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2020年01月24日 18:44:36 | 作者:安典范 | 来源:新华社
Airlines are toughening up cockpit rules after French prosecutors accused the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed in the Alps of wanting to “destroy the plane” when he was left alone on the flightdeck.法国检察机关对坠毁于阿尔卑斯山区的德国之翼(Germanwings)客机的副驾驶提出指控,称当他独自留在驾驶舱时想要“摧毁这架飞机”,随后各家航空公司纷纷修改驾驶舱规则,使其更为严格。EasyJet, Norwegian, Monarch, Emirates and Air Canada were among those who introduced new procedures to require two people in the cockpit at all times. EasyJet said it had taken the decision after consultation with the UK’s civil Aviation Authority.易捷航空(easyJet)、挪威航空(Norwegian)、君主航空(Monarch)、阿联酋航空(Emirates)以及加拿大航空(Air Canada)都出台了新规程,要求驾驶舱内任何时间都要有两人在场。易捷航空表示在咨询英国民航(Civil Aviation Authority,简称:CAA)后,作出了这一决定。The CAA has written to all UK carriers to ask what procedures they have in place for when one of the pilots leaves the flightdeck.英国民航已致函英国所有航空公司,询问当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱时,它们有何操作规程。Richard Taylor, CAA spokesman, said it was “very possible” that airlines could soon be required to have a member of the cabin crew stay in the cockpit if a pilot left for a break, as is the norm in the US.英国民航发言人理查德#8226;泰勒(Richard Taylor)表示,航空公司“非常可能”很快就会收到命令,要求当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱去休息时,必须有一名乘务员留在驾驶舱里,这在美国已是常规。The pre-emptive moves by the world’s airlines come as public concern over aviation safety mounts in the wake of the Germanwings crash, which killed all 150 people on board.德国之翼客机坠毁事故发生后,公众对航空安全的关注剧增,这些航空公司抢先采取了行动。此次坠机造成机上150人全部遇难。Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, said that based on the cockpit voice recordings there was no explanation for why the co-pilot — whom he named as German national Andreas Lubitz, 27 — behaved as he did.法国检察官布里塞#8226;罗班(Brice Robin)表示,根据驾驶舱语音记录无法解释副驾驶的行为。这名副驾驶名为安德烈亚斯#8226;卢比茨(Andreas Lubitz),德国人,今年27岁。“He pressed this button [to begin the descent] for a reason we still don’t know why,” Mr Robin said. “All we hear is his breathing and it is normal breathing. He didn’t say a single word after the pilot left the cockpit.”罗班说:“他按下按钮(让飞机开始下降),我们仍不知道原因为何。我们只听到他的呼吸声,他的呼吸很正常。另一个飞行员离开驾驶舱后他没说一个字。”“When you have 150 people with you, I wouldn’t call it a suicide. That is why I am not using this word,” he told a press conference.罗班在记者会上说:“当连你在内一共有150人时,我不会称之为自杀。这就是为什么我不用这个词。”Mr Robin said the passengers were probably not aware of what was going on during the eight-minute descent until shortly before the impact, at which point the Airbus A320 was travelling at 700kph (435mph).罗班表示,在飞机下降的8分钟里乘客们可能不知道发生了什么事,他们可能直到飞机撞山前一刻才意识到这一悲剧,此时这架空客A320的飞行速度为700千米/时(435英里/时)。“On the recording you only hear the screams in the last moments,” he said. “The Airbus A320 is rather a big plane. The passengers aren’t next to where the cockpit is, so we only hear screams at the very end. Death was instant.”他说:“在录音里,只有在最后时刻才听到尖叫声。这架空客A320是一架相当大的飞机。乘客座位不挨着驾驶舱,因此我们只在悲剧快要发生的那一刻才听到惨叫声,机上人员瞬间遇难。”Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister, said that Lubitz had no known links to terrorism. Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Mr de Maizière said: “There is no evidence of any kind of terrorist background. We checked everything.”德国内政部长托马斯#8226;德#8226;迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)表示,卢比茨与恐怖主义不存在已知联系。德#8226;迈齐埃在柏林对记者表示:“没有据表明此次事故存在任何恐怖主义背景。我们调查了一切。”Carsten Spohr, chief executive of Germanwings’ parent company Lufthansa, said there was nothing in the record of Mr Lubitz, who started working for the airline as a flight attendant, to raise concern.德国之翼的母公司汉莎航空(Lufthansa)的首席执行官卡斯滕#8226;施波尔(Carsten Spohr)表示,卢比茨没有任何值得关注的异常记录,他是从这家航空公司的乘务员开始做起的。“He was fit for flying without any restrictions,” Mr Spohr he told a press conference. “His performance was without criticism. Nothing was striking.”施波尔在记者会上说:“卢比茨适合所有飞行,毫无限制。