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安远县中医院可以做输软管吻合术吗大余治疗宫颈糜烂医院你浪费了多少上班时间?Americans who feel bored and underpaid do work hard -- at surfing the Internet and catching up on gossip, according to a survey that found U.S. workers waste about 20 percent of their working day.An online survey of 2,057 employees by online compensation company Salary.com found about six in every 10 workers admit to wasting time at work with the average employee wasting 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour working day.Personal Internet use topped the list as the leading time-wasting activity according to 34 percent of respondents, with 20.3 percent then listing socializing with co-workers and 17 percent conducting personal business as taking up time.The reasons why people wasted time were varied with nearly 18 percent of respondents questioned by e-mail in June and July said boredom and not having enough to do was the main reason.The second most popular reason for wasting time was having too long hours (13.9 percent), being underpaid (11.8 percent), and a lack of challenging work (11.1 percent).While the amount of time wasted at work seems high, Bill Coleman, chief compensation officer at Salary.com. said the numbers have improved, with the amount of time wasted dropping 19 percent since Salary.com conducted its first annual survey on slacking at work in 2005. Then workers reported wasting 2.09 hours of their working day."I think (the decline) is really a result of the economy and that there's more business, more work available and less time tosit around wondering what you are going to do with your day," Coleman told reporters. 厌倦工作、又觉得薪金太低的美国人把时间都浪费到了上网和闲聊上。一项调查发现,美国人浪费了约20%的上班时间。该项由在线薪酬公司Salary.com网站开展的在线调查共有2057名雇员参与。调查发现,每10名员工中约有6人承认自己在上班时浪费了时间。在一个典型的8.5小时工作日中,一般员工会浪费1.7个小时。上网是第一大浪费上班时间的活动,有34%的受访者利用上班时间上网;20.3%的受访者在上班时与同事闲聊;17%的人处理私人事务。人们在上班时做其它事情的原因各不相同。在6月和7月的电子邮件受访者中,近18%的人称这样做的主要原因是无聊和没事可做。第二大原因是工作时间太长(13.9%);其次是薪资太低(11.8%)和工作缺乏挑战(11.1%)。尽管看起来被浪费的上班时间很多,但Salary.com网站的薪资主管比尔·柯尔曼说,从具体数字 上看,情况还是有所改观。自从2005年Salary.com网站首次开展此项一年一度的调查以来,被浪费的上班时间数下降了19%。当时员工一个工作日 浪费的时间为2.09小时。科尔曼在接受记者采访时说:“我认为这是经济发展的结果。公司业务更多、需要处理的事情更多,员工们已没有多余的时间去考虑如何打发时间了。” /200803/29231赣州于都处女膜修复手术哪家医院好的 Long before the iPhone made him the god of gadgets, Steve Jobs launched his tech career by hacking land lines to make free long-distance calls.史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)通过iPhone成为电子设备教父,不过他很久之前就开始了高科技事业,做的是盗用本地通话线路从而实现免费远程通话。Bob Dylan’s band, the Golden Chords, lost a high-school talent competition to a tap dancing act.鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan)成为金牌音乐家之前,在高中达人秀比赛中输给了一个踢踏舞表演。Behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction. It’s these first clumsy steps on the road to fame and fortune that fascinate writer Seth Fiegerman, who edits the blog OpeningLines.org, a collection of case studies on the origins of famous careers.探究每个成功故事,你总能看到起步时的窘迫,蹒跚前进,被失败打击,或是突然决定转向。这些通往名利财富路上的笨拙的起步吸引了作家塞斯·菲格曼(Seth Fiegerman),她收集了关于成功事业起点的众多案例,并编写了客OpeningLines.org(起步线)。“When you see someone who’s very successful, you almost imagine that it was a foregone conclusion, that they’re a genius, that they were destined for great things, ” says Fiegerman, who began the blog in 2009, after an early setback in his own career. “I think the big takeaway is failure and setbacks, far from being uncommon, are in many ways essential.”2009年,菲格曼在事业受挫后选择开。”