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朝阳区生孩子哪家医院最好的长春去哪个医院带环长春妇女儿童医院是正规医院吗 Cancel a reservation取消预订A:Room reservations. May I help you?订房务,有什么可以帮忙的吗?B:Yes. Id like to cancel a reservation, because the travel schedule has been changed.由于旅行行程的改变我想取消预订的房间A:That OK. Could you tell me in whose name was the reservation made?好的,请告诉我预订者的姓名B:White.怀特A:Can you spell it?您能拼写一下吗?B:Yes. W-H-I-T-E.好的W-H-I-T-EA:And what was the date of the reservation?您预订的时间?B:From October 18th nights.从月18日开始,个晚上A:Excuse me, but is the reservation yourself or another party?麻烦问一下,预订者是您本人还是其他人呢?B:It my boss.是我的老板A:Well, may I have your name and phone number, please?好的,可以留下您的姓名和电话号码吗?B:Yes, it Ellen Smith, and my number is () 3-398.好的,艾伦·史密斯,电话是() 3-398A:Thank you, maam. I will cancel Mr. White reservation from October 18th nights. My name is Liu Lin and we look ward to another chance to serve you.谢谢您,女士我将帮您取消怀特先生从月18日开始个晚上的预订我的名字是刘琳,希望今后有机会再次为您务B:Thank you the same, Miss Liu.也谢谢你,刘A: It my pleasure. Goodbye.不客气,再见 189739Discount 折扣A: We can offer you 5% discount. B: Your price is rather out of line, much higher than we expected. We can’t buy with your offer.A: Well, what do you suggest then? How about 8%?B: When we say your prices are much too high, we don’t mean they are higher only by or 3 percent. If we are to place an order with you, I think a discount of about % would be sufficient. A: What? You want to drive me bankrupt! You can’t expect us to make such a large reduction. B: There’s no point in making a counter offer because the gap is too great.A: How about %? This price is aly a little tight, our profit margin is not that large.B: OK. I can settle that.重点讲解:1. sufficient 足够的,充分的. bankrupt 破产者,破产3. counter 相反,起抵消作用的事物A: 我方可以给贵方5%的折扣B: 贵公司的价格与行情不符,比我方所预料的要高得多我们不能接受这一价格A: 嗯,那你想减少多少?8%的折扣怎么样?B: 我们说你们的价格太高,并不是说仅仅高出%或3%如果我们要向你们订货,我认为大约%的折扣倒还差不多A: 什么?你想让我们公司破产吗?我们不可能打这么低的折扣B: 由于相差太悬殊,讨价还价也没有什么意义A: %怎么样?这个价格已经有点勉强了,我们的利润没有那么高的B: 好吧,成交 5长春208医院专家预约

长春宫颈糜烂冷冻疗法一次花多少钱A neonatal doctor at Yongkang First People Hospital in eastern China Zhejiang province administered the anti-impotence drug Viagra to a preterm baby with breathing difficulties. The doctor quick thinking ultimately saved the newborn.中国东部的浙江省永康市第一人民医院的一位新生儿科医生用抗阳痿药物伟哥及时拯救了一名呼吸困难的早产婴儿这名医生的敏捷思维最终救回了新生的小生命Ding Dang (a pseudonym) was born at only weeks. Bee his birth, several of his unborn siblings passed away. this reason, his parents were both extra excited and extra nervous about his arrival. However, Ding Dang suffered serious breathing difficulties after his birth.叮当(化名)在期仅周时就出生了在他出生之前,他的妈妈怀过的几个孩子都在出生前就夭折了,他的父母对他的到来都非常激动又非常紧张然而,叮当刚出生就马上出现了呼吸困难的问题The baby parents asked the medical staff to save their newborn at any cost. They gave the baby expensive treatments and ventilator therapy, but Ding Dang physical condition gradually worsened, and his skin turned blue.婴儿的父母恳求医护人员无论如何也要救回他们的孩子他们给孩子用上了最昂贵的治疗,还加上了呼吸机治疗,但是叮当的身体状况还是越来越差,最后皮肤都开始变色The doctor suspected the baby might be suffering from persistent pulmonary hypertension. If not promptly treated, the elevated pulmonary artery pressure associated with this disease could stop blood supply to the lungs and cause the newborn to suffocate.