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Will humanity find intelligent alien life anytime soon? Probably not, according to theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.人类会在不久之后发现外星的高级生物吗?据著名理论物理学家史蒂芬·霍金推测这不太有可能。Hawking made the prediction last Tuesday during the Breakthrough Starshot announcement in New York City. At the news conference, Hawking, along with Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner and a group of scientists, detailed a new project that aims to send a multitude of tiny, wafer-size spaceships into space to the neighboring star system Alpha Centauri.霍金是在上周二于纽约市进行的关于“突破摄星”计划的演讲中做出的该预测。在新闻发布会上,霍金和俄罗斯亿万富翁投资人尤里·米尔纳以及许多科学家一起,对这个全新的太空项目进行详细讲解。该项目计划建造大批微型星际飞船,并将其发射至临近的半人马座阿尔法星。If these tiny spaceships travel at 20 percent the speed of light, they#39;ll be able to reach Alpha Centauri in just 20 years, Milner said. Once there, the spacecraft will be able to do a 1-hour flyby of Alpha Centauri and collect data that#39;s impossible to gather from Earth, such as taking close-up photos of the star system, probing space dust molecules and measuring magnetic fields, said Avi Loeb, chairman of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee and a professor of science at Harvard University.米尔纳表示,如果这些微型星际飞船能够以1/5的光速行驶,那么它们就有望在20年之内到达阿尔法星。“突破摄星”计划顾问委员会会长兼哈佛大学科学领域的专家艾维·劳埃伯提到,一旦到达阿尔法星附近,飞船将可以绕其进行一小时的近飞探测,并收集一些地球上无法获得的数据资料。例如拍摄阿尔法星表面的近照,探索太空中的尘埃颗粒以及测量周围的电磁场等等。In addition to learning about space technology, the audience wanted to hear about aliens — specifically, when scientists might find them.除了想了解太空技术之外,在场的观众们还特别迫切地想听到关于外星人的相关消息,尤其是关于科学家们何时能够发现外星人这一话题。Hawking took questions from reporters in advance so that he would have time to prepare his answers.霍金事先从记者那里获取了相关问题,以便有充足的时间来准备如何回答。Hawking said it#39;s not likely that scientists will find intelligent alien life in the next 20 years. ;The probability is low, probably,; he said.霍金表示,在未来二十年内,科学家发现外星生命的可能性微乎其微。“这种可能性非常小。”他说道。But the cosmologist did mention one caveat.但是这位宇宙学家却在此提出了一次警告。;The discoveries of the NASA Kepler mission suggest that there are billions of habitable planets in our galaxy alone,; Hawking said. ;There are at least a hundred billion galaxies in the visible universe, so it seems likely that there are others out there.;霍金说道:“NASA开普勒计划的相关发现表明:仅在我们的系内就存在着数十亿颗可以居住的行星。宇宙中至少存在上百亿个系,所以存在外星生命的可能性还是非常大的。”Hawking has famously predicted that intelligent aliens might threaten humankind. Indeed, when asked yesterday about what Earthlings should do if we come across intelligent alien life, he said, ;We should hope that they don#39;t find us.;霍金曾经做过著名的预测,即外星生命很可能对人类生存产生威胁。当霍金被问到如果地球人真的遇见外星生物了应该如何应对这一问题,他表示:“我们应该祈祷他们不要发现我们。” /201604/438888The Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral in 2014 has funded an important scientific gene discovery in the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS, the ALS Association says.美国渐冻症协会表示,2014年风行的冰桶挑战募集了大量资金,已经帮助科学研究发现了与渐冻症相关的重要基因。渐冻症是渐进性神经退行性疾病,学名为肌萎缩侧索硬化症(ALS)。Scientists have identified a new gene contributing to the disease, NEK1.科学家已经发现了一种导致该病症的新基因NEK1。The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised 5m from people pouring cold water over themselves and posting the on social media.冰桶挑战共募集了1.15亿美元,参与挑战的人们将冰水泼到自己身上,并在社交媒体发布视频。It was criticised as a stunt, but has funded six research projects.该活动曾被批为噱头,但所获捐款资助了六个研究项目。