Tokyo. Specifically: Greater Tokyo, brilliantly served by bullet trains, and today the biggest metropolitan area in history with about 36 million inhabitants. That’s a nice target for the Londonsphere. London would then be the capital of a new informal empire spanning several countries.在这种情形下,伦敦不会变成维也纳,而是会变成东京。准确地说是变成大东京地区(Greater Tokyo):子弹头列车提供了极其便捷的交通,如今它是有史以来最大的都市圈,拥有约3600万居民。这对伦敦生活圈来说是一个很好的目标。伦敦将成为一个新的横跨多国的非正式帝国的首都。London as giant drop-in office could be a reality within 20 years. That may seem improbable. But just over 20 years ago, nobody imagined that this grey city with 1960s Tube trains, separated from the continent only by a long traffic jam to Heathrow and then hours of dead time, could ever exert such attraction that a three-bedroom house would cost #163;1.1m.伦敦成为一个巨大的流动办公室,这也许会在20年内变成现实。看上去或许不可能。但就在20年前,也没人想到这座拥有上世纪60年代的地铁系统、与欧洲大陆之间隔着一条通往希思罗机场的长长的拥堵车流、以及数小时失联时间的灰暗城市,能够展现出这样的吸引力,以至于一套三居室的房子要卖110万英镑。 /201504/371156长春哪里医院比较好 Male and female brains really ARE wired differently没错,男女大脑真的不一样It has long been said that the male and female brain is wired differently.我们一直都说男女大脑是不一样的。Now, Swiss researchers have uncovered another example of how it really is.如今,瑞士研究人员发现了这一论断的另一个实例。They found women rate emotional images as more emotionally stimulating than men do and are more likely to remember them.他们发现,女性比男性更容易在情绪上受感性类图像的刺激,也更容易记住它们。The large-scale study by a research team at the University of Basel focused on determining the gender-dependent relationship between emotions, memory performance and brain activity.巴塞尔大学的一个研究小组进行了一项大规模的研究,主要探究男性和女性的情感、表现和大脑活动之间的关系。#39;This would suggest that gender-dependent differences in emotional processing and memory are due to different mechanisms,#39; says study leader Dr Annette Milnik.该研究的负责人Annette Milnnik士说:“这表明,情感处理和记忆上的性别差异是由不同的机制造成的。”It is known that women often consider emotional events to be more emotionally stimulating than men do.我们都知道,女性比男性更容易在情绪上受情感类事件的刺激。Earlier studies have shown that emotions influence our memory: the more emotional a situation is, the more likely we are to remember it.早期研究显示,情绪会影响我们的:越感性的情况,我们越容易记住。This raises the question as to whether women often outperform men in memory tests because of the way they process emotions.这就引出了一个问题,女性之所以在测试中表现得比男性好,是否和他们处理情绪的方式有关。A research team from the University of Basel#39;s #39;Molecular and Cognitive Neurosciences#39; Transfaculty Research Platform attempted to find out.巴塞尔大学Transfaculty“分子和认知神经科学”研究平台的一个研究小组尝试从研究中找出。With the help of 3,398 test subjects from four sub-trials, the researchers were able to demonstrate that females rated emotional image content – especially negative content – as more emotionally stimulating than their male counterparts did.通过对四个分项测验中的3398名对象进行测试,研究人员实,与被试中的男性相比,女性在对待感性类图像内容,尤其是消极内容时,更容易在情绪上受其影响。In the case of neutral images, however, there were no gender-related differences in emotional appraisal.但是,当涉及到中性图像内容时,在情感评价上没有太大的性别差异。In a subsequent memory test, female participants could freely recall significantly more images than the male participants.在随后进行的记忆测试中,女性参与者明显能比男性参与者回忆起更多的图像。Surprisingly though, women had a particular advantage over men when recalling positive images.但让人意外的是,女性在回忆积极类图像内容时,特别占有优势。Using fMRI data from 696 test subjects, the researchers were also able to show that stronger appraisal of negative emotional image content by the female participants is linked to increased brain activity in motoric regions.