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Michael loved his time with Gamble and Huff.迈克尔很享受和甘柏与瑟夫共处的时光He really appreciated working with two geniuses他很感谢能跟写这么多who wrote so many classic songs.脍炙人口的创作者们合作Can you tell us, what made you want to sing in the first place?可不可以告诉我们 为什么会想要唱歌?-l don#39;t know. -You don#39;t know?-不知道耶 -不知道?Well, you know how that goes with children. They just don#39;t know, do they?你们也知道小孩子 有时根本搞不清楚状况 对吗?Michael, at that time, was always shy迈克尔永远都很腼腆and really reserved.很内敛We would say, ;l wanna go get something to eat, or let#39;s do this.我们常说 我们去吃饭 或是就这么决定了And he would go, #39;Okay. #39;他永远都是一句 好啊And he was vety humble.他非常的谦虚And l think he was pretry humble through his life.我觉得他一辈子都很谦虚-What#39;s your name? -Christopher Wansel.-你叫什么名字? -克里斯托夫·环硕l was young when that was made, l was, like, one or two years old.拍摄那影片时我好像才一两岁The relationship with the Jacksons started there与杰克逊家族的缘份 就是从那时开始and it continued throughout life.维持了一辈子Can you sing?你会唱歌吗?He can#39;t dance? l wanna see his dance.他不会跳舞吗? 我想看他跳舞-Come on, man! -You don#39;t have to.-快点啦! -不要勉强l remember a lot of just,我记得很清楚l guess, excitement and just joy with those guys at that point, you know,就是跟他们在一起时的欢乐#39;cause a lot of people that would record would be serious,因为唱片公司很多人都很严肃you wouldn#39;t get a smile or anything,连笑都不笑的but these guys were constantly joking left and right.但他们却总是在打打闹闹What do you do, booger?你是做什么的?Well, other than being #39;the Bishop of soul #39;除了身为灵魂主教外l#39;m also #39;the Monk of Funk #39; and #39;the High Priest of Rock #39;我还身兼舞僧侣以及摇滚大祭司and #39;the Bishop of soul. #39;与灵魂主教-All right! -Who said that?-赞! -是谁说的? Article/201509/399755宜宾第一人民医院是公立医院吗?One day, the peaceful pill could未来的某一天 安宁剂be the last of the 14,000 you may have taken,可能会成为你不加思索就下的packets and packets of pills一盒又一盒的you#39;ve probably popped without even thinking,近14000颗药片里的最后一片but should you be thinking about it more?但是 你应该多思索一些吗You show me a drug with no side effects,如果一种药没有副作用I#39;ll show you a drug with no benefits.那么它也不会有什么疗效The difference between a drug and a poison is basically the dose.药物和毒品的不同就在于剂量It was so painful, I couldn#39;t walk我疼得厉害 有强烈恶心感 or I#39;d be violently sick简直无法走路and I got the shivers and my heart would race like crazy.我会打寒颤 心跳得厉害And I thought, ;Christ, these are just painkillers,; You know.我想 上帝 这只不过是止痛药 But medicines have the power to cure...但是药物有着治疗的功效And improve the quality of our lives.并且改善我们的生活质量New drugs will be discovered...新的药物将被不断开发There is a huge opportunity now,如今我们正面临巨大的机遇probably greater than ever before,也许比以往都要好得多的机遇to make a new raft of medicines.来开发大量新药..And new uses found for drugs we aly have.以及发掘我们现有药物的新作用 Article/201504/368672宜宾市治疗多囊卵巢月经不调价格表栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201511/407588Nearly 400 cuban medical workers sent to W. Africa古巴向西非增派近400名医护人员Cuba has sent a second group of doctors to Liberia to help treat Ebola patients.古巴已经增派第二组医生前往利比里亚帮助治疗埃拉病人。Cubas President Raul Castro was at the airport Wednesday to thank the 40 doctors.古巴总统劳尔卡斯特罗周三现身机场向这40名医生致谢。Previously, 50 others also left the country to western Africa this week.早些时候另外的50名医生已经踏上了前往西非的征程。That brings the total number of Cuban medical workers sent to western Africa to nearly 400.此举使得古巴援助西非的医护人员总数达到近400人。It#39;s the largest contribution by a single country.古巴是做出贡献最大的的国家。 Article/201410/338088金牛区妇幼保健医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