他的过往表现无可挑剔,没什么惊人之举。” /201504/367517Microsoft’s second quarter earnings report released Monday had a few bright spots, including rising sales in mobile devices and cloud services. Overall, the company’s sales were up 8% in the quarter ending Dec. 31, though costs related to acquisitions and layoffs meant profits were down 10.6% to .9 billion.上周,微软发布了第二财季收益报告,其中出现了一些亮点,比如移动设备和云务的销售额不断上升。虽然由于收购和裁员影响,微软的利润下滑了10.6%,降至59亿美元,但该公司截至2014年12月31日的季度销售额总体还是实现了8%的增长。Despite the company’s good sales numbers, revenue from copies of its Windows operating system installed on new computers, long a reliable source of cash, were down 13% year-over-year. Why?尽管微软销售额涨势喜人,新电脑安装Windows操作系统所带来的收入却同比下降了13%,要知道它一直是个可靠的收入来源。为什么会出现这种情况?First, the consumer PC market has been either slipping or stagnant for years, meaning there’s fewer devices capable of running Microsoft’s PC operating system being sold.首先,个人电脑市场近年来一直不景气,也就是说,运行微软操作系统的个人电脑销量减少了。But there’s another reason that’s far more under Microsoft’s control.但还有另一个原因是微软完全不能控制的。Back at the end of 2013, Microsoft MSFT -9.25% was on the verge of ending technical support for Windows XP business customers. That convinced lots of IT and accounting departments it was finally time to upgrade from the decade-plus-old operating system, driving sales of Microsoft’s newer OSes, like Windows 8.到2013年年底,微软就已经基本不为Windows XP的商务用户提供技术持了。许多公司的IT部门和财务部门因此笃信,终于是时候升级这款已有十多年历史的旧系统了,而这将提高微软新系统如Windows 8的销量。However, that XP end-of-life phenomenon wasn’t around to drive sales last year, helping explain Windows’ poor year-over-year numbers. (Microsoft also said cheaper copies of Windows it sold to academic buyers cut into the category’s revenue).然而,XP的寿终正寝并未在去年拉动Windows系统的销量,这就解释了Windows年度同比销量表现低迷的原因。(微软还表示,出售给学术机构的Windows系统售价较低,也影响了该类别的收入。)It’s safe to expect Windows to be less of a moneymaker for Microsoft in the future. Last week, the company announced that its upcoming iteration of the operating system, Windows 10, will be a free upgradefor users with older versions aly installed. That’s a consumer-friendly move that should help drive adoption rates, but it will eat even further into Windows’ revenue figures. Still, if Microsoft continues to be successful in mobile and cloud services, that could more than make up for the free upgrade.我们可以预计,Windows在未来可能不再是微软的摇钱树。该公司近期宣布,即将面世的下一代操作系统Windows 10将为旧版本的Windows用户提供免费升级。这项举措对消费者十分友好,应该会提高该系统的采用率,但它会进一步降低Windows的收入。不过,如果微软能在移动和云务上继续高歌猛进,由此产生的收入将足以弥补免费升级的损失。(财富中文网) /201502/358731

Thanks to the Apple Watch, Apple has become the second best-selling wearable devices brand in the world, leaving the tech giant just behind Fitbit, the latest data showed.最新数据显示,苹果手表使得苹果成为世界第二大可穿戴设备畅销品牌,仅位列于科技巨头Fitbit之后。Fitbit sold 4.4 million wearable devices in the second quarter this year, remaining top of the list, according to industry research firm IDC, followed by Apple with 3.6 million.据行业调查与分析公司——国际数据公司称,Fitbit今年第二季度的出货量为440万,仍高居榜首,苹果出货量为360万,紧随其后。Xiaomi ranked the third by owning 17.1 percent of the market share, said the report.报告称,小米以17.1%的市场份额排名第三。After three years of fast growth, the wearable devices industry has entered maturity, where challenging dominant players will become increasingly difficult, said analysts.分析师称,三年的快速成长期过后,可穿戴设备行业已经进入了成熟期,想要挑战这些占优势的公司越来越困难。Here#39;s a list of the world#39;s top 5 best-selling wearable devices vendors, compiled by the IDC.以下是由国际数据公司编辑的世界五大畅销可穿戴设备供应商一览。5.Samsung5.三星Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 0.6 million2015年第二季度出货量:60万Market share: 3.3%市场占有率:3.3%Samsung#39;s Gear S wearable device, which gives accessibility to Samsung Galaxy smart phone apps, is displayed at the 2015 International CES, a trade show of consumer electronics, in Las Vegas, Nevada,Jan 8, 2015.2015年1月8日,内华达州的消费性电子产品展会——国际消费电子展上展出了三星的可穿戴设备Gear S,这一设备可以使用三星Galaxy系列智能手机的应用软件。4.Garmin4.