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Tens of thousands of African American farmers and Native Americans will soon receive compensation for discrimination and mismanagement they allegedly suffered at the hands of the federal government.数万名美国非洲裔农民和原住民将接受赔偿,以补偿他们所说联邦政府的歧视和管理失当给他们造成的痛苦。President Barack Obama is expected to sign a .5 billion bill just passed by the U.S. Congress to settle these long-standing claims.奥巴马总统上星期已经签署了国会通过的这项46亿美元的法案,以解决这个历时多年的诉讼案。Black farmers settled their lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture more than a decade ago over claims of racial discrimination in federal loans and other programs that USDA administers, but disputes over who was eligible and Congressional wrangling over funding for the settlement delayed final resolution. 10多年前,美国非裔农民和联邦农业部就一项诉讼案达成和解。在那个案件中,非裔农民指控农业部在其主管的联邦贷款和其他项目中有种族歧视行为。但是围绕哪些人应该获得赔偿以及国会相关拨款的争论,使问题一直没有得到最后的解决。The new law makes nearly 80,000 black farmers eligible to apply for compensation that amounts to about ,000 each. 新法案使将近8万名黑人农民取得申请赔偿的资格,每人可获得大约5万美元的赔偿。'Bittersweet' victoryJohn Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, described Congressional passage of the Claims Settlement Act as long-overdue justice. 美国黑人农民协会会长约翰·伊德称国会通过的这项索赔清偿法案是“迟来的正义”。"It's very, very good that black farmers will finally have the opportunity to have their cases heard, based on their merit," he said. “黑人农民终于有机会使他们的申诉得到审理,这是件非常好的事。”201012/120724Norway's prime minister says European intelligence agencies have joined the investigation into last week's terror attacks that left at least 76 people dead. Jens Stoltenberg says the country's core values will grow stronger. Friday's attacks have been linked to far-right Norwegian zealot Anders Behring Breivik. The views he allegedly published on the Internet have put Europe's far right in the spotlight. 挪威首相表示,欧洲的情报部门目前已经在和挪威方面一道,调查上个星期在挪威发生至少76人死亡的恐怖袭击事件。挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格说,这次恐怖袭击事件之后,挪威的核心价值只会进一步加深。身为挪威公民的极右人士安德斯·布雷维克是上个星期恐怖袭击事件的主要嫌疑人,他并且已经对发动袭击供认不讳。事发前,布雷维克据说在网络上发表的一些观点和言论,使得人们不得不将目光转向欧洲当前的极右派。Speaking Wednesday, Norway's prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said there will be a security review in Norway that will include police organization and capacity. 挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格7月27日(星期三)发表讲话说,挪威政府将就国家安全问题进行审议,这其中将包括警方部门的重组以及执法人员是否人手充足等问题。He said Friday's attacks will bring more political engagement to Norway. 他说,上个星期五发生的袭击事件迫使挪威人更多地参与到政治过程中来。"The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation," said Stoltenberg. 他说:“这次暴力事件之后,挪威人的反应是:我们需要更多的民主、更多的开放、更大程度上的政治参与。”Details of the deadly attacks continue to emerge including a more detailed profile of the man who says he is responsible. 上个星期五发生的暴力袭击事件的具体细节,日益被披露出来,其中包括主要嫌疑人布雷维克的背景,等等。The defense lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik says his client's actions suggest he is insane. But political analysts say the gunman's opinions, which seem to have motivated him, are in line with many among Europe's extreme right. 布雷维克的辩护律师说,从布雷维克的行动中或许可以看出,他精神有问题。不过,政治分析人士指出,布雷维克公开陈述的那些观点,实际上和欧洲很多极右派人士的观点,如出一辙;布雷维克正是在这些观点的驱使下,做出屠杀行动的。201107/146304U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has launched the first direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in nearly two years.美国国务卿克林顿主持召开以色列和巴勒斯坦近两年以来第一次直接和谈。Both sides agreed to a second round of talks to be held in the Middle East later this month.At a ceremony in the State Department's ornate Benjamin Franklin room, Secretary Clinton said the Obama administration is committed to forging a peace agreement within the next year.在国务院华丽的本杰明富兰克林厅举行的仪式上,克林顿国务卿说,奥巴马政府致力于促成双方在明年内达成一个和平协议。She stressed the main work will have to be done by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. "We believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed and we understand that this is in the national security interest of the ed States that you do so. But we cannot and we will not impose a solution," she said.