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重庆脱毛中心綦江区鼻部修复多少钱A friend of mine was giving an English lesson to a class of adult who had recently come to live in the ed States. After placing quite a number of everyday objects on a table, he asked various members of the class to give him the ruler, the book, the pen and so on. The class went very smoothly and the students seemed interested and serious about the work that they were engaged in until when my friend turned to an Italian student and said, ;Give me the keys.; The man looked surprised and somewhat at a loss. Seeing this, my friend thought that the student hadn#39;t heard him clearly, so he repeated. ;Give me the keys.; The Italian shrugged his shoulders. Then, he threw his arms around the teacher#39;s neck and kissed him on both cheeks.  我的一位朋友在给一个成人学生班级上英语课。他们都是新近来美国生活的。在一张桌子上摆了许多日常用品之后,他请全班同学给他挑出尺子、书本、钢笔等。课进行得井然有序,学生们对自己所做的似乎很感兴趣,也很认真。后来轮到一名来自意大利的学生,我的朋友说:“给我钥匙。”那人看起来非常吃惊,也有点手足无措。看到这种情况,我的朋友想是他没有听清楚,于是又重复了一遍:“给我钥匙。”那位意大利学生耸了耸肩。接着,他伸出胳膊搂住老师的脖子在双颊上亲了两下。 /201303/230692重庆市中心医院怎么走 Grand Central纽约中央车站The survivor历经世事沧桑的幸存者As thestation celebrates its centennial, New York looks to the next 100 years.中央车站迎来百年庆典,此时纽约仿佛看到了下一个100年“EUROPE has its cathedralsand we have Grand Central Station,” said Philip Johnson, an architect, when healong with Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Kent Barwick, then a director of NewYork’s Municipal Art Society (MAS), fought to save the station from demolitionin the 1970s. It took a Supreme Court decision to save the magnificentBeaux-Arts building; but it survived and launched its year-long centennialcelebration on February 1st.“欧洲有大教堂,我们有中央车站,” 建筑大师菲利普·约翰逊(Philip Johnson)与杰奎琳·肯尼迪·奥纳西斯(Jackie Kennedy Onassis)和肯特·巴维克(Kent Barwick)在一起的时候曾这样说过。在20世纪70年代,纽约市政艺术协会(MAS)的一名导演曾为中央车站免于拆迁而奋斗奔波。最高法院下令才使这座宏伟的艺术建筑免于毁坏,不管怎样它幸存了下来,并在2月1日举行了百年庆典。The station’s architectural oddities, stilldelight. A concave ceiling in the main concourse depicting the constellationsdraws the eye upwards. The station helped create New York’s premiere businessdistrict, where 250,000 people work, and it still serves it well.中央车站的建筑风格奇异,但又赏心悦目,中心大厅星空穹顶引得人们抬头观看。中央车站带动创造了可容纳25万人工作的纽约主商业区,并且为商业区提供良好的务。The station’s construction was a vast undertaking:25 miles of water and sewer lines had to be relocated, and 3m cubic yards ofdirt and rock were excavated. Trackswere lowered underground and electrified and the ground above became Park Avenue. The station,since 1991 home to acommuter line and several subway lines, was once the main gateway to the rest of thecountry. In 1913, 75,000 passed through the station per day; today that numberis 750,000, with 1m people passing though the station on busy days. Some160,000 more are expected when the commuter line to Long Island is extended toGrand Central in 2019.建造中央车站是一项浩大的工程:必须重新安置25英里的自来水管道和污水管道,挖掘300万立方土石,铁轨降到地下,统一电气化,地面是公园大道。自1991年成为通勤站和几条地铁线的始发站以来,中央车站曾是人们出入美国其他地方的主要通道。1913年车站每天接待75000人,现在达到75万人,高峰时段会达到100万人。如果2019年中央车站开通连接长岛的交通线,届时车站每天通过人数预计会再增16万。Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, wants toensure the surrounding area, home to 14 Fortune 500 companies, remains adesirable business district. He has proposed changing the zoning laws for the78-block area around the station in East Midtown. Re-zoning would make iteasier to demolish out-of-date buildings and allow grander commercial space tobe built. He also wants to partially pedestrianise Vanderbilt Avenue, anunderused street behind the station named for a railway tycoon. The area doeshave a lot of older buildings with high vacancy rates. The average age ofoffice buildings in the area is 73, much older than similar places in globalrivals.纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)希望确保周围区域仍是令人满意的商业区,它也是14家财富500强公司的所在地。他提议改变东中城车站附近78个区域的分区法规。重新划区将更好地拆除过时的建筑,建造大规模的商业区。他还希望把部分范德比尔特大道设为行人专区,这条大道以一位铁路大亨命名,位于中央车站后方,当时还未投入使用。这片区域有许多老建筑,空置率很高,办公大楼的平均年龄是73岁,比全球同类地区建筑的历史久远得多。New York has a history of bold vision. Its streetgrid was designed for 1m people at a time when the population barely topped 100,000.The subway was built when much of New York was still farmland. Mr Bloomberg haslong looked to the future. He has re-zoned 36% of the city since 2002. Withjust one year left in his term, he is moving quickly with his plans, which concern many, like VinCipolla, the present head of the MAS, who accepts that midtown must evolve, butis worried about unprotected historic buildings. Just like Mrs Onassis.纽约向来具备远见胆识,其街道的设计流量为100万人,而当时人口才刚刚10万人,在大部分土地仍是农田的情况下就修建地铁。布隆伯格一直放眼未来,自2002年以来曾重新划分了纽约36%的地区。在即将离任的一年里,他快速实施自己的规划,使得许多人为之担心。其中就包括MAS的现任领导文西·珀拉(Vin Cipolla),他赞同市中心一定要发展,但也担心未受到保护的历史建筑遭到破坏。他的行事风格跟奥纳西斯夫人很类似。 /201302/225016His mind has grappled with space and time, and explored the strange beauty of black holes aglow, but in recent days a more earthly problem has occupied the world#39;s most famous scientist.他的思想已经掌握了空间和时间,并探索过黑洞发出红光的奇怪美景,但最近几天一个更加实际的问题已经使这位世界上最著名科学家忙碌起来。Stephen Hawking, the former Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, must ponder how to spend m (#163;1.8m) that has landed in his bank account after winning the most lucrative science prize ever established.斯蒂芬#8226;霍金,前剑桥大学卢卡逊数学教授,在获得自设立以来最有钱的科学奖之后,必须得考虑如何花完落在他账户的300万美元(即180万英镑) 。The renowned physicist who missed his 70th birthday celebrations through illness in January, has won the Special Fundamental Physics Prize for a lifetime of achievements, including the discovery that black holes emit radiation, and his deep contributions to quantum gravity and aspects of the early universe.这位因病错过了他在1月的70岁生日庆典的著名物理学家,因其一生的成就(包括发现黑洞会发出辐射以及他在量子重力和早期宇宙各个方面的深入贡献)赢得了这一特殊的基础物理学奖。The award is one of several set up in July by Yuri Milner, a Russian internet mogul, who quit his PhD in physics and made a billion dollars from investments in social media and other companies, such as Twitter, Facebook and Groupon.这个奖项是由Yuri Milner7月份设立的几个奖项中的其中一个,一位俄罗斯的互联网大亨,他放弃了物理学士学位,从投资社会媒体和其他公司比如Twitter、Facebook和Groupon中挣得了十亿美元。The prize winners were selected by an independent committee of physicists, such as d Witten, the string theorist, and Alan Guth, who proposed the theory of cosmic inflation. The awards can go to much younger researchers than typically receive the Nobel prize, as experimental proof of theoretical work is not required.获奖者是由物理学家组成的独立委员会选定,例如艾德#8226;威滕,弦理论学家和提出了宇宙膨胀理论的Alan Guth。这个奖项可以颁给更年轻的研究人员相比通常获诺贝尔奖来说,因为理论工作的实验明不是必须的。