成都治疗巧克力囊肿价格表彭州市做无痛人流医院Learn which drugs are most likely to make you gain weight, and what to do to avoid packing on the pounds.了解一下哪些药物会导致你肥胖,怎样避免药物使你增肥。You Will Need你需要List of your prescriptions处方药物列表Psychiatrist精神病医师Doctor医生Food and exercise journal食物和锻炼记录Nutritionist or personal trainer (optional)营养师或个人教练(可选)Steps步骤Never stop taking a prescription drug without consulting your doctor.未咨询医生的情况下千万不要停止用处方药物。STEP 1 Switch migraine meds1.改变偏头痛药Consider switching from migraine medicine with valproic acid, which can make you eat more, to other migraine medicines that are less likely to increase your appetite, such as sumatriptan.考虑代替含有丙戊酸成分的偏头痛药物,这种药物会让你吃得更多,改为不会增加食欲的偏头痛药物,例如舒马曲坦。STEP 2 Know steroids make you eat2.类固醇会让你吃得更多Know that steroids prescribed for chronic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or asthma, can cause a voracious appetite. In some cases,your doctor may be able to switch you to prescription-strength, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs that don#39;t have this side effect.要知道,治疗慢性病,例如类风湿性关节炎或哮喘的类固醇药物会导致你食欲大增。在某些情况下,你的医生可能会给你开没有这种副作用的非胆固醇的消炎药物。If you aren#39;t able to switch, consider a nutritionist to help you decrease your calories or personal trainer to help you increase the calories you burn each day.如果不能改变药物,考虑让营养师帮助你减少热量的摄入,或者让个人教练帮你每天消耗更多的热量。STEP 3 See a psychiatrist3.看精神病医师See a psychiatrist instead of a family doctor if you#39;re on antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs that may negatively affect your mood and appetite, leading to weight gain. They may be able to suggest drugs that are less likely to cause you to overeat.如果你用可能会影响你的情绪和食欲,导致体重增加的抗抑郁药物或治疗精神病的药物,看一下精神病医师,而不是家庭医生。他们或许会建议不导致暴饮暴食的药物。STEP 4 Suspect estrogen4.怀疑雌激素Suspect estrogen for those extra 5 pounds you#39;ve packed on if you take birth control pills, which may cause you to retain water. Consider switching to a low-estrogen pill or another form of birth control that doesn#39;t involve hormones, such as an intrauterine device, or IUD. Hormone replacement therapy may also cause weight gain.如果你用了避药,你突然长胖了5磅可能就和这个有关。因为避药会让你蓄水。考虑含雌激素水平比较低的药物或者与荷尔蒙无关的其他避方式,比如子宫内设备。荷尔蒙替代疗法也会导致体重增加。STEP 5 Know endocrine drugs5.内分泌药物Know that certain medications for diabetes or thyroid conditions may either cause weight gain or inhibit weight loss. Ask your doctor for alternatives to find the right medication for you.要知道,治疗糖尿病或甲状腺疾病的某些药物可能会导致体重增加或妨碍减肥过程。问一下医生有没有其他药物来替代。STEP 6 Look at allergy drugs and sleep aids6.注意抗过敏药物和安眠药Look at allergy drugs, cold medicines, pain medicines, and sleep aids that contain diphenhydramine. This energy-sapping ingredient may make you less active, causing weight gain. Ask your physician about non-sedating alternatives.注意含有苯海拉明成分的抗过敏药物,感冒药,止痛药和安眠药。这种削弱精神的成分会让你没有活力,从而导致体重增加。问一下医生有没有不让人昏昏欲睡的药物。Some blood pressure drugs and heartburn medications may cause weight gain.一些降血压的药物和治疗烧心的药物或许会导致体重增加。STEP 7 Keep a food and exercise journal7.记录每天的食物和运动Keep a food and exercise journal if you started a new medication and have gained 5 or more pounds in one month. If you#39;re not eating more or exercising less, take the journal to your doctor to find out if your medication is to blame.如果你开始用一种新药物,一个月内体重增加了5磅或更多,记录每天的食物和运动。如果你的食量没有增加,运动量没有减少,拿着你的记录去找医生,看看是不是药物的原因。A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that weight gain associated with common antidiabetic medications could be significantly reduced by taking chromium picolinate.潘宁顿生物医学研究中心一项研究发现,通过用甲基吡啶铬可以显著减少常见抗糖尿病药物导致的体重增加。 /201502/358216崇州市妇女儿童医院属于正规医院吗TED演讲视频:微软虚拟地球之旅不同医院的不同手术有着不同的结果。但是病人不知道数据, 所以使得选外科医生成为了一个高风险的猜测游戏。史帝芬·拉森(Stefan Larsson)研究了当医生开始衡量并分享他们的髋关节手术的结果时(比如说什么是最有效的方法)会发生的情况。如果医生们可以相互学习并形成一个反馈循环,医疗保健会不会变得更好、更便宜? Article/201701/488199四川省第五人民医院不孕不育专家咨询

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