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英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 茶花女英文读后感 --6 :: 来源: 茶花女英文读后感The lady of CAmelliasIf a woman has even a tiny sense of dignity, she must shoulder any number of sacrifices rather than have her love varnished with venal character by asking money from her lover. Extravagances, luxury as well as all other empery pleasures are valuelein front of love. As long as you love me, I ask nothing else.-------Marguerite(La Dame Aux Camellias)Whenever I lingered over the magnificant story, I cannot help deeply touched by the bitterly sweet love, which struck the world as gentle as an April shower, as pure as a blowing snow, as heady as an old wine. It condensed a paradise into a kept woman’s heart, which caught and held us transfixed against prejudice in mind and greed in nature, , and provided a journey that brought home to us a comprehensive understanding of love.Marguerite, as a kept woman,did not undergo the usual penalty of confronting wrinkles appeared under her eyes, the first death of a courtesans, but was endowed enough tune to enjoy an unselfish and gorgeous love during her ephemeral life, witch came as a wonderful oasis to lead supply a new prospect in a disparate desert, appeared as a miracle medication to heal her wound in the sinful life, figured as a brisk spring to refresh and revitalize her lonely heart, and emerged as a great beacon of courage to kill all her bad habits in the past and make a firm determination to seek a peaceful but fantastic life with her loved one.Lingering between the words, we could completely feel how kind and dignified she was. She refused Armond although she knew he was really loved her with his soul. because of her gloomy despair of life, she did not turn up in his life as a figure who was sad, ill, gay with a giant sadder than grief, besides witch, who spit blood and spent a hundred thousand francs in a year. Touching this words, how can we avoid our zealous sympathy her? She bickered with the marquis and drove him away from her family, because she hated and refused to be treated as merchandise. Touching her deeds, how could we deny our high respect her? At last, she renounced all her hope and life just because another woman’s name. What she e although you may get hurt, but it is the only way you can live absolutely. But what she experienced, what she faced and what she did made her a real sublime angle and an eternal ideal woman in people’ heart.However, no matter what devout wish, no matter what gorgeous love, or no matter what strong struggle, the society was so stone stubborn that it would never show any mercy a kept woman. Just as Armond said, when God allow a kept woman to accept a real love, it is indeed a grant comt, but also remorselepunishment, the man holds the cruel authority to say to his lover, “ Your love is just a kind of commodity”, though the woman had devoted all her heart and spirits to her loves. It cannot denied that it was Marguerite’s joyous tune to have Armond in her poor destiny, but at the same time, it is also have to be admitted that what a hopeletorture she tolerated and what a disappointed suffering she endured at the last part of her life. It was really too much to her. We even cannot tell what kind our feeling soared inside our bosom, but just happy with her, sad with her, waiting with her, wishing with her, and disappointed with her……shall we criticize Armond his foolish and brute deed to Marguerite as he got the same hurt by his horrible vengeance? Shall we condemn Armond, father his selfish monologue which destroys the kind woman’s dream? Shall we judge the motionlemerchant and policemen’s actions bee the dying woman?Through the whole story, we could feel that Maguerite pardon all of them. After tearing running down faces countless, and respect rising high in heart and soul, the conclusion seems so obvious: what ruined Marguerite is not Armond, and he never betrayed Marguerite, but the society. There was a slim chance a kept woman to gain happineat that epoch; they had to come to the same end in different ways.To every woman, life is not all roses. In spite of bias, despoilment or hardship, love itself is universal. Marguerite really lives an abundant life, she really appreciated a comprehensive love in her limited life journey.So, love srongly and passionately, although you may get deeply hurt, but it is the only way that you live completely.Best wishes love, and best wishes loved ones. 茶花女英文读后感。


let’s get it straight 我们打开天窗说亮话吧。


TPO核心词汇 -01-1 :1: 来源: TPO核心词汇  Resemblance 相似;相像   Twins often show great resemblance. 双胞胎常极相似   Marry bears a striking resemblance to her sister. 玛丽和她的极其相像   Catastrophic 灾难的   The failure of the talks could have catastrophic consequences. 会谈的失败可能会导致灾难性的后果   On this issue, the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic. 在这个问题上,不采取行动将会带来灾难性的后果   Equatorial 赤道的   I have never been to an equatorial country. 我没有去过赤道国家   It is very hot in equatorial jungles. 赤道附近的丛林里很热   Onrushing 汹涌的   Only a onrushing flow of water could have made them. 只有汹涌的水流才能造就它们   The people took flight bee the onrushing fire. 大火卷来,人们纷纷逃窜   Controversial 有争议的   This is a controversial question. 这是一个有争议的问题   It was an eventful and controversial race. 那是一场充满变数而且颇具争议的比赛   Proponent 持者;拥护者   What answer can be made to a proponent of this view? 什么样的才能持这个观念?   You are a big proponent of electronic records. 你是电子记录的忠实拥护者   Terraced 沿斜坡建造的   They made a terraced garden. 他们造了一个梯形花园   Terraced fields can be seen everywhere in this area. 这一地区到处可见梯田   Shoreline 海岸线   The water gnaws at the shoreline. 海水侵蚀海岸线   The lake has several miles of shoreline. 这个湖有好几英里的湖岸线   Recede 退去;减弱   The mountain peaks recede into the distance as one leaves the shore. 人离岸时,山峰向后退去   The colleges would recede in importance. 大学的重要性会降低   Gully 排水沟;山谷   It’s unlikely that this gully was produced by nature. 这个溪谷不大可能是自然出现的   They clambered up a narrow gully. 他们爬上了一条狭窄的山沟(clamber吃力地爬)   Inconclusive 非决定性的;无结果的   Research has so far proved inconclusive. 目前研究尚无定论   The remainders of cases were inconclusive. 其余的那些事件则无法作出结论   Hint 暗示;微小的迹象   I gave him a gentle hint and he didn’t get it. 我给了他一委婉的暗示,但他没有领会   There was a hint of accusation in her voice. 她的语音中暗含指责的意思   Carbonate 碳酸盐   Soda water is a carbonate drink. 苏打水是一种含二氧化碳的饮料   Carbonate is made of elements carbon. 黑金刚石是由碳元素构成的   Permafrost 永久冻土层   This is the vegetational climate of arctic permafrost regions. 这是北极永冻地区的植物气候   As the permafrost melts, the land loses its capacity to absorb water. 由于冻土融化,陆地会失去吸水性   Aside from 除…..之外   Aside from his meager savings, he has no resources to fall back on. 除了极少量的积蓄外,他没有可以依赖的财源   Aside from motorcars, the factory turns out bicycles. 除了汽车之外,这家工厂还生产自行车 TPO核心词汇。

