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芜湖市第二人民医院附属红十字医院包皮手术怎么样宣城治疗生殖器疱疹哪家最好Just like the rest of your body, keeping your eyes in tip-top shape requires regular exercise. Here are few to try.与身体其他部位一样,双眼保持最佳状态也需要经常锻炼。以下方法可以尝试一下。You Will Need你需要Table桌子Chair椅子Objects物体Patience耐心Internet access (optional)互联网(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Rub hands1.揉搓双手Rub your hands together for approximately 25 seconds and then cup your hands over your closed eyes to do the palming exercise. Rest your elbows on a table.双手揉搓大约25秒,然后手掌成杯子状覆盖在紧闭的眼睛上,做手掌运动。手肘放在桌子上。Step 2 Sit2.坐下Sit in this position for approximately 2 minutes. As you relax the blackness you see will become darker. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.以这个姿势坐大约2分钟。放松的时候,你的视线会越来越黑。每天两到三次。Step 3 Perform exercise3.远近练习Perform the near-far focus exercise to improve eye flexibility by holding your thumb approximately 6 inches from your nose and focus on it. Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale.进行远近焦点练习来提高眼睛的灵活性,将大拇指放在距离鼻子大约6英寸的位置,视线集中在大拇指。深吸一口气,缓缓呼出。Step 4 Focus4.集中视线Focus on an object approximately 10 feet away. Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat 15 times.集中在大约100英尺外的物体。深呼吸,然后缓缓呼出。重复15次。Step 5 Improve flexibility5.提高灵活性Improve eye flexibility by performing the scanning exercise. Sit down and begin to scan various edges of objects in the room with your eyes.进行扫描运动来提高眼睛的灵活性。坐下来,双眼开始扫描房间内的各种物体。Step 6 Keep eyes moving6.保持眼睛运动Keep your eyes moving fluidly for approximately 2 minutes.眼睛灵活运动大约2分钟。You can also search online for more eye exercises.你也可以上网搜索更多眼睛运动。Step 7 Perform eye stretch exercise7.眼睛伸展运动Perform the eye stretch exercise by looking up toward your eyebrow and rolling your eyes around in a circular motion as far as they can in each direction. Repeat every 2 to 3 hours.眼睛向眉毛的方向向上看,然后以环形运动转动向各个方向转动。每两到三个小时重复一次。Vitamin A helps maintain the skin, lungs, and intestinal tracts but is critical for vision and is found in meat, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.维他命A可以维护皮肤,肺和肠道健康,但是对视力也非常重要。肉类,奶制品,水果和蔬菜中含量丰富。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/236132宣城旌德县泌尿系统在线咨询 Trim the calories from your favorite comfort foods by following these simple tips.遵循下面的简单建议,减少你最喜欢的安慰性食品中的热量。You Will Need你需要2 egg whites2个蛋白Buttermilk白脱牛奶Whole wheat b全麦面包Sprouted b发芽面包Dark chocolate, 70% cocoa可可含量70%的黑巧克力Grilled zucchini烤南瓜Eggplant茄子Whole wheat noodles全麦面条Low-fat milk低脂牛奶Low-fat cheese低脂奶酪Almonds杏仁Fat-free milk (optional)脱脂牛奶(可选)Half-and-half (optional)对半合拼(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Substitute a whole egg1.代替整个鸡蛋Replace a whole egg in a recipe with two egg whites.用两个蛋白代替整个鸡蛋。STEP 2 Keep creamy taste2.保持奶油的味道Keep the creamy taste of mashed potatoes by using buttermilk instead of whole milk or heavy cream.使用白脱牛奶来代替纯牛奶或鲜奶油,以保持洋芋泥的奶油味道。You can also use fat-free milk or half- and-half.也可以用脱脂牛奶或者两种对半搭配。STEP 3 Replace white b3.代替白面包Replace white b with whole wheat or sprouted b.用全麦面包或发芽面包来代替白面包。