对696名被试的功能性磁共振成像数据进行分析后,研究人员也能明,女性参与者对消极图像内容作出的强烈评价与大脑肌肉运动区活动的增加是有关系的。#39;This result would support the common belief that women are more emotionally expressive than men,#39; explained Dr Klara Spalek, lead author of the study.该研究的主要作者Klara Spalek士解释说:“这个结论也为女性比男性更情绪化这一普遍观念提供了依据。”The findings also help to provide a better understanding of gender-specific differences in information processing.这些发现也有助于更好地了解信息处理中的性别差异。This knowledge is important, because many neuropsychiatric illnesses also exhibit gender-related differences.这一认知之所以很重要,是因为很多神经疾病也表现出了性别差异。 /201506/384030公主岭妇女医院专家

长春长春阳光妇科医院GEMINI and ARIES:双子-白羊:This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling, this union can last.白羊座是你最适合的伴侣之一。你们都精力旺盛,富于冒险且自发性强。只要拥有更多的和动力,这对组合可以一直走下去。GEMINI and TAURUS:双子-金牛:This is not a good connection for the Bull. Your lack of routine upsets this steady sign. You find Taureans far too dull for your liking and will tend to wander early into the relationship.看上去,牛儿并不适合你。稳重的金牛座难以适应你多变的个性让,而你也觉得他太迟钝乏味。这样一来你俩的关系必将徘徊不前。GEMINI and GEMINI:双子-双子:You can have some real good times but you seldom stay together unless you meet in later years. however, you can have some wonderful times together.你们会有一段美好的时光,但是如果没有多年后的邂逅,你们很少待在一起。GEMINI and CANCER:双子-巨蟹:The Moon child is far too moody and sensitive for your fickle ways. You are not a homebody like the Crab. You have totally different interests then a Cancer.守护星是月亮的巨蟹座人多愁善感,与你行事方法格格不入。你也不是一个像他那样的喜欢过居家生活的人。你们的兴趣太不一样,勉强在一起也不会幸福哦。GEMINI and LEO:双子-狮子:This is not a bad connection. You complement one another. The generous Lion will bend to whatever you want as long as you let your flattering silver tongue lead the way.这对组合还不错,有点互补的意思。只要你多点甜言蜜语,大方的狮子能满足你所有的要求。GEMINI and VIRGO:双子-处女:This is not the best union, the practical Virgo views you as being disorganized and frivolous. You on the other hand don#39;t think that the Virgoan knows how to have a good time.这对搭配不太理想,实际的处女座人认为你缺乏组织性且过于轻佻,另一方面,你也觉得处女座人不知道如何与你相处。GEMINI and LIBRA:双子-天秤:Magnetic union, but not long lasting. The Scales find it difficult to live in the turmoil and melodrama that you thrive on. This relationship is usually short, hot and sweet.这是很有吸引力的组合,可惜不能持久。天秤座的人很难忍受你善变的性格。你们的关系通常短暂,但热烈而甜蜜。GEMINI and SCORPIO:双子-天蝎:Scorpio#39;s jealous tendencies are impossible for you to handle. Your flirtatious ways and little white lies will drive the Scorpion as far away as possible.嫉妒心极强的蝎子让你很难应付;而你轻佻的行为也让他/她与你渐行渐远。GEMINI and SITTARIUS:双子-射手:This union can work; however, you both love to travel, therefore you may not spend much time together. You both tend to leave your fate to luck, which can make this a risky relationship.这对组合能凑合,不过你们都太爱游玩,以致于都没时间好好相处了。你俩都相信宿命,这往往让关系变得很危险。GEMINI and CAPRICORN:双子-羯:Not great. The Goat is too ambitious and organized for you. You have totally different priorities in love and in life.并不是太合拍的一对。山羊野心太大,对你并不适合。你们对待爱情和生活的态度完全不同。GEMINI and AQUARIUS:双子-水瓶:Super alliance, you are both original and like variety. This makes for a fun loving couple. This is not always a lasting union but it is certainly worth pursuing.你们是最佳的情侣档,都喜欢新鲜,热衷变化。这让你俩有很多共同话题。你们的感情也许不能持久,但绝对是值得期待的一对。GEMINI and PISCES:双子-双鱼:Insecurity usually ruins this relationship. This can be an extremely emotional union. Unique, destructive, yet passionate and lustful resulting in hurt and anxiety.缺乏安全感常常是破坏你们关系的重要原因。你们绝对是最具情绪化的一对。过于只会导致心力交瘁。 /201507/386690 长春市妇保医院花多少钱吉林医科大学附属第一医院专家预约



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