克林顿强调指出,主要工作必须由以色列总理内塔尼亚胡和巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯完成。克林顿说:“我们相信,总理和主席,你们能够成功。我们也认为,你们这样做,符合美国的国家安全利益。但我们不能、也不会强加任何解决方案。”Sitting under sparkling chandeliers at a U-shaped table between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Abbas, Clinton congratulated the leaders for agreeing to resume negotiations. But she warned of difficult days to come in the effort to create an independent Palestinian state and security for Israel. "There undoubtedly will be obstacles and setbacks. Those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process as we have aly seen this week," she said.在U型会议桌旁,坐在内塔尼亚胡和阿巴斯中间的克林顿国务卿对两位领导人同意恢复谈判表示祝贺。但她也警告说,在努力建立独立的巴勒斯坦国和实现以色列安全的过程中,还将面临艰难的日子。克林顿说:“毫无疑问,将会有挫折和阻碍。那些反对和平事业的人将尽一切可能破坏这个进程。我们这个星期已经看到了这种情况。”201009/112956

The National Association of Realtors reported that the sale of existing homes fell 8.6% in October as median home prices across the country plunged. Us housing market continues to deteriorate with both prices and sales humbling in November.Prices of existing homes are down more than 13% on average from just a year ago.that’s the biggest annual drops sionce record were started back in 1968,sales of existing homes fell 8.6% last month and new home sales fell just under 3%,the lowest level since 1991.Now just in home prices are down across all parts of the US,prices are falling more than 25% in the west,11% in Midwest 10% in the south,and northeast,which experienced a smaller round open prices saw prices remain relatively steady last month down 0.1%,but the hardest region,the median home in west of US,with 325,400 a year ago,today that same home is valued at 242,500 dollars, that’s the decline value almost 83,000 bucks.Now the top prices are creating by opportunity for Bulgen Hunters .The National Association of Realtors chief economist said last month roughly 45% of homes across the country were distressed properties.200812/59900

Asia and Europe's economic front CNN's John Vause reports leaders from Asia and Europe agree on plan to overhaul financial systemAnd so it now, it has come down to this: dozens of leaders from Asia and Europe beating apart to Communist China to find a solution to the greatest crisis capitalism has faced in more than 70 years. This meeting was planned in Beijing long before the credit crunch. But the symbolism seems unmistakable. China, the economic superpower of tomorrow, will play a major role in solving the economic mess of today. Europe and Asia have come together in Beijing at the time of global crisis. And indeed, we are, in the moment, we're, we need global team work. As I said, two days ago, we seem, swim together, ah, we think together. And now, these leaders want new rules for global finance. We need even more financial regulation to ensure financial safety.French president Nicolas Sarkozy was looking for China support to his plan to rewrite the rulebook of international finance. He didn't get that. But ahead of the major economic summit in Washington next month, he does have support for significant changes in the way business has done.We need to try it into the / making for them. And this brings me to what the prime, Chinese prime minister has said, intonation to the Washington Summit, that / that China was going to participate very actively.But China will not be using its massive foreign reserves with almost 2 trillion US dollars to save the world. The government's focus, says the premier, is to keep strong economic growth at home or / this lowest as it has been in years, and expected to slow further in the coming months. This summer was about a united front, 43 countries representing half the world's economy, demanding tougher rules for the international finance, great transparency, strictest supervision. All they had to do now is convince the US.John Vause, CNN Beijing.200810/54098The iPhone in some sense also changed the world. It changed everything.iPhone在某种程度上也改变了世界。