当你看到某些成功人士时,你总会想象他们的成功是必然的,他们都是天才,注定建立丰功伟业,“她说:”我认为 最重要 的是经历失败与挫折,不甘于平庸。“After Fiegerman, now 26, graduated from New York University in 2008, he landed a coveted first job as a research editor at Playboy magazine. But he had worked there for just half a year when management announced that most of the staff would soon be laid off.今年26岁的菲格曼于2008年毕业于纽约大学。大学毕业后,他拥有了一个令人艳羡的工作——《》杂志的研究编辑。但他仅仅在这个工位上工作了半年,公司就开始大规模裁人。As unemployment loomed, Fiegerman felt adrift. He began to explore the Playboy archives, discovering a trove of interviews with celebrities ranging from Marlon Brando to Malcolm X. Many of these successful people shared tales of their less promising early days, and Fiegerman quickly became obsessed with these origin stories.面对裁员的危机,菲格曼感到茫然无措。他开始研究《》杂志档案,并发行了一系列珍贵的名人访问,包括马龙白兰度(Marlon Brando,美国最棒的男演员),马尔科姆·X(Malcolm X,非裔美国人权利提倡者)等等。这些成功人士都经历了看似前途渺茫的开端,这些成功起源的故事很快吸引了菲格曼。“It kind of paired well with this feeling that I had of, ‘Oh my God, what do I do?’” Fiegerman says. “And I found solace, in some ways, ing about the obstacles that famous figures had to overcome.””这些故事与我彼时心情契合,我总在想‘老天,我该怎么办?’“菲格曼说:”在某些方面,通过阅读那些名人克困难的故事,我找到了安慰。“He began devouring biographies and soliciting interviews with writers and musicians he admired, using the blog to document the fits and starts that began the careers of the famous and the infamous. Success, he learned, was less a matter of innate talent and more the product of perseverance, a willingness to stumble and stand up again and again.他开始大量阅读传记,并恳请自己欣赏的作家和音乐家接受采访,这些人有成名的也有事业低迷的,菲格曼把他们的事业开端的起起伏伏记录进客。在调查中他发现,成功更多是源于坚持而非天赋。要有勇气屡败屡战。“You kind of assume that great geniuses are like Mozart, ” Fiegerman says. But few successful people were child prodigies, and prodigies don’t necessarily find success. “Most people don’t stick to it.””你可能觉得天才都是像莫扎特那样的,“菲格曼说。但事实是几乎没什么成功人士是神童,神童未必成功。”大多数人不喜欢坚持一件事。“Author Jennifer Egan stuck with it. She told Fiegerman that her first novel was so bad even her mother hated it. But Egan kept writing, and her writing got better—in 2011, she won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel about growing old in the digital age, A Visit From the Goon Squad.作家詹妮弗·伊根(Jennifer Egan)做到了坚持。她告诉菲格曼他的第一部小说糟到连她母亲都厌恶。但伊根并未放弃写作,而且有了进步。2011年她的一篇描绘在数字时代老去的小说《打手队的来访》(A Visit From the Goon Squad)赢得了普利策奖(Pulitzer Price,美国新闻界最高荣誉)。Knowing about a hero’s early flops and foibles might disillusion some fans, but Fiegerman finds comfort in rough beginnings. “The only thing that would have disappointed me is if I’d researched all these guys and women and found out that they got it right on the first try, because, OK, I did not, ” Fiegerman says with a laugh.了解一个英雄人物早期的失败和缺点也许会使某些粉丝的幻想破灭,但菲格曼却从中得到慰藉。”如果发现这些人首次尝试就成功我倒要失望了,因为我自己的起步并不是如此。“菲格曼笑着说。Like his subjects, Fieger-man found that his own early setback wasn’t permanent. He landed a new job in journalism, and today he works at the tech news website Mashable, covering, appropriately enough, start-up businesses. While he has less time for the blog, he hopes his collection of origin stories will help other young people realize it’s OK to fail.正如他的受访者,菲格曼发现起初的失败并不是永久的。他开始尝试记者工作,如今他在科技新闻网站Mashable工作,可以说还包含很多起步阶段的业务。虽然写客的时间少了,他希望自己收集的这些成功故事的起源可以帮助其他年轻人,告诉他们要允许失败。“I hope some of them benefit from it, ” he says. “But if nothing else, I feel like I benefited from it a little bit.””我希望有人能从中受益,“他说:”但就算没什么效果,我觉得自己已经获益良多了。“ /201303/228201赣州市蓉江区人民医院妇科地址

