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信丰县妇幼保健院是那里人开的赣南医学院第一附属医院不孕不育科ALL I wanted to do was wish my fiancée happy birthday using emojis. But I couldn’t replicate the rebus of the classic Sandra Boynton greeting card: Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes. My vocabulary was too limited.我无非是想用绘文字祝未婚妻生日快乐而已。但我没法再现桑德拉·因顿(Sandra Boynton)经典贺卡上的画谜:河马,小鸟,两只母羊。我的词汇量太有限了。Or I should say that the vocabulary offered by the 722 symbols — faces, animals and various objects — that reside on my smartphone was too limited. The set of emojis that came with my iPhone have birds, seven of them, some very cute, but no hippos and no ewes. It has rams (those are male sheep for ers who know little about animal husbandry), a hog, a cow and even dragons, but no ewes.应该说,是我的智能手机内置的722个符号——面孔、动物和各种物品——形成了一个非常有限的词库。这些iPhone上自带的绘文字里有鸟,一共七只,有几只非常萌,但没有河马,没有母羊。里面有几只ram(就是雄性绵羊,请对畜牧没什么了解的读者知悉),一只猪,一头母牛,甚至还有几只龙,但没有母羊。There is a simple reason that joke doesn’t translate into emojis. It is not Japanese. And emojis are.这个笑话不能翻译为绘文字的原因很简单。它不是日本笑话。而绘文字是日本文字。They are essentially a foreign language that we have tried to adapt for the English language and American customs. I know I risk sounding like a bureaucrat in the French Ministry of Culture lamenting the dilution of the French tongue by English words like computer and Internet. But that is chauvinism. My complaint is practicality.从根本上说,绘文字是一种外语,我们试图让它们适应英语和美国习惯。我知道这种腔调听着像个法国文化部官僚在哀叹,法语被computer、Internet之类的英文词给侵蚀了。但那是沙文主义。我不满的是实用性。Emojis have become a popular way to quickly express yourself on the run. Versions of them are also used on Facebook, Twitter, Google chats and Slack. They should be embracing new vocabulary as the English language embraced words that can’t be translated, like the German schadenfreude or the French fl#226;neur.绘文字已经成为一种常见的快捷表达方式。Facebook、Twitter、谷歌(Google)聊天工具和Slack都有自己的绘文字。它们应该接纳新的词汇,就像英语接纳无法翻译的外来词一样,比如德语的schadenfreude(幸灾乐祸),或法语的fl#226;neur(闲逛的人)。There is just too much I can’t express because the symbols don’t exist. Apple is expected to release a revised set of emojis for the iPhone and iPad in the spring. Mostly it will be offering more racially diverse versions of the existing white faces and hands: black, brown and yellow. (If that made you wince, then you won’t be surprised that the change is aly getting some people hot under the collar. And no, you can’t express that American idiom with emojis.)由于符号的缺失,我有太多的东西无法表达出来。苹果(Apple)有望在今春发布一套修订版iPhone和iPad绘文字。其中主要的改变是在现有的白面孔和手的基础上大幅增加种族多样性,加入黑、棕和黄。(如果这事让你摇头,你大概能想象,已经有人对此hot under the collar[直译“领子下发烫”,意即“怒火中烧”。——译注]了。是的,这句美国成语也没法用绘文字表达。)The original all-white cast reflects how a homogeneous Japanese society sees itself. If you look at their comic books (manga) and cartoons (anime), you know what I’m talking about. Many tall, long-legged blondes with big round Emma Stone eyes populate those universes.原版绘文字里的人物全是白皮肤,这反映了一个同质性的日本社会对自身的看法。去看看他们的漫画(manga)和动画(anime)你就明白了。那里面满是长腿高个子金发姑娘,长着一对又大又圆的艾玛·斯通(Emma Stone)式眼睛。