它甚至改变了一切。This is about blogging protests in realtime.它能实时的让你在客中畅所欲言。This is about getting news about your grandmother in realtime.它能实时的让你得到你的祖母的消息。Its about seeing people you havent seen in years through a device that youre holding on to and thats whats powerful about having something so connected in such a really meaningful way at all times.它能实时的让你通过手中的设备和自己很多年没见过的人联系,这种设备如此强大以致于它能无时无刻让你的生活锦上添花。Jobs micromanages every step of the iPhones development, rejecting several prototypes.乔布斯见了iPhone每一步的发展,他当初也曾拒绝过几个最初的原型。词语解释:1. device n. 设备2. powerful a. 强力的 163289现在我们已经知道由于冰川的作用,使得峡谷变的更加开阔,成了U字形。但是地理运动仍在继续,落基山脉的南端已经形成了一个巨大的裂痕。究竟是什么原因造成了这样的情况?请听今天的落基山系列第15期,希望您能找到。It stretches over 160,000 square miles and is known as the Real Grand Valley. Geologists are eager to investigate how this giant rifting valley could affect the future of the Rockies.They find their first lead in San Ysidro, New Mexico, north of Albuquerque. The area is dominated by bright yellow porous rock known as travertines. Curiously, geologists think this rock forms from water.;This water has some unusual characteristics, that is, this water is capable of precipitating ( 沉淀)or depositing any rock or travertine. It is like, kind of, like the scale in your teapot.;Travertine rock is made out of calcite, the same material that builds up lime scale. These rocks grow very rapidly. Some enlarge by a few inches per month.;About a liter of the water will be able to drop out or precipitate a little pile of calcite about as big as an aspirin tablet.;Like lime scale building up in a hot water kettle, travertines form around warm springs. Measurements confirmed that water temperature around the travertine is roughly 77 degrees. Besides the ability to build rock, this hot water has more secrets to tell.Laura Crossey and Karl Karlstrom have a hunch that the water is warmed up by heat from the earthrsquo;s interior, rising up through cracks in the rock. They form as the Rift Valley pulls apart. Climbing down a cape 25 feet below the surface, they are hoping to find further evidence. The water contains microbes. They are microscopically small organisms. Most of them consist of only one cell. When scientists analyze their genes in the lab, they found something remarkable.;What wersquo;ve found in springs like this by doing the DNA analysis is that the microbes that are coming up these faults are much more like what we find at mid-ocean ridges (海洋中间的山脊)than like the rivers and streams we could expect in the continental setting.;小编有约:这一期的落基山脉中出现了 travertines。; The scientific explanation is the hot thermal places that lie under the mount provoke the calcium carbonate spill, that makes the forms as solid as travertine marble.;(科学的解释是位于山底下的地热引起碳酸钙析出,使之形成晶体般的石灰岩。)咱们烧开水的壶用久了是不是也会有水垢,与这里石灰岩形成的道理是一样的。课后题目:通过DNA分析检测泉水中找到的微生物,有什么样的发现,你知道吗?166334

Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Well, you see, uh, the title of that, that particular episode of Longstreet is called "the way of the intercepting fist". Now I think the successful ingredient in it was because I was being Bruce lee.Pierre Berton: Yourself.Bruce Lee: myself, right. And did that part, just expressed myself, like I say, "honestly expressed myself, at that time. and I, because of that, I brought, you know, favorable mentioning in, like, New York Time, uh which says, like, a chinaman who, incidentally, came off the quite convincingly enough to earn himself a television series and so on and so on and so forth."Pierre Berton: can you remember the lines by Stirling Silliphant? To the key lines?Bruce Lee: He's one of my students, you