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One of the great honors in a band is to be a drum major.乐队中一个巨大的荣耀是成为鼓乐队队长Well, theres a drum major有这样一个队长at Shaw University in North Carolina在卡罗莱纳州北部的萧尔大学that is just 10 years old.他仅仅才十岁From Raleigh, North Carolina, give it up for Timmy!来自卡罗莱纳罗利的蒂米 掌声为蒂米响起来Whats up, Timmy?!你好啊 蒂米I see you, boy. I like that!我晓得你 我喜欢!Whoo-ooh! You clean! Thank you.哇哦 你可以!谢谢I like that, man. Sit down.我真的很喜欢 哥们 请坐How you doing? Im doing good.最近怎么样?很不错Youre 10. Mm-hmm.你才十岁 嗯哼How in the world are you 10你究竟怎么做到只有十岁就and youre a drum major at a university?成为了一个大学的鼓乐队队长的?See, my mom was going to work one day.我妈妈有一天正要去上班We were driving, and I saw the band practicing.我们正坐着车 然后我看到了一个乐队在排练And I said, ;Hey, theyre playing Michael Jackson.;我就说 哇 他们在表演迈克尔·杰克逊的歌Then I said, ;Can I go out there然后我说 我能去那and do my Michael Jackson with them?;和他们一起表演迈克尔·杰克逊吗?You had a plan.你很有想法啊And I asked the band director, I said, ;Can I dance with them?;于是我问那个乐队的头说我能跟他们一起跳舞吗At first, he just laughed, but then he told me起初他只是笑 但是后来他告诉我if I could learn to dance in about a week,如果我能在一周之内学会跳舞I could be with the band.我就可以加入这个乐队And I learned it in about three days.我只花了三天After that, they featured me in their show as Little Michael Jackson.那以后 他们把我当做表演里的特色 当做小迈克尔杰克逊And a year after, they made me drum major,一年之后 他们让我做了主鼓手so I wasnt going nowhere.所以 我哪儿都不去了Do you have a nickname?你有外号吗Showtime. Huh? Showtime.好戏上演 啊?好戏上演Your nickname is Showtime? Mm-hmm.你的外号是好戏上演?嗯哼Really? Really. Man. So...你在逗我?并没有 妈呀 那么…You in the band, you know, they calling you Showtime,你在一个乐队里 他们叫你好戏上演you got all this swagger, you got this suit on.整个乐队你最牛 你穿着这样一套衣What, uh—What all the girls say about all this, Timmy?那些——那些女生们怎么看啊 蒂米I mean, like...they fall for me. Like, I dont...噢 我觉得…她们为我沦陷 我没有…Boy, shut up! Shut up, boy!够了 莫刺激我 宝贝Boy, knock it down!别说了别说了孩子;They fall for me.;“她们为我沦陷”You know how lucky you are to say that at 10?你知道你有多幸运能在十岁说出这样的话?So, like, you got a girlfriend, man?所以 你有女朋友吗 伙计I mean...I used to, but, you know, it was a little too early.嗯…我曾经有过 但是 你知道的 这有些太早了She really didnt know the idiom of the word ;love.;她真的不知道什么是爱She didnt...So it really didnt work out.她不知道…所以我和她吹了It was fourth-grade love. It didnt work out.这是小学四年级的爱情 不靠谱的Can I tell you something?我能告诉你点事情吗I dont know...the idiom of love.我不知道 什么是爱All right, hey, man, let me ask you a little business question, though.好了哥们儿 现在让我来问你一个正经的问题Whats the role of the drum major?鼓乐队队长是个什么概念?You are not like a band player, you dont play instruments.你不是个乐队演奏者 你不弹奏乐器Its like kind of like you conduct the instruments, so...你其实是指挥乐器的人Yeah. Show me some moves.噢 那么 教我些动作Well—Something you can teach me.噢 一些你能教我的Lets see. Hold on, they got a—is it back?行 看 等等 在这后头有个Mine taller than yours. Yeah, I think.我的棒棒比你的高 我想是的Im gonna probably need the little one我一会儿可能需要那个小的before I knock my teeth out.免得我的牙被敲掉So...Ill keep it real simple.那么…我保会很简单的So...I dont know where this whistle been.嗯…我不知道这口哨什么时候出现的So its kind of a series like this. Ill go through it.其实是像一系列这种动作 我示范一下That too hard for you? Yeah, its too hard.你觉得难了?简直太难That aint the basic move. Come on, man.这完全不是基本动作好吗哥们儿Okay, okay. Whats the basic move?好咯好咯 基本动作是什么?Try and make me look bad on my show.你就试试看让我在我自己的节目里出丑咯All right, how—They just put your name up there, Timmy.好好好 他们刚刚把你的名字放在这里了 蒂米It normally say Steve Harvey.