STEP 4 Switch chocolate4.更换巧克力Choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa instead of milk or white chocolate.选择可可含量至少为70%的黑巧克力来代替牛奶或白巧克力。Dark chocolate has many antioxidants.黑巧克力中含有丰富的抗氧化剂。STEP 5 Replace noodles5.替换面条Replace the noodles in lasagna with grilled zucchini or eggplant.把卤汁面条中的面条替换为烤南瓜或茄子。STEP 6 Make macaroni and cheese6.制作通心面和奶酪Make macaroni and cheese with whole-wheat noodles, low-fat milk, and low-fat cheese for a healthy substitute.为了健康,使用全麦面条,低脂牛奶和低脂奶酪来制作通心面和奶酪。STEP 7 Eat almonds7.食用杏仁Grab a couple of almonds if you are craving a salty snack. Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts.如果你非常想吃含盐零食,抓几个杏仁来吃。杏仁是最有营养的坚果之一。Global almond production for 2009-2010 was forecast to be 760,000 metric tons.据预测,2009年至2010年的全球杏仁产量为760,000公吨。视频听力译文由。 /201406/307263宣州区男科医生

宣城朝阳医院在线咨询宣城朝阳医院好吗 Cannes: Lesbian Love Story Scoops Top Prize La Vie d#39;Adele - Chapitre 1 amp; 2 wins the prestigious Palme d#39;Or, one of the most coveted film awards after the Oscars.第66届法国戛纳国际电影节落幕,《阿黛尔的人生》摘得最高奖,金棕榈奖。电影讲述少女阿黛尔对美丽的蓝发女孩艾玛一见钟情,及由此产生的种种悲欢离合。既反映了一个女孩成长的心路历程,也让观众对法国的现实问题产生思考。两位主演阿黛尔·艾克阿切波洛斯和莱娅·塞杜在剧中的出色表演,获得好评。《阿黛尔的人生》改编自法国作家朱丽·马罗的漫画《蓝色是一种暖色调》,讲述了两位年轻女性之间的一段情感纠葛。凯希什说,这部影片的副标题是第一章和第二章,他接下来将构思续集。It#39;s one of the biggest prizes in cinema and attracts equally big names, but the winner of the Palm Door isn#39;t a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster.These artists are...Instead, the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival went to a French lesbian romance, called Blue is the Warmest Colour.We worked so hard on this film. We gave it all so much. It is bit awe to say that but it#39;s true, so it#39;s obviously a great reward.About a fifteen-year-old girl#39;s relationship with an old woman, it#39;s been both celebrated and condemned for its explicit sexy scenes.Everyone who is against homosexual male marriage or love between two persons under same sex must see the film.Among other winners,Berenice Bejo, she lost out in Oscar for her role in the silent film, the Artist. But Cannes named her Best Actress for her latest part.I#39;m a very good loser, and I realize today that I#39;m a good winner, too. You know, it#39;s great to win.At the end of the festival, whether films have often been overshadowed by the thieves with two seperate jewelry rates, it#39;s now the moives, their stars and love stories with difference taking the spotlight. /201306/242508宣城做鞘膜积液手术多少钱

宣城朝阳医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 Of course today I am actually standing on a beach, but the coast 500,000-600,000 years ago would#39;ve been several miles further out. And if you#39;d walked along that ancient coastline, you would have arrived in what nowadays we call The Netherlands, in the heart of central Europe.当然如今这里已经成为海滩,然后远在很多很多以前,海岸线还要向前延伸出几英里远。假如你沿着这此古老的海岸线走下去,你将会最终抵达如今我们称之为荷兰的地区,欧洲中部的心脏地位。At this time there was a major land bridge connecting Britain to mainland Europe. We don#39;t really know why humans colonised Britain at this time, but perhaps it was due to the effectiveness of this new technology that we call the handaxe.