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U.S. fugitive and former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden urged technology companies to adopt better methods of encryption to protect users from government surveillance, in remarks made through a feed at a technology conference.美国国家安全局(National Security Agency, 简称:国安局)前承包商雇员、目前正被美国政府通缉的爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)近日在奥斯汀的西南偏南(South by Southwest)大会上通过视频发表讲话,呼吁科技企业采取更有效的加密技术以保护用户隐私免受政府监控的侵犯。Mr. Snowden, who has been charged by U.S. prosecutors under the Espionage Act, said technology companies can act more quickly to protect users#39; privacy than the U.S. government, which will move slowly, if at all, to change intelligence-gathering practices.斯诺登称,美国政府若有意改变情报收集方式,其过程将十分缓慢,科技企业可以先于美国政府采取行动,确保用户隐私安全。此前美国检方已根据《反间谍法》(Espionage Act)对斯诺登提起诉讼。#39;There is a policy response that needs to occur but there is also a technical response that needs to occur,#39; Mr. Snowden told the South by Southwest Interactive conference, taking place in Austin.斯诺登说,美国政府不仅需要政策上的响应,而且还需要技术上的响应。The public comments are among Mr. Snowden#39;s first since last June, when he leaked to some media outlets classified documents on the NSA#39;s programs to monitor phone calls, email and other communications.这是自去年6月监听事件曝光以来斯诺登首次公开发表言论。去年6月,斯诺登向几家媒体披露了国安局监听项目的绝密资料,该项目的监听内容包括电话、电子邮件等通讯活动。Mr. Snowden spoke from Moscow, where he has been granted temporary asylum, with an image of the U.S. Constitution in the background. Both the audience and the interviewers in Austin--two officials of the American Civil Liberties Union--appeared sympathetic to Mr. Snowden.斯诺登的此次视频讲话以美国宪法图片为背景,而他本人身处俄罗斯,并已被俄政府授予临时庇护权。会上观众及主持人――美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的两位官员都对斯诺登表示出同情。He wasn#39;t asked about the ethics of his disclosures or whether he believed he committed treason.他没有被问到其揭秘行为是否符合道义,也没有被问到他是否认为自己触犯了叛国罪。People sent in questions through Twitter, and the interviewers posed some of them to Mr. Snowden. Most of the questions related to the issue of surveillance, though one asked if he would do it again. #39;Absolutely, yes,#39; he replied.大会上,网友通过推特(Twitter)向他提问,主持人挑出了一些问题请他回答。其中大多数都与政府监管问题有关,但当被问到如果时光倒流,他是否还会这么做时,斯诺登回答道,绝对会的。#39;I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and I saw that the Constitution was being violated on a massive scale,#39; he said.斯诺登称,他曾宣誓持并捍卫宪法,但他看到的却是宪法遭到大规模侵犯。Stewart Baker, former general counsel for the NSA, said the interview of Mr. Snowden #39;couldn#39;t have been more sympathetic.#39; Mr. Baker, now a partner at Steptoe amp; Johnson LLP, added: #39;A neutral observer would have said, #39;You say you#39;re against mass surveillance. How do you feel about mass surveillance in Crimea?#39; #39;美国国家安全局前总顾问贝克(Stewart Baker)表示,采访斯诺登的人们对他过于同情了;中立的观察人士可能会问他:你说你反对大规模监控活动,那么你对克里米亚的大规模监控活动怎么看?贝克目前是Steptoe amp; Johnson LLP的合伙人。Mr. Snowden#39;s revelations about NSA surveillance prompted Google Inc. and other companies to strengthen their encryption technology, but he said the firms haven#39;t done enough to protect the civil liberties of Internet users in the U.S. and abroad.斯诺登揭露美国国家安全局的监控计划后,谷歌(Google Inc.)和其他一些公司都加强了各自的保密技术。但斯诺登称,在保护美国和其他国家互联网用户的公民自由方面,科技公司做的还不够。Google said last fall it would add or strengthen encryption of data passing among its data centers. It also now frequently changes the security keys used to unlock encrypted data, according to a person familiar with the company.谷歌去年秋季曾表示,将增加或增强通过其数据中心数据的保密性。熟悉该公司情况的人士还透露,谷歌目前还经常更换解开加密数据所需的安全密钥。In December, Microsoft Corp. General Counsel Brad Smith said the software maker would encrypt customer information moving between its data centers by the end of this year.微软(Microsoft Corp.)总顾问史密斯(Brad Smith)去年12月份称,微软将在今年年底前对在公司数据中心之间传送的客户信息进行加密。#39;We#39;re committed to protecting our users#39; privacy and our team is hard at work to encrypt all of Yahoo#39;s products,#39; a spokeswoman for Yahoo Inc. wrote in an email.雅虎公司(Yahoo Inc.)发言人在一封电子邮件中称,雅虎致力于保护用户隐私,公司团队正在努力工作对雅虎的所有产品进行加密。A Facebook Inc. spokesman declined to comment.Facebook Inc.发言人不予置评。Encryption turns plain text in an email into a jumble of letters and numbers that are unable to prying eyes--whether hackers or a spying agency. In order to the email, another user requires a #39;key#39; to decrypt the message.