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南充市中医院网上预约四川成都治疗腹胀多少钱德阳人流手术多少钱 Thousands of telecom and tech CEOs, vendors, suppliers government officials, reporters and gadgets junkies are descending on Fira Gran Via exhibition center in Barcelona this weekend for the start of Mobile World Congress.成千上万名电讯、科技公司首席执行长、零售商、供应商、政府官员、记者本周末齐聚巴萨罗那Fira Gran Via展览中心,参加全球移动大会(Mobile World Congress),同时亮相的还有最新的电子产品。It may not have the cachet of the Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas. But MWC has over the years transformed itself--from largely a trade show for European telecom executives and telco suppliers, into a global showcase in its own right for gadgets and tech companies.全球移动大会可能不像每年1月份在举行的消费电子产品展(Consumer Electronics Show)那么有名,但是多年来它已经从欧洲电讯业高管和电讯供应商参加的贸易展逐步转变为电子产品和科技公司展示自己的全球性舞台。Much of the show#39;s new swagger comes thanks to the explosive intersection of computing and mobile devices in recent years. Underscoring its new position in the tech world, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is giving one of the show#39;s keynotes.全球移动大会近年来日益引人注目的主要原因是电脑和移动设备正在呈现爆炸式的交融。Facebook Inc.首席执行长扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)将在移动大会上发表主题演讲,更凸显了大会在科技世界的新地位。Jan Koum, WhatsApp chief executive and the guy who just agreed to sell his company to Mr. Zuckerberg for billion, is also addressing the congress, along with a stable of chiefs of the world#39;s biggest telecom companies.WhatsApp首席执行长库姆(Jan Koum)也与世界最大科技公司的一众老板们一道出席大会;库姆刚刚以190亿美元向扎克伯格出售了WhatsApp。And there will be plenty of old-tech CEOs, like Virginia Rometty at IBM and John Chambers from Cisco Systems.参会人员还有许多旧科技公司的首席执行长,包括国际商业公司(IBM)的罗曼提(Virginia Rometty)和思科系统(Cisco Systems)的钱伯斯(John Chambers)。Last year#39;s show attracted more than 72,000 attendees, including 4,300 CEOs from mobile operators, device manufacturers and technology firms. There were 1,700 exhibitor. Oh, and 3,400 journalists.去年的移动大会吸引了超过72,000人参加,包括4,300名移动运营商、设备制造商和科技公司的首席执行长,还有1,700名参展商和3,400名记者。So what are the biggest things to watch?那么,最值得关注的事件是什么呢?-- Samsung#39;s new flagship: Samsung hosts its #39;Unpacked#39; event on Monday evening, where the company is expected to unveil its next Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone.三星电子(Samsung)的最新旗舰产品:该公司将在周一晚间举行发布仪式,预计将推出下一代Galaxy S5旗舰智能手机。--The future of Tizen: Samsung is also expected give its home-grown OS a leg up by offering its own Tizen-driven devices. They unveiled the first, a Tizen-powered smartwatch, just a few hours ago.Tizen操作系统的未来:三星也通过推出自己的Tizen设备,来推广其自行开发的操作系统Tizen。他们已经在数小时之前推出了首款运行Tizen操作系统的智能手表。-- Nokia#39;s first Android phone: Having lost its footing on the fast-growing sub-0 smartphone market, the Finnish company is expected to introduce a low cost-smartphone, aimed for consumers in emerging markets that runs Android...without promoting Google#39;s services.诺基亚(Nokia)的首款安卓(Android)手机:在售价低于100美元的智能手机这一快速增长市场错失机会后,诺基亚预计将推出低成本智能手机,瞄准新兴市场消费者,然而没有采用谷歌(Google)开发的某些关键功能。-- Zuckerberg#39;s keynote: Faceook#39;s founder will make his first public appearance after his WhatsApp deal. The acquisition, as well as Mr. Zuckerberg#39;s presence at the mobile fair, highlights Facebook#39;s metamorphosis into a mobile company.扎克伯格的主题演讲:Faceook创始人将在收购WhatsApp之后首度公开亮相。此次收购以及他出席移动大会都凸显出Facebook正在转型为一家移动公司。-- Telco deals?: A long-expected wave of European telecom consolidation will also be on CEOs#39; minds when they gather for closed-door meetings. Will ATamp;T#39;s Randall Stephenson and Vodafone Group#39;s Vittorio Colao end up in the same room together? ATamp;T has made no secret of its interest in buying big into the European market.电讯业的并购交易?欧洲电信业期待已久的整合大潮也将成为首席执行长们参加闭门会议的议题。美国电报电话公司(ATamp;T)的史蒂芬森(Randall Stephenson)和沃达丰(Vodafone Group)的克劳(Vittorio Colao)会走到一起吗?此前美国电报电话公司已经毫不掩饰其在欧洲市场进行大举收购的兴趣。 /201402/277286四川妇保医院龟头炎症

