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Health: Acupuncture in the UK 健康:针灸在英国 What is the single largest cause of sick leave in the UK? The answer is not the common cold or flu, but back pain. Back pain affects one in three British adults, costs the country over pound;5bn every year and is notoriously difficult to treat.But now Britain's National Health Service (NHS) will be offering a new solution: acupuncture.The ancient Chinese needle therapy has been around in the UK for many years, but this is the first time it has been officially endorsed by the NHS's advisory body, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).Traditionally, doctors in the UK have advised back pain sufferers to stay active, do stretching exercises and take painkillers when necessary. In more serious cases some people are given X-ray treatment or injections with therapeutic substances.NICE, however, say there is evidence that acupuncture may be more effective than expensive X-rays or injections, so patients who have been suffering for over six weeks should be given a choice.As an alternative to acupuncture, patients will be able to opt for either a course of spinal manipulation, or a series of special exercise sessions.In the UK, acupuncture is classed as a complementary therapy, which is the term given to a medical procedure which hasn't been subjected to the strict trials by which scientists prove some treatments work.While many experts have welcomed the move to make acupuncture available on the NHS, some are still sceptical about its effectiveness.Research from the US earlier this month found that simulated acupuncture using toothpicks which do not pierce the skin could be as good as using real needles.So while some are yet to be convinced, back pain sufferers will be hoping that acupuncture helps get them feeling healthy and mobile again. Employers, on the other hand, will be hoping it gets them back to work.06/72460Women in business女人在商界Still lonely at the top高处不胜寒Several governments are threatening to impose as for women in the boardroom. This is a bad idea 一些政府威胁说要女性需要在董事会中占有一定的比例,这不是一个好主意July 21st 2011 | from the print editionIN Franccedil;ois Ozon’s latest film, “Potiche”, Catherine Deneuve (pictured) plays a trophy wife, a potiche, who spends her days jogging in a scarlet jumpsuit, making breakfast for her cantankerous husband and writing poetry perched on a sofa. But then her husband, the boss of an umbrella factory, is taken hostage by striking workers. Ms Deneuve takes over the factory and charms the workers into returning to work. She jazzes up the products and generally proves that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.在弗朗西斯#8226;奥宗(Franccedil;ois Ozon)最新电影《傀儡》 中,凯瑟琳#8226;德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve,图示)饰演一个有威望的妻子。她每天穿着鲜红色的紧身连衫裤慢跑,为她脾气坏的老公做早餐,栖息在沙发上写诗歌。但是她的丈,一家雨伞厂的厂主,被罢工的工人所扣押。德纳芙夫人接管了工厂,并以哄诱工人重新回到了工作。她重新装饰了产品,并大体上明了任何男人能做的事情,女人能做得更好。The film was set in 1977, when the only women in a typical Western boardroom were serving the coffee. Times have changed. These days no one doubts that women can run companies: think of Indra Nooyi at PepsiCo, Carol Bartz at Yahoo! or Ursula Burns at Xerox. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, is more widely applauded than her young male boss, Mark Zuckerberg.这部电影是以1977年为时代背景,此时在一个普通西方董事会会议室中,仅有的女性是务咖啡的。时过境迁,而今女性毫无疑问可以经营公司:想象百事可乐公司的英德拉#8226;努依(Indra Nooyi),雅虎的卡罗尔#8226;巴茨(Carol Bartz)或者施乐公司的乌尔苏拉#8226;伯恩斯(Ursula Burns)。Facebook的二把手谢勒尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg),比他的年轻的男上司马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)更加广受称赞。Yet the number of female bosses of large firms remains stubbornly small. Not a single one on France’s CAC 40 share index or on Germany’s DAX index is run by a woman. In America, only 15 chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are women. Britain does better, but not much: five of the FTSE-100 firms have female bosses.