know that?Pierre Berton: was he too?Bruce Lee: yes...Pierre Berton: Everybody's your student! But you , there are some lines there /// expressed your philosophy. I don't know if you remember them or not....Bruce Lee: oh I remember them, I said....Pierre Berton: That's here...Bruce Lee: this is what it is, ok?Pierre Berton: you're talking to Longstreet played by James Franciscus...Bruce Lee: I said, "empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash, be water, my friend, like that, you see?Pierre Berton: yeah, I see, I got the idea. I got the power behind it...Bruce Lee: uh-huh....Pierre Berton: so, now, two things have happened: first there's a pretty good chance that you'll get a TV series in the States called "The Warriors", in which you'll use what, the martial arts in a western setting?Bruce Lee: Well, uh, that was the original idea. Now Paramount, you know I did Longstreet for Paramount, and Paramount wants me to be in a television series. On the other hand, Warner Brother wants me to be in another one. But both of them, I think, they want me to be in a modernized type of a thing and they think that western idea is out! Whereas I want....Pierre Berton: But you would use......You want to do the westerner, right?Bruce Lee: I want to do / because, you see, I mean, how else can you justify all these punching and kicking and violence except in that period of the west? I mean, in nowaday, I mean you don't go around on the street, kicking people or punching people.... because if you do.... (yeah)That's it. I mean, I don't care how "good" you are, I mean, you know.Pierre Berton: yeah, a gun, but this is true also of the Chinese dramas, which are mainly costume dramas. They're all full of blood and gore over here.Bruce Lee: oh you mean here?Pierre Berton: yeah.Bruce Lee: well, unfortunately,... you see, uh, uh, I hope that the picture I am in would either explain why the violence was done, whether right or wrong, or what not, but, unfortunately, pictures, most of them here, are done mainly just for the sake of violence. You know / I mean, like, you know, fighting for 30 minutes /, get stabbed 50 times.Pierre Berton: but I'm fascinated, here; let me give you your microphone back...Bruce Lee: I am a martial artist....Pierre Berton: I'm fascinated, I'm fascinated that you came back to Hong Kong when you were on the verge of success in Hollywood, and full of it, and suddenly, on the strength of one picture, you become a superstar. Everybody knows you. You have to take, you have to change your phone number. You get mobbed in the streets. Now what are you gonna do? Are you gonna be able to live in both worlds? Are you gonna be a superstar here or one in the States, or both?Bruce Lee: Well, let me say this. First of all, uh, uh, the words superstar really turn me off, and I'll tell you why. Because the word "star" man, it's an illusion. It's something what the public call you. You should look upon oneself as an actor, man. I mean you would be very pleased if somebody said "Hey, man, you are a super actor!" it is much better than, you know, superstar. Therefore, I...Pierre Berton: yes, but you've got to admit that you are a superstar. You're not ///....if you're gonna give me the truth!Bruce Lee: I am now....I am honestly saying this, okay? Yes, I have been very successful, okay?Pierre Berton: yeah....Bruce Lee: but I mean, I think the word "star" is....I mean I do not look upon myself as a star. I really don't. I mean believe me, man, when I say it. I mean I'm not saying it because....Pierre Berton: what are you gonna do? Let's get back to the question.Bruce Lee: ok.Pierre Berton: Are you going to stay in Hong Kong and be famous, or are you gonna go to the ed States and be famous, or are you going to try to eat your cake and have it too?Bruce Lee: I am going to do both because, you