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哈尔滨市九州下午几点上班哈医大三院治疗效果如何The Grand Canal大运河的开凿The Grand Canal (大运河)of China, also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (京杭大运河)is the largest ancient canal or artificial river in the world.中国的大运河也就是京杭大运河是世界上最大的古代运河和人造河流。The oldest parts of the canal can be traced back to 5th century B. C.其中最古老的段落可以追溯到公元前5世纪。In the year of 604, Emperor Yang Jian (杨坚)of Sui Dynasty (隋朝) left Chang’an, and made his rounds in Luoyang.604年,隋炀帝杨坚离开长安,在洛阳巡视。In 605, the emperor gave an order to build two projects: transferring the capital from Chang’an to Luoyang and excavating the Grand Canal linking Beijing and Hangzhou.605年,隋炀帝下旨建造两项工程——将都城从长安迁至洛阳、开凿联通北京和杭州的大运河。It took over six years to build the Grand Canal linking all the canals along it and connecting Haihe (海河),Yellow River (黄河), Huaihe (淮河),Yangtze (长江) and Qiantangjiong rivers (钱塘江).建造大运河的工程花了6年时间将其沿线的各个河道串联起来并连接了海河、黄河、淮河、长江和钱塘江。The Grand Canal starts north in Beijing and ends south in Hangzhou (杭州)with a total length of l794 kilometers.大运河北起北京南至杭州,全程长1794公里。As the earliest and longest man-made canal in the world, the canal is the economic and cultural communication bridge of the north and south, which was first built in the 5th century and was substantially extended twice during the Sui and Yuan dynasties.作为世界上最早和最长的人工运河,京杭大运河是连接中国南北的经济与文化交流之桥,它首建于公元前5世纪,在隋朝和元朝期间延伸建设了两次。In nowadays, the speedy urbanization process and the enormous landscape change projects such as the water diverting projects from the south to the north, offer great opportunities to the sustainable development of our country.今天,快速的城市化进程和巨大的地形改变工程例如“南水北调”工程为我国的稳定发展创造了巨大的机遇。 /201511/398394哈尔滨医大一院正规吗 During the period of the Eastern Han, transmarine transport expanded, which led to a close relation with other countries.东汉时期海外交通进一步发展。The Han court received a Japanese goodwill envoy in 57 to whom Emperor Guangwu gave a seal inscribed with a title of honor.建武中元二年(57),倭国派使臣来赠送方物,刘秀赐以印绶。Later, Han iron and bronze wares and silk goods found their way to Japan.此后东汉的铁器、铜器和丝织品便源源不断地输往倭国。It is said that in 64, Mingdi sent his official Cai Yin to Central Asia to learn more about Buddhism after a vision of a golden figure appeared to him in a dream, who a minister told him was Buddha.相传,汉明帝在梦里见到一个金人,大臣告诉他那是佛。于是公元64年,明帝遣郎中蔡愔等出使天竺(印度)求其道。In 67, Cai Yin returned and brought back with him not only the images of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures but also two Buddhist monks Kasyapamatanga and Dharmaranya, who came to Luoyang at the invitation of the Han emissary, which marked the beginning of the sp of Buddhism in China. Emperor Ming ordered the White Horse Monastery built in their honor and asked them to translate Buddhist sutras into Chinese.蔡愔于公元67年回洛阳,带来佛像和一些佛经,并邀请沙门摄腾和竺法兰一起回国。次年,明帝在洛阳建白马寺,供摄腾、竺法兰居住,并翻译《四十二章经》,为中土佛教之始。They were followed by the Parthian monk An Shigao, who came to China in 148 and stayed for more than years.公元148年帕提亚僧人安世高来到中国,居住了20年。He became a well-known translator, rendering into Chinese 95 Buddhist works comprising 115 juan during his stay.在此期间,他翻译了115卷95部佛经,成为著名的译者。During the reign of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He, with China’s prosperity came another attempt at westward expansion.章帝、和帝时,国力强盛,朝廷意图向西拓展疆域。In 73, for the purpose of building good relationship with western region tribes, a military officer, Ban Chao, younger brother of Ban Gu, went westward on a diplomatic mission with a delegation of thirty-six men.公元73年,为建立与西域各国的友好关系,班超(班固的弟弟)带领36名军士,奉命出使西域。He finally made those desert tribes tributaries of the Eastern Han Empire, which ensured the long peace and smoothness along the Silk Road.他成功说各国向东汉称臣,确保了丝绸之路的安全畅通。Furthermore, Ban Chao once remained in the Western Regions for 31 years, suppressing rebellions and establishing diplomatic relations with over 50 states there.班固在西域长达31年之久,不但多次镇压叛乱,还与50多个国家建立了外交关系。In 97, the Eastern Han court dispatched an emissary, Gan Ying to Daqin(the Roman Empire).公元97年,东汉朝廷派甘英出使大秦(罗马帝国)。He traveled westward, passing Tiaozhi(modern Iraq) and Anxi (modern Iran), and finally arrived at the west border of Anxi (the Persian Gulf), but returned without crossing the sea.Though failed to reach Daqin, he brought home a wealth of information about west Asia.甘英西经条(今伊拉克)、安息(今伊朗)诸国,至安息西界(波斯湾),未过海而还,带回了大量有关西亚地区的信息。As the most famous envoy after Zhang Qian, Gan Ying made great contribution to open a route connecting Asia with Europe.甘英是继张骞之后到达西亚的使节,为开辟欧亚通道做出了重要贡献。 /201512/413044European teenagers face having to secure parental permission to join the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat before the age of 16, under new EU data protection proposals that are riling US technology companies.根据一项新的欧盟数据保护提议,不到16岁的欧洲青少年必须征得父母同意才能加入脸书、Instagram和Snapchat等平台,这让美国科技公司感到愤怒。The new regulations would make it illegal for companies to handle data from anyone aged 15 or younger without the consent of parents, potentially blowing a hole in the business models of social media companies that have relied on teenage users for rapid growth.这一新的条例将会使那些未征求父母同意,而掌握了15岁及以下孩子信息的公司落入违法的境地,同时也潜在地抓住了一些依赖青少年用户快速增长的社交媒体公司商业模式的把柄。A senior executive at one US tech group said: ;This is a ban that will require millions of kids and teenagers to get permission from their parents to use Internet services. That includes email accounts, social media platforms and downloading apps.;美国某科技集团的一名高管表示:;这项禁令将要求数以百万计的儿童和青少年获得父母的许可才能使用互联网务,包括电子邮件账户、社交媒体平台和下载应用。;US tech groups have launched a frantic lobbying effort against the proposal.美国众多科技集团正疯狂游说反对上述提议。Tech-savvy teenagers brought up in the digital age tend to be early adopters of social networks. The networks themselves then use this as a sales pitch to lure advertisers.在数字时代长大的科技控青少年往往是社交网络的早期用户,社交网络把这当作一个卖点来吸引广告商。A coalition including Google, Facebook and Twitter on Monday accused negotiators of rushing the amendment and not consulting child-safety organisations.谷歌、脸书和推特于周一联合声明,就议员仓促修订提议以及未与儿童安全组织协商这一行为进行了谴责。 /201512/416820哈市三院治疗效果如何

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