In an email to the Guardian, Professor Hawking said he was ;delighted and honoured; to receive the prize. ;No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before. Nevertheless prizes like these play an important role in giving public recognition for achievement in physics. They increase the stature of physics and interest in it,; he wrote.在给《卫报》的一封电子邮件中,霍金教授表示他“很高兴和荣幸”领取奖金。“没有人会带着获奖的目的进行物理研究。它是发现前人不知道的东西的一种快乐。然而这样的奖项在让公众认识物理学成就中扮演着重要的角色。它们提高了物理学的地位和其中的兴趣,”他写道。;Although almost every theoretical physicist agrees with my prediction that a black hole should glow like a hot body, it would be very difficult to verify experimentally because the temperature of a macroscopic black hole is so low,; he added.“虽然几乎每个理论物理学家都同意我的预测,黑洞应该像一个发热体那样发光,实验验将是非常困难的,因为肉眼可见的黑洞温度是如此之低,”他补充道。The physicist, who rose to fame with his 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, and made guest appearances on The Simpsons and Star Trek, has not settled on how to spend the windfall. ;I will help my daughter with her autistic son, and maybe buy a holiday home, not that I take many holidays because I enjoy my work in theoretical physics,; he wrote.这位物理学家以他1988年的著作《时间简史》一举成名,客串过《辛普森一家》和《星际迷航》,还没有决定如何花费这笔意外之财。“我将帮助我的女儿和她患有自闭症的儿子,也许会买一个度假别墅,不是我有很多假日,因为我喜欢从事理论物理的工作,”他写道。Nima Arkani-Hamed, a member of the selection committee, said: ;In the case of Hawking, what can you say? This is an absolutely true giant of modern physics. He#39;s done massive, massive things.;Nima Arkani-Hamed,评选委员会的一个成员,他说:“对于霍金,你能说什么呢?这是一个绝对真实的现代物理学巨人。他所做的是重大的、重大的事情。”Milner, 51, holds an advanced degree in theoretical physics from Moscow State University, but abandoned a PhD at the Russian Academy of Sciences for an MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He remains a physics enthusiast though, and established the awards to recognise the greatest minds in fundamental physics, and help them to make significant contributions in the future.Milner,51岁,拥有一个从莫斯科州立大学获得的理论物理学高等学位,但为了宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院的MBA放弃了在俄罗斯科学院的士学位。但他仍然是一个物理爱好者,并设立了在认可基础物理学方面最伟大的奖项,帮助他们在未来作出卓越的贡献。The conditions attached to the prizes require the winners to give at least one annual public lecture on their field. Most of the talks will be recorded and posted on the website.这一奖项的附加条件要求获奖者关于他们的领域至少做一次年度公开演讲。大多数演讲将被录下来并在网站上发布。 /201212/213654重庆植发可靠吗

重庆哪家医院可以去腿毛因为一时疏忽,宜宾一女网友的手提包被“顺走”。二十多天后,小偷将部分失物送回她的家门口,还附上了一封中英文双语的手写道歉信。  小偷送回部分失物致“双语”道歉信  上个月7日,网友“高档神曲”在江北公园门口丢失一个女士包。让她痛心的不只是包里的现金和卡,还有一部装满自己儿子成长经历的iPhone 4S白色手机。  5月8号,小偷却将包送到了她家门外。意外的是,他还附上了一封“致歉信”,由中英两种语言组成。在信中,他称自己是个“不懂事的孩子”,“……拾金不昧我已做不到,但能还你一些也少一点愧疚。”  让网友觉得雷人的是,这封致歉信部分语言让人哭笑不得:“……我负你,你当然恨我……”不少网友吐槽说:“这是分手信吧?!”  失主发帖追讨手机“监控拍到你了”  对于该小偷拿走包却又还回来的行为,网友“高档神曲”坦言,小偷虽然把自己的包还回来了,却把包中的手机占为己有。  帖子中,“高档神曲”不仅把小偷写的道歉信公诸于众,还在帖子的末尾表示,自己已经得到了小偷当天还包时的监控录像、纸袋指纹,以及进入大门时的当场人。“经咨询律师得知;一个月的考虑时间,价值已经超过5千,有相关据是可以立案侦查;期望您能在看到此条后作出正确选择;一个月后我可能会将现有资料提交侦查机关。  小编:据悉,这名心怀愧疚的小偷是一名大学生,现已将财物归还给失主。对于小偷的偷窃行为,我们当然不耻,但是大学生偷窃是“生活所迫有苦衷”还是“虚荣心作祟”?  在这封中英文双语致歉信中,我们看到作者用“sorry, it#39;s my mistake”和反复使用“thank you”;thank you very much;;many thanks;;thanks a lot;来乞求失主的原谅。那么在英文中,到底应该如何表达歉意呢?  英语中表达歉意的说法:  1. Forgive me, I didn#39;t mean to offend you.  请原谅,我不是有意惹您生气。  2. I can#39;t tell you how sorry I am.  我真的是很抱歉。  3. I didn#39;t mean it that way.  事情闹成这样并非我的本意。  4. I#39;m awfully sorry.  非常抱歉。  5. I hope you will excuse me.  希望你能原谅我。  6. Words cannot describe how sorry I am.  