see, I have aly made up my mind, that in the ed States, I think something about the oriental, I mean the true oriental, should be shown.Pierre Berton: Hollywood sure has packed, hasn't it?Bruce Lee: you better believe it man. I mean it's always that pigtail, bouncing around, "chopchop," you know? With the eyes slanted and all that. And I think that's very, very out of date.Pierre Berton: is it true that the first job you had was being cast as Charlie Chan's "number one son?"Bruce Lee: yeah, "number one son." Pierre Berton: they never made the movie?Bruce Lee: no, no, no they were gonna make it into like a new Chinese James Bond type of a thing. Now that, you know, "the old man Chan is dead, Charlie is dead, I mean, and his son is carrying on."Pierre Berton: oh I see. But they didn't do that.Bruce Lee: no, bad man came along you see. Because and then everything was started to be going into that, you know, that kind of a thing.Pierre Berton: like the green hornet?Bruce Lee: yeah.Pierre Berton: which you were in...but, is it....Bruce Lee: By the way, I did a really terrible job in that, I have to say.Pierre Berton: really? You didn't like yourself in that?Bruce Lee: oh, no.Pierre Berton: I didn't see it. 02/62661Dream vacations may become a reality once again for European travelers. Scientists in Iceland report the volcanic eruptions that have disrupted air travel across Europe for more than a month appear to be calming down and the ash cloud that has threatened the continent's airspace is dissipating. The announcement is welcome news for would-be travelers and the airline industry, which lost an estimated .6 billion in last month's six-day shutdown of air space. But scientists say the volcano is still rumbling deep within the earth and could erupt again. Plus, scientists warn of a larger neighboring volcano that could also erupt at any time.  Missing out on tourists during peak travel season is just what Frances Tuke, spokeswoman for the Association of British Travel Agents, would like to avoid.  "We cannot control the eruptions of a volcano, but what we can do is change and adapt our reaction to it, which is what the U.K. travel industry is endeavoring to do in order to make sure that flying is safe, but that there is minimum disruption," she said. At the height of the volcanic eruptions last month, airlines grounded their planes for fear the ash could interfere with jet engines and make flying unsafe. Tuke says research since the initial flight ban is helping experts to minimize no-fly zones by identifying which air space is dangerous for travel, and which may be safely used. She says even renewed volcanic eruptions should affect far fewer travelers.  The disruptions of April have cost the travel industry dearly, says economist Linda Yueh. She says fear could further slow Europe's aly sluggish economic recovery.  "Especially with a busy summer and autumn, having this kind of uncertainty is likely to shave off a few-billion dollars or euros from the European economies at a time when really these countries could certainly use that additional revenue," she said.  Though some may still be wary about booking flights, the potential of new eruptions is not enough to keep Annette Mansford out of the skies. She and her family are jetting off for a long-awaited island getaway. Mansford's advice for other travelers? "Just go! Make the most of it," she said. "Make sure you have got travel insurance, though!" For travelers to and from Britain, there is an additional factor to worry about - British Airways cabin crews have begun a five-day strike, resulting in hundreds of canceled flights at London Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport.201005/104740World Markets Gloomy as Global Recession Fears Persist世界各国进入衰退经济前景黯淡 After another down session on the European markets, the talk is how long and deep the recession will be. 