加密技术是将电子邮件的文字转化为一系列无序字符和数字,使得想要窥视内容的人无法阅读,不管是黑客还是情报机构。其他用户要想阅读邮件内容,需要一把“钥匙”对信息进行解密。Mr. Snowden and Chris Soghoian, one of the ACLU interviewers, said Internet companies should adopt a system known as #39;end-to-end encryption, #39; which scrambles communication, such as an email, at each step from the sender#39;s computer to the recipient#39;s.斯诺登和来美国公民自由联盟的采访者Chris Soghoian表示,互联网公司应该采用一种名为“端对端加密”的技术,这种技术允许通讯信息(比如一封电子邮件)在从源点到终点的传输过程中的每一步始终以密文形式存在。Messrs. Snowden and Soghoian said that widesp use of encryption would make it less practical for the government to collect Internet traffic in bulk, since much of it would be unable. That would require government agencies to target surveillance more precisely, Mr. Soghoian said.斯诺登和Soghoian称,加密技术的广泛使用将使得政府更加难以大批量收集网络信息,因为许多信息将变得无法阅读。Soghoian称,这将要求政府机构在监控时更加精确地定位目标。#39;Encryption technology has the potential to raise the cost of surveillance to the point where it no longer becomes economically feasible to spy on everyone,#39; Mr. Soghoian said.Soghoian称,加密技术有可能将监控成本提高到某种程度,使得对每个人进行监控的做法从经济上来说不再可行。The NSA didn#39;t immediately respond to a request for comment.美国国安局没有立即回覆记者的置评请求。Messrs. Snowden and Soghoian criticized the business model of Internet companies that rely on the collection of user data to serve advertisers. They urged companies to rely on subscriptions, like the text-messaging app WhatsApp, which Facebook recently said it would acquire for billion.一些互联网公司采用的商业模式依赖于用收集来的用户数据为广告商务,斯诺登和Soghoian对这种模式进行了批评。他们敦促这些公司转为采用WhatsApp等公司依靠订阅的模式。Facebook不久前宣布将以190亿美元收购WhatsApp。Privacy and government surveillance have been a theme of this year#39;s South by Southwest Interactive, a conference better known as a stage for the latest social networking and mobile apps. Appearing via Skype on Saturday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attacked the NSA and the power it holds in the Obama administration.隐私和政府监控问题一直是今年西南偏南大会的一个主题,该大会此前更多被视为展示最新社交网络和移动应用的一个舞台。维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人阿桑奇(Julian Assange)上周六通过Skype对美国国安局以及奥巴马政府赋予国安局的权利进行了抨击。Doug Kim, a user experience architect for Turner Broadcasting and attendee of South by Southwest, said the Snowden remarks gave him more insight into what businesses could do to help protect user privacy.大会参与者、Turner Broadcasting用户体验设计师金(Doug Kim)称,对于企业应该如何保护用户隐私,斯诺登的讲话让他有了更深的理解。#39;It really takes these big acts to make course changes, for these big companies to pivot,#39; Mr. Kim said.金称,确实需要这些大动作来扭转形势,大型科技企业需要做出转变。 /201403/279625Google Inc executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and filmmaker James Cameron are among those bankrolling a venture to survey and eventually extract precious metals and rare minerals from asteroids that orbit near Earth, the company said on Tuesday.行星资源集团本周二公布了一项到近地小行星进行勘探,并最终开采贵重金属和稀有矿产的计划。谷歌公司高管拉里#8226;佩奇和埃里克#8226;施密特、以及著名导演詹姆斯-卡梅隆等人都加入了这项风险投资。Planetary Resources, based in Bellevue, Washington, initially will focus on developing and selling extremely low-cost robotic spacecraft for surveying missions.这家公司的总部位于华盛顿贝尔维尤,最初将着眼于研发并出售价格极其低廉的机器人宇宙飞船,用于勘探调查任务。A demonstration mission in orbit around Earth is expected to be launched within two years, said company co-founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson.该公司联合创始人彼得-迪曼蒂斯和埃里克-安德森说,行星资源集团预计两年内在近地轨道开展首次示范任务。Planetary Resources#39; aim is to open deep-space exploration to private industry, much like the million Ansari X Prize competition, which Diamandis created.该公司的目标是在私人企业中开展外层空间勘测业务,就如同迪曼蒂斯发起的奖金高达一千万美元的安萨里X-Prize大奖赛。Planetary Resources#39; first customers are likely to be science agencies, such as NASA, as well as private research institutes.该公司的首位客户很可能是科学机构,比如美国宇航局,以及私人研究机构。Within five to 10 years, however, the company expects to progress from selling observation platforms in orbit around Earth to prospecting services. It plans to tap some of the thousands of asteroids that pass relatively close to Earth and extract their raw materials.但该公司计划在10年内将业务从出售近地轨道观测平台发展到探矿务,并计划开发数万颗近地小行星中的一部分,开采其中的稀有矿藏。Not all missions would return precious metals and minerals to Earth. In addition to mining for platinum and other precious metals, the company plans to tap asteroids#39; water to supply orbiting fuel depots, which could be used by NASA and others for robotic and human space missions.并非所有的任务都会带贵重金属和矿产回地球。除了开采白金和其它贵重金属外,该公司还计划开采小行星中的水资源,来供应轨道燃料补给站,美国宇航局和其它机构都可以利用这些补给站进行机器人进行的和载人的航天任务。