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购买圣诞礼物 Shoing Christmas Gifts-- :5: CAROLINE: What should I get Uncle Teddy?DRAKE: You could get him a tie.CAROLINE: Are you kidding?That's the stupidest gift one can buy. I don't want to get a tie.DRAKE: Why not?CAROLINE: Everybody gets men ties Christmas. It's too boring. Everybody buys either ties or sweaters. I want a more unique gift.DRAKE: Well, you can buy him a pet iguana then.CAROLINE: That's a cool idea. At least it would be a surprise.But I'm afraid he wouldn't take care of it.DRAKE: He would think you were crazy, Caroline. CAROLINE: Yes. An iguana is too strange a gift, and a tie is too normal.So I have to find something halfway between.DRAKE: How much do you want to spend?CAROLINE: Well, he was very good to me.He helped me edit my essay the scholarship contest.So I want to spend at least 75 dollars.DRAKE: Alright, I have an idea.You know he carries that conservative-looking briefcase every day.CAROLINE: Yes.DRAKE: Well, he isn't a lawyer, so I don't think he needs to have a briefcase like that.CAROLINE: What should he have then?DRAKE: I think he would appreciate having a very fine leather bag.But more like a bookbag or shoulder bag.You know, not so hard and square like a briefcase.CAROLINE: I think that's a great idea. Men look great with that kind of bag.Where can we buy one?DRAKE: I don't think this mall has a leather goods store.So we have to go to State Street.CAROLINE: Alright. We can go later then.DRAKE: We can buy something Mom and Dad here,and then go buy Uncle Teddy's gift on State Street.CAROLINE: Good plan. What should we get Mom though?DRAKE: She said she wants one of those automatic foot massagers.I think they sell them at Sears.CAROLINE: Alright. We can go check at Sears and see if they have them.And what about Dad?DRAKE: How about the iguana?CAROLINE: I think it would be a great joke.But I know we'd have to take the iguana back. And the pet store might not let us.So why don't we get him something else? Some clothes maybe.DRAKE: A tie?CAROLINE: Oh, shut up about ties! get about ties, why not?DRAKE: I was just kidding. 凯洛琳:送什么给泰迪叔叔好呢?杰瑞克:可以送他领带啊凯洛琳:开什么玩笑?那是最蠢的礼物了,我不要买领带杰瑞克:为什么不呢?凯洛琳:大家都送男生领带当圣诞礼物,那太死板了不是送领带就是送毛衣,我要送点特别的杰瑞克:那么你可以买只宠物鬣蜥蜴给他凯洛琳:不错的点子,至少他会很惊讶不过我怕他不会养杰瑞克:他会认为你疯了,凯洛琳凯洛琳:没错送蜥蜴太奇怪,送领带又太普通所以要取其中杰瑞克:你要花多少钱?凯洛琳:他对我很好他帮我修改要参赛拿奖学金的文章,所以我至少要送他 75 美元的东西杰瑞克:那好,我想到了你知道他每天都提着那个老旧的公文包凯洛琳:是的杰瑞克:他不是律师,不需要用那种公文包吧凯洛琳:那么他该用什么包包?杰瑞克:他会喜欢用皮制的包包但要更像是书包或是背包不像公文包那样又硬又方正凯洛琳:这主意不错,男生背那种背包很好看哪里买得到呢?杰瑞克:这个购物中心没有皮制品的商店我们必须到斯泰特街上凯洛琳:好,那么等会儿去买吧杰瑞克:我们可以在这儿买爸妈的礼物,然后再去斯泰特街上买泰迪叔叔的礼物凯洛琳:就这么办,那么买什么给妈妈呢?杰瑞克:她说她想要一台脚部电动机我想在希尔斯有卖的凯洛琳:好,我们去希尔斯看看有没有那么送爸爸的呢?杰瑞克:送鬣蜥蜴如何?凯洛琳:那会很好笑不过我们得把鬣蜥蜴扛回去,而且宠物店可能不会让我们这么做借点钱-- ::57   Could I bum some money of you?   我能先从你那借点钱吗?   bum some money一般是用在非常熟的朋友之间,它的意思更加偏向于蹭的意思当然在钱的方面,大多还是要还的   如果你只是想蹭根烟或别的什么小东西的话   Can I bum a cigarette off you?   那就无所谓什么还不还了Spring 春天 -- :0:57 来源: Spring 春天  I like spring best of all the four seasons. When spring comes, it's getting warmer and warmer, and the world becomes rich and colorful.   The sun is red, the sky is blue, clouds are white, and the trees get green again.     In spring, we can see beautiful flowers everywhere. The birds come back from the south, and sing happily all day. Everything comes back to life again.     Look, the boys and girls are flying kites by the river happily. How beautiful the season is!  一年四季之中,我最喜欢春天当春天到来时,天气变得越来越暖和,世界变得五颜六色  太阳是红彤彤的,天空是碧蓝的,云朵是白色的,树木又变绿了     在春天,我们到处都能看到美丽的花朵鸟儿从南方飞回来了,整天开心地唱万物复苏了     你瞧,孩子们正欢快地在河边放风筝这个季节多美啊!

日记 Diary -- :: 来源: Today I was sad because I was blamed. The day bee yesterday, my father gave me a task. He told me to finish math exercises and he would check today. I have to days to finish them. But I did not, because there was a football game yesterday. I was so tired, so I got them. Today, my father wanted to check my exercises. He found I did not finish, so he scoldedme. He was angry and he do not let me play football anymore. I am afraid I can't play football anymore.今天我很伤心,因为我被责备了前天爸爸交给我一个任务,让我完成数学习题,今天要检查我有两天时间完成,但是我没完成,因为昨天有场球赛,我很累,所以忘记完成了今天,爸爸要检查我的练习他发现我没完成,责骂了我他很生气并且不再让我踢足球了我恐怕以后再也没机会踢球了

我的五一长假(My May Holiday) -- :31: 来源: 我的五一长假(My May Holiday)  During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting.  Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children.  It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house.  My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.  I like the holiday. I like my May Day.

北京 Beijing -- :: 来源: Beijing is the capital of China. It is the center of economy, politics, and culture. It locates in the northeastern part of China. It is hot in summer, but cold and dry in winter. It usually snows in winter. There are many tourist attractions in Beijing, such as Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and so on. It is a modern city with long history. In , the 9th Olympic Games was held in Beijing. It was a great success.北京是中国的首都,是经济、政治、文化的中心它座落在中国的东北部北京夏天很热,但是冬天又干又冷,而且经常下雪北京有很多旅游景点,如天安门广场,颐和园,长城等等它是一座历史悠久的现代化城市年,第二十九届奥运会在北京举行,取得了巨大成功

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