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成都市学纹眉多少钱华蓥市学韩式半永久纹眉多少钱Trouble with computersA: The new computer software is driving me crazy! I really need a break!B: I know what you mean, Carol. I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. They say it’s supposed to be easy!A: That’s what I’ve heard. But as far as I’m concerned, it takes a genius to figure it out. Can you pass the sugar, please?B: Sure. Why don’t you sit down for a minute? You haven’t taken a rest all morning.电脑问题A:这个新的电脑软件快要把我逼疯了。我真的需要休息了。B:我明白你的意思,卡罗。除了麻烦,它什么也没给我。他们说这应该是很容易的。A:我是这么听说的。可让我说只有天才才能弄清它是怎么回事。你能把糖递给我吗?B:当然。你为什么不坐下来歇会呢?你一上午都没休息。 /200706/13945成都/市纹绣学习哪里好 Twenty-Six 索赔理由及依据 Part One 751.It was found by the inspection that there is a difference of 35 Kg between the actual landed weight and the invoiced weight. 经检查发现,实际重量和发票上的重量相差35公斤752. The landed goods were quite different from what expected. 现有的货物和期望的大不相同753. We find the free acidity exceeds the contract maximum by 0.01% , so we have to ask you to indemnify us for a loss of £5,000. 我们发现自由酸超过合同最大值0.01%, 所以我们不得不要求你方赔偿5,000美金754. The inspection shows that the salt density exceeds at least 4%. 检查显示盐密度至少超过4%755.This consignment is not up to the standard stipulated in the contract. We are now lodging a claim against you for £2,000. 该货未达到合同规定的标准,我们现在要求索赔2,000美金756. The dried mushroom you sent us are far below the standard stipulated in the contract. 你方发来的干蘑菇远远低于合同规定的标准757.The quality of you shipment for our order is not in conformity with the specifications, we must therefore lodge a claim against you for the amount of £280,000. 你发给我们订单货物的质量规格不符,我们必须就此向你方索赔280,000美金758.We find the copper wire you supplied is not to the exact specifications of your sample. 我们发现你方供应的铜丝不是你方样品的准确规格759.Our customers complain that the goods are much inferior in quality to the samples. 我们顾客发现,与样品相比,货物质量太次760.The quality of the goods you shipped last week is much interior to that of the goods of our last order. 上周发来的货物质量和我们上一单相比,质量非常低劣761. The inspection reveals that both the quantity and quality of the wheat delivered are not in conformity with those stipulated in the contract, though the packing is all in good condition. 检查显示发来的小麦数量和质量均与合同规定的不相符,尽管包装完好762.Most of the shirts are of a smaller size. I wonder if you made a mistake when sending the goods. 大部分衬衫尺码小,我想知道你们在发货时是否犯错763.There are too many defective items in this shipment. 这批货缺陷太多764.The leather shoes you sent us last Friday are not the right size. They should be size 42. 上周五发来的皮鞋尺码不对,它们应是42码765.The quality of the goods you sent us last week is too poor to suit the requirements of this market. 上周发来的货物质量太次以致不适合这个市场的要求766.The quality of your shipment for your order No. 346 is far from the agreed specifications. 你发给我们的订单号346的货物与规格差别很大767.Closer inspection by the health officers showed that the canned fruit were considered unfit for human consumption. 经卫生官员严密检查表明罐装水果不适合人们食用768.The loss was due to the use of substandard bags for which you should be responsible. 因包装袋不合格造成的损失应由贵方负责769.It was found, upon examination ,that nearly 20% of the packages had been broken, apparently to faulty packing. 经检查发现,近20%的包装破损,显然是错误的包装770.The survey report can certify that the weight shortage was caused by improper packing. 检查报告明由不合适的包装造成短重Part Two 771. A close inspection and a careful test by the China National Import amp; Export Commodity Inspection Bureau showed that some amplifiers are inferior quality. 经中国出入境检验检疫局密切检查和认真测试,表明一些话筒存在质量缺陷772.We find that the quality, quantity and weight of the goods are not in conformity with those stipulated in this contract after re-inspection by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau, we are now returning the goods to you and lodge claims against you for compensation of losses. 经过中国商品检验局重检,我们发现货物的质量、数量和重量与合同规定的不一致。我们现在退货并要求赔偿损失773.The survey has revealed that the damage to the goods is attributable to rough handling. 检查表明货物损坏归于野蛮搬运774.The surveyor’s report indicates that there has been some serious damage to some of the goods. 检查员报告表明一些货已有严重损坏775. On the basis of clause 15 of the contract, we place our claims before you as follows. 基于合同第15款,我们的索赔如下776.We have to put in a claim against you for all the losses sustained. 我们就所有相同的损失向你方索赔777.When taking delivery, we found that the cargo had been seriously wet by fresh water and putrefied. You must compensate us for the loss. 提货时,我们发现货物已严重被淡水浸湿并腐烂,你方须赔偿我方损失778.We require you to replace the damaged goods and grant us a special discount of five percent to compensate for the loss. 我们要求更换受损货物并给我们5%的特别折扣作为损失补偿779.According to the contract, you are responsible to compensate us for the loss we have suffered. 根据合同,你方有责任赔偿我方遭受的损失780.We have suffered a loss of 20% on the selling price because of the inferior quality of the products you sent us. You must compensate us for all this. 由于你方发来的产品质量低劣导致我们随了销售价格20%的损失,你方须赔偿所有损失781.All expense including inspection fee and losses arising from the return of the goods and claims should be borne by you. 包括检查费和要求返还货物导致的损失在内的所有费用应有你方承担782.You must hold responsible for all the losses caused by the delay in delivery of the goods. 你方必须承担因延迟交货造成损失的责任783.You should take back all the disqualified goods and compensate us for the value of the goods plus all losses sustained due to return of the cargo, such as freight, storage charges, insurance premium, interest, and inspection charges. 你方应收回所有不合格口,并赔偿货款加上退货产生的损失,比如运费,仓储费,保险费,利息和检查费。784.We have the right to claim against you for compensation of all losses. 我们有权向你方索赔所有损失785.The products we received last Monday didn’t agree with the samples and feel that you should make it up. 我们上周一收到的产品与样品不符,认为你们应该跟进786.This is the survey report issued by CCIB in support of you claim. 这是用于向你方索赔的由中国商品检查局签署的检验报告787.Almost everyone of the drums was leaking slightly. We must hold you responsible for the loss. 几乎每一只鼓都有轻微裂痕,我们必须要你为损失负责788.We have lost considerable business because of your delay in shipment. We expect compensation from you for the loss. 因为你方延迟交货我们损失惨重,我们期望你方赔偿损失789.We request that you make up the short-landed goods covered by our contract No.147 promptly. 我们要求你快速安排合同号147中的缺陷货物790.We regret to inform you that we are compelled to return the disqualified goods at your expense. 我们很遗憾地通知你我们被迫归还不合格品,费用由你方付 /200812/12200四川绣眉培训学校哪家好