;We have a long view. We#39;re not expecting this company to be an overnight financial home run. This is going to take time,; Anderson said.安德森说:“我们目光长远。我们并不期待公司能一夜暴富。这需要时间。”Planetary Resources declined to discuss specifics about how and when asteroid mining would begin. A 30-meter long (98-foot) asteroid can hold as much as billion to billion worth of platinum at today#39;s prices, Diamandis said.该公司拒绝讨论有关小行星采矿如何开展、以及何时开展等细节问题。迪曼蒂斯说,按如今的价格计算,一个直径30米(98英寸)的小行星可能含有最多价值250亿美元至500亿美元的白金。The company#39;s first step is to develop technologies to cut the cost of deep-space robotic probes to one-tenth to one-hundredth the cost of current space missions, which run hundreds of millions of dollars, Diamandis said.他还表示,该公司的第一步计划是研发能够削减外层机器人探测费用的技术,将费用削减至目前高达数亿美元的航空任务成本的1/10至1/100。 /201204/179815

A radar image of Mercury’s North Polar Region acquired by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is shown superposed on a mosaic of Mercury MESSENGER images of the same area in this NASA handout photo released Nov 29, 2012. Yellow areas denote regions of high radar reflectivity.图释:以上是由波多黎各的阿雷西天文台收集的一张水星北部极地地区的雷达图片。它与2012年11月29日美国宇航局发布的一张信使号太空船在同一地区收集的加了马赛克的资料图片反映的信息重复了。黄色区域表示雷达高反射率地区。(China Daily) Despite searing daytime temperatures, Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, has ice and frozen organic materials inside permanently shadowed craters in its north pole, NASA scientists said on Thursday.(中国日报)美国宇航局科学家周四表示,离太阳最近的星球水星,尽管有炽热的日间温度,但是在它的北极的永久阴影区的陨石坑中有冰和凝固的有机物质。Earth-based telescopes have been compiling evidence for ice on Mercury for 20 years, but the finding of organics was a surprise, say researchers with NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, the first probe to orbit Mercury.第一个探测水星轨道的是美国宇航局的信使号太空飞船,它的研究人员表示,地面望远镜已经花了20年的时间收集据表明水星上有冰,但是发现有机物确实是个意外。Both ice and organic materials, which are similar to tar or coal, were believed to have been delivered millions of years ago by comets and asteroids crashing into the planet.冰和有机物质,类似于柏油和煤炭,被认为是百万年前由彗星和小行星与水星碰撞时产生的。 /201212/211847

  Yahoo is dressed like a high-growth company. But it may soon have to revert to humbler garb.雅虎(Yahoo)打扮得像一家高增长公司。但它可能很快就得现出原形。Much of the Internet company#39;s value rests on its 24% stake in Alibaba. Investors seeking exposure to the unlisted Chinese e-commerce juggernaut have flocked to Yahoo#39;s shares. These now sport a tech-like multiple of 25.5 times 2014 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, about double that of Google.这家互联网公司的价值有很大一部分在于其所持24%的阿里巴巴股份。想要投资于这家未上市中国电子商务巨头的投资者纷纷买进雅虎投票。依据雅虎2014年预期息税折旧摊销前收益计算的市盈率目前为25.5倍,与科技公司估值相当,差不多是谷歌(Google)的两倍。But when Alibaba completes its initial public offering, expected next year, investors must ask whether Yahoo still is worth owning without its glitzy wardrobe.但阿里巴巴预计明年将完成首次公开募股(IPO),届时投资者肯定会问,在雅虎失去了阿里巴巴股份这一眩目的行头之后,它是否仍然值得拥有。The decline of the Internet portal as the most efficient way to reach the greatest number of users and the rise of programmatic ad buying, which is site-agnostic, have created permanent challenges for Yahoo#39;s display advertising business, according to Pivotal Research. Meanwhile, Yahoo#39;s share of search, as tracked by comScore, continues to deteriorate, dropping to 11.2% in November from 12.1% a year earlier.据市场研究机构Pivotal Research,门户网站曾经是影响最大用户群体的最有效途径,但这种途径出现衰落,不论站点的程序化广告购买的兴起给雅虎的展示广告业务带来了永久的挑战。与此同时,comScore跟踪的雅虎在搜索市场占据的份额持续下降,11月降至11.2%,上年同期为12.1%。Since Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo as chief executive in July 2012 she has pursued various strategies aimed at driving traffic to the site and boosting its advertising business.梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)自2012年7月加入雅虎任首席执行长以来,实施了众多旨在提高网站访问量、提振广告业务的策略。Some of these efforts appear to have paid off. In September, Yahoo#39;s global traffic, including desktop and mobile, returned to levels unseen since 2011, reversing two years of declines. And traffic to Yahoo#39;s sites from desktop users bested Google#39;s in August, September and October, ranking No. 1 on comScore#39;s list of Top 50 properties. Mobile growth also has been significant, with more than 400 million monthly active users, up from 200 million at the end of 2012.其中一些举措似乎产生了效果。今年9月,雅虎包括电脑和移动设备的全球访问量恢复到2011年以来的最高水平,扭转了延续两年的衰落势头。同时,雅虎网站来自电脑用户的访问量在今年8月、9月和10月超过谷歌,在comScore的网站访问量50强排行榜上排名第一。