成都市第五人民医院不孕医生Children whose minds wander might have sharper brains, research suggests.研究显示,那些爱走神的孩子也许脑子更灵活。A study has found that people who appear to be constantly distracted have more ;working memory;, giving them the ability to hold a lot of information in their heads andmanipulate it mentally.一项研究发现,那些似乎老走神的人拥有更多;工作记忆;,让他们能在大脑中储存许多信息,并能在大脑中对其进行操纵。Children at school need this type of memory on a daily basis for a variety of tasks, such as following teachers#39; instructions or remembering dictated sentences.学校中的孩子每日需要这类记忆来完成各种任务,例如遵从老师的教导,或记住听写的句子。During the study, volunteers were asked to perform one of two simple tasks during which researchers checked to ask if the participants#39; minds were wandering.在研究过程中,研究人员让志愿者执行两个简单任务的其中之一,并在执行过程中不时询问参与者是否在走神。At the end, participants measured their working memory capacity by their ability to remember a series of letters interspersed with simple maths questions.最后,参与者用自己对穿插着简单数学题的一连串字母的来测算自己的工作记忆容量。Daniel Levinson, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the ed States, said that those with higher working memory capacity reported ;more mind wanderingduring these simple tasks;, but their performance did not suffer.美国威斯康星大学的心理学家丹尼尔bull;雷文森说,报告显示,那些工作记忆容量更大的人;在执行这些简单任务时更常走神;,不过他们的成绩并没有受影响。The results, published online in the journal Psychological Science, appear to confirm previous research that found working memory allows humans to juggle multiple thoughtssimultaneously.这一研究结果似乎实了先前的研究发现,即工作记忆让人类能够同时思考多样事情。《心理科学》杂志在网上发布了这一研究结果。Dr Jonathan Smallwood, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science in Leipzig, Germany, said: ;What this study seems to suggest is that, when circumstancesfor the task aren#39;t very difficult, people who have additional working memory resources deploy them to think about things other than what they#39;re doing.;德国莱比锡马克斯bull;普朗克人类认知和大脑科学研究所的乔纳森bull;斯默伍德士说:;这项研究似乎表明,当完成任务的环境不是很困难时,有多余工作记忆容量的人会运用这部分容量来思考所执行的任务以外的其他事情。;Working memory capacity is also associated with general measures of intelligence, such as ing comprehension and IQ scores, and also offers a window into the widesp, butnot well understood, realm of internally driven thoughts.工作记忆容量还和阅读理解和智商得分等智力衡量通用方法相关,并为我们了解内部驱动的思想王国开启了一扇窗。尽管大脑人人都有,但是我们对它的理解却很不够。Dr Smallwood added: ;Our results suggest the sorts of planning that people do quite often in daily life ; when they are on the bus, when they are cycling to work, when they arein the shower ; are probably supported by working memory.斯默伍德士补充说:;我们的结果显示,人们经常在日常生活中;;在巴士上、在骑车上班时,或在淋浴时;;构思的种种计划很可能就是工作记忆持的。;Their brains are trying to allocate resources to the most pressing problems.;;他们的大脑试图把资源分配到最紧迫的问题上。; /201203/174768成都市妇幼保健医院评价 The speed and volume of mergers and acquisitions large and small in the technology industry has ramped up. Global tech Mamp;A volume in the first half of this year was up 55% over last year, reaching its highest level since 2000.科技行业大大小小的并购在速度和规模上都有所提升。今年上半年,全球科技行业并购规模同比增长了50%,达到2000年以来的最高点。Part of the reason for the buying spree is because tech companies have massive cash piles on their balance sheets. There’s also the acqui-hire trend, where tech companies are created cheaply, raise seed funding easily, fail, and then “sell” to Yahoo YHOO 0.76% , Facebook FB 2.35% , or Google GOOG 0.98% – which merely want the employees.出现收购热潮的部分原因是科技公司手中积累了大量现金。同时出现了为获得人才而收购的趋势——在这种趋势下,以低成本创立的科技公司轻松获得种子资金,然后倒闭,接下来就“转让”给雅虎(Yahoo)、Facebook和谷歌(Google)——但后者想要的只是所收购公司的员工。