在美国和欧洲的股票市场星期一再次下滑之后,人们现在谈论更多的是这次经济衰退将会持续多长时间以及会有多么严重。The European markets have had a lot to digest during the past few days. With Euro Zone growth grinding to a halt and further afield in places like Japan, where the economy has officially joined the ranks of countries in recession, optimism is in short supply. 这些天来,市场上有很多的东西需要消化。随著欧元区的经济陷入停滞,再加上日本等其他国家经济不是出轨就是衰退,人们很难感到乐观。And that gloomy sentiment is evident in the downward trend in European trade. 这种信心低迷在欧美市场的下滑趋势中表现得非常明显。Despite the mood, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, back in London after last weekend's G-20 economic summit in Washington, says the way out of this global problem is a coordinated global approach. 尽管存在这种情绪,上个周末在华盛顿参加了20国集团经济峰会之后回到伦敦的英国首相布朗说,全球采取协调一致的行动是摆脱这个全球性问题的途径。"The managing director of the International Monetary Fund has joined many other people today in calling for a fiscal stimulus," Brown said. "A fiscal stimulus means helping families and helping businesses now through this difficult position and as long as you have, as we will have, a medium-term framework for fiscal sustainability, then this is the right thing to do facing the downturn. It is right, as now almost everybody accepts across the world and every country is now looking at this, that we help people through these difficult times." 他说:“国际货币基金组织总裁今天同很多其他人一道,呼吁采取财政刺激措施。财政刺激意味著帮助家庭和企业渡过目前的难关。只要你有一个保持财政持续性的中期框架,那么这就是在经济滑坡时应该做的事情。现在世界上几乎每个人都接受这种做法,而且每一个国家现在都在研究这样做的可能性。我们帮助人们渡过这个艰难的时期是正确的。”IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn says the body is likely to need at least 0 billion of additional funding during the next half year if it is to play a larger role in aiding a global economic recovery. 国际货币基金组织总干事斯特劳斯-卡恩说,如果国际货币基金组织在为全球经济复苏方面要发挥更大的作用,那么在今后半年的时间里,该机构可能至少需要1千亿美元的额外资金。But promises to be a financially difficult year around the world and in Britain, like elsewhere, that means further economic pain. 但是对于全球来说,年看来将是一个金融上非常困难的一年。对于英国和其他国家来说,这意味著会出现更多经济上的阵痛。Britain's largest business lobbying group, the Confederation of British Industry warned rising British unemployment levels will probably peak toward the end of next year. CBI Chief Economic advisor Ian McCafferty says it will be a tough time. 英国最大的商业游说团体英国工业联合会警告说,英国日益上升的失业率可能在明年年底达到高峰。该机构的首席经济顾问麦克卡弗蒂说,到时候,情况将非常艰难。"We are currently seeing the fastest rises for some 17 years and I think we believe that we will see two million [unemployed] by the end of this year," McCafferty said, "and by the time we see the end of or early 2010, it will have peaked out at not far short of three million. So that is rising (at) eight or nine percent of the workforce. So, that is a significant increase from where we have been in recent years." 他说:“我们目前看到的是17年来失业上升最快的。我们认为,在今年年底,失业人数会达到2百万。到年底或是2010年初,失业率会达到接近3百万的高峰。这就是说,失业率会上升到占劳动力的8%或是9%。这要大大高于最近几年我们所看到的失业率。”Going hand in hand with the rising unemployment trend, the CBI predicts Britain's GDP will show its sharpest fall since 1991 as well. 英国工业联合会还预计,与不断上升的失业率联系在一起的是,英国的国内生产总值也将出现自1991年以来最急剧的下滑。200811/56497

Madagascar High Court Endorses New President马法院持军方让拉乔利纳当总统  Madagascar's highest court has backed the military's move to replace President Marc Ravalomanana with his rival, opposition leader Andry Rajoelina. But some African leaders are questioning whether the move is constitutional. 马达加斯加最高法院持军方让反对派领导人拉乔利纳取代拉瓦卢马纳纳担任总统的做法。不过,有些非洲国家领导人对这种做法是否符合宪法规定提出质疑。Madagascar's constitutional court declared Wednesday on national radio that opposition leader Andry Rajoelina has become president of the republic. 马达加斯加宪法法院星期三通过国家广播电台宣布,反对派领导人拉乔利纳成为国家总统。The court noted that President Marc Ravalomanana had resigned and handed power to the military. It said this left the decision to the military. The army said it did not wish to wield power but rather wanted Mr. Rajoelina to take charge. 法院指出,拉瓦卢马纳纳总统已经辞职,并把权力交给军方。