医生怀疑婴儿可能是出现了持续性肺动脉高压如果不能及时救治,升高的肺动脉压力会引发其他疾病,阻断血液向肺的供应,造成婴儿窒息The current international treatment standard this situation is inhaled nitric oxide, but the drug is only available in several major hospitals in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province.目前应对此类情况的国际医疗标准是吸入一氧化氮,但是这种药物只在上海和浙江省会杭州的几个大医院才有供应Ding Dang critical condition gave doctors no time a referral. Once standard intensive treatment had failed, the doctors began using Viagra to dilate the blood vessels supplying the baby lungs in the hope of reducing pulmonary hypertension.当时叮当情况很危急,没时间让医生办理转院就当标准的加强化治疗之际,医生们开始使用伟哥来扩张血管,帮助加强婴儿肺部的血液供应,希望能降低肺动脉高压tunately, after days of treatment, Ding Dang was healthy enough to leave the hospital with his parents.幸运的是,在天的治疗之后,叮当现在已经恢复健康,可以跟父母出院回家了 675长春省第三医院预约时间表 Thanks to the concern of a long-time delivery driver, a Domino Pizza regular was rescued right in the nick of time.多亏一名长期以来负责送货的司机的关心,一位达美乐比萨的老顾客才能及时得救According to Domino employees, Kirk Alexander, 8, has been ordering pizza from the same Oregon location the last ten years.据达美乐公司的员工表示,在过去十年里,8岁的柯克·亚历山大一直从俄勒冈州的达美乐餐厅订购披萨The general manager of the New Salem location, Sarah Fuller, told KOIN: ;He orders every day, every other day. His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and were like, Oh, Kirk order.;新塞勒姆州的总经理莎拉·富勒接受KOIN电视台采访时表示:;他每天或者每隔一天就订一次披萨他一般都从网上预订,看到订单在屏幕上弹出来,我们就会说哦是柯克的订单;But his regular delivery driver, Tracey Hamblen, mentioned that he has not delivered to his home in several days, so Fuller decided to look into his .但是柯克的常规送货司机特雷西·汉布伦最近提到,他已经好几天没去给他家送餐了,于是富勒决定查看一下他的账号;I went and looked up to see how long it had been since he last ordered and it was days, which is not like him at all,; Fuller said in an interview with KATU.富勒在接受KATU采访时说:;我随即查看了一下,发现他已经有天没有订披萨了,这根本不是他的风格;The next morning, she asked Hamblen to pay their loyal customer a visit and make sure everything was all right.于是在第二天早上,富勒就让汉布伦去拜访一下他们的老顾客柯克,确保一切正常That when Hamblen noticed something was wrong.随后,汉布伦发现情况有些不对劲The Domino manager said that when Hamblen arrived on the scene, ;(Alexander) wasnt answering the door, but there was lights on and you could hear the TV playing,; she told KATU.达美乐的经理向KATU描述了汉布伦到达时的情景:;亚历山大没有开门,但是屋里的灯和电视都开着;They then tried to phone Alexander several times, but each call went straight to voicemail. Finally, Hamblen dialed 9.之后他们试着给亚历山大打了几个电话,但是每个电话都直接转到了语音信箱最后,汉布伦拨打了9When police arrived on the scene, they could hear a man calling help, the Marion County Sheriff Office wrote on its Facebook page. Officers ced their way into the home, and found Alexander ;in need of immediate medical attention.; According to KOIN, paramedics found Alexander lying on the floor, and they believed he had suffered a stroke.马里昂州警长办公室在Facebook上写道,在警察到达现场的时候,他们听到了有人在求救随即警察破门而入,发现亚历山大需要立刻送往医院据KOIN报道,医务人员看到亚历山大躺在地上,他们认为他应该是中风了Since the incident last weekend, employees at the Domino have been paying their loyal customer visits at the Salem Hospital, where the Marion County Sheriff Office reported that he is currently in stable condition.自从上周发生事故以来,达美乐的员工们纷纷到塞勒姆医院看望老主顾亚历山大马里昂州警长办公室表示,亚历山大的病情目前基本稳定When Fuller visited their loyal customer, she said ;although he did not speak much, she wanted to make sure he knew that he an important customer that part of our family here at Domino. He orders all the time, so we know him. I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something,;富勒在看望老顾客的时候表示:;虽然他没有说太多的话,但是我希望他知道:他不仅是一个重要的顾客,更是达美乐大家庭的一员他总是订披萨,所以我们都认识他检查老顾客的情况是我们份内的工作,我们想要做也需要做这些事; 6吉林大学第一医院二部男科医生