Expanding the universe of humans solves only part of the problem because the entire set is infused with Japanese sensibilities. There is the unchi-kun, or the smiling poop emoji. That character had appeared for decades in Japanese commercials, in bedrooms as children’s plush toys and even as candy before it ever showed up on a cellphone screen.拓展人类谱系只解决了一部分问题,因为整套绘文字依然浸淫着和式感性。里面有“运气君”(unchi-kun),就是一坨笑眯眯的屎。在进入手机之前,这个角色在日本已经存在了几十年,它出演过广告,被做成毛绒玩具摆在孩子的卧室里,甚至还做成糖果。Or look at the smartphone screen full of buildings. One of them is a “love hotel,” a place for assignations where wildly decorated rooms can be rented for an hour or two. No seedy motels are offered. Japanese love their excellent public transportation, and I count 12 train symbols and three aerial tramways. But no pickup truck.再来看看智能手机上满屏的建筑物。其中有“情侣酒店”,这是一种约会的地方,有装修十分夸张的房间可供情人们租用一两个小时。里面没有破破烂烂的汽车旅馆。日本人对他们卓越的公共交通系统钟爱有加,我一共找出了12个火车符号,三种空中缆车。没有皮卡。Indeed, the Japanese vocabulary is most notable for what it fails to offer Americans. For example, there is no middle-finger hand signal. Or the good-luck signal of fingers crossed. No Vulcan salute to live long and prosper, which would have been much appreciated following the recent death of Leonard Nimoy, who played a Vulcan on “Star Trek.”这份日语词汇表实在很少照顾到美国人的需求。比如里面没有竖中指的手势。也没有两指交叉的好运手势。没有祝愿“生生不息,繁荣昌盛”的瓦肯礼,鉴于《星际迷航》(Star Trek)中饰演瓦肯人的伦纳德·尼莫伊(Leonard Nimoy)近日刚刚去世,要是有的话应该会是件很贴心的事。Want to tell your boss you’re too sick to go to work? The face mask emoji works in Japan, where regular people wear them in public. In America your boss might think you quit to go to med school or started robbing banks. (There is also no broken-down car, also useful for excuses.)想对老板说病重不能去上班?在日本可以用一个戴口罩的绘文字,那里普通人也会在公共场合戴口罩。在美国,你老板可能会以为你要辞职去读医学院,或者抢。(另外也找不到趴窝的汽车,那应该也是个好用的借口。)Among the pets there are no labs or golden retrievers, just Akitas and a poodle. Nothing for that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. No turkey. Not even a whole roasted chicken.宠物里没有拉布拉多或金毛,只有秋田犬和贵宾。感恩节这个最具美国特色的节日,里面毫无提及。没有火鸡。连整只的烤鸡都没有。Food is a particular problem. There is no steak, no burritos, no bacon and no kale. (Though the dragon head kind of looks like kale and might be an adequate substitute.)食物的问题格外严重。没有牛排,没有墨西哥卷饼,没有培根,没有甘蓝菜。(不过龙头倒是挺像甘蓝,也许可以冒充一下。)An international body exists that is trying to add as many as 250 emojis. The list is long and the debate contentious.有一个国际组织正在尝试加入多达250个绘文字。候选列表很长,各方争执不下。To make room, they could eliminate the emojis that represent the strange Japanese fascination with antiquated technology like three kinds of CDs, a floppy disk and tape cassette, pager and TV with rabbit ears.为了腾出空位,他们可能会去掉一些现有的绘文字——它们体现的是日本人对古董级技术的痴迷,比如里面有三种CD,有软盘和磁带、寻呼机和带兔耳天线的电视机。But please don’t get rid of what looks like a film noir sequence of emojis: lit cigarette, bomb, pistol, knife, pill, bloody hypodermic needle and money bag. That’s speaking my language.但是请不要去掉那些黑色电影片段一般的绘文字:点燃的香烟,炸弹,手,刀,药丸,血淋淋的皮下注射器,钱袋。那是我的语言。 /201503/363489蓉江新区医院在线咨询 Everything I know about the Internet, I learned from my 87-year-old mother.我对于互联网的了解,都是来自于87岁的老妈。Like, the harder you hit “Send,” the faster the email travels. If you want wholly to colonize your er’s subconscious, just end your email or text right in the middle of the. If you’re still not sure your er is fully invested, simPLY LEAN ON YOUR CAPS LOCK TO IMBUE YOUR MISSIVE WITH A THROBBING IMMEDIACY.