赣州仁济男子医院治疗男性不育多少钱The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young person who stayed at home all day playing games, with dim prospects for the future -- in other words, a loser. Yet as the term went viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all backgrounds began to embrace it.“屌丝”一词原是对那些既没钞票又没相貌,整天在宅家里打游戏,前途一片渺茫的年轻人的侮辱性称谓,换个词说就是失败者的意思。但随着这一词语走红网络,各种背景的中国年轻人都开始自嘲为“屌丝”。It has become a self-deprecating counter to the gaofushuai, or the ;tall-rich-handsome,; those with status, success, and bright futures. The number of people who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is slowly transforming into a descriptor of the ordinary Chinese citizen who faces everyday struggles and hardships.和这一自贬词语相对的是“高富帅”,就是“个子高,有钱又有貌”的人,他们有地位,活得很成功,前途一片光明。而管自己叫“屌丝”的人越来越多,这一词语也渐渐演化成了中国市井小民的代名词,他们每天都要面对各种艰辛,努力谋生。This infographic, created by Sohu Business, posits that the time of the sought-after high-end Chinese consumer, drawn to high-end brands and other symbols of status, may be ending. In their place, the diaosi are poised to become the mainstream consumers in China. It also hints at a future turning point: China#39;s underdogs just may become the country#39;s mainstream.这些图表由搜狐财经制作,从中可以看出中国高端人群人热衷于名牌商标和其它象征高档地位商品的时代已经过去了,现在“屌丝”成了中国主流消费者;另一个转折点是,草根阶层成为中国的主流群体。Ever since GDP growth dropped to 7.8 percent in 2012, the Chinese economy hasn#39;t been quite as robust. Affected by the economic environment, China#39;s luxury goods consumption has substantially declined, giving business people a big headache.自2012年中国GDP增长下降至7.8个百分点之后,中国经济发展也趋向疲软。受经济环境影响,中国奢侈品消费量大幅下跌,商人对此大为头痛。We#39;ve heard that the diaosi#39;s main profession is ;moving bricks; , but this doesn#39;t seem to be the real situation ...我们知道屌丝的主要工作是“搬砖”,但事实好像并非如此……Programmers and media industry workers had the highest percentage of self-identified diaosi, but only fewer than 10 percent of civil servants self-identified as diaosi.自称为“屌丝”的人群中,有很大一部分人都在编程和传媒行业工作,只有不到10%的公务员自认为是“屌丝”。The diaosi identity is strongest in the 30 to 39 year-olds, with more than 80 percent identifying as such.自认为“屌丝”人大多是30至39岁的人,他们占到所有屌丝人口的80%以上。So, if you encounter a no-car, no-home, no-girlfriend, over 20, almost 30-year-old media worker or programmer, make no mistake -- he is a so-called diaosi.从上图可见,要是你遇见一个二十多岁马上奔三十的人,他没房没车没女友,不是程序员就是搞传媒的,那么他准保是个“屌丝”。Different incomes affect the degree of diaosi self-identification.不同的收入情况也影响到了“屌丝”的分布。In fact, survey respondents with incomes of 6,001-8,000 RMB for men and 3,001-6,000 RMB for women most identified with diaosi. Beijing residents#39; per capita disposable income is only 3,039 RMB, suggesting that the large majority of self-identified diaosi actually have incomes higher than the average income level of society. In addition, they do not need to care for cars or homes.事实上在受访人群中,月薪6001-8000元的男性和3001-6000元的女性更愿意把自己称作“屌丝”,而北京居民的人均可配收入只有3039元。这说明大部分“屌丝”的收入都要高于社会平均水平。而且,他们不用为买车买房担心。In consumer attitudes, diaosi value quality and fashion the most, while only fewer than 10 percent value necessities, suggesting that though everyone identifies as diaosi, they still want to pursue a high quality of life.在消费态度方面,“屌丝”最看重质量和时尚。只有不到10%的人关注日常所需。这意味着尽管人人自称为“屌丝”,他们都想拥有高品质生活。At the same time, diaosi really like to lounge around at home. At night they tend to stay home and use the Internet, and they especially love to play games. Thus, socializing is diaosis#39; biggest shortcoming and also their greatest demand.同时,“屌丝”真的很宅。他们晚上大都呆在家里上网,尤其热爱打游戏,因此社交是屌丝们的致命缺陷,也是他们的最大需求。