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Journalist Laurens Pierce rushes film to New York.记者劳伦·皮尔斯带着拍到的影像赶回纽约15 minutes of raw footage interrupts As Sunday Night Movie.十五分钟的原始素材 在美国广播公司周日晚间电影时段插播The birth of breaking TV news.即时新闻报道就此诞生By 1965, 9 out of 10 American families own a television.到1965年 美国十户人家里有九户都有电视机Over 70% of the adult population watch the TV news every evening.超过70%的成年人群每晚收看电视新闻All three networks show the Selma violence.三大电视网络都播放着塞尔玛的暴力事件45 million viewers.观众数量达到四千五百万人Television made horror and brutality local,电视使得恐惧与暴行so local that it was in your living room.就像发生在你的客厅里一样That had never happened before in the history of the ed States.这在美国的历史上前所未有The nation couldnt look away.国家无法熟视无睹People were amazed,人们对这些即时的画面错愕万分however grainy, however black and white,at the immediacy of those images,不管画面颗粒多粗糙 也不在乎看到的是黑白的场景the people who were beaten to within an inch of their lives.那些人都被打到奄奄一息You didnt have to be in the movement to believe in Civil Rights,你不必亲自参与到运动中后 才相信民权but those pictures you couldnt turn off.但这些画面你无法回避Within 15 days, president Lyndon Johnson Proposes the Voting Rights Act,十五天内 林登·约翰逊总统 提出投票权法案Outlawing voter discrimination.Landmark legislation.宣布对投票者的歧视为不合法行为 这是具有里程碑意义的立法A turning point for civil rights in America.是美国民权运动的转折点201606/448242Yep, Philippa!好 菲利帕I hate this!我真讨厌这项Dont throw, push.别往下扔 要推出去I cant... I cant clear the yellow line.我做不到...我扔不到黄线那Three metres 70, so that gets you one mark.3.7米。你可以得一分You just need, you know, 30 more centimetres and youll be done.你只需要再多扔三十厘米就好了You know, a rulers length, and then youll be fine.就一把尺子那么长就行了She got 5.3 and shes really annoyed.她扔了5.3米 她很恼怒Howd you do in the run? I cant remember.你跑步成绩怎么样?我记不住了Howd you do in sit-ups?仰卧起坐的成绩呢Its the only one you havent passed.这是你唯一没及格的一项I know, but I dont even care about passing.我知道。但我不关心及不及格I just think its a really bad, like...我就是感觉太糟糕了 就是...Why? I just dont think comparing yourself to others is a good, healthy lifestyle.为什么?我不觉得把自己和别人比是一种健康向上的生活方式This is the experience, isnt it?这就是种经历 是不是And this is what its like. And I know youre supposed...就是这样的。我知道你应该...Theyre used to doing it.他们习惯这么做Its just a shock to us cos weve never done this sort of, like, competition every week.但我们觉得很震惊 因为我们从来没有每周都进行比赛这样Im a perfectionist, so I get really hard on myself and really self-critical.我是个完美主义者,我对自己的要求非常严格,我会怪自己不争气I just dont think competitions like this is my sort of thing.我觉得自己真的不擅长这样的竞争方式Right, you need to stop, OK? Stop.好了 别哭了 好吗 别哭了I cant stop. But you can. You can stop,我停不下来。你可以 别再想了because you have to concentrate on the things that you are good at.因为你得把注意力放在你擅长的事情上Theres nothing to hide, theres nothing to be ashamed of, OK?没什么要遮掩的,没什么可羞愧的 明白吗You need to hold your head up high.你要挺胸抬头Youve been trying so hard.你一直都很努力It doesnt work, though. But listen to me.但没成功。但听我说This is how it is.人生就是如此Lets go get a drink and calm down.我们去喝点东西冷静一下Youve taken onboard what Ive said?我说的你都听进去了吗Its really hit home to me why we set students in PE.为什么要让学生们上体育课,我觉得这个原因至关重要But effectively, this Chinese way,但其实这个中式方法this, theyre being told that their best isnt good enough.