然而,大型公司的女一把手数量仍然相当少。法国CAC-40股价指数或者德国DAX指数所涉及的公司均不是女性所掌控。在美国,财富500强企业中,只有15家的首席执行官为女性。英国方面相对来说好一些,单也不太多。富时指数所涉及的100家公司中,5家拥有女老板。Several governments, especially in Europe, have decided that radical action is required to increase the number of women in the executive suite. Norway passed a law in 2003 that obliged all publicly listed firms to reserve 40% of the seats on their boards for women by 2008. Spain passed a similar law in 2007; France earlier this year. The Netherlands is working on one. 一些政府,尤其位于欧洲的政府,已经决定为了增加女性在经理层的数量,需要采取根本性的措施。挪威在2003年通过一项法案,要求到2008年,所有公开上市的公司有义务为女性保留董事会中40%的席位。西班牙在2007年通过了一项相似的法案;法国则是在今年早些时候。荷兰正在起草此类法案。201107/146275Anti-bribery laws反商业贿赂法Palms ungreased揩油A long-delayed anti-bribery law will soon come into force 姗姗来迟的反贿赂法即将生效THERE is a lingering assumption among Britons that their country stands for probity and fair play. Ask about it abroad, though, and you sometimes get a different reaction. Anti-corruption campaigners still bring up Tony Blair’s decision in 2006 to abandon an investigation into a 43 billion ( billion) weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Then there is the peculiar paucity of British “sanctions” imposed under an international bribery convention: two between 1999 and , compared with 88 in America, 26 in Germany and 40 in Italy. 英国人一直自矜的认为他们的国家建立在正直和公正的基石上。然而国外的反应却不尽如此。反腐竞选人依旧利用Tony Blair2006年的决定拒绝调查与Saudi Arabia的一项43亿英镑(70亿美元)的军火交易。因此国际贿赂协议对英国的约束力就罕见的微弱,在1999年和年之间只有2项受到制裁,相较而言美国有88项,德国26项,意大利40项。Stung by such talk, in 2008 the previous Labour government proposed a new law updating the country’s antiquated rules on backhanders and bungs, including those dispensed overseas. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, now in government, backed the law in opposition. It reached the statute book in April last year; under it, miscreants risk big fines and up to ten years in prison. It was due to take effect in April this year, after the publication in January of guidelines on how to apply it. But, as the date approached, the Ministry of Justice said the implementation of the law had been postponed to allow the guidelines to be tweaked, following intense lobbying from business groups such as the Confederation of British Industry.被如此言论激怒的前工党政府2008年提出了一项新法律,以改革对回扣和红包的过时规定,在海外具有同等约束力。但是政府里的自由民主党和保守党都反对此法案。它涉及去年4月的法令全书,在该全书中,歹徒将被处以巨额罚款和最多10年监禁。在今年1月实施指导条例公布之后,该法预定4月份生效。但是随着日期临近,在一些商业集团如英国工业联合会紧张的游说之后,司法部说该法会延迟施行以便修改指导条例。On March 30th the ministry said the law would finally come into effect on July 1st and issued a revised set of guidelines. These clarify some of the things that were worrying bosses. To the relief of football clubs, swanky nightclubs and Formula 1, taking clients on company-sponsored jollies seems unlikely to cause any problems. The question of how responsible British firms are for the misbehaviour of contractors in other countries has been clarified. 在3月30日司法部说该法最终将在7月1日生效,并发布了修改后的指导条例。这些阐明了一些正困扰着老板们的麻烦事。为了救济足球俱乐部,骄傲的夜总会和F1方程式赛车,让顾客参加公司赞助的活动似乎不会引起任何麻烦。英国公司为合约商的失误应付多大责任的问题也得到了解答。On the other hand, “facilitation payments”, a euphemistic term for the small bungs sometimes paid to foreign officials to expedite a legitimate service—a licence application, for instance—are discouraged. America’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, one of the inspirations for the new law, allows them. 另一方面,“便利费”不受鼓励,实际上这只是有时付给外国官员以加速合法业务如许可申请的小额回扣。而让英国的该新法受启发的美国外国腐败行为法案却允许此类行为。Lawyers are still pondering precisely how much legal force these guidelines will have. One particularly thorny question is whether foreign firms that are listed on British stockmarkets but conduct little other business in the country will be covered. The government has offered no opinion; the question might one day make for a fascinating court case. 