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Truly American scholar果然是美国学者[00:.9]Listen and Share[00:.]Truly American scholar 果然是美国学者[00:.6]词汇扫描[00:.6]involve 与…有关[00:31.85]history archive 历史档案馆[00:36.6]station 驻扎[00:39.70]lounge 闲逛[00:3.]machine gun 机关[00:6.93]fumble 搜寻[00:50.30]scowl 邹眉[00:53.73]scholar 学者[00:58.9]英文原文[00:59.66]Part of my work as a college professor involved doing research[01:.]at a history archive in Russia.[01:.35]An armed military guard was stationed there to defend against terrorist attack,[01:.]though he often lounged near the doorway and ignored incoming researchers.[01:.5]One day, however, he stood at attention, machine gun y.[01:6.57]"Documents," he called out,[01:.93]and I fumbled through my things my archival pass.[01:33.71]"Passport," he barked, and I handed him my American passport.[01:39.56]He scowled while looking at my identification.[01:3.58]Finally he asked, "Who is singing on the radio?"[01:9.]I listened a moment and replied, "The Everly Brothers."[01:5.6]The soldier grinned, moved his rifle aside and let me enter,[01:59.36]sure now that I was truly an American scholar. [:.8]中文大意[:.1]逐句对照[:.56]Part of my work as a college professor involved doing research[:19.36]at a history archive in Russia.[:9.76]An armed military guard was stationed there to defend against terrorist attack,[:1.31]though he often lounged near the doorway and ignored incoming researchers.[:53.67]One day, however, he stood at attention, machine gun y.[:.]"Documents," he called out,[:.58]and I fumbled through my things my archival pass.[:1.8]"Passport," he barked, and I handed him my American passport.[:3.]He scowled while looking at my identification.[:38.78]Finally he asked, "Who is singing on the radio?"[:7.]I listened a moment and replied, "The Everly Brothers."[:56.5]The soldier grinned, moved his rifle aside and let me enter,[:.75]sure now that I was truly an American scholar. [:18.90]多学一点[:.8]involve 涉及,与…相关[:30.7]Are you involved?[:3.5]involve[:35.35]something doing something[:39.35]involve doing research[:5.]This job involves long hours and hard work.[:59.99]history archive 历史档案馆[:.1]archive 档案文件[:.37]ar a:[:.]ch k[:19.68]i ai[:.3]ve v [:6.]ch[:3.75]archive [ 'ɑ:kaiv ] [:35.75]station 站[:39.]bus station[:.]station 驻扎[:6.]lounge 闲逛[:53.]lounge 休息室[:59.98]machine gun 机关[:.90]rifle 步[:.55]moved his rifle aside [:9.63]machine gun[:37.]joke[:0.]fumble[:53.]She fumbled in her purse the keys.[:.8]重新听一次故事原文[:.73]Part of my work as a college professor involved doing research[:.37]at a history archive in Russia.[:.55]An armed military guard was stationed there to defend against terrorist attack,[:.]though he often lounged near the doorway and ignored incoming researchers.[:6.19]One day, however, he stood at attention, machine gun y.[:3.38]"Documents," he called out,[:.77]and I fumbled through my things my archival pass.[:39.]"Passport," he barked, and I handed him my American passport.[:5.39]He scowled while looking at my identification.[:9.1]Finally he asked, "Who is singing on the radio?"[:5.59]I listened a moment and replied, "The Everly Brothers."[:59.7]The soldier grinned, moved his rifle aside and let me enter,[:.5]sure now that I was truly an American scholar. 919Canadian Prime Minister Marches In Pride Parade加拿大总理参加同性恋大游行On Sunday, July 3, Justin Trudeau became the first Canadian prime minister to march in Toronto’s annual gay pride parade. Tens of thousands of people attended the 36th annual event that celebrates the rights and freedoms of the LGBT commy in Canada. When asked about his decision to participate, Trudeau said it should come as no surprise since he has taken part in many Pride parades in the past. Trudeau proudly waved a rainbow-coloured Canadian flag as he marched alongside a gay Syrian refugee and several other Canadian politicians. During the march, participants paused a moment of silence to remember the 9 people who died in last month’s mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.7月3日周日,年度同性恋骄傲大游行在多伦多举行,加拿大总理贾斯廷·特鲁多成为加拿大史上首位参与游行的总理第36届年度盛会吸引了数万民众,以此来庆祝加拿大“LGBT”社区的权益与自由当被问及参加原因,特鲁多称他曾多次参加骄傲大游行,这不足为奇特鲁多骄傲地挥舞着“虹国旗”,同他一起游行的还有一名叙利亚同性恋难民,以及几位加拿大政要在游行期间,参与者还为遇难者默哀,美国奥兰多一同性恋酒吧曾于上月发生击,造成9人遇难译文属原创,,不得转载 537