这里通常写着史蒂夫·哈维So come on, playa, lets work with me. Show me something.好吧 你来 和我一起 看看你小家伙能干啥Okay, so what you want to do is you march like this.好 你要这样子行进When you put this knee up and put the mace up.把这个膝盖抬起来然后把权杖抬起来And then you would step and put it down.然后踏一步再把权杖放下去And then you repeat it.然后重复And it will go faster and faster.然后越来越快Okay, I got that.好的 我懂了The second thing, youve gotta be funky with yourself.除了动作 你还要觉得自己很潮Like, when you—when theres, like, the flag girl pieces比如说…你要想象一个美丽的旗女郎and they be playing a slow song,而他们在弹一首缓慢的歌you gotta know how to bop and two-step, so...你要知道怎么去波普和两步舞 像这样…Do, do, do. Do, do, do-do, do-do嘟嘟嘟 嘟嘟 嘟嘟 嘟Yeah, come on, boy.来来来 孩子Now—You gotta just...现在 你只需要…Im all day with that.我天天都这么搞的Okay, one more.好 再来一个Another thing you gotta do is be smooth, you know.你还需要让你的动作变得流畅Yeah, come on.来来来You gotta move, and its like you take your cape and...你要动起来 拉起你的披肩Yeah. You just kind of... I like that, boy.哟!你要这样…我喜欢这个 孩子I like that, Timmy! I like that!我喜欢这个蒂米 我喜欢这个!One more time! One more time, Timmy!再来一次!再来一次 蒂米Eh, yeah! Swing that thing.啊!是的!摇摆摇摆!I think thats wild, boy!我觉得这很狂野啊 孩子Boy, I should have been a drum major!天呐 我应该当个乐队主鼓手You know what?你知道吗I think Im slowing you down, man.我觉得我在拖你后腿 哥们儿Yall want to see what Timmy really do?你们想看看蒂米的真本事吗Do you want to see what Timmy really do?你们想知道蒂米的真本事如何吗?Lets get it on!走一波!Folks, coming up, Timmy is gonna show off his moves!朋友们 嗨起来 蒂米要炫他的动作啦Stay right there, folks.坐着好好看 朋友们Should have been a drum major, boy.我应该当鼓乐队队长的 伙计201705/510825。

This waiting was particularly serious for Harold.这种等待 对哈罗德来说更为不利By the first week of September hed kept the fyrd in battle position for at least two weeks longer than their two-month obligation.到9月第一个星期前 民兵待在阵地的时间 超出两个月的义务役期已逾两周Whats more, it was now harvest time.更重要的是 当时正值丰收时节So, with who knows what misgivings and uneasiness,on September the 8th Harold demobilised the fyrd and sent the soldiers home.因此 为了解除大家的担心和不安 9月8日 哈罗德解散了民兵 令他们返乡He was right to feel uneasy. Just eleven days later,Harold had a very nasty shock,his younger brother was back.他确实应该不安 仅十一天后 哈罗德得知一糟心且震惊消息 他的弟弟回来了Tostig, together with the Norwegian king, Harold Hardrada,托斯提戈 连同挪威国王哈罗德·哈得尔达had landed in Northumbria with as many as 12,000 men.带着一万两千名士兵在诺森比亚登陆Tostig had spent his time in exile looking for allies to pursue his vendetta against Harold.托斯提戈在流亡期间一直寻求结盟 伺机报复哈罗德It was a coup for him that hed finally enlisted the support of the awesome King of Norway.于他而言最终赢得伟大的挪威国王的持 成就了他这有效的一击Hardrada was quite simply the most feared warrior of the age.哈得尔达是当时最令人生畏的勇士Built like a Norwegian cliff face,he had the reputation for super-human strength and elaborately creative cruelty.如挪威凌厉的峭壁般刚毅 他素以过人的气力 和各种残暴手段闻名Hardrada also had a flimsy claim to the English throne that went back to Canute,追溯到卡纽特时期 哈得尔达认为自己 对英格兰王位同样有继承权and he wasnt one to flinch at a military challenge that could win him the disputed crown.为了这尚无定数 哈得尔达又怎会畏惧驰骋疆埸 /201608/458620。