比如,点“发送”键点得越用力,邮件就发送得越快。如果你想完全占据收件人的潜意识,那么把the写到一半就结束邮件或短信。如果你仍不能确定收信人是否全情投入,只需在一个单词没写完就切换成大写,让你的信件充满令人震撼的紧迫性。But Mom’s larger message is that the Internet and cellphones have created a kind of tyranny of connectedness: Even those of us who don’t have small children or jobs with the State Department, it seems, now need to be accessible at all hours of the day. It’s as if we’re doctors on call.不过,妈妈对互联网和手机更宏观的理解是,它们制造出一种相互联系的暴政:如今,连我们这些没有小孩或不在国务院工作的人也似乎需要能够全天候保持联系。好像我们是随时待命的医生。Like Madonna confessing that during her marriage to Guy Ritchie each kept a BlackBerry tucked under their pillows at night, we have to keep up standards. If you go to the theater and discover your phone has died, you better borrow a seat mate’s phone and pre-emptively call the last five people you spoke to; if there’s a glitch in Gmail, you better start checking all your other portals with an assiduousness that verges on the robotic.麦当娜(Madonna)承认,在她和盖伊·里奇(Guy Ritchie)的婚姻期间,晚上两人枕头底下都放着一部黑莓手机。我们也要达到标准。如果去剧院发现手机没电了,最好借邻座的手机,先给最近通话的五个人打电话说一声。如果Gmail邮箱出了点小故障,最好马上查看其他所有的门户网站,在这方面应该像机器人一样勤勉。In my own effort to stay afloat the data surf, I subscribe to two policies. First, if it takes me more than 24 hours to respond to an email, I’ll apologize to the sender; after a day, the failure to respond betrays disinterest, concern or alcohol poisoning.为了在数字世界里立于不败之地,我给自己定了两条规矩:第一,如果超过24小时没有回复邮件,我会给发信人道歉。因为超过一天不回复,对方会以为我没兴趣、不关心或者酒精中毒了。Second, in the intimacy-based communications hierarchy (with a face-to-face meeting or a phone call being at the top, and tying a message to a rock and then burying the rock in the dirt being at the bottom), I try always to meet the incoming vehicle at its level or higher. You can’t answer a phone call with a message on FarmVille.第二,在以亲密关系为基础的交流等级中(面对面沟通或打电话属于最高级别,用石头来传递信息属于最低级别),我总是努力以同等或更高的交流级别回复对方。对方要是打电话,你就不能在FarmVille上发消息回复。My methods seem to work well enough. But daily I see others struggle. “I was in the recording studio the other day,” the producer and jazz trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis said. “I’d hired five musicians. We were in the studio for seven or eight hours. One of the musicians was 100 percent committed, no interruptions. He will be hired again. By contrast the bassist stayed on his phone throughout the session, doing social media. He will only be hired again if I can’t find someone else.”我的原则似乎收到了不错的效果。但是我每天都能看到其他人的挣扎。“有一天,我在录音棚里,”制作人、爵士乐长号手戴尔菲尤·马萨利斯(Delfeayo Marsalis)说,“我雇了五位乐手。我们在录音棚里待了七八个小时。其中一位乐手全神贯注,没有受到任何干扰。下次我肯定还会雇佣他。相比之下,那位贝斯手在录音过程中一直看手机,玩社交媒体。以后我只会在找不到其他人的情况下,才会雇佣他。”Asked what dark, tangled forces may have prompted the bassist’s behavior, Mr. Marsalis said: “There’s a fear that: ‘Hey, I’m doing this session with you, but another guy might call me and give me a gig that pays an hour. I can’t miss that call.’ ”当被问及那位贝斯手是出于什么阴暗复杂的考虑才做出那种行为时,马萨利斯说,“我觉得他是这样想的:‘嘿,这次我是和你一起录音,但是别人可能会给我打电话,提供每小时10美元的现场演出机会。我不能错过那样的电话。’”