律师们仍在深思这些指导条例会有多大的法律效力。一个特别棘手的问题是该法律对那些参与英国股票市场但是几乎没有在英国开展其他业务的外国公司是否有法律效力。政府没有给出选项,或许有一天这会诉诸司法并引起广泛关注。201105/134772Soap operas and development肥皂剧与发展Good trash肥皂剧也可以有用How television and radio shows can improve behaviour电视和广播怎样改进人们的行为May 5th 2011 | from The Economist print edition In the radio drama “Nau em Taim” (“Now is the time” in Pidgin) aired in Papua New Guinea, a widowed father takes up dynamite fishing—profitable but disastrous for the reef. Then he meets a dashing marine scientist who warns him off. The idea is that by the end of the drama, which debuted in February, both he—and the listeners—will renounce dynamite for sustainable fishing.在巴布亚新几内亚播出的广播剧“Nautica em Taim”(用洋泾浜英语说就是“现在是时候了”)中,一个丧偶的父亲开始从事用炸药的行当——利润可观但对珊瑚危害很大。之后他遇见一位冲劲儿十足的海洋专家,这个人警告他不要再从事这项行业。这部于二月首播的广播剧的主旨就是播到剧尾的时候,这个父亲和听众都将谴责炸药对业可发展性的危害。The show’s producer, the Population Media Center (PMC) in Vermont, has been a pioneer of programmes with the goal of fostering development. But other groups have increasingly followed suit. In Vietnam Khat Vong Song uses radio drama to teach its listeners about domestic violence. In Kenya Mediae promotes civil rights with a television soap called “Makutano Junction”.该广播剧的制作方式佛蒙特州的人口传媒中心(PMC)是通过电视广播节目来促进发展方面的先锋。不过其他机构也在不断效仿。在越南,Khat Vong Song使用广播剧向听众教授家庭暴力方面的知识。肯尼亚的Mediae通过电视剧《Makutano Junction》推广民权。Evidence that radio and television soaps can change behaviour was first spotted in the 1970s. But solid academic research was lacking until a few years ago. In 2008 economists at the Inter-American Development Bank, for instance, found that Brazilians receiving Globo, a television network, had fewer children and got divorced more often. Another study discovered that, as cable television sp, the fertility rate in rural India dropped by as much as if women had received five additional years of education.能明广播剧和电视剧可以改变人们的行为方式的据首次出现在上个世纪70年代。但是直到前几年才有可靠的学术研究出现。比如2008年,在美洲发展的经济学家们发现收看电视网络Globo的巴西人生的孩子较少、离婚更频繁。另一项研究发现,随着有线电视的普及,印度乡村地区的生育率降低的程度相当于妇女再接受五年的额外教育。201105/135522通过比较山顶与山脚的叶子化石,得出了一个惊人的结论。那就是在60万年前,落基山脉的高度应该是今天的两倍。为什么是这样的?那么大的山怎么会消失一半呢?Daisy很好奇,我要听下文啦! After the Rockies emerged from the sea, it took them 10 million years to rise. Sixty million years ago, they reached spectacular heights of 28,000 feet, rivaling the Himalayas today. The deep history of the Rocky Mountains is beginning to take shape. A weak line in the crust explains why the Rockies rose 500 to 1000 miles inland. Fossil leaves show that the young Rocky Mountains were once nearly twice their size. Half of the rock that formed them originally has vanished. Scientists are now trying to unravel the processes that cut them down to the size they are today. One hundred million years ago, a vast inland sea covered the area where the American Rockies stand tall today. Seventy million years ago, the sea retreated as the Rockies began to rise. Sixty million years ago, the Rocky Mountains reached their pinnacle, towering into the sky with peaks over 28,000 feet high, rivaling the Himalayas. Since then, the entire mountain range has lost nearly half its height. Geologists investigating the history of the Rockies are trying to discover what happened to the billions of tons of rock that went missing. The investigation starts with a mystery at the Owl Creek Mountains in the Wyoming Rockies. The Mountains are sliced by a river that has formed a deep canyon. "Well, the Wind River is very perplexing. It chose to take a straight path right through the core of a major mountain range. This is not the way that rivers normally act. Usually it will take the easiest route which is a downhill. But this river cut right through a major mountain range and has been a mystery. It is a very perplexing issue to early geologists in the region." This river led to confusion as early as 1806 when Marry Whether Louis and William Clark mapped the area during their famous expedition to explore uncharted territory.小编有约:哦,本期的听力中有一个非常著名的“刘易斯与克拉克远征”,Daisy简单介绍介绍,刘易斯与克拉克远征(Lewis and Clark expedition,1804年–1806年)是美国国内首次横越大陆西抵太平洋沿岸的往返考察活动。领队为美国陆军的梅里韦瑟·刘易斯上尉(Meriwether Lewis)和威廉·克拉克少尉(William Clark),该活动是由杰斐逊总统所发起。大家应该猜到,由总统发起的,一定是想夺得这里的土地啦!呵呵~~具体详情就自己查啰。课后题目:Daisy想让大家自己了解了解美国的地理,你能告诉我,文中出现的“ Owl Creek Mountains”在美国哪里吗?它有什么特征呢?201111/159555