长春朝阳妇幼保健院打胎多少钱 5.Were Not Really Sure What Colors Are5.我们不能确定颜色?Our world is filled with color, and the most part, weve reached a consensus on what certain colors are. It easy enough to identify a banana as yellow and broccoli as green, but what to say one person image of green is the same as another? Not much, and it turns out that science really isnt sure that were all seeing the same colors in the same way. The idea seems odd, especially considering that the mechanism that allows us to see colors is essentially the same: Light enters our eyes, it interpreted there, and then it processed by our brain. But it turns out that it not as clear-cut as that, and the idea of colorblindness is only part of the reason.我们的世界充满了色,在大多数情况下,关于色的辨识,我们已经达到了共识人们很容易识别出香蕉是黄色的以及花椰菜是绿色的,但一个人所形容的绿色和另一个人形容的能保一样吗?事实明,真的不能保我们都看到的是相同的颜色这个想法似乎很奇怪,但是考虑到一个事实,假设我们看到颜色本质上是一样的:光线进入我们的眼睛,但是由大脑处理过之后,大脑对颜色的理解就不一定一致了事实明,这种现象的发生,有部分原因是由于色盲的存在We know that different people have different numbers of photo receptors in their eyes. People who are colorblind have weak receptors, most commonly suffering from a deficiency in the ability to detect green (or variations of green). But there another end to the spectrum, too: people who are theoretically incredibly sensitive to color. Tetrachromats can see more colors than exist in the normal color spectrum. To them, the rest of us appear colorblind.But that a pretty extreme example, and experiments suggest that the way we see colors can differ considerably between individuals. When monkeys whose photoreceptors would normally only allow them to see blue and yellow were infected with a virus that changed the type of color their eyes could interpret, they demonstrated the ability to see these new colors. They recognized that the colors were different, but we have no way of telling what their brains were interpreting the colors as. They were essentially seeing new colors that their eyes had never had the ability to process, making the link between the eyes receiving colors and the brain processing colors even more vague.我们知道,不同的人的眼睛会接收到不同数量的光色盲的眼睛是已经疲软的颜色受体,缺乏检测绿色(或变化的绿色)的能力除了色盲还有另一种光谱终结者的存在:这类人从理论上来说对色是非常敏感的四色视者(注:正常人有三种视锥细胞,四色视者有四种,所以可以看到比别人更多的颜色)可以看到比正常存在的颜色光谱还要更多的颜色对他们来说,我们其余的人就是色盲但这是一个非常极端的例子,实验表明,我们能够看到的颜色在个体之间差别很大猴子通常只能看到蓝色和黄色,但是当它们的感光细胞感染了一种病毒时,这种病毒会改变它们对颜色的理解,让它们展示出看到新颜色的能力它们认识到,颜色是不同的,但是我们没有办法告诉它们的大脑怎么去解释看到了什么颜色它们看到了新的颜色,但是它们的眼睛无法处理这个变化过程,使得眼睛收到的颜色之间的联系和大脑处理出来的颜色更加模糊.Is A Virus Alive?.病毒是活着的吗? the most part, everything falls into one of two categories: It either alive, or it isnt. Ever since scientists have been aware of the existence of viruses, theyve been unable to successfully determine which of these two very distinct groups viruses belong to. Originally, viruses were thought to be alive. The scientists that discovered viruses saw them as organisms that could sp and multiply, suggesting that they were very clearly alive. By the 1930s, however, researchers from the Rockefeller University were finally able to get a look into what was going on inside a virus. Since it didnt have any metabolic functions, they decided that it wasnt alive.