The survey demonstrates that only one third of single diaosi have a significant other, or, on average only one in three males have a girlfriend. Additionally, the majority of diaosi are between 20-30 years old, the prime period for dating. Thus, socializing is truly the diaosi#39;s greatest demand.调查显示,只有三分之一的单身屌丝有“重要的另一半”,换句话说就是平均每三个男性中只有一个有女朋友。另外,大多数屌丝都在20到30岁之间,正是外出约会的黄金年龄。因此,社交沟通的确是屌丝的最大需求。In conclusion: those who identify as part of the diaosi subculture have gradually become a unique consumer group. They have strong purchasing power and rational consumption attitudes.总的说来,这些自认为属于“屌丝亚文化”的人正渐渐演化为独特的消费人群。他们有很强的购买力和理性的消费态度。The concept of pursuing the ;high-end, powerful, and upscale; is aly past; now we must direct our attention toward the diaosi concepts of ;quality, thoughtfulness, and creativity.; The diaosi could become the future mainstream consumers, inevitably giving rise to new business opportunities.购买“高端大气上档次”产品的观念已经成为过去;现在我们要将注意力转移到屌丝的购物理念上:“质量、体贴、有新意”。现在的屌丝有可能成为明天的主流消费者,必将带来新的商机。 /201307/246576安远县妇幼保健院怎么样 赣州仁济预约

上犹县中医院等级A conference later in the summer will bring experts in the field together to discuss the future of food.食品专家们将在这个夏季举行一次讨论有关未来食品的会议。It’s a thorny subject. The world#39;s population is growing, prices are rising and developing countries with huge numbers of mouths to feed - like China and India - are devouring more of the food the world produces. On top of it all nobody is quite sure what climate change will do to food production in the years to come.食品问题是个棘手的问题。全世界人口数量在增加,特别是像中国和印度这种发展中国家的食品消耗量极大,超过了食品产出的速度。当然最让人们头痛的问题还是未来的气候对食品生产的影响。Many experts think that, taken together, these factors make a fundamental change in our diets inevitable. Here’s what we could be eating, and how we might be eating it, in the not-too-distant future.许多专家一致认为,综合诸多因素对食品的影响,改变未来人们的饮食结构势在必行。以下就是人类在不久的未来可能要搬上我们餐桌的食品。There has been a lot of talk about edible insects recently and with good reason. According to researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands insects provide as much nutritional value as any other meat and are a good source of protein. They’re also in abundant supply.食用昆虫作为一个专家们近来一直在讨论的话题,结论似乎十分理想。根据荷兰瓦格子宁根大学的研究报告,食用昆虫和我们食用的肉类一样,能提供我们身体所需的营养。食用昆虫富含充分的蛋白质和其他人体所需的微量元素。Of course, we may need to get over the yuck factor, but experts predict that insects like crickets and grasshoppers could be ground down and used as ingredients in burgers and sausages.当然,我们必须要克食用昆虫那些令人反感的因素,专家们预测类似于蟋蟀和蝗虫之类的昆虫可以碾碎后用作汉堡和香肠的食材。Traditionally produced meat is a real drain on the Earth’s resources and is set to become more expensive over the coming years. Some experts predict that meat will once again become a luxury item, like it was in the past.在未来的食品结构中,传统的肉类会越来越稀少,当然物以稀为贵,肉类的价格在未来会很高。专家们预测,传统肉类在未来会和资源紧张的过去一样,会成为稀缺食物。That’s unless we can get comfortable with the idea of lab-grown meat. This is not science fiction. Strips of muscle tissue have aly been grown in labs from the stem cells of cows. Hopeful scientists predict that eventually we’ll be able to produce meat that tastes like the stuff we’re all used to in large enough quantities to satisfy demand, though others are less confident.通过实验室培植出来的肉类或许更容易被接受。不要觉得这是科幻片里的情节,通过牛的干细胞,实验室已经能够培植出牛肉了。专家们表示,尽管实验室培植肉类的提案还没有完全的把握,然而,希望未来实验室培植的肉类能既能满足人们的味蕾又能满足更大的需求量。If they can’t get lab meat right - or they can’t produce it cheaply enough - the only option for many of us may be vegetarianism. Today, most of us derive about 20% of our calories from meat, eggs and dairy. By mid-century we’ll need to cut it to 5%, given the finite amount of water and land available for agriculture.