让学生们明白自己尽力做到的最好还是不够好It just puts so much pressure on them to pass这给学生们增加了巨大的考试压力and if they dont pass, they feel like a failure -如果他们挂科了 他们会感觉像个失败者and it just breaks my heart to see, to see students get so upset.看到学生们如此沮丧,这太让我伤心了201605/442391TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480356We were actually looking for some small pieces of bone.我们正在找一些小骨骼We have seen that there were bones in those rocks我们看到那些石头里有骨骼so we were just essentially chipping little pieces of rock所以我们耐心地敲碎石头and seeing if there were any bones or fragments in there.看看里面是不是有骨头或碎片Dr Rougier doesnt do dinosaurs. Hes not even looking for plants.Rougier士并非研究恐龙,他也不是在寻找植物Hes after something even more precious and harder to find.他的目标是一些更珍贵、更难找的东西People working on dinosaurs think that they have a lot of heavy work and so on,研究恐龙的那些人认为他们的工作非常繁重but we looking for tiny little mammals, you know little creatures like this and like that,但是我们要找的是小型哺乳动物,你要知道像这样的小动物we have an even harder time because they can trip over a skeleton of a dinosaur,找起来更加困难,它们可能被恐龙的骨骼埋住but for us to identify a little mammal jaw like this而我们却要在现场辨认这么小的哺乳动物颚骨,in the field for which only a little portion is showing up its very tough.它们只露出这么小一点点,这真的非常困难Mammals were the Cinderellas of the Jurassic.哺乳动物是侏罗纪时代的“灰姑娘”They were tiny, like present day mice, and probably nocturnal.它们像今天的老鼠一样小,而且很可能是夜行动物Their fossils are so rare that before the site was discovered在这次发现之前,它们的化石非常稀少not a single Jurassic mammal had ever been found in South America before.此前南美洲从未发现过一种侏罗纪哺乳动物We were kind of y to head back home and kind of a little bit dispirited我们都已经准备回家了,大家都有点失望because after four or five days we havent really gotten what we were looking for,因为连续四五天我们都没能找到我们想要的东西I saw a little thing that was very suggestive of a jaw of a mammal,我看见一样小东西很像哺乳类的颚骨but there wasnt enough showing to be sure that that was the case.但它那些部分并不能完全说明它就是颚骨But when he looked closer Dr Rougier saw teeth.可是当Rougier士仔细观察时,他看到了牙齿。201706/513596

The patient doesnt complain, but thats really the only difference for these dental students practicing in the world of mixed reality.病人从不抱怨,这是这些牙科学生在混合现实世界中练习同进行真实手术的唯一区别。The mixed part of the process is this dental training head.这个过程的混合部分在于用于牙科训练的头模。Its not much to look at and without the virtual reality goggles, its even less impressive.它本身没什么特别之处,不戴上虚拟现实头显的话,就更不会给人留下多少印象。But when you place the VR over the fake head, a process called augmented reality, suddenly its a real mouth and a real person.但是,当你将VR头显放在头模上面时,这个过程就是增强现实,突然之间,你看到的是一张真正的嘴和一个活生生的人。;I hope this technology will give more visual information“我希望这项技术能够提供更多的视觉信息,and help students imagine and understand what needs more caution during practice surgeries帮助学生想象和了解在临床手术中,哪些地方需要加倍谨慎。by revealing more information on non-visible areas.当然前提是通过揭示不可见区域的信息。This is something a textbook cant offer.;这是教科书无法提供的东西。”The developers hope the training program will make dentists more comfortable with patients研发人员希望这一培训项目能使牙科医生更加熟悉不同患者的情况,and let them practice all kinds of different dental scenarios.帮助他们模拟练习各种牙科情景。;Usually we would have to use our imagination to determine the area that needs treatment“通常我们必须运用想象力来确定需要治疗的区域,and then think that information with what we are physically seeing in our patients,然后根据我们在病人身上看到的症状来思考这些信息,a process that requires experience, intuition and good sense.