考研英语 考研英语阅读提高正确率的五步走策略 --5 :37:55 来源: 要想英语顺利过线或者取得一个高分数,阅读是必须攻克的一个难关阅读作为考研英语中的重头戏,在很大程度上决定了英语科目的成败,甚至还会决定整个考研的成败,考生在复习过程中一定要将阅读作为复习重头戏但是,有时候在花费了大量的时间成本之后,收效却并不像预期的那样理想,阅读错误率依然居高不下今天,都教授就教大家提高阅读正确率的五步走策略,帮助考生轻松攻下阅读难关  第一步:通读题干和选项  当开始做阅读理解的时候,首先不是直接阅读文章正文,而是先将题干和选项都通读一遍,并判断出这篇文章的五个问题属于哪一类题型一般来说,阅读理解中的问题设置都是这几类题型:细节题,主题题,态度题,词汇题,推理题,例题并将题型标注在题目旁边,这样在阅读正文之后再看题干就一目了然  第二步:五分钟内通读正文  考试都有时间限制,,把握好每一环节的用时非常重要在阅读正文的时候最好将时间控制在五分钟内,月的的时候也不需要从头至尾、逐字逐句地读,而是应该做到有详有略,文章的首段,每段的中心句以及文中有括号的内容需要仔细地读而当文章当中出现具体的时间、地点、人名、数字等这一部分的内容,可以粗略地读  第三步:再次阅读题干并定位  一般来说,文章的出题顺序和文章的内容是紧密联系的,即第一个问题的一般都是在文章的开头部分就可以找到所以,阅读的做题顺序应该照问题设定的顺序做有的题干当中含有有明确定位词,例如时间、地点、人物、专有名词等等,这些题目定位比较容易而对于那些没有明确定位词的问题,则可以根据上下两个问题之间的衔接找出问题的大致所在  第四步:读选项并找出正确  其实,第四步就是整个阅读环节的关键所在做题的时候要学会排除干扰项,首先要排除的就是明显有逻辑错误的选项,如果有两个选项明显是相反意思的,很可能中间就有一个正确选项还有的干扰项是意思上与原文内容表面上是相关的,但是其意思可能会太泛或者太窄,或设计本文未设计到的其他地方,这些都是不对的  第五步:最后一次通读全文  虽然考试时间很紧,但是每做完一篇阅读之后都应该再通读一遍课文检查一下,相比于第一遍的通读,这一遍是在已经了解文章内容之后的通读,会更容易检查出第一遍没有注意到的细节部分  考研英语阅读既需打牢基础,提升英语阅读能力,在做题的时候也要把握一定的做题技巧,预祝考生能够在最后的考试中取得理想成绩。


考研英语 考研英语:词汇记忆技巧 -- 1:9:30 来源: 1、定计划 记忆英语词汇要制定计划表,并能有效的去执行不管做什么计划是要有的,要有自制力,在计划内完成,这样才能达到最好的效果在计划完成记忆的词汇后,在开始下一单元的单次记忆之前,先回顾上一单元的词汇,温故而知新,加深记忆计划中每天的任务量最好完成,明天再复习以前的,要完全掌握 、理解记忆 英语大部分的词汇考查的是词汇的直译,即英语词汇的表面意思这部分词汇需要考生把它背诵记忆,认识这些词汇,再次看到时可以直接说出其意思,并且能够去应用它 这部分词汇是记忆词汇中最普遍同时有一部分词汇需要理解记忆,考查的词汇的延伸义,这部分词汇,考生不仅要知道其直接意思,还要能够根据上下句、全文推断其在文章中的意思 3、重复记忆 每个人对事情都有记忆的遗忘,记忆英语词汇也会有些遗忘,这是人之常情考生要对遗忘的词汇再次记忆,重复的去记忆一开始背词汇很难一次性就记住,但是天天的记忆总会留下印象每天记忆词汇,都要重新复习以往记忆的,加重记忆,缩短遗忘的时间,加深记忆的痕迹 考研英语其实并不想考生想象的那么难,要各个击破就像英语词汇,在记住词汇本意的同时,还要理解其延伸义,能够理解运用词汇只要大家用心去学,一定能考个好成绩的!。

年(TOEFL)考试词汇辨析:abandon单词 --5 :: 来源:qnr   abandon  All attempts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict have now been abandoned.  译 所有以和平的方式解决纷争的尝试现在都被放弃了  释 vt.放弃,遗弃  近 desert, depart, discard  引 abandoned adj.被抛弃的 词汇 单词 词汇 考试 abandon TOEFL。

1、误:没有比聋子更听不见的人了正:没有比不想听的人更聋的了析:won't will not,表示 不愿,不想要,含义个人的意志在内不能因该用can't。