如果实验肉类不合符人类标准,或是造价高昂,那么,另一个选择就是加大素食在人类日常食物结构里的比重。当今,人体所需能量中,百分之二十是来源与肉类、蛋类以及奶制品。但在中世纪,人体能量中,只有百分之五十靠肉类、蛋及奶制品提供的。其余的能量补给靠的是水喝素食的配搭。For the poor, that means meat may become too expensive to eat. Even for the better off, it will become a luxury item. Environmental, health and economic concerns will make vegetarianism an increasingly popular option for many of us, and many more will restrict meat eating to feasts and celebrations like Christmas.在未来,穷人可能买不起肉,只能减少甚至不吃肉。肉变成了奢侈品。处于对环境、经济和健康上的考虑,消费素食会越来越普遍,而作为稀缺食品的肉类也只能在圣诞节之类的节庆时候才能供人们享用。Lab-grown meat is one area of a growing field called “food replacement”, whereby expensive, resource-hungry foods are replaced by cheaper, more environmentally friendly and often more nutritious alternatives. For example, one American company is working on producing a plant-based alternative to egg yolks, that can be used in mayonnaise, baked goods and sauces.实验室培植食物是一个发展中的科研项目,被称作“食物替代”。这个科研旨在开发昂贵的、稀缺的食物的替代品,并做到降低生产成本、对环境无公害以及保营养供给。举个简单的例子,美国一家公司致力于开发一种植物来取代蛋黄。这种植物可用于生产蛋黄酱、烘焙或制造调料。Algae is pretty much at the bottom of the food chain, but it can be eaten by humans and animals and can be grown in the ocean, a huge plus when farmland and fresh water are in increasingly short supply.海藻处于食物链的最低端,然而可为人类和动物食用,因为它只需要海洋作为培植基地,所以,在耕地和淡水稀缺时,海藻可作为食物的重要供给。Like insects, algae - and seaweed - could be used in food without us really knowing. Scientists have aly used it to replace the salt in b and processed food, and it will almost certainly replace other ingredients in the years ahead.昆虫、海藻、海带等原料可以生产成食物,而我们不会真正意识到这些食物是这些“替代品”所生产出来的。科学家们已经将某些能够替代盐的原料添加到面包和工业食品中,相信在不久的将来,我们的食物里会有更多的;替代品“出现。(GM) food has faced massive resistance from a sceptical public, but some scientists think GM may be the only way to adequately feed the world’s growing population in the decades to come. Next year it’s thought trials will start of golden rice: normal rice modified to produce beta-carotene (which is converted by the body into vitamin A), which could reduce the incidence of blindness and childhood disease in the developing world.转基因食品被广大持怀疑态度的大众所不能接受。然而,科学家们预测,也许转基因食品将成为养活越来越多地球人口的唯一出路。科学家们计划明年尝试转基因大米黄金水稻的生产:将普通大米转化成富含胡萝卜素的大米(胡萝卜素可以在人体类转化会维生素A)帮助发展中国家人民减少失明症的发生,以及防止一些儿童疾病。Also on the of the near future will be green super rice, a conventionally-bred variety, which is more resistant to disease and drought and could help feed another 100 million people.另外,在未来的餐桌上,人们会食用一种常规培育的大米——绿色大米,这种大米更能抵御病虫害和干旱,也能让更多的人填饱肚皮。Scientists have calculated that, at current rates of population growth, every acre of arable land needs to be twice as productive in 2050 as it is today if we’re to feed everyone on the planet.科学家计算出,依照全世界目前的人口增长率,到2050年,耕地面积需要扩大一倍才能养活地球上的人口。Brian Wansink, an expert on food marketing, believes that the food of the future will be healthy. He doesn’t think we’ll all have replaced doughnuts with apples, but he thinks the doughnuts will be far better for us than they are now. New techniques will be developed to take the fat from food while leaving the taste intact.食品市场专家布莱尔.文科森,相信未来的食品会更加健康。他不认为在将来我们会不吃甜甜圈而改吃苹果,他认为我们的甜甜圈只会变得更好,因为高科技会将食品中多余的脂肪除掉,但不失食物的美味。The rising price of food will persuade many of us to put back gardens, allotments and even window boxes to good use.食品价格的飙升会让很多人从新利用自己家的后院种植蔬菜,甚至窗台上的花盆也会成为出产菜蔬的自留地。