You couldnt take me to a fine restaurant.I know.你不能带我吃太好的。So you dont care about food? -No.你不在意这儿的食物?-不在意。Really? -Oh, no, no.真的么?-不,真的不在意。Do you listen to music?你听音乐么?I used to go to concerts here, in the churches and the opera.我以前会来这儿的教堂听一些音乐会或是歌剧。But that stopped years ago.Theres no time. -Yeah, sure.Right.但是我已经很久都不这样做了。完全没有这个时间。-哦,是的。嗯。I mean, if Im lucky I get to church on Sunday.还好我每周日都去教堂。Thats where I hear the music.我就是在那儿听的音乐。Really? You go to church to hear the music?是么?你去教堂听音乐?Do you go to church? -Yeah.你经常去教堂?-是的。Every Sunday? -Yeah.每周日都去?-嗯。Really?真的么?Its no big deal.这没什么…I go and repent.我去教堂忏悔啊。And you see all the paparazzi going crazy? -Oh, yeah.你看那些记者和仔队多疯狂。-哦,是啊。Over Catherine Denueve.他们在追凯瑟琳·德纳芙。I can hear people say, ;Hes gotta be the dumbest one in the crowd.He didnt bother photographing her. ;或许有人会说我很愚蠢。我居然不跑过去拍她。Well, she wasnt wearing anything interesting.实话说…她传的一点都不好看。Im interested in clothes.我只对好看的衣感兴趣。And even if I knew them, knew who they were, and usually I dont, I dont go to the movies much and Ive never owned television.很多时候我根本都不知道这些明星是谁,就算我知道他们是谁我也不在意,我很少去看电影我家里都没有电视。201609/460800。

In the last decades of the 13th century,在十三世纪的最后几十年里 the nations of Britain found their voices loud, confident and defiant and they were raised against England.不列颠各国的民族意识开始觉醒 民族独立的呼声一浪高过一浪 群起反抗英格兰的统治The people of Snowdon assert that even if their prince should give overlordship of them to the English King,斯诺登的人民坚决认为 即使他们的君王 向英格兰俯首称臣they would refuse to do homage to any foreigner of whose language, customs and law they were ignorant.他们也绝不会效忠外夷 毕竟 两个民族在语言 风俗和法律上都迥然相异On account of the endless perfidy of the English and to recover our native freedom,鉴于英格兰屡次背信弃义 为重获自由the Irish are compelled to enter a deadly war.爱尔兰不得不卷入一场血雨腥风For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,We will yield in no least way to English dominion.吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威We fight not for glory, nor riches, nor honour,but for freedom.吾之战斗 不求荣 不图利 不为誉 唯求自由We know these voices. Theyve been with us a long time now.这些话我们都耳熟能详 它们早已流传千古 All the same, its a shock to hear them this early,尽管如此 听到历史深处的古人to discover the politics of birthplace uttered with such passion and such pain.喊出捍卫故土的口号 爱国之情 伤国之痛 依然让人震惊Once said, they could not be unsaid.此言一出 势在必行 /201610/469272。

It was as a politician that John was most obviously a wretched failure.作为政治家来说 再也没有 比约翰更加一败涂地的了Under his father, the empire had been sustained by a shrewd combination of charisma and feudal loyalty.其父在位时 这个国家维系于 君主的号召力和对封建制度的忠诚 两者间的巧妙结合Johns problem was his difficulty in believing that anyone would ever be more than a fair-weather friend.约翰的问题在于不信任别人 总是认为别人不过是酒肉之交So he relied on blackmail and extortion,threats to the barons rather than promises.对待贵族 他只崇尚敲诈勒索和胁迫 宁我负天下人 莫让天下人负我Assuming disloyalty, he ended up guaranteeing it.结果却事与愿违So when John needed the barons most,when Normandy was threatened by the French king,they werent there for him.当诺曼底受到法王威胁 约翰最需要他们的紧要关头 贵族们却没有伸出援手The result was a catastrophic defeat.最终导致了灾难性的失败The loss of Normandy ripped the heart out of Angevin power.痛失诺曼底令安茹王朝元气大伤Whether or not there was a secret meeting at Bury st Edmunds,无论英格兰的所有大贵族是否在with all the major nobles in England sworn to force John to accept reform,its certainly true that from defeat sprang rebellion.柏立艾蒙秘密会谈 立誓要逼迫约翰接受改革 可以肯定的是 失败催生了叛变At some point, the barons drafted a document that went well beyond forcing John to stop being vindictive,在这个时候 贵族们起草了一份文件 不仅禁止国王实施报复proposing, instead, a catalogue of things the king would not be allowed to do.It was called Magna Carta.同时还列出了一连串 国王不得越过的雷池 这就是《大宪章》 /201609/469205。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460628。