移动访问量的增长也十分可观,月度活跃用户超过4亿,较2012年底的2亿大大增长。Yet that isn#39;t doing much for Yahoo#39;s revenue. In the third quarter, display revenue fell 7%, year on year, to 0 million as search revenue dropped 8% to 5 million. Only #39;other revenue,#39; which includes royalties from Alibaba, rose 5% to 4 million. For the nine months ended Sept. 30, display and search revenue were down 10% and 9%, respectively, with other revenue up 8%.然而这种情况对于雅虎的营收并没有起到太大作用。雅虎第三季度展示广告收入同比下降7%,至4.7亿美元,搜索业务收入下降8%,至4.35亿美元。只有包括阿里巴巴付的许可费用在内的“其他收入”增加5%,至2.34亿美元。截至今年9月30日的九个月,展示广告和搜索业务收入分别下降10%和9%,其他收入增长8%。Consensus estimates for 2014 suggest a slight improvement, showing display and search revenue roughly flat and up 7%, respectively. Ebitda, meanwhile, is expected to increase by a modest 3.7%. Adding more personalized user data to its Tumblr ad inventory could be one source of gains, Pivotal says. But it remains to be seen if the turnaround is real.对2014年的一致估计显示雅虎的情况将略有好转,展示广告收入持平,搜索业务收入增长7%。与此同时,息税折旧摊销前收益预计将小幅增长3.7%。Pivotal说,雅虎在Tumblr广告目录中加入更为个性化的用户数据可能是一个收益来源。但好转能否真正实现还有待观察。Analysts say Yahoo#39;s core business should be valued at around four to six times 2014 Ebitda -- more like a print media asset. It is difficult to say where that business trades now because so much rests on Alibaba#39;s IPO. Estimates of Alibaba#39;s value range from 0 billion to 0 billion. To complicate calculations, Yahoo must sell 40% of its stake at the IPO, with the rest to be sold at its discretion, theoretically for more if Alibaba#39;s stock rises.分析师们说,雅虎的核心业务价值约为2014年息税折旧摊销前收益的四到六倍――更类似于平面媒体的估值。很难判断这块业务目前的价值,因为很大程度上将取决于阿里巴巴的IPO。阿里巴巴的估值在1,000亿美元至1,900亿美元。令计算更复杂的是,雅虎必须在IPO之时出售其所持股份的40%,其余部分由雅虎自己决定是否出售,理论上如果阿里巴巴股价上涨,则能以更高价格卖出。In one scenario, UBS estimates Alibaba will list at a 0 billion valuation, which will then climb to 0 billion.其中一种设想的情况是,瑞银(UBS)估计阿里巴巴将以1,000亿美元的估值上市,随后将攀升至1,600亿美元。Using this assumption, if Yahoo sold the remaining 60% of its stake at that price, its total after-tax proceeds could be .3 billion, or about a share. Yahoo#39;s 35% stake in Yahoo Japan adds roughly another a share after tax.按照这种假想,如果雅虎以上涨后的阿里巴巴股价出售其所持的其余60%股份,其税后总收益可能达到203亿美元,约合每股20美元。雅虎所持的35%雅虎日本(Yahoo Japan)股份会让每股税收收益再增加大约7美元。Taking that and net cash of .11 a share on Yahoo#39;s books at the end of the third quarter off the current share price leaves .96 a share. That implies a .1 billion valuation for Yahoo#39;s core business, or 7.1 times 2014 Ebitda -- pricey relative to analyst models. And that likely understates the multiple, since Alibaba#39;s high-margin royalty payments would need to be factored out of Yahoo#39;s Ebitda.从雅虎当前股价中减去上面计算出来的27美元以及雅虎第三季度末账面上的每股现金3.11美元,得到的是每股10.96美元。这意味着雅虎核心业务估值为1,110亿美元,以2014年预期息税折旧摊销前收益计算的市盈率为7.1倍――相比分析师假定的情况来说过高了。而且这还有可能低估了这个倍数,因为阿里巴巴付的高利润许可费需要从雅虎的息税折旧摊销前收益中剔除。Investors can only guess at what Yahoo will look like underneath its designer wardrobe. But chances are it will look more like Gannett than Google.投资者只能猜测雅虎光夺目的外表下面是何种真面目。但它很可能更类似于媒体公司Gannett,而不是像谷歌这样的互联网公司。 /201312/270582

  After being saved from kidnapping, you discover you#39;re the daughter of the prime minister and your life is in imminent danger. You are introduced to a handful of handsome bodyguards, and must decide who you want to protect you 24 hours a day.在被从绑匪手中救出来后,你发现你居然是首相的女儿,而你的生命岌岌可危。你经介绍认识了几个英俊的保镖,你必须决定自己想让谁一天24小时保护你。That#39;s the scenario for one of several role-playing ;love games; currently popular in Japan, allowing women to safely spend time with their choice of Mr. Right without actually dealing with a live person - even as marriage rates in Japan fall.这是日本当前流行的角色扮演“爱情游戏”设定的其中一个情境。该游戏让女性能和自己选择的白马王子安全地共度时光,而不用和活生生的真人打交道。尽管日本结婚率一直在下降,但是这一游戏却很受欢迎。;In the game, you#39;re the lone woman, and the attention of all the guys is on you,; said ;han-kura,; a 37-year-old office worker who uses that alias on a blog dedicated to these games.一位在游戏客中化名为han-kura的37岁的办公室职员说:“在游戏中,你是唯一一个女人,所有男人的目光都在你身上。”The role-playing games are based on characters typical of Japanese manga comics, with all the men slender and elegant. The player becomes the heroine and chooses an ideal mate from several ;knight in shining armor; characters, developing a relationship through the choices they make in the storyline.这种角色扮演游戏基于日本漫画典型人物,所有的男人都身材修长、风度翩翩。玩家成为女主角,从几个“身穿闪亮盔甲的骑士”中选择一个理想对象,然后按自己选择的故事情节发展出一段感情关系。