成都/耘涛美容美发培训学校学习半永久韩式眉多少钱astray freight 运单外货物英文释义 Cargo that is separated from its waybill (NOTE: waybill is a written description of contents, shipper, and destination)例句 In order to diminish the amount of astray freight, the manufacturer insists that all boxes in a shipment to a single customer be loaded into the same container.为了减少运单外货物的数量,制造商坚持要求将每次发给单个客户的所有货箱装入同一集装箱。 /201403/279130崇州市文眉绣眉培训学校哪家好 遂宁半永久韩式眉培训学校哪家好

成都/素秀国际学校地址官网在哪里职场社交英语 Lesson 71:他不生我的气?SCENE④ B 电话响起 戴夫与吉娜继续说话 【他不生我的气?】Dave: He's not mad at me?戴夫: 他不生我的气?Zina: 1) Not at all. He says your being a lying, cheating, 2) backstabbing spy really helped to 3) motivate him.吉娜: 完全没有。 他说你这个说谎、背叛、玩阴的间谍,大大地激励了他。 Dave: Is that what he says? [ 4) chuckling]戴夫: 他这样说?(咯咯笑)Zina: After he found out you were spying for WebTracker, he worked like a man 5) possessed.吉娜: 在发现你为“网路搜寻家”卧底之后,他就像着了魔似地疯狂工作。 Dave: So 6) in a way, I'm responsible for InfoKing's great success?戴夫: 那么就某方面而言,“资讯王”的大胜还是我的功劳?Zina: That's right. You should be proud.吉娜: 没错。你应该感到自豪的。Dave: Oh, I feel so much better.戴夫: 喔,我好过多了。 语言详解:A: I think that kid is possessed. 我觉得那孩子被附身了。B: No, he's just screaming because he's angry. 不,他只是因生气而大叫而已。【I feel so much better. 我好过多了。】 这句话也可以说I feel much better. 不过年轻人可能还是喜欢用对话中的那一个句型。A: The photos you took the other day came out really nice. Better than the last time. 前几天你拍的照片洗出来很漂亮,比上一次好。B: Oh, I'm glad you like them. I feel so much better. 喔,很高兴你喜欢。我好过多了。与so much better 很相近的短语是so much the better,意思是“这样就要好了。”Try to run a mile a day, and if you can do two so much the better.每天设法跑一英哩,如果你能跑两里,那就更好了。 1) Not at all 一点也不。这句话亦可用来回答别人的道谢。2) backstab (v.) 从背后偷袭,陷害3) motivate (v.) 激励4) chuckle (v.) 咯咯笑5) possessed (a.) 被鬼附身的,不由己的。6) in a way 就某方面而言 /200602/4287 to keep one chin up--------壮起胆子(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) To be brave.例句 Driving the rental car during the terrible storm was difficult, and I was scared, but I kept my chin up, and I arrived at my destination.在狂风暴雨里驾驶租来的汽车很困难, 我感到害怕, 但我壮着胆子, 最终开到了目的地。 /201412/344258成都恩齐国际纹绣专家学院纹绣培训课程报名广汉市学漂眉多少钱



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