But that’s not all. As vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase, Jimmy Lee has a front-row seat to the deal action. And he’s been increasingly pushing the firm into tech deals, most notably, the much-anticipated initial public offering of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.但这还不是全部。根大通(JPMorgan Chase)副董事长吉米o李在并购领域一直处于前列。他推动根大通越来越多地参与到了科技公司的资本运作,其中最引人注意的就是中国电子商务巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)备受期待的首发上市。Speaking on stage at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen on Monday, Lee pointed to another sign of a tech Mamp;A boom: Shares of publicly traded tech companies going up, not down when they announced acquisitions in recent years. Traditionally, companies that acquire another lose value because of the expense along with the uncertainty about making the deal pay off.周一,吉米o李在阿斯彭举行的财富头脑风暴技术会议(Brainstorm Tech Conference)上登台发言。他提出了科技行业出现并购热潮的另一条佐,那就是最近几年,就并购事项发布公告后上市科技公司的股价没有下跌,反而节节攀升。传统上,收购方的价值会下降,因为收购会产生费用,而且收购能否带来收益存在不确定性。“So the buy side is saying, we’re going to pay for growth, and it’s okay if we pay a premium,” Lee said. “A lot of it is a growth challenge that companies now want to go after, and attack it hard.”吉米o李说:“买方会这么说,我们买的是成长性,因此溢价收购没问题。在很多情况下,这是一个有关成长的挑战。现在的企业都想追逐这样的挑战,全力出击。”See a of the discussion here.吉米o李引述了两个通过收购成功实现增长的例子,一是Facebook斥资10亿美元收购图片和短视频分享网站Instagram(最新一期《财富》杂志对此进行了探讨),二是八年前谷歌(Google)收购YouTube。Lee cited Facebook’s success with its billion Instagram acquisition (recently outlined in the latest issue of Fortune magazine) and Google’s success with buying YouTube eight years ago as examples of successful growth by acquisition.吉米o李指出,各家公司一直在囤积现金,而资本成本“实际上为零”。资产负债规模巨大的科技公司纷纷崛起,导致风险投资领域出现了一个有意思的现象。除了四处收购,风投资金还在相互竞争。谷歌的风投业务已经令人望而生畏,而包括康卡斯特(Comcast)和时代华纳(Time Warner)在内的大型传媒公司也在提升对初创公司的投资规模。Companies have been hoarding cash, Lee said, and the cost of capital “is virtually zero.” The rise of tech companies with massive balance sheets has created another interesting wrinkle for venture capital world. Aside from buying up portfolio companies, they’re also competing. Google built up has a formidable venture capital practice, and large media companies from Comcast to Time Warner have also ramped up their startup investing.股票投资机构Breyer Capital首席执行官吉米o布雷耶指出,以前人们总是认为这些公司的风投部门并不是真正的风投市场参与者,但现在它们“正在非常有效地展开竞争”。这给风险投资者带来了更大的竞争风险。同时,竞争已经全球化,阿里巴巴、百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)等亚洲多元化集团都已经加入了这个行列。Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, noted that these corporate venture arms, which weren’t always viewed as serious players in the VC game, are now “competing very effectively.” That has increased the competitive risks to venture investors, Breyer added. The competition is global, too, with Asian conglomerates from Alibaba and Baidu to Tencent bidding up deals.估值方面的情况是——没错,估值水平已经上升。风投机构First Round Capital合伙人乔什o科佩尔曼说,近年来种子阶段投资的价格已经提高了20%-30%。他说:“我们一直在努力保持对价格的敏感性。但作为风投机构,我们放弃了对Twitter的投资……原因就是价格。”他表示,等到移动付务供应商Square来到自己面前时,他决定不重蹈覆辙。And about those valuations: Yes, they’ve gone up. Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round Capital, says seed deals have increased in price by around 20% to 30% in recent years, which makes his job difficult. “We have tried to maintain price sensitivity,” he said. “But you’re also talking to a VC who passed on Twitter … because of price.” He noted that he decided not to do the same thing when Square knocked on his door.对于估值,布雷耶的理念跟科佩尔曼类似:如果创始团队足够出色,他就乐于拿出资金。他完成的最出色投资价格都高得足以让一些投资者裹足不前——其中包括对Facebook的投资,当时的融资前估值为7800万美元。科佩尔曼说:“如果(回报率)达到50倍甚至100倍,我就不会考虑价格。” /201407/312515资阳人民医院无痛人流好吗