Australians Eye US Election, Favor Obama Victory澳大利亚上下也心系美国总统大选Australians are keeping a close eye on the U.S. presidential election, and there are indications that the race will help improve opinions of the ed States. The outcome of the race could have important effects on the ties between the two countries. 澳大利亚正在密切关注美国的总统大选,有迹象显示这次竞选有助于改善人们对美国的看法。美国大选的结果可能会对两国关系产生重要的影响。For months, the exhausting race to the White House has dominated the Australian media.  美国大选几个月来一直是澳大利亚媒体关注的重点。The collective might of America's economy, its military and culture dictates much of what happens around the world. Geoffrey Garrett, the head of the U.S. Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, thinks this presidential election matters more than most others in recent memory. 美国经济、军事和文化的强大威力左右着世界大部分地区发生的事情。悉尼大学美国研究中心的杰夫里·加雷特认为,今年的美国大选比人们记忆中过去历届美国大选更重要。"I think the stakes are higher here not only in the U.S. but globally simply because the American reaction to September 11 [2001] has made the 2000s a pretty antagonistic decade and I think the world is watching now to see if the U.S. can come back into the global mainstream more," said Garrett. 他说:“我认为这次选举不仅对美国,而且对全球局势都具有更重要的意义,因为美国对9-11的回应使得21世纪最初10年成为一个比较对抗性的年代,我认为全世界都在关注美国是否能够更多地回到全球的主流中来。”A recent worldwide survey about the U.S. election showed that 76 percent of Australians want Democratic candidate Barack Obama to win, and 10 percent prefer his Republican rival John McCain. 最近一个关于美国大选的世界范围的调查显示,76%的澳大利亚人希望民主党侯候选人奥巴马胜出,只有10%的民众喜欢他的对手、共和党候选人麦凯恩。In the poll, by Readers' Digest, 17 percent of Australians surveyed said they were in favor of the U.S. government, against 67 percent who were neutral about it and 15 percent who opposed it. 在这项由[读者文摘]主办的调查中,17%的澳大利亚受访者表示喜欢美国政府,67%的人持中立态度,15%的人反对美国政府。However, 58 percent said their opinion of the U.S. would improve if Obama is elected, against 15 percent for McCain. 不过,受访者中58%的人说,如果奥巴马当选,他们对美国的看法有可能变好,而15%的人则表示,如果麦凯恩获胜,他们会更喜欢美国。The two countries have been close allies since the early 1950s. It is an enduring alliance that saw Australian troops serve in the Vietnam War, as well as more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. 澳大利亚和美国自1950年代以来就是紧密的盟友,澳大利亚派兵参加了越南战争,最近还出兵参加了伊拉克和阿富汗战争。Canberra needs the relationship - and the guarantees of military assistance that go with it - far more than Washington does. Australia's commitment to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan is what experts describe as "alliance maintenance" - a diplomatic necessity to ensure that the security umbrella the U.S. provides remains intact. 堪培拉需要这种关系,以及随之而来的军援保,远远超过华盛顿对这种关系的需要。澳大利亚对伊拉克和阿富汗冲突的承诺被专家称作是为了“维持盟友关系”,是必要的外交行动,以确保美国提供的安全保护伞可以保持不变。Garrett says Australia could see the next U.S. administration asking for additional help in Afghanistan.  加雷特说,澳大利亚可能会看到下一届美国政府在阿富汗问题上要求更多的帮助。"Kevin Rudd, the Australian prime minister, not only said he wanted to withdraw combat troops from Iraq, he said that Afghanistan was 'the right war,' which, of course, is what Barack Obama has said," he said. "So, I would imagine that the next U.S. president is going to come calling on Prime Minister Rudd asking for more Australian involvement in Afghanistan in or 2010." 他说:“澳大利亚总理陆克文不仅声言要从伊拉克撤回作战部队,他还说阿富汗战争是正确的,当然奥巴马也是这么说的。因此我猜测下一届美国总统将会要求陆克文总理年或2010年更多的参与阿富汗事务。”Despite the close relationship with the U.S., Australians have been generally disappointed with the administration of President Bush. In one University of Sydney poll last year, 45 percent of Australians had unfavorable views of the U.S. government. 