More than 80 researchers in 11 countries searched for ALS risk genes in families affected by the disease.11个国家的80多位研究员在受病症影响的家族中寻找渐冻症的风险基因。;The sophisticated gene analysis that led to this finding was only possible because of the large number of ALS samples available,; Lucie Bruijn of the ALS Association says.美国渐冻症协会的科学家露西#8226;布鲁因说:“因为有大量可供研究的渐冻症病例,才使复杂的基因分析得以实现,也才有了今天的成果。”The identification of gene NEK1 means scientists can now develop a gene therapy treating it.NEK1基因的发现意味着科学家们从此可以开发治疗该病症的基因疗法。Although only 10% of ALS patients have the inherited form, researchers believe that genetics contribute to a much larger percentage of cases.尽管只有10%的渐冻症患者携带该遗传基因,研究者们认为有更高比例的病例与遗传相关。Social media was awash with s of people pouring cold water over their heads to raise money for ALS in the summer of 2014.2014年夏天,人们往头上浇冰水为渐冻症募捐的视频席卷了社交媒体。More than 17 million people uploaded s to Facebook, including many celebrities who rose to the challenge, which were then watched by 440 million people worldwide.超过1700万人在脸书上传了视频,其中包括许多接受了挑战的名人。全世界有4.4亿人观看了相关视频。 /201607/457166Eating with chopsticks使用筷子Dining with chopsticks is convenient, safe, hygienic, and good for physical and mental health.Modern science has found that while one is using chopsticks,over 30 joints and over 50 muscles are used,which is a favorable stimulation to the brain.使用筷子吃饭既方便、安全、卫生又有利于身心健康。Dr. Tsung Dao lee,a famous Chinese American physicist, favors chopsticks. He said,“Such a simple pair of sticks show a marvelous utilization of the lever principle. Chopsticks are extensions of the fingers,able to do anything fingers do. They can be used in heat and freezing cold. They are wonderful”.现代科学发现当人使用筷子时,有超过30块的关节和50块的肌肉参与,这对大脑是很好的刺激。Today, more and more people around the world use chopsticks. Westerners in China for the first time are often proud of themselves for being able to use chopsticks like the Chinese.著名美籍华裔物理学家李政道士非常喜欢筷子。他说:“如此简单的的一双木棍却精妙绝伦的应用了物理学杠杆原理,它是人类手指的延长,手指能做的事情它都能做。甚至能在严寒酷暑中使用。他们太神奇了。”现在,世界上越来越多的人在使用筷子。外国人第一次就能像中国人那样使用筷子,这使他们感到骄傲。 /201607/445324After decades together, we sometimes forget to show our partner they#39;re still appreciated. But it#39;s the little things that make — and keep — a marriage happy.在一起几十年之后,我们有时候会忘记向伴侣明自己仍然欣赏他们。然而,正是那些小事使我们的婚姻幸福。We asked our friends and Facebook fans to tell us what their partner still does decades later that keeps them feeling sexy and loved.我们请朋友和脸书的粉丝告诉我们,几十年后,他们的伴侣是如何来使他们觉得心动和被爱的?1. He/she still holds your hand in public.1、在公共场所,他/她依然牵着你的手。Holding hands in public not only shows you#39;re proud to be with your partner, but it also sends a reassuring message to them, proving you really are in everything together.当众牵手不仅表明与你的伴侣在一起令你很自豪,也向他们传递了一个安心的信息,明你们真的做什么事都在一起。2. He/she puts down what they#39;re doing and makes eye contact with you when you#39;re talking to them.2、当你和他们交谈的时候,他/她会放下手头的事情,和你作眼神交流。In our tech-addicted world, this is a tough one, which makes it even more meaningful. ;We look AT each other when we speak — and we do NOT roll our eyes (even mentally) because we know that every moment MATTERS,; er Joyce Curtis said.在我们这个沉迷于科技的时代,这是很难的一件事情,因此也就更有意义。“我们交谈的时候看着彼此——我们不会翻白眼(甚至是心理上也没有),因为我们知道每一个瞬间都很重要,”读者乔伊斯·柯蒂斯说道。3. He/she hugs you spontaneously.3、他/她不由自主地拥抱你。Life can get routine. There#39;s nothing better than knowing your partner still has the hots for you all these years later. Plus, who doesn#39;t appreciate surprises?生活会归于平淡。这么多年之后,知道你的伴侣依然迷恋你,没有比这更好的事情了。