When she was a sophomore at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2011, Elisabeth Chramer and her communications class were asked by their professor to refrain from any cellphone or electronic use for 72 hours.2011年,伊丽莎白·克拉默(Elisabeth Chramer)在亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校上大二。当时,通讯课的教授要求班上的学生72小时不使用手机或其他任何电子设备。“There were a few students who could not complete the assignment,” she said. “They just could not isolate themselves.” Ms. Chramer, who now operates her own customized embroidery company, added that one of the huge challenges of communicating with members of her generation is their varied response time: “It’s either instantaneous or it’s a week later. People go from platform to platform. You have to catch them while they’re on a certain platform, or you wait a week.”“有几位同学无法完成老师布置的这项任务,”她说,“他们就是无法把自己与其他人隔离起来。”克拉默现在经营自己的订制刺绣公司。她补充说,跟她这一代人沟通的一个巨大挑战是,每个人的回复时间不同:“有的是立即回复,有的是一周后回复。人们在不同的沟通平台之间切换。你必须在他们在某个平台上时联系上他们,否则就得等一星期。”The more messaging platforms and types of social media that we welcome into the world, the more our communication skills are scattered and made diffuse; every year, we have ever-sophisticated ways to approach the microphone and mumble, “’Sup?” Thus it’s interesting to see the workarounds that people use to keep their interactions from dissolving into a meaningless spray of pixels.我们接受的信息平台和社交媒体种类越多,我们的沟通方式就变得越分散。每年,我们对着麦克风咕哝“什么事?”时所借助的平台变得越来越复杂多样。所以,有趣的是,人们开始使用各种变通方式,防止相互交流变得太过分散,失去意义。The entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria, a founder of the Patrón Spirits Company and the Paul Mitchell line of hair care products, does not use email even though he presides over a multibillion-dollar empire.企业家、慈善家约翰·保罗·德约里尔(John Paul DeJoria)是培恩烈酒公司(Patrón Spirits Company)和宝美奇(Paul Mitchell)护发产品公司的创始人。尽管他管理着一个价值数十亿美元的帝国,但他从不使用电子邮件。“I would be so inundated that I wouldn’t be able to get off the computer,” he said. “My executive director only brings me messages that are important. I teach the people around me to pay attention to the vital few and ignore the trivial many.”“否则我将被邮件淹没,无法从电脑前脱身,”他说,“我的执行理事只把重要消息转达给我。我教导我身边的人只关注少数至关重要的事,忽略很多无关紧要的事。”Mr. DeJoria added: “A personal phone call to someone means the world. Or if somebody writes me a letter and there’s enough room on that letter, I will handwrite my answer on the letter and either mail it back or, if they have a fax, fax it to them.”德约里尔补充说,“亲自打电话意义重大。或者,要是有人给我写了一封信,信的下方还有足够的空间,我会在空白处回复,然后把信寄回去,或者要是对方有传真,就传真过去。”Mr. Marsalis, who wrote a children’s book “No Cell Phone Day” about a father and daughter who spend the best day of their lives when they temporarily put aside mobile technology, said that he often imposes restrictions on his 14-year-old daughter and her friends.马萨利斯写过一本童书,名叫《无手机日》(No Cell Phone Day),讲述的一对父女暂时抛开移动技术,度过了人生中最美好的一天。他说,他经常对14岁的女儿和她的朋友们在使用手机方面加以约束。“I won’t allow cellphones in the car,” he said. “When her cousins come to visit, I tell their parents, ‘Your child will not be available to you for the next four hours.’ ” Mr. Marsalis said the parents’ reaction is usually rhapsodic.“我不允许在车里使用手机,”他说,“她的堂(表)兄弟来我家玩时,我会对他们的父母说,‘在接下来的四个小时里,你们将跟孩子联系不上。’”马萨利斯说,那些父母们的反应通常是狂喜。But workarounds, of course, can work around in the other direction, too.当然,也有其他一些变通方式。