宪法法院表示,这就等于让军方决定由谁担任总统。军方表示,军方不希望执掌国家权力,而是希望拉乔利纳担任总统。The 34-year-old Rajoelina, who is six years younger than the minimum age required by the constitution to be president, earlier announced he was forming an interim government that would revise the constitution and hold elections within two years. 拉乔利纳现年34岁,比宪法规定的总统最低年龄还差6岁。拉乔利纳早些时候宣布,他将组成过渡政府,过渡政府将修改宪法,并在两年内举行大选。In a speech Tuesday at a central plaza, Mr. Rajoelina thanked the military for its support. 拉乔利纳星期二在一个中心广场讲话时感谢军方的持。He praised the army for taking over a presidential office in the city center and invited the people to come with him to occupy it. Soldiers had seized the building a few hours before. 拉乔利纳在市中心感谢军方接管总统府,他邀请大家跟他一道进入这座建筑。马达加斯加军人一度占领这座总统府几个小时。Mr. Ravalomana announced Tuesday he was stepping down due to the crisis characterized by what he called a polarization of opinion within the army and the citizenry. 拉瓦卢马纳纳星期二宣布,鉴于目前的危机,他决定辞职。他称这场危机的突出表现是军队和公民内部观点对立。He said it is crucial to re-establish order so that we can work together. We all love our country, he said, and appealed for serenity. 拉瓦卢马纳纳说,现在关键的是恢复法治,这样我们才能共事。他说,我们都热爱我们的国家,他还恳请持者保持平静。The dramatic transfer of power brought to a head weeks of confrontation that killed more than 100 people and hurt tourism and foreign investment. 马达加斯加新首脑产生于这场戏剧性的权力移交,此前,这个国家经过了几个星期的对峙局面,造成100多人丧生,旅游业和外国投资受到打击。The capital was calm and businesses operated normally although some embassies were closed. Residents expressed different opinions on the legality of the transition, but most expressed hope for peace and stability. 马达加斯加首都安塔那那利佛恢复了平静,商家开始正常营业,但仍有几家大使馆没有恢复办公。尽管当地居民对这次权力转移的合法性表达了不同的看法,但大多数人希望国家和睦与稳定。But some African governments expressed concerns over the legality of the transition. 不过,有些非洲国家政府对马达加斯加这次总统权力转移表示担忧。Zambia says it is rejecting what it called the unconstitutional change of government and called for Madagascar's suspension in the African Union and Southern African Development Community, SADC. 赞比亚表示不接受这次不符合宪法的政府更迭,并呼吁非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体暂停马达加斯加的成员国资格。The African Union said its Peace and Security council would review Madagascar's situation this week. 非洲联盟表示,非盟和平与安全理事会这个星期将审议马达加斯加的局势。The Chairman of SADC, South Africa's President Kgalema Motlanthe, said its security organ would meet Thursday to discuss the development. He said SADC would never accept the unconstitutional transfer of power from a democratically elected government. 南部非洲发展共同体主席、南非总统莫特兰蒂说,该组织安全机构星期四开会,讨论马达加斯加的事态。他说,南部非洲发展共同体决不会接受通过违宪手段让一个民选政府交出权力。The European Union and ed States have said that an unconstitutional transfer of power could bring sanctions.03/64972Improved Signs on US Job Losses, Retail Sales数据显示美劳工市场恶化速度变缓 U.S. markets posted early gains after modestly encouraging signs concerning employment and retail sales.星期四公布的一些经济数据还算不错,美国金融市场受到鼓舞而止跌反弹。The U.S. Labor Department says 24,000 fewer Americans filed initial jobless claims last week than the previous week. The number of newly-idled workers, 601,000, was below most analysts' expectations. The four-week average of initial unemployment claims is also down from a month ago, although well above the levels seen in May and June of last year.美国劳动部说,上周和之前一周相比,初次申请失业补助的人数减少了2万4千人。新增失业人数为60万1千人,低于绝大多数分析人士的预期。首次申请失业补贴的4周平均人数也比上个月有所下降,尽管仍然高于去年5、6月份的同期水平。The number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits now exceeds 6.8 million, the highest number ever recorded.现在,申请失业救济金的总人数超过了680万,达到历史最高水平。PNC Financial Services Group chief-economist Stuart Hoffman says the U.S. labor market continues to deteriorate, but at a slower pace than a few months ago:PNC金融务集团的首席经济学家斯徒亚特.霍夫曼说,美国劳动力市场仍在继续恶化,只是和几个月前相比,恶化的速度变缓而已。"I do not think it means we are going to see job growth in June or July," said Stuart Hoffman. "I think it means the rate of decline in the economy, which during late last year and the first quarter of this year was like a free-fall, is definitely slowing down.