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A Palestinian gunman shot and killed eight people inside the library of a rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem late Thursday. The attack comes as tensions are high in the region after a week of violence in the Gaza Strip.  一名巴勒斯坦手星期四晚间在耶路撒冷一个犹太教神学院的图书馆开打死8人。这次击事件发生时恰逢该地区局势高度紧张,一个星期以来加沙地带一直在发生冲突。Witnesses say the gunman entered the library of the Merkaz Harav seminary and opened fire on about 80 people in the room who were preparing for an upcoming Jewish religious holiday. Panicked students began jumping out of windows and the shooting continued for several minutes.  目击者说,这名手进入莫卡兹.哈拉维神学院的图书馆,并向房间里的80多人开。当时这些人正在为即将到来的一个犹太教节日做准备。惊惶失措的学生开始跳出窗户,击持续了几分钟之久。Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld says the attacker was armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and was killed on the scene.  以色列警方发言人罗森费尔德说,袭击者使用的武器是一卡拉什尼科夫步,手被当场打死。"What I can say is that the attacker entered the main gate of the school, went through the entrance of the schools, opened fire on a number of students and then was himself shot and killed at the entrance to the library," said Rosenfeld. 他说:“我现在可以说的是,袭击者是从大门进入学校的,然后穿过学校的入口,并向一些学生开,然后凶手本人在图书馆门口被击中,并且当场死亡。”Police have identified the gunman as a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem.  警方查明手是东耶路撒冷的巴勒斯坦居民。Moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack. However, a statement from the ruling Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip praised the attack, saying it would not be the last. A spokesman for Israel's foreign ministry says the attack was designed to derail peace talks, but he says the talks will continue.  持温和态度的巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯谴责了这起袭击事件。然而,控制加沙地带的哈马斯激进组织发表的声明赞扬了这起袭击,说这不会是最后一次。以色列外交部的发言人说,发动这次袭击是为了破坏和平谈判,但是他说,谈判将会继续。In Washington, the U.S. State Department condemned the shooting as an "act of terror" and extended condolences to the victims' families.  在华盛顿,美国国务院谴责这次击是“恐怖行动”,并对死难者的家属表示哀悼。Mark Regev a spokesman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says terrorist attacks like the one Thursday evening do not help the peace process.  以色列总理奥尔默特的发言人瑞格夫说,类似星期四晚间发生的恐怖袭击无助于和平进程。"As much as my country and my government wants to move forward in peace with Palestinians, Hamas and the other extremists are the greatest single problem in moving forward in peace," said Regev. "There cannot be a peace process as long as people do not stand up and oppose this sort of extremism, hatred and bloodshed."  他说:“就像我的祖国和我国政府非常希望推动与巴勒斯坦方面的和平进程一样,在推动和平方面哈马斯和其他极端分子是最大问题。只要人们不站出来反对这种极端主义、仇恨情绪和流血行动,就不会有和平进程。” The attack comes as tensions are high in the Palestinian territories following a week of intense violence in the Gaza Strip where more than 120 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces over the past week in operations against Palestinian militants firing rockets at southern Israel.  这次击事件发生时,加沙地带局势紧张。过去一个星期来,以色列部队展开军事行动,反击向以色列南部发射火箭的巴勒斯坦激进分子,打死120多名巴勒斯坦人。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ended a visit to the region on Wednesday by getting moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to return to peace talks with Israel that he had suspended because of the situation in Gaza.  美国国务卿赖斯星期三刚刚结束对这个地区的访问,她说温和派的巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯同意回到谈判桌前和以色列人举行和谈。此前,阿巴斯因为加沙局势中止了和谈。Thursday's attack appeared to be carefully targeted. The Merkaz Harav seminary is closely linked with the Jewish settler movement in the West Bank, and many settler leaders have studied there. Witnesses say many of the students at the seminary are on active military duty and are armed, and that the attacker was killed by such a student, possibly saving the lives of many others. 星期四的攻击目标看来是经过认真选择的。莫卡兹.哈拉维神学院和犹太人在约旦河西岸的定居点有密切的关系,很多定居者的领导人都在那里学习过。目击者说,神学院的很多学生是现役军人,并且携带武器。攻击者就是被一名学生打死的,这名学生的行动可能拯救了很多人的生命。200803/29101