这个过程需要经验、直觉和敏锐的洞察力。But the merit behind this technology is that anyone can see the same information and implement treatment safely.;但这项技术的优点是任何人都可以看到相同的信息,并安全地实施治疗。”The developers say this is the first time virtual reality simulation has been successfully paired with augmented reality.研发人员表示,这是虚拟现实模拟和增强现实首次实现成功对接。The Morita team says they expect to have a product y for universities and hospitals in about 2 years.Morita团队表示,他们希望在大约2年内将产品研制成功,供大学和医院使用。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。201706/512361

原味人文风情:What is the meaning of life? Are we here for a reason? Is there a point to any of this? And why does food taste so much better in the trash?生命的真谛是什么?我们存在是有原因的吗?这一切有什么意义吗?还有为什么食物在垃圾堆里会变那么好吃?This was me, and then this was me. Then I came back as this little guy—a lot of lives for one dog to live. But Im getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning.这是我,然后这是我。接着我又变这只小家伙回来--对一只来说还真是多个生要过。不过我讲太快了。我们从头开始说吧。For me, it all began with a boy. His name was Ethan.对我而言,一切是从一个小男孩开始的。他的名字是伊森。Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...贝利、贝利、贝利、贝利...My name was ;Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.;我的名字是「 贝利贝利贝利贝利」。No!?Come on! Bailey, do it!不行!快啊!贝利,快点!What does he want from me?他到底要我做什么?Get it out...get it out!快出来...快出来!Whenever life got Ethan down, I knew exactly what to do.每当生活让伊森不开心时,我总是知道该怎么做。Ready?准备好了吗?Im y.我准备好了。Go, Bailey!去吧,贝利!We played with that ball all afternoon. Ethan loved it.我们整个下午都在玩那颗球。伊森爱死了。Sometimes he just needed a little nudge.有时候他只是需要被推一把。No! Sorry! That was the dog. That wasnt me.不!抱歉!那是做的。不是我。Okay, well, maybe you should teach your dog some manners.嗯,这个嘛,或许你应该教你的一点规矩。We spent every day together.我们一起度过每一天。Are they fighting over food? No, nothing in there.他们是在抢食物吗?没啊,什么都没有。As the years went by, I could tell my time with Ethan was coming to an end.随着岁月流逝,我可以知道自己和伊森相处的时间就要结束了。Good boy, Bailey. Ill miss you.好小子,贝利。我会想你的。And then...it happened! I was back! I didnt have a... Im a girl?!然后...这就发生了!我回来了!我没有... 我是女的?!Good girl! Good girl!乖女孩!乖女孩!I had a new purpose. I was needed again...and again...and again!我有了新的目的。我又再次受到需要...再一次...然后再一次!Hi, you!嗨,你好啊!With each new life, I was learning a new lesson.每一次新生,我都在学习新的一课。Hey!嘿!Hmm...have we met before?嗯...我们以前见过吗?Where did you find that? Okay! Ready? Go!你从哪找到那的啊?好!准备好了吗?去吧!I tried to make sense out of all the things Id seen. Was there a point to this journey of mine? And how did bacon fit in?我试着理解自己经历的一切。我的旅程有什么意义吗?培根又是怎么闯进来的?If I can get you licking and loving, I have my purpose.如果我能让你开心和去爱,我的生命就有意义。Ethan, why do you always have this dog with you? Its like a girlfriend replacement or something?伊森,你为什么总是带着这只啊?他是女朋友替代品还是什么吗?The dogs laughing at you.连都在笑你。Dogs dont laugh!才不会笑!Thats funny.超好笑的。201704/503413