佳明Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 0.7 million2015年第二季度出货量:70万Market share: 3.9%市场占有率:3.9%Garmin#39;s new fenix 3 multi-sport GPS training watch is displayed at the 2015 International CES, a tradeshow of consumer electronics, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan 7, 2015.2015年1月7日,内华达州的消费性电子产品展会——国际消费电子展上展出了佳明飞耐时3多功能运动表。3.Xiaomi3.小米Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 3.1 million2015年第二季度出货量:310万Market share: 17.1%市场占有率:17.1%Customers browse MiBand, a fitness band designed by Xiaomi, in Wuhan city, central China?s Hubei province, Mar 5, 2015.2015年3月5日,在位于中国中部的湖北省武汉市,顾客们正在看小米手环——这是由小米公司设计的一款智能健康设备。2.Apple2.苹果Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 3.6 million2015年第二季度出货量:360万Market share: 19.9%市场占有率:19.9%Customers try to use an Apple Watch in an Apple retail store in Hangzhou city, East China#39;s Zhejiang province, April 24, 2015. The watch went on sale on April 24 around the world.2015年4月24日,华东地区浙江省杭州市,顾客们正在苹果零售店里试用苹果手表。4月24日,这款手表在全世界上市销售了。1.Fitbit1.FitbitShipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 4.4 million2015年第二季度出货量:440万Market share: 24.3%市场占有率:24.3%A display of the various Fitbit devices, outside the New York Stock Exchange, during the Fitbit initial public offering on Jun 18, 2015.2015年6月18日,Fitbit首次公开发行期间,在纽约券交易所外展示的各种Fitbit设备。 /201509/399647

China’s own satellite navigation system has won a stamp of approval from an international maritime body, an important step toward its goal of global acceptance for its answer to the ed States’ Global Positioning System (GPS).中国自己开发的卫星导航系统获得了一个国际海事机构的批准,这是朝着其全球目标迈出的重要一步。该系统是对美国“全球定位系统(GPS)”的回应,中国希望它在全球范围内能获得广泛接受。The Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization, a ed Nations body that sets standards for international shipping, formally included Beidou in the World-Wide Radionavigation System during its Nov. 17-21 meeting. This means that the Chinese system has become the third system, after GPS and Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), recognized by the ed Nations body for operations at sea.国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization--IMO)的海上安全委员会(Maritime Safety Committee),是负责在制定国际航运标准的联合国机构。该委员会在11月17日至21日的会议上,正式把中国的北斗系统列入全球无线电导航系统(World-Wide Radionavigation System, WWRNS)。这意味着,北斗已经成为继GPS和俄罗斯全球导航卫星系统(GLONASS)之后,获得海上安全委员会认可的第三个海上作业系统。The inclusion of Beidou “is a recognition that Beidou can provide positioning data of adequate accuracy for its coverage area,” said Kevin Pollpeter, who focuses on China’s space program and information warfare issues at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.列入北斗“是因为它能够在覆盖区域内,提供足够精确的定位数据,”凯文·波尔彼得(Kevin Pollpeter)表示。他在加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)全球冲突与合作研究所(Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation)研究中国的太空计划和信息战问题。China first tested the Beidou system in 2000 and has since invested billions in its development to compete with and lower the country’s dependence on GPS. It has mandated the use of the domestic system in government departments including public security, disaster relief and tourism. In January 2013, the country’s transportation authority ordered all tour buses, long-distance buses and vehicles transporting “dangerous articles” in nine provinces to install the system. New heavy trucks manufactured in the nine provinces must install the system or they will not receive transportation permits, the vice minister of transport said. The country has also installed the navigation system in more than 50,000 Chinese fishing boats, including those plying the waters of the disputed South China Sea.中国第一次测试北斗系统是在2000年,此后该国投入数以十亿计的美元来开发它,以便与与GPS抗衡,降低该国对GPS的依赖。中国规定公安、抢险救灾和旅游等政府部门使用国产系统。2013年1月,交通运输部责令九个省为所有旅游大巴、长途客车和运送“危险物品”的车辆安装北斗系统。这九个省制造的新重型卡车必须安装该系统,否则无法获得交通运输许可,交通运输部副部长说。该国还把这种导航系统安装在5万多艘中国渔船上,其中包括那些在有争议的南海海域作业的渔船。But Beidou is not yet a mature system and is hardly poised to rival GPS globally, analysts say. Currently, GPS holds 95 percent of China’s navigation market.但北斗还不是一个成熟系统,尚未做好在全球范围内和GPS竞争的准备,分析师说。目前,GPS在中国导航市场上占有95%的份额。