而且,谁不喜欢惊喜呢?4. He/she still calls you by your pet name.4、他/她依然叫你的爱称。OK, OK, we know not everyone is a fan of this one. But for some, knowing that they#39;re still ;sweetheart; or ;honey; all these years later is meaningful.好吧,好吧,我们知道不是每个人都喜欢这一点。但是,对一些人来说,这么多年之后,知道他们依然是“甜心”或是“宝贝”是很有意义的。5. He/she always picks up your favorite candy/food from the store.5、他/她总是从商店里买回你最喜欢的糖果/食品。The way to a man#39;s heart is through his stomach. It#39;s also the way to a woman#39;s heart. There#39;s nothing like knowing that Reese#39;s Pieces remind your darling of you so much, they just have to pick them up for you.抓住一个男人的心先要抓住他的胃。这也是抓住一个女人的心的方法。什么都比不上知道这一点了,你的爱人看到丽丝巧克力就想到了你,他们一定会为你买一些。6. He/she calls from work just to say hello.6、他/她在工作的时候打来电话只是为了向你问好。There#39;s no better way to say, ;I#39;m thinking about you.;“我在想你”,没有比这更好的方式了。7. He/she still says good morning or good night.7、他/她仍然对你说早上好或晚安。Early in a relationship, waking up next to your bed buddy and falling asleep in his or her arms can be one of the most exhilarating things ever. If your spouse still makes an effort to do this — it#39;s their way of telling you, there#39;s no one they#39;d rather be with.在恋爱初期,在你的伴侣旁醒来并在他或她的怀抱中入睡永远都是最令人愉快的事情了。如果你的配偶依然努力做这些,那么这是他们用自己的方式告诉你,没有人会让他们如此想与之共度的了。8. He/she compliments the same recipe you#39;ve been serving up for years and still devours it like it#39;s the first time they#39;re having it.8、这么多年你一直准备相同的饭菜,他/她也一直称赞你,并且依然像第一次吃到时那样狼吞虎咽。Appreciation is oh-so-important in any relationship. It also doesn#39;t hurt if they brag about your cooking.在任何人际关系中,欣赏都非常重要。如果他们炫耀你的厨艺,那也没什么不好。9. He/she lets you have the remote and choose what the two of you are watching.9、他/她让你拿着遥控器来选择你们两个要观看的节目。Congratulations! You’ve officially won the relationship lottery.恭喜!你们正式赢得了恋爱票。 /201605/442921

It#39;s midday, and your phone#39;s battery is dangerously close to the 20 per cent mark.才过了半天,你的手机电池就已经岌岌可危,接近20%电量的标志。If you#39;re like the majority of people, that red icon will leave you feeling panicked, annoyed and hunting for a spare charger. LG has dubbed this condition #39;Low Battery Anxiety#39; and says that nearly 9 out of 10 people suffer from the fear of losing power on their phone.如果你和大多数人一样,那个红色的电量条会让你恐慌、抓狂,四处寻找备用电池。LG把这种状况戏称作“低电量焦虑”,据说差不多10个人当中就有9个人害怕手机没电。The company polled a random sample of more than 2,000 adult smartphone users in the US earlier this year. When it comes to choosing between hitting the gym or charging their smartphone, it found one in three people are likely to skip the gym. But millennials tend to have it worse – with 42 per cent likely to skip the gym when choosing between working out or charging their phone. Smartphone users will even #39;drop everything#39; (32 percent) and make a U-turn to head back home to charge their phone.LG今年早些时候在美国随机抽取样本,调查了2000位智能手机成年用户。当要求被调查者选择去健身房或者去给手机充电时,结果显示1/3的人会放弃健身。但千禧一代(1981年以后出生的人)更严重——从锻炼和充电中做选择时,42%的人会放弃健身。智能手机用户甚至会“抛下一切”(32%)调头回家给手机充电。- Asking a total stranger to charge their smartphone-请一位完全陌生的人帮手机充电- Arguing with a significant other or romantic interest because of unanswered calls or texts-与一位重要的人物或者有好感的爱慕对象争吵,只因为对方未接电话或未回信息- Ordering something at a bar or restaurant just to use their power outlet-仅仅为了使用酒吧或餐厅的电源插座就点餐- Secretly #39;borrowing#39; someone else#39;s charger-秘密地“借用”别人的充电器- Owning three or more smartphone charging cables-拥有三根或更多的智能手机充电线 /201606/448530

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