尽管澳大利亚和美国关系密切,但澳大利亚人总的来说对布什政府感到失望。去年在悉尼大学进行的一次民调显示,45%的澳大利亚人对美国政府有负面的看法。However, former Deputy Prime Minister Kim Beazley does not think that public opinion here has turned against the U.S. alliance. 不过澳大利亚前副总理比兹利并不认为公众舆论开始反对美澳盟友关系了。"Even though there are high levels of disapproval of the Iraq war and unfortunately also at the moment of our engagement in Afghanistan, there's been only glacial movement in the underpinning support for the ed States alliance," said Beazley. "That is not necessarily the case elsewhere around the world. That is probably unique to Australia." 他说:“尽管很多人反对伊拉克战争,遗憾的是,现在也有人反对我们介入阿富汗事务,但是在对美澳盟友关系的持方面仅仅有非常小的变化。这在世界其他地方可能不同,这可能是澳大利亚特有的。”Mr. Beazley thinks the world's current financial problems will help Barack Obama win what he calls "most captivating U.S. election since the Kennedy-Nixon race in 1960.""I personally think but for this economic meltdown he probably would not have fallen across the line," he said. "Now it looks as though he likely will."A year ago voters in Australia ushered in a new political when Labor leader Kevin Rudd swept to victory in national elections, ending a decade of conservative government. There is an expectation here that Americans will do the same on November 4. 一年前,工党领袖陆克文在大选中以压倒多数的优势取胜,结束了保守党10年的执政,澳大利亚政治进入一个新的时期。澳大利亚人希望美国11月4号也出现这种情况。"First black president and all. I mean, that's probably the first thing people are looking at," said one Australian. "Yeah, the possibility that could happen in a country that's seen as being so racist America, yeah definitely.  这位澳大利亚年轻人说:“第一位黑人总统。我是说,这可能是人们首先看到的。在人们认为非常种族主义的美国,这的确可能发生。”Some Australians, however, are not convinced that the Illinois senator has what it takes to lead the world's most powerful nation. 然而一些澳大利亚人并不相信这位伊利诺伊州参议员有能力领导世界上最强大的国家。"Obama - I have great hesitation thinking of the world as it is at the moment and how dangerous it is. More or less the unknown. I think he's very much new blood and very interesting that way," said one woman. "McCain I think is very much the old school - that's how I look at him. But he's probably someone I'm not so interested in but maybe he's safe to a lot of people."  这位女士说:“奥巴马嘛,我一想到世界目前的状况以及有多危险就感到非常犹豫。人们还不了解他。他是新鲜血液,很有意思。麦凯恩嘛,是个老派的人,我这么看他,我对他没什么兴趣,但很多人可能认为他比较保险。”In another recent survey, by the Gallup organization, 76 percent of Australians said they thought the U.S. election would have an effect in their own country. In that poll, 64 percent of Australians wanted Obama to win, against 14 percent who favored McCain. 盖洛普最近另外一次民调结果显示,76%的澳大利亚人认为美国大选会对澳大利亚产生影响,64%的澳大利亚人希望奥巴马当选,14%的人选择麦凯恩。200810/54262

Israelis, Palestinians Reaffirm Peace Commitment中东四方寻找结束巴以冲突途径Key participants of the Middle East Quartet, which is working to find an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have been meeting in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el Sheikh. They have given an account of progress in behind-the-scenes peace talks and discussions. 国际中东问题四方小组主要成员一直在埃及渡假地沙姆沙伊赫开会,这个小组在争取找到结束巴、以冲突的途径。与会者介绍了在不公开的和平谈判和磋商中取得的进展情况。U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says he is using the influence of his office to work for peace and that all the mechanisms are in place, including the Quartet, which is the European Union, the ed Nations, Russia, and the ed States. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,他正在利用做为联合国秘书长的影响力争取巴、以实现和平,他还说,解决巴、以冲突问题的各种机制都已经到位,包括由欧盟、联合国、俄罗斯和美国组成的国际中东问题四方小组。The Secretary General said he is discussing several obstacles facing the peace process at the weekend conference in Sharm el Sheikh.  潘基文说,这个周末在沙姆沙伊赫举行的会上,他准备跟与会各方商讨和平进程遇到的几项阻力。"