“I would not expect this announcement to result in an upsurge of demand for Beidou,” Mr. Pollpeter said, citing such factors as the decades-long proven reliability of GPS, its accuracy and cheaper receiver cost.“我觉得北斗成为全球无线电导航系统的消息,不会导致人们对它的需求高涨,”波尔彼得说,因为GPS的可靠性经过了数十年的考验,它有很高的准确性,而且GPS接收器也更便宜。However, what the Beidou system does have is strong backing from the Chinese government. In 2012, the vice chairman of the country’s top military body, the Central Military Commission, urged the country’s researchers to improve the system’s capacity to prevent interference, calling the system a “milestone” for the country and military, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The following year, the country’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission drew up a national development plan for Beidou.然而,北斗系统得到了中国政府的大力持。据中国官方通讯社新华社报道,2012年,该国最高军事机构中央军事委员会副主席敦促中国研究人员提高该系统的抗干扰能力,他还称该系统为国家和军队树立了一个“里程碑”。次年,中国强大的发改委为北斗制定了全国性发展计划。Not content with the system’s adoption within China, the government has also set the goal of providing global coverage with 35 geostationary and non-geostationary orbit satellites by 2020. To promote the system’s adoption by other Asian countries, China has been offering civilian use of the service free, the director of the Beidou Satellite System Application Center told Xinhua last year.中国政府不满足于国内对北斗系统的采用,还设立目标,决心到2020年,用35个对地静止和非静止轨道的卫星提供覆盖全球的信号。去年,北斗卫星系统应用中心的主任告诉记者,为了促进其他亚洲国家对该系统的采用,中国免费用它提供民用务。The government says the system is being tested across the region, from taxi-dispatching services in Cambodia to land-use management in Myanmar.政府说,从柬埔寨的出租车调度务,到缅甸的土地使用管理,该系统正在亚洲各地进行测试。“China sees development of Beidou as critical to its military and economic security and has designated it as part of its national infrastructure,” Mr. Pollpeter said.“中国认为北斗系统的开发是其军事和经济安全的关键要素,并将其作为国家级基础设施来建设,”波尔彼得说。Beijing wants to reduce its dependence on GPS because it is concerned the ed States “could disable or degrade the GPS signal to China and thus render its precision-guided smart weapons dumb,” he said. In addition, loss of navigation could also affect sectors as wide-ranging as banking and power transmission.中国政府希望减少对GPS的依赖,因为它担心美国“屏蔽或减少传送到中国的GPS信号,导致中国的精确制导智能武器无法发挥作用,”他说。此外,失去导航信号可能会给很多部门带来影响,比如和电力传输部门。In addition to security concerns, there are economic factors behind the promotion of Beidou.除了安全问题之外,推广北斗系统也有经济上的考量。“The market for satellite navigation products and services in China is estimated to reach to 400 billion renminbi,” about billion, by 2020 and China wants Beidou to capture 70 to 80 percent market share, Mr. Pollpeter said.到2020年,“中国的卫星导航产品和务市场规模可达4千亿人民币,”中国希望北斗系统能够占据70%至80%的市场份额,波尔彼得说。The Chinese Ministry of Transportation sent a delegation to the Maritime Safety Committee meeting, held in London, to introduce the Chinese system. Beidou is the Chinese name for the Big Dipper constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the solar system, which long served as a crucial navigational tool for travelers.中国交通部的代表团参加了海上安全委员会在伦敦举行的会议,并对北斗系统做了介绍。北斗是Big Dipper的中文名字,从太阳系中看去,它是最明亮的星群,长期以来都是旅行者的重要导航标志。What China has been able to do in recent years is overtake Europe’s efforts with its Galileo system, said Todd E. Humphreys, assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. Galileo has not yet been included in the World-Wide Radionavigation System.欧洲也在开发伽利略(Galileo)系统,最近几年,中国赶超了他们,德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校科克雷尔工程学校(University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering)的助理教授托德·E·汉弗莱斯(Todd E. Humphreys)说。伽利略尚未被列入全球无线电导航系统。“It’s interesting that BDS” — Beidou — “began in earnest after Galileo, but has by now outpaced Galileo in establishing itself as a global system,” Mr. Humphreys said. “The Europeans are hampered by too many committees.”“有趣的是,BDS(即北斗)比伽利略后发而先至,已经成为了一个全球性系统,”汉弗莱斯说。“欧洲的委员会太多,阻碍了他们的步伐。” /201412/347002

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