#39;在当时,英国与欧洲大陆之间有一条主要的大陆桥连接着。我们真不知道人类当时为什么在英国土地上生息繁衍,然而大概也是因为手斧这种有效的新兴技术吧。”The stone handaxe was made essentially in the same way and in the same shape for over a million years, and it must be the most successful piece of human technology in history. But is there one last secret in the stone? Our handaxe is just a bit too large to use easily.本质上而言,在超过一百万年的时光里,石斧都是按同一种工艺制作,保持同一种形状,所以它真不亚于人类历史最最成功的技术成果了。然而这块石头中究竟还蕴藏着哪一个终级秘密呢?我们这块手斧就是个头有点过大点儿,使用不方便。Why would you make it like that? I showed it to an expert in ergonomic design, the inventor Sir James Dyson:但究竟为何要制作成这样呢?我就些咨询了一位人体工程学设计上的专家、发明家詹斯·戴森爵士:What interests me about this is that it#39;s not really very practical. It#39;s double-sided, it has a sharp edge both sides, and it#39;s symmetrical. It#39;s almost as though it#39;s an object of beauty rather than a practical object. So I wonder actually if it#39;s a decorative thing, or even something like a ceremonial sword to make you look brave, powerful, and maybe to pull women.“让我颇感兴趣的倒是它并不十分实用这一点。它有双面,两侧边缘都很锋利,而且相当对称。它看上去简直就像是一件颇俱美感的物品,而不仅仅具有实用性。所以我在思考其实它是否本身是一件装饰品,甚至像一把象征性很强的剑之类的,能衬托出你的勇气与力量,或者用来引吸女士的注意力呢。”#39;It doesn#39;t look to me like a practical tool, it looks to me more like a show object, a decorative object, than a practical object, because I can only see that whatever I do with it I#39;m gonna hurt my hand. So I think it#39;s a beautiful object, but I don#39;t believe it has any intent - serious intent - behind it.#39;“反正在我看来它不像是一件实用工具,倒像是一样炫耀品、装饰品,没带多少实用性;因为我能看到无论我怎么使用它,总会弄伤自己的手。因此,我就认为这是一个美丽精致的物品,不过我倒不觉得其身上蕴含着任何特殊的含意。”Of course it #39;is#39; still a practical object, but I think it#39;s nonetheless worth speculating, as Sir James Dyson does, whether our handaxe #39;was#39; made a bit too big for easy use, in order to show that it was made for somebody important. Are we looking here at one of the oldest of all status symbols; the expression of a social pecking order?当然,事实上它仍旧是一件实用的物品,但我想它还满值得认真思考的,正如詹姆斯·戴森爵士那样说,是否我们这手斧被“制造”得有点过大不便使用,只为了能突显出它所有人的重要性?我们是否正面对着人类最古老的地位象征物品之一?代表着一个社会的尊卑秩序?And then the handaxe is so pleasing to the eye as well as to the hand, that it#39;s hard not to ask if it wasn#39;t to some extent made quite intentionally to be a thing of beauty. Is this the beginning of the long story of art and, indeed, the long story of art being pressed into the service of power?然而这手斧是看上去多么的赏心悦目,拿到手上又多么的玲珑精致,使得我们不由而然地思考是否在某程度上,它是为了呈现美感而制作的。这是否是人类漫长艺术史的开端呢?Or are we just projecting back on to these distant ancestors our own ways of thinking about beauty and status?是否意味着艺术务于权威的开始呢?又或许我们在一厢情愿地以我们自己对美感与地位的认知,来揣测我们那些遥远时光的祖先们?In the next programme we#39;re going to be unquestionably in the realm of art - I#39;m going to be looking at a masterpiece of Ice Age sculpture, carved in the tusk of a mammoth.接下来的节目里,我们将毫无疑问地迈进艺术的领域。我将要去寻找一件冰河时期雕刻在猛犸象牙上的不朽杰作。 Article/201403/278451宣城朝阳医院评价宣城割包皮过长包茎手术的价格



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