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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201510/398750长春省第三医院在线QQIn December of 2006 a large study was competed2006年12月in Europe that assessed the relationship一项评估运动与结肠直肠癌风险之间关系的between physical activity and colorectal cancer risk.大型研究在欧洲完成The work was part of the European Prospective这项研究是欧洲癌症和健康发展调查委员会Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition研究的一部分,该组织缩写为EPICor EPIC study which was established to study该组织的建立是为了研究the associations between dietary, lifestyle, genetic膳食,生活方式,基因和环境因素and environmental factors and risk of specific cancers.与特定癌症风险的关系This specific study enrolled over 400,000 people在1992年到1998年之间including over 350,000 women and 150,000 men这个特定研究登记了40万研究对象between 1992 and 1998. The participants were包括超过35万女性和15万男性from across Europe and 23 different regional参与者来自欧洲各地or national centers. All participants were recruited以及世界23个国家和地区from the general population with an average所有参与者都是从一般人群中招募approximate age of 35 to 70 years. The information大致年龄范围是35岁到70岁collected for the study included the number搜集的信息包括of colorectal cancers that occurred in the population在这个时间段患有直肠癌的人数during the time period of the study and the assessment和每一个研究对象of the physical activity of each study participant.的运动评定Colon and rectal cancers were analyzed separately结肠癌和直肠癌被分开来分析and colon cancer subdivided into right vs.结肠癌被细分为右结肠肿瘤和左结肠肿瘤left colon tumors. Physical activity information运动信息是通过访谈was gathered from interviews or self-administered和研究设施提供的questionnaires at a research facility. The questions自填问卷获得looked into occupational activity levels. They were问题调查涉及职业活动grouped as non-worker, sedentary, standing, manual,职业活动被分为久坐,站立,体力活heavy manual and unknown. Non-occupational重体力活和未知活动activities were also noted. A MET value was非职业活动也有所记录assigned to volunteer activities such as园艺,爬楼梯,走路,运动等自主活动gardening,stair climbing, walking,sports and more.的MET也得到记录MET values were averaged over一周的时间里,家庭和活动的a week for household and recreational activities.MET值是平均的With this information the participants were classified有了这些信息into gender specific categories of low, medium, high参与者被划分为不同性别下的低度,中度and very high activity.高度和非常高度运动The results of this study were clear in showing该研究结果在整体上a protective effect of overall physical activity明确显示了运动on colon cancer risk. The participants with对结肠癌的预防作用the most active lifestyles had lower risk of拥有最高级运动型生活方式的实验参与者developing colon cancer compared to their inactive与不经常运动的参与者相比counterparts. The different types of physical activity有着更低的结肠癌发病率,不同类型的运动whether in doing household chores, recreational在预防癌症方面的效果差别不大activities or work related physical activity不管是做家务,活动were not distinctly different in providing protection.或是与运动相关的工作The authors of this study estimated that研究人员估测如下participants with the highest levels of做全面高强度运动的参与者total physical activity had between 20 and 25%直肠癌的发病率lower risk of developing colon cancer要比与不经常运动的参与者compared to the inactive participants.低20%到25%201508/395842吉林长春阳光妇科华The largest waves crash down with a force of a four-ton weight landing on your chest.最大的浪拍打下来力量可以达到4吨 拍打在你的胸膛上Without water around you to absorb the blow, it would be fatal.如果周围没有水来吸收能量那浪花将是致命的But there is another far greater source of energy that the oceans capture.但是海洋还会捕捉一种更巨大的能量源The energy that creates the tides comes from our nearest neighbour in space.制造潮汐的能量来自我们在太空中最近的邻居The Moons gravity tugs at the water in our oceans随着地球在月球下方旋转while the Earth rotates beneath it.月球的重力吸引着海洋中的水But the Moon doesnt always act alone.但是月球不总是独自发挥作用Each year, from China to Brazil,每年,从中国直到巴西there are many days when the gravitational pull都有那么几天月球和太阳会在一条直线上of the Moon and Sun combine to unleash an extraordinary phenomenon.它们共同的万有引力会带来异常的现象This can be seen in action where the rivers of the Amazon basin你可以看到亚马逊盆地河流的情况in South America meet the Atlantic Ocean.在南美的大西洋海岸上201511/408173Youd think a python would make short shrift of mince别以为蟒蛇要吃下这么点肉末轻而易举but the pieces get stuck in its throat and但是这些肉可能会卡在喉咙里Stephen needs to use a feeding tube.史蒂芬必须借助饲管So were taking a little bit at a time,一次捻一点placing it in a tube and pushing it all the way放到饲管里 然后直接down into the snakes stomach. There we go.伸入到胃里 好了Its probably not any more stressful这要比吃一只大老鼠than if it was eating a large rat.可轻松多了Both snakes are put in airtight boxes两条蛇都被放进密封的箱子里and left in a quiet, warm chamber然后放到一个安静暖和的育槽里to begin the long, slow process of digestion.让它们慢慢地消化食物Within an hour, Stephen begins measuring the oxygen levels一小时之内 史蒂芬就开始测量inside the snakes containers.育蛇箱里的氧气含量Were measuring oxygen consumption rates.我们在测量氧气消耗率Its an indirect measure of energy metabolism.这是间接的测量能量代谢率的方法It allows us to quantify how much energy theyre expending可以让我们确定它们在消化食物的时候while digesting their meals.消耗了多少能量Twice a day, for the next six days, the team continue the tests.在接下来的6天里 一天测量2次201505/376189长春无痛打胎的医院

长春市妇保医院在线德惠市月经不调多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/436796To begin with,he thought the dots must be very faint stars,起初 他以为这些小点一定是极微弱的恒星but then as he watched for a few nights,he saw that they moved.但接连观察了数夜后 他发现这些小点会移动And then a fourth dot appeared.然后从第4个小点出现Sometimes,one of them would vanish behind Jupiter and then reappear.有时 其中一点会消失在木星后 之后又再度出现He realized they had to be moons circling the vast planet.他意识到 这些一定是绕行那颗巨大行星的卫星Here was proof positive that at least some objects do not orbit the Earth.这是明确的据 至少有些物体不是绕着地球运行Inspired by this discovery, Galileo went on to prove在此发现的鼓舞下 伽利略继而明that the Earth must, in fact,orbit the Sun.地球其实是绕着太阳在运行Aristarchus had been right all along.阿里斯塔克自始就是对的Galileos discoveries triggered a revolution in thought伽利略的发现引发了思想革命that would ultimately loosen the grip of religion over science.终使宗教放松对科学的钳制But back in the 17th century,they got him in a lot of trouble with the church.但在17世纪那个年代 他因此而吃了教会不少苦头He narrowly avoided execution by recanting his so-called heresy他撤回所谓的;异端邪说; 才得以逃过被处决的命运and was confined to house arrest for the last nine years of his life.他一直都被软禁在家中 直至辞世前的9年光阴Legend has it that even as he confessed his sin, he muttered,;but it does move.;传说 他在认罪时仍喃喃低语 ;但它真的在动啊;Over the next 300 years,as more and more of the laws of nature were discovered,接下来的300年间 陆续发现更多自然法则science began to explain all kinds of things from lightning,earthquakes, and storms to what makes the stars shine.科学开始能解释各种事物 从雷电 地震和暴风雨 到恒星为何会发光201603/429822伊通满族自治县中医医院怎么样栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/406347德惠市儿童医院做人流好吗

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