四川大学华西第二医院无痛人流好吗 Silicon Valley's most underrated CEOI spent most of the summer reporting and writing a feature story about Safra Catz, the enigmatic co-president of Oracle (ORCL). I talked to oodles of people about Catz's ambitions, her value to the company, the likelihood of her becoming CEO, and her relationship with Charles Phillips, Oracle's other co-president. All this is in the article, published in the current issue of Fortune. The conclusion is that Catz is a complicated, competent, intelligent pile-driver of an executive who makes Oracle hum. Left explicitly unsaid in the quest to find out as much as possible about Safra Catz is just how successful her boss, Larry Ellison, has been as CEO of Oracle. This was my single greatest takeaway from my reporting. There was a period, years ago, when Ellison became disengaged from actively running the company. Because his extracurricular activities get so much attention — the America's Cup battles, the yachts, the homes, the marriages, and so on — the world that watches Oracle from afar doesn't quite get that Ellison's era of disengagement ended a long time ago. The Steve Jobs of enterprise software? Like his buddy, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, there certainly are things Ellison doesn't want to do. He's just not that into finance. (He's into money, of course, and is as tight-fisted with Oracle's cash as he free-spending with his own.) He's a known enemy of operational details. The comparisons with Jobs and Apple (AAPL) go further, in fact. In Catz, Ellison had the confidence, maturity and discipline to hire a get-it-done No. 2, just as Jobs has done with Tim Cook, whom I've also spent some time on. Both founders are technically proficient industry visionaries who've been through disastrous downs and stratospheric ups. (Oracle hit the skids in the early 90s, when Jobs was exiled from Apple.) The point about Ellison is that he has done just what a CEO should do. He knows so much about his product that the technical people respect him and don't try to B.S. him. A clear vision, plus trusted lieutenants He trusts his operational lieutenants enough to do their jobs. He sets overall direction for the company. Critically, he changed his mind at a moment when doing so made all the difference. For years Oracle, like Apple to this day, didn't do much in the way of acquisitions. Ellison's epiphany that organic (that is, in-house) growth wasn't going to be good enough is the reason that Oracle has trounced SAP (SAP), Microsoft (MSFT) and anyone else in its way over the past half decade. (Late Wednesday Oracle announced fiscal first quarter earnings of .12 billion, or 22 cents a share, 4.4% from .08 billion a year earlier. Margins climbed to almost 35%, from 28.5% – all during a quarter in which revenues fell slightly.) It's worth noting that hiring ex-banker Catz and ex-analyst Phillips, both strategically minded and acquisition-friendly executives, coincided with Ellison's change of heart. The point is the same, though. If the people he hired helped him see the light, bully for him. Ellison gets to take credit. Much is also made of Ellison's long absences from the office and his distractedness. The business world and investors should greet such talk with two words: Who cares? Ellison's cell phone keeps him as close to Oracle as he needs to be. When important things are happening Ellison is a constant presence at Oracle. At a youthful 65 he quite likely will be running his show for years to come. Eventually people may even stop wondering how much credit for it all he deserves because the answer will be apparent: A whole lot. /200909/84477蒲江县治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的雅安妇幼保健院妇科预约



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