在大多数情况下,一切病毒都分两种:它要么活着,要么死去自从科学家们意识到病毒的存在之后,他们无法成功地确定哪些病毒活着,哪些病毒已然死去最初,病毒被认为是活着的科学家们发现病毒之后视他们为生物,因为病毒可以传播和繁殖,这表明这些病毒是活着的然而,到了1930年代,洛克菲勒大学的研究人员终于可以看到病毒的内部由于病毒没有任何代谢功能,他们认为病毒不是活着的But it far from clear, as further research by the same team discovered that a virus also exhibits one of the key components of life: reproduction. It not only makes more of itself but creates more proteins and internal chemical structures. Viruses have also been known to change over time, evolve, and carry on processes like repairing damage done to them. All this seems to indicate theyre alive, unless nonliving organisms are also capable of evolution, which seems like a pretty odd thing to even suggest. Viruses are also unable to carry on these processes outside of a living host, leading some to suggest that theyre functioning on something along the lines of life borrowed from another organism—but that doesnt make the answer any more clear.但这种发现让人更加困惑,同一个研究团队进一步的研究发现,病毒有生命的迹象之一:繁殖它不是创造更多的本身,而是创造了更多的蛋白质和内部化学结构病毒也会随时间发生变化,演变,甚至可以修复伤害这一切似乎表明他们活着,除非无生命的物种也能进化,这似乎是一个相当奇怪的说法病毒无法脱离活体而存在,这从某种程度上表明病毒是从活体身上汲取某种物质来生存的,但是这个说法并没有太大的说力3.Why Do We Age (And At Different Rates)?3.为什么我们的身体年龄有增长快慢之分?Every day we deal with the problems of aging, ever so gradually. Weve been doing it as long as weve been a species, but we have no idea what actually causes it. We know what happens to cells as they age: Muscles lose mass, tissues become more or less rigid, connective tissues stiffen, and new cells become less and less efficient at absorbing nutrients and removing waste. We just dont know why.我们每天都在面对身体逐渐老化的问题,并且在研究如何解决 我们每天都在衰老,但实际上我们不知道是什么原因导致这种衰老我们知道随着年龄的增长会发生什么:肌肉失去质量,组织变得刚性,结缔组织变硬,新细胞有效地吸收营养,但是新细胞变得越来越少,我们不知道为什么会这样There are a couple of different theories on why cells age the way they do, including the idea that the aging process is a by-product of the body waste materials, or that it because of damage done by external factors like ultraviolet rays. It also been suggested that were simply genetically programmed to age, and how fast or how well we age has nothing to do with external factors.Even more bizarre is the question of why we age at different rates. Looking at the methylation patterns of cells gives an indication of how old they are, and all of our cells age at different rates. Female breast tissue, example, shows patterns and changes that indicate it about three years older than a person calendar age. At the other end of the spectrum are heart cells, which age more slowly and can actually test as being several years younger than the body as a whole. Just why the body ages as it does—and why it ages at all—is nowhere near being completely understood.有很多理论来解释为什么细胞会随着年龄的增长而出现一系列的问题,包括认为身体年龄增长是人体废料的副产品,或者由于外部因素(如紫外线)的伤害还有人表示是由基因决定了人的年龄,身体年龄增长的快慢与外部因素无关更奇怪的是为什么我们存在年龄增长速度不一致的问题观察细胞的甲基化模式(注:甲基化是指,在甲基转移酶的作用下,甲基基团从供体转移到DNA的碱基上)表明这些细胞年龄有多大,并且所有的细胞在以不同的速度老化一些身体结构的年龄与人们实际的年龄会存在差距,例如有些检测心脏细胞的时候会发现心脏细胞的年龄比人们实际的年龄年轻.What Causes A Migraine?.