Experts are coming up with ever more inventive ways of growing fruit and veg in small spaces, and small-scale horticulture - aly on the rise - is likely to see an explosion in the next decade or so. And it’s not just about private land. Veg-growing may well take over common land on the edge of roads or in unused green field sites. Communities will start using every inch of spare land to help produce food more cheaply.专家们致力于研究出更多在小规模种植菜蔬的方法,很多更多小规模种植园已经在进行阶段,这种小规模种植模式在将来的十年甚至更久得以迅速发展。当然这种小规模种植不仅仅局限于私人的种植园地,很多公共区域,如路旁绿化带和公共绿地也会被充分利用起来。整个社会会合理利用所有可利用土地种植作为,从而降低食品价格。Part of the problem with our eating habits is not so much the food as the packaging. We buy food wrapped in millions of tonnes of it and throw it away.现目前,食品工业面临的一个巨大问题就是食品过度包装。我们消耗食品的同时也耗尽了上百吨的食品包装,而食品包装在消费者手上的的最后宿命就是扔进垃圾桶。One solution is just to eat it - the packaging, that is. Harvard engineer David Edwards has aly produced edible packaging for fruit juices, coffee, ice cream and other products. The packaging, made from natural food particles held together by ions, is strong, edible and can be made to taste pretty good too.在未来,对于这个问题的解决方式就是吃掉这些包装!就这么简单。哈弗大学工程师戴维德.爱德华已经开始着手可食用包装的生产研究,咖啡、水果、冰淇淋等食物的包装可以直接食用。这些包装都是有自然可食用物质合成,和结实,也能做成美味的食物。Some of these innovations may not happen, but experts are now all but certain many of them will (and some are happening aly). In the next few decades our eating habits may have to radically change, for the good of our health and the future of the planet.当然,科学家们这些大胆的创新也许在未来并不会全部实现,但其中有很多都是可行的,部分已经开始面向大众推广了。在未来的几十年里,人类的饮食习惯肯定会发生巨大的变化,当然这些变化都是有益于我们自身健康以及我们共同赖以生存的星球的。 /201307/247096 The concept of “bitchy resting face” may have started off as a joke, but ever since the fake PSA went live – garnering more than 2 million hits on the comedy site Funny or Die and YouTube – scores of women have come forward to own up to the “disorder.”刚开始出现“天生臭脸”一词时大多都是开玩笑,但当仿美摄影协会的这段视频公布在网上时,许多女性都发现自己患有这种“疾病”。现在在YouTube和喜剧网站Funny or Die上,这段视频有超过200万的点击量。Actress Anna Paquin of True Blood bemoaned her “BRF” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, saying that despite being happy and satisfied with her life, her default face makes her look like she “wants to kill people.”上周,《真爱如血》女演员安娜-帕奎因在吉米·坎尔秀上吐槽说,虽然她很幸福,对生活很满意,但自己的“天生臭脸”使她看上去“总像是想杀人”。“I need to print this on business cards so I can hand it out to people who stop me and ask why I’m unhappy or angry or tell me to smile on a daily basis,” one commenter wrote in response to the .有位网友在视频下面道:“我应该把这个印在名片上发出去,省得别人总是问我为什么生气不开心,或者叫我每天都要微笑面对生活了。”Written by journalist and comedian Taylor Orci, the short was created as a parody of commercials for seemingly pseudo medical disorders. But does bitchy resting face – and its male equivalent, “asshole resting face” -- actually exist?这段录像由记者兼喜剧演员泰勒-奥茨制作,是来模仿为一些看起来像假的身体疾病拍摄的广告。但这个男女都有的“天生臭脸”病真的存在吗?Absolutely, says Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.“当然存在的。” 来自密歇根的整容手术师安东尼-杨回答道。“Bitchy resting face is a definite phenomenon that plastic surgeons like myself have described, just never with that term,” he says. “Basically many of us have features that we inherit and/or develop with age that can make us look unpleasant, grumpy, or even, yes, bitchy.”他说:“我们这些整形师常会遇到‘天生臭脸’,只不过我们有专门术语。大体来说,许多人天生就是,或是随着年龄增长会看起来苦大仇深、脾气暴躁,有一张犯贱的臭脸。”Youn says many plastic surgeons perform what he calls “expression surgeries,” procedures meant to improve resting facial expressions.但杨医生说,许多称为“表情手术”的整形术能改善这种“天生臭脸”。 /201307/246287定南县医院网上预约电话南康市镜坝卫生院在那



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