国际新闻讲义:The president and corporations总统与商业How Donald Trump is changing the rules for American business美国的新商业模式The president-elect has a new approach to dealing with corporate America. It is not all good news特朗普正在改写配总统和公司之间的关系准则——但却不是变得更好 HIS inauguration is still six weeks away but Donald Trump has aly sent shock waves through American business. Chief executives—and their companies’ shareholders—are giddy at the president-elect’s promises to slash burdensome regulation, cut taxes and boost the economy with infrastructure spending. Blue-collar workers are cock-a-hoop at his willingness to bully firms into saving their jobs.距离就职尚有六周,但特朗普冲击波已经传遍了整个美国商界。首席执行官们及其公司股东被这位当选总统的承诺搞得头晕目眩——他说要大幅减少繁重的监管,要减税,还要通过增加基础设施出促进经济。蓝领工人们则志得意满,因为特朗普愿意威逼公司保住他们的饭碗。Inauguration n.就职- inauguration speech- inaugurate v. 就职,开创(begin)- inaugurate a new programShareholder n.股东Giddy adj.头晕目眩的Slash v.削减,砍Burdensome adj.麻烦的Boost v.增加cock-a-hoop adj.得意洋洋 (in high spirits) In the past few weeks, Mr Trump has lambasted Apple for not producing more bits of its iPhone in America; harangued Ford about plans to move production of its Lincoln sports-utility vehicles; and lashed out at Boeing, not long after the firm’s chief executive had mused publicly about the risks of a protectionist trade policy. Most dramatically, Mr Trump bribed and cajoled Carrier, a maker of air-conditioning units in Indiana, to change its plans and keep 800 jobs in the state rather than move them to Mexico. One poll suggests that six out of ten Americans view Mr Trump more favourably after the Carrier deal. This muscularity is proving popular.过去几周里,特朗普已痛斥了苹果没在美国本土生产更多的iPhone部件;喋喋不休地训斥福特搬迁林肯SUV工厂的计划;在波音首席执行官公开对贸易保护主义政策的风险表示忧虑之后不久,他又炮轰了波音。最戏剧化的是,特朗普收买利诱了空调设备生产商开利(Carrier),迫使它改变计划,将800个工作岗位留在印第安纳州而不是转移到墨西哥。一项民意调查显示,十分之六的美国人在这项交易后对特朗普的看法更加正面了。这种强悍做法正受到欢迎。Lambast v.斥责Harangue v.高盛阔谈 (speech in a forceful or angry way)- harangue n.高昂的言论 (a forceful or angry speech)lash out (at)抨击Muse v.仔细考虑 (think carefully)Cajole v.哄骗(persuade by making promises or saying nice things)muscularity n.强悍- muscular adj.强壮的Popular but problematic. The emerging Trump strategy towards business has some promising elements, but others that are deeply worrying. The promise lies in Mr Trump’s enthusiasm for corporate-tax reform, his embrace of infrastructure investment and in some parts of his deregulatory agenda. The dangers stem, first, from the muddled mercantilism that lies behind his attitude to business, and, second, in the tactics—buying off and attacking individual companies—that he uses to achieve his goals. American capitalism has flourished thanks to the predictable application of rules. If, at the margin, that rules-based system is superseded by an ad hoc approach in which businessmen must take heed and pay homage to the whim of King Donald, the long-term damage to America’s economy will be grave. 虽受人欢迎却也问题多多。特朗普对商界的策略逐渐显现,有些因素充满希望,其他的则令人深感忧虑。希望在于特朗普对公司税改革的热情、积极推动基础设施投资,以及放松监管的某些主张。而危险则源自:第一,导致他对商界采取这种态度的混乱的重商主义;第二,他为了达到目的所采取的手段,即收买或攻击某些公司。美国资本主义的繁荣得益于规则贯彻的可预见性。从边际角度看来,如果这个基于规则的体系被代之以即兴的解决方式,商人必须小心听命于特朗普的突发奇想,那么对美国经济的长期损害将非常严重。problematic adj. 有问题的promising adj. 有希望的embrace n.拥抱,接受Deregulatory adj.放松管制的Stem n.植物的根茎- stem from 源于Muddle v.使混乱Mercantilism n.重商主义tactic n.策略buy off 收买Flourish v.繁荣发展Supersede v.取代ad hoc 临时的Heed n./v.留意 (pay attention to)Homage n.尊重- pay homage to 表达敬意Whim n.一时想法 (sudden decision)- quit job on a whimGrave adj.严重的201612/485722。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464441。