The games, which can be played on smart phones, are especially popular with working single women in their 30s who feel they don#39;t have the time or energy for a real relationship due to their demanding work schedule, said Kana Shimada, a novelist who writes about modern women and relationships.一位以现代女性和情感关系为题材的小说家岛田加奈说,这个游戏可以在智能手机上玩,在那些因为工作日程紧张觉得自己没有时间或精力谈一场真正恋爱的三十多岁的单身职业女性当中特别受欢迎。;It may be virtual, but if it#39;s ‘a boyfriend from a game,#39; then you can enjoy it whenever you want,; said Shimada. ;The games that make you feel the ups and downs of a real relationship have all the elements to get women hooked.;岛田说:“这也许是虚拟的,但如果是‘游戏里的男友’,那么你随时都可以让他陪你谈恋爱。这个游戏会让你感受到一段真实的恋爱关系中的起起伏伏,拥有所有让女人着迷的恋爱要素。”The game industry has always had a strong male following, but it seems to have found a way to finally capitalize on female users. The sector based on such love simulation games grew by 30.4% with 14.6 billion yen (7.3 million) in sales in 2011, according to Yano Research Institute.产业总是有强大的男性粉丝群,但它似乎终于找到了从女用户身上吸金的方法。根据矢野经济研究所的数据,基于这种爱情模拟游戏的产业领域2011年的销售额增加了30.4%,即146亿日元(合1.773亿美元)。The games come in several episodes, each costing around 500 yen (.98).这种游戏有几个系列,每个系列价格约为500日元(合5.98美元)。The growth of smart phones has had a hand in this popularity through their portability and privacy, said Nozomi Wada, an editor at AppBank, a website that reviews apps.给应用程序作的AppBank网站的编辑和田希说,日益普及的智能手机因其便携性和隐私性也助长了这种的流行。;The biggest reason for its popularity is that users like myself can play it secretly in the palm of our hands without other people noticing it,; said ;han-kura.;Han-kura说:“这种流行的最大原因是像我这样的用户可以偷偷地在我们的掌心玩,不让其他人注意到。” /201212/215493。

  Walk through any major shopping district, and you#39;re likely to stumble upon a number of pop-up shops. From online brands testing the waters for a physical presence to major retailers testing out new products, the pop-up concept has become a major tool for businesses regardless of size.走在任何一个大型商业区里,大家都会发现不少所谓的“快闪”店(亦称作“品牌游击店”)。有些是在线品牌试水实体经营,有些则是大型零售商在试卖新产品。现如今,“快闪”理念已经成了大大小小的企业的一个重要工具。The short-term retail market has exploded over the past few years, bridging the gap between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores and enabling brands a chance at premium real estate at a fraction of the cost. In fact, temporary retail continues to thrive as an billion industry that#39;s grown 16% annually since 2009, according to a recent Specialty Retail Report. Major online brands like Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOG) have experimented with short-term leases to showcase new products while national retailer Nordstrom has collaborated with online jewelry marketplace BaubleBar and fashion brand Top Shop to set up within the department store.过去几年,短期零售市场如雨后春笋般蓬勃发展,不仅在电子商务和实体商务之间架设了一座桥梁,而且让很多品牌有机会只用很少的资金租用高端地产进行短期零售。根据最近的一份专营零售报告显示,自从2009以来,临时零售行业的年增长率达到了16%,市值已达80亿美元。亚马逊(Amazon)和谷歌(Google)这样的网络巨头纷纷在大商场里签订短期租约,展示自己的新产品。而全美连锁的高档百货店诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom)也与网络珠宝商BaubleBar和时尚品牌Top Shop合作,在自己的门店内设置专柜。More and more companies are realizing a pop-up is not only a chance to generate more sales but also to learn more about customers and how a brand translates and who it influences. To illustrate, here#39;s a look at five ways how a business can benefit from a soon-to-be permanent model in the retail industry:越来越多的企业正在意识到,“快闪”式的零售店不仅可以带来更多的销售额,同时也能让品牌进一步地了解顾客,了解品牌的演化过程,了解它会影响哪些人。下面谨为大家介绍企业可以从“快闪”式零售店获益的五种方式:1. Offload inventory and test out a new revenue stream1. 利用“快闪”店清仓甩货、同时尝试寻找新的收入流Pop-up shops inherently evoke a sense of urgency with ;limited time; offers, which helps boost sales and often converts to larger purchases.“快闪”店由于开设的时间有限,一般会给人造成一种紧迫感,所以往往会促进销量,而且经常会转化为更大额的采购。;We have had clients that have seen their cart size grow two times when their online customer walks into a space where they can touch and feel the brand,; says pop-up architect Melissa Gonzalez.“快闪”店建筑师梅丽莎o冈萨雷斯说:“我们有些客户开设了快闪店后,由于顾客可以在店里触摸到、感觉到这个品牌的商品,所以他们购物车的规模扩大了两倍。”The informal, spontaneous setting might generate more revenue or allow a store to feature inventory in a fresh way, says Anton Commissaris, the North American president for point of systems service Vend. For example, let#39;s say a running store is trying to move old inventory through the use of sidewalk racks. If the storeowner instead uses a pop-up truck and drives to a different part of town, the clothing becomes instantly new to a different group of consumers. Meanwhile online companies like Etsy can test the brick-and-mortar business to see if their merchandise attracts foot traffic in the same way it can digitally.