Russia's President Says Breakaway Regions Not Likely to Return to Georgia俄声称格鲁吉亚不会收回分离地区 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday it is unlikely that the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will rejoin Georgia after a week of violent clashes. He offered the prediction just before Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili announced that he had signed a truce agreement with Russia. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期五说,在经过一个星期的暴力冲突后,格鲁吉亚争取独立的阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯不太可能重新回到格鲁吉亚。在梅德韦杰夫发出上述预测之后不久,格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利宣布与俄罗斯签署停火协议。Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met in the Black Sea coast city Sochi not far from Georgia and its breakaway provinces to discuss the unfolding events of the last week. 梅德韦杰夫和德国总理默克尔在距离格鲁吉亚和两个争取独立地区都不远的黑海海滨城市索契会晤,讨论上个星期发生的暴力冲突。Mr. Medvedev said Georgia was not likely to bring Abkhazia and South Ossetia back into the fold. He said that after what happened the past seven days, it is unlikely Ossetians and Abkhazians will ever be able to live together with Georgia in one state. 梅德韦杰夫说,格鲁吉亚不太可能收回阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯。梅德韦杰夫说,经过过去7天发生的一切之后,奥塞梯人和阿布哈兹人不太可能再与格鲁吉亚同处一个国家之中。All week, Russian troops have been driving Georgian forces out of the regions, and Mr. Medvedev said Russia will leave it up to the separatists to decide their future status. 一个星期来,俄罗斯部队一直在把格鲁吉亚军队赶出这两个地区。梅德韦杰夫说,俄罗斯会让希望独立的奥塞梯人和阿布哈兹人决定自己的未来。German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed the words of U.S. President George Bush. She said Russia's response to Georgia's attack on South Ossetia was "disproportionate," and said that Russian troops staying in the area is "not sensible." 德国总理默克尔表示了与美国总统布什类似的立场。她说,俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚出兵南奥塞梯做出的反应“过度”。她还说,俄罗斯军队“没有道理”留驻在这个地区。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met for five hours with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in Tblisi Friday to bring what a U.S. Department of State official called "clarifying explanations" regarding the French-brokered truce. The Georgian president said he signed a cease-fire agreement with Russia. 美国国务卿赖斯与格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利星期五在第比利斯举行了5个小时会谈。美国国务院官员称这次会谈对法国斡旋的停火协议作出澄清。格鲁吉亚总统说,他已经签署与俄罗斯的停火协议。Secretary Rice emphasized that all Russian troops must return to the positions they held before the conflict began.  赖斯强调说,所有俄罗斯部队必须回到冲突发生前所在的位置。An emotional Saakashvili said he will "never, ever surrender" in the showdown with much-larger Russia. 情绪激动的萨卡什维利说,在与超级强敌俄罗斯的对峙中,他“永远永远不会投降”。The recent violence was the worst to break out since South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1992.Separatists in Abkhazia took control of most of the province from Georgia in 1993.200808/46092

And it isn't the easiest job in the world, of course, particularly when millions of people across the globe are watching your every move and decision. The football referee expects to be scrutinized, especially during a World Cup. But in Germany, he's become the center of attention. First there was England's Graham Poll who forgot to send off a player despite yellow-carding him 3 times, then there was Valentin Ivanov, responsible for a record-breaking 4 red cards and 16 yellows. Sue Turton reports from Germany.The enemy camp where they are plotting England's downfall and finding any possible excuse to have playmaker Deco reinstated. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's best effort's that Holland were guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior on Sunday, claiming the Dutch failed to return the ball after stoppage for an injury. Deco had merely been righting that wrong, as he had downed defender Johnny Heitinga. No extenuating circumstances have yet been put forward for the second yellow he picked up 5 minutes later. But FIFA today were clearly having none of it."No, there was a phone call and they were clearly told forget it."There is growing discontent over the standard of refereeing at the tournament. Trigger-happy Russian referee