When Washingtonian magazine published an article in January about Green Bank, W.Va., where wireless Internet is outlawed because the town is host to a high-tech government telescope “so sensitive that it can pick up the energy equivalent of a single snowflake hitting the ground,” the magazine also reported that, according to one seventh grader, many children in the area connect to home Wi-Fi networks and then use the texting functions in Facebook and Snapchat to talk to their friends.今年1月,《华盛顿人》(Washingtonian)杂志发表了一篇文章,讲述的是西弗吉尼亚州的绿岸(Green Bank)。在那里,无线网络是非法的,因为该镇是一架政府的高科技望远镜的所在地,这架望远镜“非常灵敏,连雪花触地大小的能量都能捕获”。该杂志还报道说,据一位七年级学生说,该地区的很多孩子连上家里的无线网络,然后用Facebook和Snapchat上的短信功能与朋友交谈。Genaro Cortez, a lawyer in San Antonio, said that he once told all his clients that he was going to a criminal law conference in San Diego, and then set up an automatic Out of the Office email to the same effect. Nevertheless, during the conference, one of his clients texted him about a hearing scheduled for the following week. Mr. Cortez said that in this instance he responded because the question posed was legitimate and didn’t inconvenience him.赫纳罗·科尔特斯(Genaro Cortez)是圣安东尼奥市的一位律师。他说,有一次,他告诉所有的客户,他要去圣迭戈参加一个刑法大会,他还给邮件设置了“不在办公室”的自动回复。尽管如此,在大会期间,他的一个客户还是给他发短信,告诉他一场听会安排在接下来的一周举行。科尔特斯说,在这种情况下,他回复了,因为那位客户提出的问题是合理的,没有给他带来不便。“But it’s a matter of degree,” he said, “so long as the person texting or emailing doesn’t abuse the issue by contacting multiple times on frivolous matters.”“但是,这有一个度的问题,”他说,“只要发短信或邮件的人没有就无关紧要的事情多次联系就行。”In the end, it may be all but impossible to keep ourselves from scattering our online attentions to the point of meaninglessness.说到底,我们几乎不可能不分散在网上的注意力,甚至达到毫无意义的地步。Eschewing the Internet altogether is an option. My mother estimates that about half the seniors in her retirement community aren’t online. “A lot of them are scared to death by the whole idea, by the infernal machine,” she told me. “You know the pathetic fallacy, where you ascribe human qualities to nonhuman things? It’s that. They ascribe human qualities to the computer. Like the computer is going to reach out and grab them.”完全避开互联网也是一种选择。我妈妈估计,在她的退休社区里,约有一半老年人不上网。“他们很多人对互联网这个概念感到害怕,觉得它像定时炸弹,”她对我说,“你知道感情误置吧?就是把人的特质投射到无生命的东西上。就是这种情况。他们把人的特质投射到电脑上。好像电脑会伸出手抓住他们。”They’re entirely right.他们没错。 /201506/378304The great Chinese road trip is about to begin. In the next fortnight, tens of millions of motorists will shortly join at least 1bn others heading home for that mother of all Chinese holidays: lunar new year[15 feb].一场宏大的公路旅行即将在中国上演。接下来的两周,数千万驾车者将很快加入另外至少10亿返乡者的队伍,赶回家过中国人最重要的节日——春节。My bronchial passages congest at the mere notion of so many pollution producers taking to the roads all at once. So I was delighted to learn that China’s State Grid had finished building quick-charging stations for electric cars along the 1,200km motorway from Shanghai to Beijing — and eager to give the vehicles a test drive. Xinhua, the state news agency, crowed proudly about the completion of 50 stations capable of charging eight cars each in 30 minutes flat.一想到将有那么多辆制造污染的汽车同时上路,我的气管就有点发堵。因此,得知中国国家电网(State Grid)已完成1200公里京沪高速沿线快速充电站的建设,我感到很欣慰,并且很想试驾一下电动汽车。