零售点系统务商Vend公司北美总裁安顿o康米萨利斯指出,这种非正式的购物环境可能带来更多的收入,或者让商家以一种新的方式向消费者展示存货。比如有一家商店想通过在街头摆摊的方式清仓甩货。但是如果店家开着一辆“快闪”货车到城市的另一个区域去卖货,那么这些衣可能对于一群不同的消费者来说,就立即变成了新鲜款式。同时像Etsy这样的网商也可以通过试水实体生意,来看看自己的产品在实体店是否一样具有吸引力。2. Test out new products or experiment with new concepts2. 测试新产品或新理念Pop-up shops are a great way to incubate an idea in a confined timeframe and isolated scope, adds Gonzalez, who owns a pop-up specialty firm. Demonstrating new products enables a business to collect customer feedback and suggestions before fully going to market. Existing brands like Google or Nordstrom (JWN), which more recently launched a New York pop-up to promote Sarah Jessica Parker#39;s new shoe line SJP, are also leveraging pop-up shops to experiment with new collections or concepts.梅丽莎o冈萨雷斯自己就有一家专门承接“快闪”店业务的公司。她表示,如果要在有限的时间和地域内孵化出一个点子的话,“快闪”店是一个非常好的平台。它使商家可以在全面进军市场之前,先通过这个平台向消费者展示自己的产品,获取消费者的反馈和建议。像谷歌和诺德斯特龙等大企业如今都在利用“快闪”店试验新产品或新理念。诺德斯特龙最近还在纽约新开了一家“快闪”店,销售好莱坞女星萨拉o杰西卡o帕克代言的女鞋品牌SJP。Smaller retailers can also use pop-up shops or trucks as an opportunity to reach and retain more customers. Use it as a chance to hand out an exclusive discount or gift card to spend at the larger store or online, giving consumers a reason to return after the pop-up closes.小型零售商也可以利用“快闪”店或“快闪”售货卡车去招揽更多的顾客。同时你也可以利用这个机会向顾客提供下次到本店顾物的特别折扣或者礼品卡,给顾客一个“快闪”店关闭之后继续到你店里消费的理由。3. Use it as a marketing opportunity to create brand awareness3. 利用“快闪”店作为营造品牌认知度的机会More companies are using pop-ups as a marketing tool for brand extension. By incorporating incentives for customers to share their experience on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, companies can create a larger organic buzz about their brand. By analyzing social media chatter, a marketing team could examine word sentiment around their brand and look for new potential influences for future campaigns. A temporary physical setup also gives online brands a chance to make consumers aware of their online store, attracting local foot traffic they may not have otherwise had.越来越多的公司正在把“快闪”店当成提升品牌认知度的一个营销工具。通过向顾客提供激励,促使顾客通过Twitter和Facebook等社交媒体分享自己的购物体验,企业可以达到良好的品牌知名度。同时通过分析社交媒体数据,品牌的营销团队还可以了解围绕这个品牌的口碑,为以后寻找新的宣传点。另外,一个短期的实体店还能让消费者有机会了解他们的线上商店,为他们在当地带来无法通过其它途径获得的客流量。Technology-driven companies can also use a temporary space as a way to educate customers on what makes their product unique to the market.科技型企业还可以通过“快闪”店让顾客了解到自己产品的独特之处。;A sense of discovery will deepen a customer#39;s connection of the brand as they embrace the #39;wow#39; factor,; Gonzalez says. ;Be it a groundbreaking formulation or a disruptive technology.冈萨雷斯说:“无论是某种突破性的配方,还是某种颠覆性的技术,只要它让顾客觉得惊艳,这种发现感就会加深顾客与品牌的联系。”Vend#39;s point of sales system and in-store sensors allow companies to collect data on their customers. For example, a customer can assess foot traffic during specific weather conditions, conversion rates and cart contents. This type of big data can inform merchandisers and marketers on how to better position and target campaigns or window designs in the future, Gonzalez adds.Vend公司的零售点系统和店内传感器使它可以收集关于顾客的数据。比如,客户可以衡量在特定天气条件下的客流量、转化率和购物车里的内容。冈萨雷斯指出,这种大数据技术可以让商家和营销人员明白怎样才能更好地开展广告宣传活动,或者告诉他们今后怎样更好地进行橱窗设计。4. Timing a pop-up in conjunction with seasonality or holidays4. 结合季节性因素或节假日时机开设“快闪”店As we aly know, consumers tend to buy during seasonal and holiday shopping. By creating a seasonal experience, companies can provide a ;one-stop shop; for customers.我们知道,消费者在购物上具有季节性倾向,而且喜欢在节假日购物。所以企业可以通过结合季节性因素为顾客体供“一站式购物”体验。季节性“快闪”店也给零售商提供了一个与其他企业合作的机会。比如,如果你是一家在线珠宝商店,那么你就可以与花店或者巧克力作坊合作,开一家专门做母亲节生意的“快闪”店,让消费者在店内更能获得“发现”的快感。Seasonal shops are also an opportunity for retailers to collaborate with other businesses. For example, an online jewelry store could partner with a florist or a chocolatier and brand the whole experience as a Mother#39;s Day shop, giving consumers more of a discovery experience while inside.“店中店”则是另一种日益流行的“快闪”店模式。所谓“店中店”就是允许一家小公司在另一家大型零售商门店中设立专柜或专区,测试产品的销路。The store-within-a-store model is another type of pop-up that#39;s becoming more common. Allowing smaller businesses to test market their items by setting up a stand or an area within a larger store may attract new business for the bigger retailer.5. 