是什么导致偏头痛?Those who are prone to migraines know what it feels like to have one starting. It a special kind of headache that goes way beyond just pain and can include nausea, vomiting, painful sensitivity to stimuli, blurred vision, and even loss of consciousness. What were not sure about is why some people get migraines and why there are so many different triggers them. Some people can have migraines that are triggered by anything from a change in the weather to bright sunlight and physical exertion. some, it sensory—migraine can be triggered by a certain smell or exposure to a certain food, drink, or food additive.那些容易偏头痛的人们好像都有种预兆 这是一种特殊的病症,表现出来的不仅仅是头痛,伴随的症状还包括恶心、呕吐、视力模糊,甚至丧失意识我们不确定的是为什么有些人会患偏头痛,为什么有这么多不同的触发因素有些人的偏头痛可能是由于天气的变化和体力消耗引发的有些人的偏头痛可能是接触某些气味或某种食物,饮料,或者食品添加剂而引发的Even those sensitive to certain triggers dont always get migraines when theyre exposed to those triggers, and they can also come down with a migraine without being exposed. Just why it happens to people isnt known, although it suspected that there a genetic connection, because migraines seems to run in families. One suggestion is that people susceptible to migraines have parts of their brains that are more sensitive to certain stimuli than others or that migraines happen in response to certain changes in brain chemistry. So far, though, there have been no concrete findings regarding just what causes migraines in some people and not others.甚至那些敏感型的总是会因为接触到某种触发物质而导致偏头痛为什么人们会偏头痛呢,不得而知,有些人还怀疑偏头痛跟血缘有关系,因为偏头痛似乎在家庭中会传递目前有一种说法是,容易偏头痛的人们的大脑有一部分对某些刺激非常敏感不过,到目前为止,还没有具体的结论能够解释为什么有些人患偏头痛而有些人没有偏头痛1.Why Do Allergies Come And Go?1.为什么过敏总是忽来忽去?Living with allergies can be a nightmare. From not being able to indulge in ice cream or not being able to own a pet to feeling like youre always on the verge of coming down with the flu, allergies can make life difficult. Many people suffer from allergies, which makes it even more surprising that we have no idea why they have a tendency to come and go, seemingly at random. Almost any kind of allergy can disappear—and reappear—over time. Some people may find their symptoms are occasionally greatly reduced, even if they dont go away completely.过敏体质的人们的生活更像是一场噩梦很多人由于自己的过敏体质而无法吃冰淇淋或无法接触宠物,这种感觉会让你觉得生活极其不便许多人患有过敏,但是有时候人们发现过敏总是忽来忽去,看似随意几乎任何类型的过敏都有可能在一段时间内消失然后出现,循环往复有些人可能会发现他们的过敏程度有时候会大大降低,即使症状不完全消失Peanut allergies are among the most potentially dangerous types of allergies, and it recently been discovered that about percent of people who have peanut allergies as children lose their sensitivity as they get older. As much as 80 percent of children with milk allergies outgrow their sensitivity by the time theyre in their teens, and those allergic to eggs will also commonly outgrow the allergy. Blood tests can tell if an allergy is going away, and sometimes desensitization done with small amounts of food or food prepared in a certain way can help—but this should always be done under the supervision of a doctor. Even stranger is the fact that kids today are much more likely to outgrow their allergies than the kids of the last generation, which raises more questions than it answers.花生过敏是最具有潜在危险的过敏类型,最近发现,大约%的对花生过敏的孩子随着年龄的增长会失去花生敏感性多达80%的小孩子对牛奶过敏,但是到青少年的时候就没有那么多了,那些对鸡蛋过敏的孩子也是如此 通过血液测试可以告诉我们过敏是否消失了,并且有时候食用一些少量的脱敏食物能够对消除过敏有所帮助,但这应该在医生的监督下完成更奇怪的是,孩子们会一代比一代更容易过敏,这个也引起了人们的思考,思考如何来消除过敏翻译:哈利小王子 前十网长春医科大学第一医院治疗不孕不育多少钱德惠市人工授精多少钱



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