官方通讯社新华社自豪地宣称,这50座已建成的充电站每座能同时为8辆汽车充电,每辆汽车的充电时间只要30分钟。And about time too: China is the world’s second-largest market for electric vehicles, and nouveau riche renminbi have poured into purchases of the Tesla model S, the coolest green motorcar on the block. For at least a decade, Beijing has been decanting subsidies into the creation of a homegrown electric vehicle industry, hoping to leapfrog conventional engines and go straight to world dominance of green car technology. And China’s air pollution problem is so big that it must, like the Great Wall, be visible from space. So selling electric cars here ought to be about as easy as selling protective face masks. But it’s not.也确实应该有公共充电站了:中国是世界第二大电动车辆市场,许多土豪斥巨资购买了市面上最酷的绿色能源汽车——特斯拉S型(Tesla model S)。至少10年来,北京方面一直在投入巨额补贴培育本土电动汽车产业,希望借此跳过传统汽车阶段、一跃成为世界绿色能源汽车技术的主导者。中国的空气污染问题也如此严重,以至于从太空中肯定都可以看到中国的雾霾了,就像可以看到长城一样。因此,在中国卖电动汽车理应像卖防护口罩一样容易。然而事实却并非如此。Potential electric car buyers in China, like those everywhere else on Earth, worry a lot about how to charge their horseless chariots. Last month(Jan) Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, said charging angst had hit the company’s fourth-quarter sales in the country. Mr Musk told Bloomberg that Chinese buyers have nothing to worry about.中国的潜在电动汽车买家跟世界其他任何地方的潜在买家一样,也非常担心充电问题。上月,特斯拉首席执行官埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)说,购车者对充电问题的担忧对该公司第四季度在华销量造成了冲击。他向彭社(Bloomberg)表示,中国购车者完全不需要担心这个问题。But Tesla cars can’t use the State Grid’s new charging stations, and a glance at a map of purpose-built Tesla charging stations between Shanghai and Beijing shows that drivers not only have to leave the motorway but often also drive for between 10km and 20km to find one. Small wonder they have what is known in the automotive world as “range anxiety”.但特斯拉汽车无法使用国家电网新建的充电站。大致看一下京沪之间拟建的特斯拉汽车充电站分布图,你会发现,开特斯拉的人不仅得驶离高速公路,而且往往还得再开上10至20公里,才能找到一个特斯拉充电站。难怪他们会有汽车界所说的那种“续航里程焦虑”(range anxiety)。So Tesla models can’t capitalise on the State Grid’s new voltage largesse but the rest of us can, right? With all those new charging stations promising to put cars back on the road in about the time it takes to wolf down some fermented “stinky tofu” or a bowl of noodles at the motorway canteen, what’s to be anxious about, I thought?特斯拉汽车无法利用国家电网新建的充电站,但其他电动汽车还是可以的,对吧?我想,既然有那么多新建的充电站承诺称,在高速公路餐厅吃点“臭豆腐”或吃碗面条的工夫,我们的汽车就能充好电重新上路,那还有什么好担心的?Plenty: the stations aren’t open to the public yet. The State Grid hopes to make them operational in time for the annual insanity known as the chunyun or lunar new year migration — but I’m not betting my holiday on it.实际上,要担心的事儿还真不少:那些新的充电站还没有对公众开放。国家电网希望它们能在一年一度的疯狂场面——即春运——到来之前投入使用,但我不会把我的假期押宝在它们能按时开放上。No problem, I thought, I’ll do a bit of electric car tourism to somewhere not so far away , such as the suburb of Jiading, Shanghai’s own version of the Motor City, which has its own extensive network of charging stations. But quite apart from the fact that not even a Detroit native like me would voluntarily choose this heavily industrialised area for tourism, the rental car company told me that I wouldn’t be allowed to charge on the Jiading network anyway. Charging anywhere other than their own rental locations is forbidden.