他说:“我不认为这表示我们在6月和7月可以看到工作机会增加。我认为,这表示,经过去年年底和今年第一季度自由落体式的经济下滑后,现在经济衰退的速度绝对是放慢了。”Meanwhile, U.S. retail sales rose 0.5 percent in May, fueled by increasing traffic at auto dealerships and gasoline stations. It was the first retail sales boost in the last three months. The Commerce Department also reports businesses continued to cut inventories for an eighth consecutive month to match soft demand for products.同时,由于汽车和汽油的销量增加,美国5月份的零售额提高了0.5个百分点。这是过去3个月以来,零售业首次迎来增长。商业部还报告说,商业部门连续第8个月削减存货来应对疲软的市场需求。No one is predicting an immediate end to America's protracted recession, which began in late 2007. But PNC's Stuart Hoffman thinks a turnaround could occur by the end of .没人会预测美国这次从2007年底开始的漫长的经济衰退能很快结束。但是霍夫曼说,转机将出现在年底。"We are looking at the end of this recession, probably, by the fourth quarter of this year," he said. "So, to me, these [positive indicators] are the signs that say the end [of the downturn] is near."他说:“我们认为,衰退可能会在今年第4季度停止。所以,我认为,那些积极的迹象表明,转机越来越近了。”Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told reporters an eventual economic recovery will be slow to build momentum, with the likelihood that job losses will linger after the economy begins to grow.上周,美联储主席伯南克告诉记者说,最终的经济复苏需要一段时间积蓄力量。很可能失业的情况在经济增长的初期还会存在。06/74015Same-sex weddings are expected to create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into California's economy. “Every time I think about it I cried, it means I get to marry the woman I love, you are gonna able to have a marriage license, you can gonna be able to be a wedding couple. There’s some legitimacy now.”In the storm moment in California, for Tracy and Tiffany who are about to walk down the aisle together. Oh, look at this, and through Robin and Diana, who fought for decades for the right of same-sex couples to marry.“It’s not just about each other, it’s said it’s open this entire possibility for every gay kid that’s growing up today, that they can grow up, and they can have marriage, and they can have families, and they can have acceptance. I mean it’s, it’s just incredibly important to us.”A monumental occasion for the couples and an unexpected boom for California’s economy.“I would say the total spending that will be generally by same-sex weddings is well over a billion dollars in the next three years.”A billions dollars and 2,100 new jobs over the next three years, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. Wedding planner Marcia Vidal says it couldn’t have come at a better time.“Are you seeing economic hard times, are things rather soft for people in your industry right now?”“Actually it is, we are definitely seeing a slowdown, and what else we’re seeing, a forecast of weddings’ being postponed even now to 2010 and 11.”Tiffany and Tracy are learning weddings are big business.“You discovered that, yes you know, you wanna have it at a place, and you wanna have someone officiating for you, oh, and we have to have a kid, and oh, by the way, don’t we want flowers?”Their budget about 40,000 dollars. “We are doing 40,000 just ourselves. And you count probably, 80 guests come in from out of the state, staying for at least 3 nights in hotels, car rentals, eating out, tourist attractions.”“We don’t want to be like two brides or two grooms”, Baker Tom Rosa says his business has aly tripled, thanks to customers like Diana and Robin. “I think price for most gays and lesbians will not be an object, because it’s something they never expected, never expected in all their life, and so the Californian ‘Gold Rushes’ are on.”“I now pronounce you spouses for life”, Diana and Robin became the first same-sex couple to officially tie the knot in southern California. And now, among the first to say, it helped the state along the way. 200812/58596

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