语言无法描述我对你的歉意。  7. My mistake. It won#39;t happen again.  是我的错。以后不会再发生类似的事情了。  8. Please accept my sincere apology.  请接受我诚心诚意的道歉。  9. I really feel bad about it.  我真的感到很内疚。  10. It#39;s all my fault. I#39;ll try to make it up to you.  这事儿全怪我,我会尽力补救。 /201305/240645长寿区激光治疗红血丝价格 Step 1 Be assertive1.果断Be assertive. Guys respond to directness, so don#39;t hint that you#39;d like a call every now and then. Even a simple, ;It#39;d be great if you called me this afternoon to go over our plans for the evening; will work.一定要果断。男孩们喜欢言简意赅,不要暗示你随时都希望他打电话。即使简单的一句,“如果你今天下午打电话给我商量一下晚上的计划就好了”,也比较好。Step 2 Give positive reinforcement2.积极的强调Give him positive reinforcement when he does get around to dialing. Sound happy to hear from him and you#39;ll train him to love giving you a ring instead of ding it.当他打电话给你的时候,一定要反应积极。表现出听到他的电话非常开心的样子,这样会训练他喜欢打电话给你,而不是讨厌。Step 3 Keep it short3.保持通话简短Keep the conversation brief – 10 minutes or less, and keep it light. Chances are, neither of you wants to get bogged down in endless chitchat.通话简短——最好控制在十分钟以内,而且语气要轻快。你们两人肯定都不想陷入没完没了的闲谈中。If he calls during the day, tell him you have a meeting in five minutes and can#39;t talk long. Leave him wanting more.如果他在白天打电话,告诉他你五分钟后要开会,不能说太久。让他更想给你打电话。Step 4 Be understanding4.理解Understand that many men like texting or e-mailing because they can seem funnier or smarter if they can proof their thoughts. If he sounds awkward during the call, let it go.要理解,许多男人喜欢发短信或邮件,因为如果能提前考虑他们的想法,他们会看上去更加有趣,更加聪明。如果在通话过程中他听上去有点尴尬,不要斤斤计较。Step 5 Have a last resort5.最后的妥协Call him as a last resort. He may follow suit and call you back.最后的手段就是,主动打电话给他。他会照做,回电话给你。The first cellular phone was a Motorola that weighed 2 pounds, offered a half hour of talk time, and sold for ,995 in 1984.1984年问世的第一部手机是托罗拉,重达2磅,可以提供半小时的通话时间,售价3,995美元。 /201301/218165重庆市妇保医院做抽脂手术多少钱

潼南区激光脱腋毛多少钱You have a rough start to the day. Or the week. Or the year. How do you bounce back? How do you get things back on track? Sometimes it’s all about bringing a positive attitude.你今天一开始就不顺。或这一周不顺。或这一年都不顺。那你怎么扭转局势呢?怎么能让事情重回轨道呢?其实有的时候只要有积极的态度,困难就会迎刃而解了。When things get tough or don’t go your way, do you react by getting even more upset? Getting angry doesn’t solve anything. Neither does complaining. Can you bring your positive attitude when you need it the most?当你遇到困难时,或事情没有向你想的方向发展时,你的反应是变得更加沮丧吗?生气解决不了任何问题。抱怨也是如此。当你最需要正能量的时候,你能变得积极吗?When things are going south, you need to turn your attitude around and head the other direction. But, how do you turn on your positive attitude when everything around you seems negative?当事情变得越来越糟糕时,你需要转变态度,朝着另一个方向前进。但是当你周围的事情都是消极时,如何能够唤起积极的正能量呢?Here are 10 Ways to Bring Your Positive Attitude When You Need it the Most:下面的10种方法,能在你最需要正能量时,帮助你唤醒它们。1、Choose to Be Happy1、选择快乐This may cliché, but that’s because it is true. Your happiness is up to you. Many people forget this. Truly successful people choose happiness no matter what their immediate circumstances.这听起来像陈词滥调,但是事实确实如此。你是否开心取决于你自己。很多人都忘记了这一点。真正成功的人士,无论他们当前的环境如何,都会选择快乐。2、Say “Yes, Let’s!”2、说 “好,我们一起去做吧!”I learned this magical phrase years ago while taking a comedy improv course. In improv comedy, one of the techniques is never to “stop” where another comedian is going with a thought. Saying “No” isn’t funny. “Yes, let’s!” continues the story. The same is true in life. Don’t be a “stop” to the exciting things going on around you. Instead, of saying “I don’t know” or “maybe”… try “Yes, let’s!”