没关系,我想,我就开电动汽车去不那么远的地方逛逛好了,比如去趟郊区嘉定(上海版的汽车城),那里建有大范围的电动汽车充电站网络。嘉定是个乏味的工业区,哪怕是像我这样的底特律人也不会主动选择去这里旅游;抛开这件事不说,汽车租赁公司还告诉我,我压根儿就不能在嘉定的充电站网络充电。除了租赁公司自己的网点,在其他任何地方充电都是不允许的。So I decided to just zip around my own small corner of Shanghai in a rented Roewe E50, the “pure” electric runabout designed by SAIC, the state-owned Shanghai carmaker. I set off for what I thought would be a blissful weekend of carrying groceries and kids and dogs around town, without the usual hassle of public transport. With pollution about to hit the maximum ing on the air-quality metre that day, at many multiples of the global safety standard, I felt pretty good about my choice. Sure, the car could not manage 80km without being taken back in for a voltage fix. But I figured I could get my nails done while it drank the juice.于是,我决定就开着租来的荣威E50 (Roewe E50)在我住的那一片转悠一下。这款车是国有的上海汽车制造商上汽(SAIC)设计的“纯”电动小汽车。开着它,我出发了,憧憬着将要度过的美好周末:车里装着采购的生活补给,载着孩子们和,在城里兜风,不用去面对公交出行常常遭遇的烦恼。那天上海的空气污染指数几乎爆表,超出国际安全标准好几倍,我为自己的选择感到庆幸。当然了,那辆车开不到80公里就得回站去充电。但我想,我可以利用它充电的时间做个指甲。But after a few trips to Walmart and the school, my little car was telling me it felt rundown. So I turned up at the rental company to request my free top-up, only to be told it would take four hours. Fearful of being stranded in a little car full of kids and dogs and no power I returned the car early, hopping on a bus, which I noted ruefully was an electric one. Now I’m as green as the next guy (I commute by bus, give me a break) but I’ll be guzzling petrol on my holidays for a good while yet. Range anxiety is alive and well, and living in every sensible home in China.然而,跑了几趟沃尔玛(Walmart)和学校之后,我的小车告诉我它快没电了。于是我开到租赁公司门店,要求免费充电,结果被告知充电需要4个小时。因为害怕这辆小车在我载着孩子们和开在路上的时候忽然没电了,我提前把它还给了租赁公司,跳上了一辆公交车回家(我恨恨地发现这居然是辆电动公交车)。这下我跟别人一样环保了(我都改公交出行了,你还想怎样?),不过在未来相当长一段时间内,我在假期都会开汽油车出行。“续航里程焦虑”真实存在,萦绕在每一个理智的中国人心头。 /201502/359176赣南片区生宝宝多少钱

上犹县人民医院有药流吗赣州石城人民医院有做无痛人流吗 Momo, a location-based social networking app for strangers, ranked No. 1 in terms of yearly revenue on the iOS App Store in China during 2015, according to San Francisco-based app analytics firm App Annie.根据2015年旧金山移动数据分析领航者App Annie介绍,陌陌,一款基于地理位置、为陌生人务的社交网络软件,在2015年中国的iOS应用商店收入排行中排名第一。Momo is followed by Baidu and Tencent in the annual iOS revenue ranking list. App Annie bases the ranking on download revenue from individually downloaded paid apps as well as in-app purchase revenue from both individually downloaded apps and app bundles.在iOS公司收入排行榜中,陌陌所属公司的排名也紧随百度公司和腾讯公司之后。App Annie分析介绍,这个收入排行榜是基于苹果商店的付费应用下载收入及应用内购收入进行统计排名的。The popular app has gained widesp traction through its find-and-flirt capabilities. It also ranks second in the non-game app category in China.陌陌软件因其“随时搭讪”的特性而受到热捧。在中国所有非游戏软件类别中,陌陌的排名也位居第二名。Momo members reached 3.3 million, membership subscription revenues were .0 million in the third quarter of 2015, and mobile marketing revenues .8 million, according to its third-quarter earnings report.根据第三季度收益报表显示,陌陌的用户量高达330万,2015年第三季度会员收入费共计1600万美元,移动营销收入达到了1080万美元。 /201601/424490石城县妇幼保健所彩超检查好吗

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