The quartet has also made clear it supports more positive strategy for Gaza," Mr. Ban said. "I have been discussing this matter with Israeli government leaders, Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni, on many occasions, and today I am also going to discuss this matter about the closure of crossings and road blocks and also settlement issues and demolition of houses. All these activities are not desirable for the ongoing peace process ... creation of atmosphere conducive to the ongoing peace process will be extremely important."  潘基文说:“四方小组还清楚地表明,持在加沙地带采取更加积极的策略。我就这个问题在许多场合下一直跟总理奥尔默特和外长利夫尼等以色列政府领导人进行讨论,今天,我还准备谈及关闭过境点、封锁道路的问题,以及定居点和拆毁住房等问题。这些做法跟目前的和平进程是格格不入的,因此,给目前的和平进程创造一个建设性的氛围极为重要。”The Quartet's Special Envoy, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, underlined that everyone is hoping the new U.S. administration, under Barack Obama, will focus on the peace process from its first day in office, beginning January 20th, .  国际中东问题四方小组特使、英国前首相布莱尔强调,大家都希望巴拉克.奥巴马领导下的新一届美国政府从年1月20号上任就把工作重点放在巴以和平进程上。"The single most important thing is that the new administration in the ed States grips this issue from day one and it can do so, knowing that there is a foundation on which we can build," Blair said. "For the first time, we have comprehensive political negotiations, through the Annapolis political process. For the first time, we have a proper plan to build security capability for the Palestinians, which is necessary to create a Palestinian state."  布莱尔说:“对于美国新一届政府来说,唯一重要的事情就是,从1月20号那天起就要抓紧处理巴、以和平进程问题,而且这届新政府能够办得到,因为它知道我们有一项可以信赖的基本原则。通过安纳波利斯政治进程,我们第一次可以进行综合性政治磋商。我们还第一次拥有一项为巴勒斯坦人培养安全力量的恰当计划,而这是建立巴勒斯坦国所必须的。”U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said a peace agreement will not be reached by the end of the year, but said the peace talks, which got underway at the Annapolis Maryland conference in November of last year, will continue and ultimately bear fruit.  美国国务卿赖斯曾经说过,今年年底之前不会达成巴、以和平协议,不过她认为,去年11月在美国马里兰州首府安纳波利斯会议上启动的和平谈判将继续下去,并最终会取得成果。"I do think that what we heard today from the parties, which is the most important element of this is that they believe in the Annapolis process, they believe in the integrated nature of this process that builds peace from the bottom up and from the top down," Rice said. "They believe that their negotiations are producing an atmosphere of trust as well as the foundation on which to build." Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also expressed hope a new peace conference, to be held next spring in Moscow, will continue the work begun at Annapolis. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫也说,希望明年春季在莫斯科举行另外一次和平会议,继续安纳波利斯会议上开始的努力。"The conference which everybody agreed to have in Moscow some time next spring must certainly be a step forward, and this is why we are taking time to make sure that we prepare for it properly ... talking to the members of the Quartet, to the parties themselves, to the League of Arab States, to all those who participated in Annapolis, because our common desire is to make sure Annapolis process succeeds," Lavrov said.Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, says the peace talks are in the interests of Israel and the Palestinians.  以色列外长利夫尼说,和平谈判符合以色列和巴勒斯坦人的利益。"So negotiating is not a favor that Israel or the Palestinians is doing to international community, one to the other, but this is according to the interests of each people," Livni said. 利夫尼说:“因此,举行和平谈判不是以色列或巴勒斯坦人帮助国际社会,或者对对方有利,而是符合双方人民的利益。”Meanwhile, al Jazzera TV reports Syrian President Bashar al Assad is accusing Israel about "not being serious about peace," despite indirect talks between Israel and Syria, last held in September under Turkish mediation.The Arab press is critical of the Palestinians for their internal conflict, with the daily Asharqalawsat running a cartoon showing negotiators from the Fatah and Hamas factions heading into a narrow alley which culminates in a dead end.200811/55751

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