本文音频Janet Adamy reports that McDonal's will add espresso, latte and other specialty drinks to its Starting this year lovers of Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte will be able to get them in Mcdonald. The golden arches is overhauling its front counters to install an espresso machine where the customers can watch a Mcdonald's "baristas" make drinks. The move is the biggest addition to Mcdonal's since it's launched breackfast 30 years ago. The new drinks put Mcdonald's more closely into competition with Starbucks and other coffee houses, and could reshape the way Americans buy their upscale coffees. Mcdonald has about ,000 locations in the US while starbuck has about ,000. Mcdonald is pricing the drinks about 60 cents to 80 cents below competitors." We thought we could get into this business because our customers have been asking us to. Their tastes have changed over recent years, we've done a lot of work in this area, we think we'll be able to deliver great products to them."Mcdonald has told franchisees the drink could add about a billion dollars a year to the company's sales. The chain also hopes they will help increase reputation as providers of we called premium products, not just hamburgers and french fries."We thought it was important to position these products in front of the center the customers to watch them being prepared, to creat a little theater if you will, our employees really enjoy being upfront of preparing beverages, and also happens to be very closely to our drive-thru window, and we sell a lot of beverage through there."In addition to the coffees, Mcdonal also plans to offer smoothies and bottle drinks, and *markets. Those have included Lipton green tea, redbull energy drink and Mountain Dew made by Pepsi. Coke also gave Mcdonald's a drink fountain that contains flavor shots, which allow customers to creat new favor of soda, like Vanilla Diet coke or blueberry sprite. the Wall Street JournalI'm Janet Adamy 568


  【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension one Choose the correct answer 选择正确的1 Johnny injured his leg...A playing footballB falling overC in the pub Johnny thinks Magda should ...A wear a dressB wear trousers and a jacketC wear a skirt and jacket 3 Sarah thinks it is important Magda ...A not to look too malB to look malC to dress casually Johnny thinks it is important Magda ...A to avoid looking her interviewers in the eyesB to stare at her interviewersC to look her interviewers in the eyes 5 Sarah and Johnny agree that it is ...A important to ask one or two questionsB important to ask a lot of questionsC important not to ask any questions 6 So much advice is ...A helping MagdaB making Magda nervous C confusing Magda Comprehension two Fill the gaps with a name below. One name is used twice. 用下列所给的名字填空,有一个名字可以使用次Magda Sarah Johnny Fadi Harry 1 ......... has an injury ......... was pretending to be a Chelsea player 3 ......... was pretending to be Beckham ......... asks advice 5 ......... thinks Magda should enjoy her interview 6 ......... thinks Joe is sweet 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 6。


  Heart Emoji is Top English “Word”心形表情符成为最火英文单词The heart emoji, an electronic picture meaning love, has been identified as the top word used in , according to the Global Language Monitor. The symbol love or heart was used over 1 billion times a day in.This is the first time in history that a symbol has appeared as a top English word on this annual list. The GLM uses the Internet and print sources to identify the most used words and phrases. Other words that placed in the top , included hashtag, vape, Ebola and photo bomb.全球语言监测机构称,一个代表“爱”的心形表情符成为了年的年度热词在年,这个代表“爱”或“心”表情符每天的使用次数超过了亿次这个单词也成为了历史上首个荣登年度英文单词榜首的符号全球语言监测机构通过印刷和电子媒体来测定出使用量最多的单词和词组前名的单词还包括话题标签、电子烟、埃拉和抢镜译文属原创,,不得转载 36736