全渠道零售将成为行业的未来5. Omni-channel retail is the future of the industry越来越多的企业正在利用所谓“全渠道”的零售模式,也就是既在网上销售,也在实体店和路边摊销售。正如麻省理工学院(the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)的一篇报告《超越购物车》指出的那样,随着消费者逐渐习惯利用多个平台进行发现和购物,许多零售商也不再按照渠道对销售进行划分。More businesses are leveraging Omni-channel retail, or the seamless approach of a retailer selling online, in a store and on the road. As the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report ;Beyond the Checkout Cart; points out, many retailers are no longer distinguishing sales by channels while consumers are using a multi-platform for discovery and purchase.消费者喜欢那些“平易近人”的品牌,也就是能让他们轻轻松松购物的品牌。如今实体店已经日益沦为“样品间”,也就是说,消费者一边在实体店里看货、一边在网上比价。它表明,消费者已经习惯了多渠道的购物方式。根据麻省理工学院的报道,如今零售业每年有价值120亿美元的商品是顾客通过智能手机订购的,而80%的购物者承认他们在购物前曾经到实体店里看过样品。Consumers expect accessible brands that enable everything to be at their fingertips. The increase in ;showrooming,; or when consumers compare prices online while browsing in-store, signals that customers are engaging with the multi-channel shopping approach. According to the MIT report, the industry generated billion in sales made on a smartphone while 80% of shoppers admitted to ;showrooming; before a purchase.康米萨利斯说:“企业不仅要做到多渠道销售,还要确保品牌体验和购买体验的一致性。”(财富中文网);More than just being multi-channel,; Commissaris says, ;companies are trying to ensure the brand experience and the buying experience are the same.;译者:朴成奎 /201406/303472

  It’s not for sale, and won’t be until early 2015, which could mean June.苹果手表要等到明年初,甚至可能到明年6月份才会开售。But there it is, the Apple Watch, accessorizing the wrist of fashion supermodel Liu Wen on the cover of Vogue China‘s November issue, scheduled to hit the stands Monday.但这款产品已经在媒体上公开亮相,在本周一发行的《VOGUE饰与美容》11月刊封面上,它被戴在了超级名模刘雯的手腕上。The Business of Fashion has the story, and an interview with editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung:时尚动态网站The Business of Fashion对此进行了报道,并且采访了《VOGUE饰与美容》杂志主编张宇女士。““When Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook talked me through how they developed the concept of the Apple Watch from the beginning, I was impressed by their thoughts and passion for the project,” Cheung told BoF. “Then I saw the watches and thought they looked rather good; some are sporty and others are very classic and elegant. At the same time, they all have so many functions that would be useful in our daily life. I just thought that they combined technology, style and functionality and were very modern and, therefore, perfect accessories for the modern-day woman which is what the Vogue China woman is about.”张宇表示:“苹果首席设计师乔纳森o伊夫和首席执行官蒂姆o库克从头到尾向我讲述了他们是如何阐发出苹果手表的概念的,他们的想法和对这个项目的热情打动了我。接下来他们展示了苹果手表,我觉得这些手表相当好看;其中一些运动感十足,另一些则非常经典和优雅。同时,它们还有许多日常生活中可能用到的功能。我觉得苹果手表把科技、时尚和实用性结合在了一起,非常现代,是时尚女性的完美佩饰,而时尚女性正是我们杂志的读者群。”Apple products used to make their editorial debuts on the cover of U.S. magazines, like Time and Newsweek. Vogue is a global fashion powerhouse, and China is the world’s largest market for mobile devices.苹果产品此前首次在平面媒体正式亮相时,总是选择《时代》(Time)和《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)等美国杂志。《Vogue》是全球顶尖的时尚杂志,而中国目前是世界上最大的移动设备市场。Thanks to The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple for the tip.感谢客网站The Loop创始人吉姆o达尔林普尔向我们提供信息。 /201410/336499Two Chinese telecom carriers – China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd – announced on Tuesday that they will offer Apple Inc’s latest iPhone 5 handsets in the Chinese mainland starting on Friday.两家中国电信运营商——中国联通(香港)有限公司和中国电信集团有限公司——周二宣布他们将在周五开始在中国大陆出售苹果公司最新产品iPhone 5。The release date for China comes almost three months after the iPhone 5′s debut in the ed States. China Unicom will offer service contracts for the device starting at 5,899 yuan (4) and China Telecom will offer it at a contract-plan price starting at 5,288 yuan.iPhone 5在美国发布近三个月后,才在中国大陆发售。中国联通将为设备提供务合同,起价为5899元(944美元);中国电信将使用合同计划的起价5288元。The iPhone 5′s debut in the Chinese market will be the first time that the two telecom carriers will compete with each other over customers starting from the release of an Apple mobile phone product.iPhone 5在中国市场的首次露面将是两家电信运营商第一次从苹果手机产品的发布开始,为争夺顾客而相互竞争。 /201212/214243