Valentin Ivanov handed out 16 in the Portugal match but missed Luis Figo's headbutt on Mark van Bommel, giving him just a yellow for a red-card offense when filled in by his assistant"Ivanov couldn't calm the game down. He gave too many cards away, 4 yellow-red cards and 8 yellow that shows that the referee is not the master of the situation"But the man who controversially disallowed England's last minute goal in the quarters of Euro 2004 thinks discipline must come from the coaches. "No one ever mentions the coaches. They did nothing to try to calm down the play. They just looked on and did nothing. And they, too, have a responsibility. It's cheap and very easy now to only blame the referee."The Aussies have the most cause for referee rage after Graham Poll's matcher rebliss. Poll's inability to count yellows left Croatian Josip Simunic on the pitch when he should have been sent off. …The third time, this never seen before at a World Cup, Graham Poll has lost control, it finished…But things went from bad to worse last night as a fairly innocuous challenge by Lucas Neil on Fabio Grosso won the Italians a penalty in the last seconds of injury time. Totti was on target, and the Australians were on the plane home. "Devastated, devastated, so we played too good to end in that way. Not fair, not fair. They’ve come too far. We got robbed. I know it, you know it, every, (we all know it) everybody that watched the game knows it. We got robbed. We should have won that game, (we are still proud) but we are still proud. The Aussies are not as proud. "FIFA have tightened up the game, instructing referees to book players for diving, for feigning injury, for time wasting, even for wearing jewelry. This clampdown has resulted in the highest card tally ever at a World Cup tournament. At Mexico 86, only 133 yellow cards were brandished, that nearly doubled by France 98. Four years later, it was up to 272. But in Germany they are aly on 298 with eight more matches to play. It's a similar story with the reds, just 8 in Mexico, and 22 at France 98. The figure then dipped in Japan, but in Germany, they are aly on 24.I think the referees are gonna take some more responsibility in jumping into decisions. And it worries me greatly that we are gonna end up in this competition, you know, with some of the best players around not being able to function in the biggest match of all.Every one of these World Cup referees will be hoping to make the cut to officiate in the final knockout matches. Graham Poll knows, he won't be among them when the decision is made in Frankfurt tomorrow.Sue Turton Channel 4 News, Baden-Baden.1.stoppage:n. act of stopping, halt; something which causes a secession of movement, obstruction, blockage停止, 中止; 堵塞; 阻塞; 阻碍 2.extenuating:adj.If you say that there are extenuating circumstances for a bad situation or wrong action, you mean that there are reasons or factors which partly excuse it. (FORMAL)3.referee:n. arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions 裁判4.headbutt:v. hit a person using a strong thrust with the head 5.innocuous:adj. harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensive; uninteresting, insipid 无害的, 无伤大雅的6.penalty:n.In sports such as soccer, rugby, and hockey, a penalty is an opportunity to score a goal, which is given to the attacking team if the defending team breaks a rule near their own goal.罚球7.feign:v. fake, pretend; make up, fabricate; imitate 装作, 假装; 捏造; 做假, 假装 8.tally:n. reckoning, score, total; something on which an account or score is kept; mark made to keep record of a number of items 符木, 得分, 记帐 9.brandish:v. If you brandish something, especially a weapon, you hold it in a threatening way.10:officiate:v. perform ceremony; perform duty; serve as officiator; referee (Sports) 当体育比赛裁判11.knockout:n. competition is one in which the players or teams that win continue playing until there is only one winner left. (mainly BRIT; in AM use elimination)淘汰赛 200805/39355

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