  Voice : Seventh: You can buy reusable products. Purchase things that can be used again and again. Reusing things, keeps them from becoming waste.声音:七:你可以购买可重复使用的产品购买可以多次使用的产品重复使用物品,避免让其成为垃圾Voice 1: Eighth: You can share newspapers, books and magazines. Most people only things once. So when you are finished, give your newspaper, book, or magazine to a friend so they can also use it. This will save paper!声音1:八:你可以分享报纸、书籍和杂志这种东西大部分人只看一次在你看完以后,你可以把你的报纸、书籍和杂志给你的朋友,这样他们也能使用这类资源这样可以节省纸张!Voice : Ninth: You can turn off the water when you are not using it. When you wash your hands, clean your teeth, or clean things in the sink, do not keep the water flowing. This will save water.声音:九:在你不用的时候,把水关掉在你洗手、刷牙、清理水槽的时候,不要一直开着水龙头这样可以节省水资源Voice 1: Tenth: You can use less electricity. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. And do not leave the television or radio on if you are not listening to it.声音1:十:你可以减少用电量离开房间时把灯关上在你不看电视或不听收音机的时候,把它们关掉译文属 36Ask an American: Bartering; waiting versus awaiting; use of the infinitive; answering “yes” to a negative questionWords:marketingproduceto establishbrandin turndownagricultureto barterquaintcharminginitiativeto waitto await

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  American Presidents: Bill Clinton; Louisiana Voodoo; articulation versus enunciation versus pronunciation; to start versus commence; I believe you versus I believe in youWords:governorfiscal responsibilityto maraffairto impeachto lie under oathpardonVoodooto trace (something) back tocharmfavorsuperstitionarticulationenunciationpronunciationto startto commenceI believe youI believe in you 3666。



  suspicious怀疑的,poke戳,rib肋骨Counting Your RibsSometimes women are overly suspicious of their husbands. When Adam stayed out very late a few nights, Eve became upset.“You’re running around with other women,” she charged.“You’re being unreasonable, ” Adam responded. “You’re the only woman on earth.”The quarrel continued until Adam fell asleep, only to be awakened by someone poking him in the chest. It was Eve.“What do you think you’re doing? ” Adam demanded.“Counting your ribs.”数数你的肋骨有些时候,女人总是对丈夫疑心太重当亚当连续几个晚上不在家时,夏娃变得恼火起来“你在和别的女人交往,”她谴责他道“你无理取闹,”亚当回答“你是地球上唯一的女人啊”直到亚当睡着了,争论才停止可他又因为有人戳他的胸部而醒来是夏娃“你到底在干嘛?”亚当问“数你的肋骨有多少根”1.suspicious多疑的也有“可疑的”的意思:He is a suspicious character.他是个可疑人物“表示怀疑的”:He shot a suspicious glance at me.他超我怀疑地看了一眼.stay out不在家,在外也有“呆在户外”、“坚持到……结束”的意思:stay out the whole long permance看完整场长时间的演出还可表示“避开,不参与”:stay out of trouble不惹是非3.run around交往,私通:run around with a bad crowd.与一伙坏人为伍They’ve been running around together some time.他们交往已有些时候了.charge谴责charge还有很多不同的含义,比如“归因于”:charge a fault upon sb.把过失归咎于某人;“控告”:charge sb. with murder指控某人犯谋杀罪;“要价”:charge high要价高5.demand询问The policeman demanded the boy’s name.警察询问男孩的名字“需要”:The task demands patience.这一任务需要有耐心6.rib肋骨《圣经里说,夏娃是由亚当的一根肋骨变成的 70

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