我是在上即兴喜剧课的时候知道了这个带有魔力的短语。在即兴喜剧表演中,有一个技巧是当其他喜剧演员有想法的时候千万不要打断他。说“不” 一点儿也不搞笑。“好,我们一起去做吧!” 才能让故事得以延续。生活也是如此。不要阻止你身边令人兴奋的事情发生,而要说“我不知道”或“也许吧”……试一下: “好,我们一起去做吧!”3、Smile3、微笑Smiling is one of those universal things that is preprogrammed in all of us. Doubt this? Smile at a baby. They smile back. Smile at a stranger in the street. They will smile back, before catching themselves and hustling off.我们天生就会微笑。不信?对着婴儿微笑,他们也会朝你笑。在大街上向陌生人微笑,他们会朝你微笑,然后才会匆匆离开。4、Be a Problem Solver, Not a Problem Maker4、做一个解决问题的人,而不是制造问题的人This is an important career tip, although it applies to other areas of life as well. Complaining about a problem doesn’t do anyone any good. Often, others are aware of the problem, as well. Instead, try doing something about the problem.这是一个很重要的职业技巧,也可以用于生活中的其他方面。抱怨问题不会给任何人带来好处。通常情况下别人也知道这个问题。相反,要试着去做一些事情来解决问题。5、Whistle While You Work5、工作时吹口哨Ever see someone doing tough work and they are whistling a tune? They are toiling away, but yet they are happy enough to be singing a song? Music can play a magical part in your positive attitude. I use Spotify to ensure that I always have my music with me.有没有看过有人在艰苦工作时吹着口哨?他们在辛苦工作,却能开心地唱歌?其实音乐在唤起你的正能量时能起着很重要的作用。我使用音乐播放软件Spotify,这样能让音乐一直伴我左右。6、Do Something New6、尝试一些新事情Chances are you do the same things every day. You do the same work. You eat the same foods. You wear the same clothes. Shake things up by doing something new. Try a new approach. Take a new path. Even talk to someone new. All of these can pump up your attitude.你可能每天都做同样的事情。你每天都做同样的工作,吃同样的食物,穿同样的衣。尝试一些新事情来调整一下吧。试着用一种新的方法,或走一条新路,甚至还可以和陌生人聊天。这些都会让你的态度变得积极。7、Look for the Opportunity7、寻找机遇Even the worst of circumstances have opportunities. Can you find the opportunity when things look bleak? I once had to leave a company due to an unethical boss. I was devastated at the time, but it lead me to look at new careers that I had never considered.即使是最差的环境也蕴育着机遇。当事情变得糟糕时,你能不能找到机遇?有一次,我因为一个缺乏职业道德的老板而不得不离开公司,但这也使得我去做之间从没想过的新事业。8、Laugh8、大笑Like smiling, laughing is also something that is preprogrammed in all of us. However, along the road of life, many of us have lost our sense of humor. Want to turn around a bad situation? Look it in the eye and laugh. Then do something about it.和微笑一样,大笑也是我们生来就具有的能力。然而在生活的路途中,很多人都失去了幽默感。想要扭转糟糕的局势吗?正视它,然后大笑。接着做一些事情来处理它。9、Let Anger Go9、释放愤怒Anger doesn’t help in 99% of situations. In fact, it usually makes things worse. It clouds your judgement. It stresses others. It causes additional friction to whatever is happening. Learn to control your temper. Being calm under stress is a powerful skill.99%的情况下愤怒都是没有用的。事实上,它有可能让事情变得更糟。愤怒会影响你的判断力,会给他人带来压力。无论是什么事情,愤怒都会带来额外的矛盾。学会控制自己的情绪。在压力下保持镇定是一项强大的技能。10、Learn from Losing10、从失败中学习No one wins all of the time. Learn from the times that you lose. What can you learn from your missteps? All great champions were once losers at some point. But, they learned. And they kept a positive attitude until they got better.没有人总是会赢。从失败中学习。你从你的过失中能学到什么?所有伟大的冠军都曾在某些时候失败过。但是他们从失败中学习,并且一直保持着积极的态度,直到自己变得更加出色。 /201210/205627 重庆隆鼻重庆医科大学附属二院激光脱毛多少钱



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