Bede sees without any starry-eyed sentimentality what could overcome the deep mistrust of the pagan kings比德总能理智地思考 如何才能除去异教国王深埋心中的疑虑when asked to abandon their traditional gods.让他们能够摒弃传统的神祗According to the most touching speech in Bedes entire history,根据比德演讲史上最动人心弦的一场演说the clinching moment of persuasion for one noble was nothing more than a gamblers bet.对于一个贵族而言 最脆弱的时刻 莫过于他赌上自己的前身后世之时It seems to me, my Lord,that the present life of men on earth is as though a sparrow in winter should come to a house and swiftly fly through it,陛下 在我看来 一个人现世的生活 就好似一只麻雀 在隆冬进入一间暖屋 转瞬之间便穿堂而过entering at one window and then passing out through another,while you sit at dinner with your captains in a hall made warm with a great fire,从一扇窗中进入 自另一扇飞出 当你在此和你的部下们围火而坐 尽享美食while outside are the raging tempests of winter rain and snow.而外面却值严冬 狂风大作雨雪交加For that short time it be within the house,the bird feels no smart of the winter storm,在这房中短促的时间内 鸟对窗外的寒冬毫无预警but soon passes again from winter back to winter and escapes your sight.但很快地便会飞出 从严寒中来 往严寒中去 脱离你的视线So the life of man here appears for a little season,but what follows or has gone before,that surely we do not know.人的一生也不过转瞬 而我们从哪里来 最终要到哪里去 我们无从得知Wherefore if this new learning has brought us any certainty,methinks it is worthy to be followed.因此 若这道理有任何启发作用 在我看来都是值得遵从的It typical of Bede put these words in the mouth of a nobleman.比德惯于借由贵族之口说出此番话语The church in Anglo-Saxon England was just really a branch of the aristocracy.盎格鲁-撒克逊时期的英格兰 教会不过是贵族统治的一小分St Wilfred, the aristocratic Bishop of York,deliberately used part of Hadrians Wall约克郡的贵族主教圣威尔弗雷德 特意借用哈德良长城一隅to build at Hexham a basilica worthy of Roman authority.在赫克瑟姆 建起了足以匹配罗马权贵的长方形大教堂 /201607/454273

原味人文风情:Hi! And welcome to Like A Native Speaker. Today, youre gonna learn about different ways to respond to ;thank you; and the reasons why theyre different.嗨!欢迎收看《和母语人士一样》。今天,你会学到各种回应「谢谢」的方式,以及这些回答方式为什么不同。So, as many of you know, I am Canadian. And this week in Canada is actually Thanksgiving, which, for me, basically means turkey and pumpkin pie, but it got me thinking about gratitude and thanking people. A common question Ive had is actually how to respond when someone thanks you. Of course, theres the standard response that everybody knows of: ;youre welcome; or other variations—;youre most welcome,; ;youre very welcome,; things like that.那么,如你们许多人所知,我是加拿大人。而这星期在加拿大其实是感恩节,感恩节对我来说基本上就是火鸡和南瓜派,不过这让我想到感激之情和感谢别人。我常遇到的问题其实是别人向你道谢时该如何回应。当然,有所有人都知道的标准回答:「youre welcome(不客气)」或其它变化--「youre most welcome」、「youre very welcome」之类的。Hey, you left your lights on.嘿,妳忘了关大灯。Oh, thanks!噢,谢啦!Youre welcome.不客气。But whats less known are two other ways to respond to ;thank you.; Now, before we talk about those two other ways, I really need to talk about the culture and the social structure of ;thank you.; I think in most, if not all languages, saying ;thank you; puts the person receiving the thanks in a higher position than you or the person giving the thanks. Using ;youre welcome; is a way of recognizing and acknowledging that difference in position, that the person receiving thanks deserves thanks. And this is why ;youre welcome; is whats taught in schools and in beginner textbooks all over the world. Its the basic response, but youre here because you want to sound more natural.不过较少人知道的是其它两种回应「谢谢」的方式。现在,在我们讲到那其它两种方式之前,我真的得先聊聊「谢谢」的文化和社会结构。我想就算不是所有语言,在大多数语言中,说「谢谢」会让收到感谢的人比起你或说谢谢的人处在较高的地位上。用「youre welcome(不客气)」是一种接受并认同那种地位上的不同的说法,认同接受感谢的那人应被感激。而这就是为什么「youre welcome(不客气)」是全世界学校和初阶课本里教的内容。这是基本回答,不过你来这是因为你想要听起来更自然一些。Most English-speaking countries, especially Canada and America, are something called ;egalitarian societies,; basically meaning that the people want to be equal or as equal as possible, and this why youll rarely hear ;youre welcome; as a response to ;thank you.; Its because that social difference is actually something we dont want. Most people in English-speaking countries want to be seen as equal or together, so we use different expressions. For example, ;no problem,; ;no sweat,; ;its all good.;多数英语系国家,尤其是加拿大和美国,是种称为「平等社会」的国家,基本上就意味着人们想要平等或尽可能平等,这就是为什么你很少会听到「youre welcome(不客气)」作为「谢谢」的回答。这是因为社会差异其实是一件我们不愿有的事情。大多在英语系国家的人想被视为平等或一起的,所以我们会用不同说法。举例来说,「no problem(没什么)」、「no sweat(小事一件)」、「its all good(没事)」。Can you pass me that knife?妳可以把刀传给我吗?Sure.好的。Thank you.谢谢。No prob.没什么。We have many of these expressions depending on the country or even on the individual person thats doing it, but these are much more common in response to ;thank you,; because it makes that social status equal. So, because of this, expressions like ;no problem; are actually much more common or normal than ;youre welcome.; ;Youre welcome; is most often used in situations where the favor or action taken was very large, and it would be strange to ignore that difference. This is also why ;youre welcome; is often used with strangers as we tend to be a lot more polite with strangers than with people we know.视国家或甚至做的人而定,我们有很多这种回应方法,不过这些是回答「谢谢」更为常见的方式,因为这让社会地位平等。因为这样,像「no problem(没什么)」这种说法其实比「youre welcome(不客气)」更普遍或平常。「Youre welcome(不客气)」最常用在那个忙或需要做的事很重大的情况下,而忽视那种差异会很奇怪。这也是为什么「youre welcome(不客气)」常被用来对陌生人说,因为我们对陌生人往往比对认识的人要有礼貌许多。So that was two of the different ways to respond to ;thank you.; Now, the third is actually to respond in kind with...;thank you.;那么那是其中两种回应「谢谢」的方式。现在,第三种其实是以同样的方式回应...也就是「thank you(谢谢)」。Heres your boots.这是妳的靴子。Thank you!谢谢!And your receipt. Thank you very much.还有妳的收据。十分感谢。Thank you!谢谢!This situation is also very common when both parties have received some kind of benefit. They can both say ;thank you.;这个情况在双方都获得某种好处时也非常常见。两个人都可以说「thank you(谢谢)」。So, ;thank you; can be responded to in three ways. Theres ;youre welcome,; which is most often used with strangers or in situations where the action is very big. Theres ;no problem; or expressions like it, which is used in most situations to try to make people equal again. And then theres also responding with ;thank you,; when both people have received benefit.那么,「谢谢」可以被以三种方式回应。有「youre welcome(不客气)」,最常被用在回应陌生人或在帮的忙很大的情况下。有「no problem(没什么)」或类似说法,大多情况会这样回答来试着恢复人的平等关系。然后还有用「thank you(谢谢)」来回答的方式,是在双方都获得好处的时候。Because its Thanksgiving time in Canada, most people look back on their lives in the previous year and think about what they are thankful for, what they appreciate. And I am incredibly thankful to all of you who continue to watch my s, comment, and like. Its because of you that I can do this, and I do this for you. So I want to tell all of you, ;Thank you.; I also want to ask you what you are thankful for this year. What do you appreciate this year? Please write it in the comments. And as always, guys, I will see you next time.因为现在在加拿大是感恩节时分,多数人会回顾过去一年的生活并想想他们感激的事物、他们感谢的东西。而我非常感激所有一直观看我的影片、留言和按赞的你们。正是因为你们我才可以做这件事,而我是为了你们而做的。所以我想告诉你们所有人:「谢谢你。」我还要问你们你今年感激的事物。你们今年感谢什么东西?请在留言区写下来。然后老样子啦大家,我们下回见。201707/516192

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