  A retinal implant, or bionic eye, which is powered by light, has been invented by scientists in the ed States.一种受光能驱动的视网膜植入物,也可以叫做是仿生眼,已被美国科学家发明出来。Implants currently used need to be powered by a battery but the new device uses a special pair of glasses to beam near-infrared light into the eye.植入物通常需要电池来提供动力以保使用。但这款新仪器借助一对特殊眼镜,将近红外光线传送至眼睛。This powers the implant and sends the information which could help the implant recipient to see.光能因而可以驱动植入物运转,并传导信息,已到达帮助移植接受者可以视物的目的。 /201205/184499NASA wants to send your messages to aliens.美国国家航空航天局想要将你的消息发给外星人。Back in the 1970s the Voyager 1 probe was sent out into space containing a record of images and words selected by Carl Sagan and others. That craft has now almost certainly left our solar system, and the message in a bottle (or rather a golden record in a space craft) is heading merrily on its way through interstellar space.上世纪70年代,携带了一张唱片的旅行者一号探测器被发射到太空,唱片中刻有由天文学家卡尔·萨根等人挑选的图片和留言。目前,该探测器已经几乎要飞离太阳系,瓶中信(其实是太空飞行器内的一张金质唱片)正轻快的飞向星际空间。And now NASA wants to try it again - even though the craft on which it will place its messages is aly 300 million miles from Earth.现在,美国国家航空航天局想要再试一次——尽管信息的载体飞行器已经远离地球3亿英里。That craft is New Horizons, a deep space probe heading to Pluto to study its moons and the dwarf planet itself.这具飞行器叫新地平线号。这具深空探测器正飞往冥王星去研究这颗矮行星以及它的卫星。Though it launched in 2006, New Horizons will not reach Pluto until the summer of 2015, at which point it will start to collect data on everything it sees.尽管新地平线号于2006年发射,但它在2015年夏天前都不会到达冥王星。届时它将开始收集它见到的一切信息。But after that - once the craft continues on its path away from the Sun - there#39;s not much more it can do.但那之后,当新地平线号继续它的飞离太阳之旅时,已经再没有太多的事情可做了。Or is there? Space artist and journalist Jon Lomberg, who was also involved in putting together the Voyager 1 record, has argued that since the craft will still be contactable from Earth, Nasa should fill its memory banks with messages and data from our planet. Just as with Voyager 1, the idea is that in the (unlikely) situation in which an alien species finds the probe, it might be nice to say hello.或许事实并非如此。由于届时新地平线号仍能够和地球保持联系,太空艺术家和记者乔恩·隆伯格主张美国国家航空航天局应该用来自地球的信息和数据装满飞行器的存储空间。乔恩本人曾参与制作旅行者一号的唱片。和旅行者一号一样,这个主意未必能让外星物种发现探测器,但和它们打个招呼倒是不错。Last year he launched a petition to make it happen, and launched an independent group (#39;New Horizons Message Initiative#39;) to collect the message.去年他发起了一个请愿来实现这个主意,还组织了一个叫做“新地平线信息倡议”的团体来收集消息。And now Nasa has agreed! Last month Nasa said that it would do exactly as the group asked, and is now working on ways for anyone to submit their messages in the form of audio, or just words.现在美国国家航空航天局同意了这一计划。他们表示完全同意该团体的请愿,并致力于让任何人都能够提交自己的信息——无论是声音,视频,或仅仅是文字。;For almost 40 years, people have been inspired by the Voyager record, a portrait of the Earth in 1977,; Lomberg told Space.com.隆伯格告诉space.com,“差不多40年以来,人们都被旅行者号的唱片所鼓舞,那是地球在1977年的肖像。”;The world is very different now, and this new message will reflect the hopes and dreams of the second decade in the 21st century. It will inspire young people#39;s interest in science and ignite the imagination of all ages. We hope it will be an example of global creativity and cooperation.;“如今世界已经大不一样。这个新消息将反映21世纪第二个十年里的希望和梦想。它将激发年轻人对科学的兴趣,还能激起所有人的想象。我们希望它能成为全球创新与合作的一个范例。” /201406/308577

  Temasek Holdings, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund with a 0 billion investment portfolio, is betting big on the future of India’s e-commerce. It recently invested in the Indian e-tailerSnapdeal with the expectation that the volume of transactions in that country’s burgeoning e-commerce market will increase by a factor of at least six over the next three to four years.拥有1,800亿美元投资组合的新加坡主权基金淡马锡控股公司(Temasek Holdings)在印度的电子商务上押下了重注。最近,淡马锡对印度的电商Snapdeal进行了投资,希望该国蓬勃发展的电子商务市场的交易量能在接下来的三四年内至少增长到现在的六倍。That’s no small vote of confidence in India’s e-commerce potential. Temasek was an early investor in China’s Alibaba, an e-commerce titan whose annual transactions today exceed 0 billion, or more than Amazon and eBay combined. It likes Snapdeal because the company uses a similar model.这可是对印度电子商务市场潜力的巨大信心。淡马锡也是中国阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的早期投资者。后者作为电子商务巨擘,年成交额已经超过2,500亿美元,比亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay加起来还要多。淡马锡相中Snapdeal,也是因为这家公司使用了与阿里巴巴类似的模式。“India has huge opportunity,” says Praveen Sengar, an analyst at Gartner who is based in Singapore. “But logistics is the biggest challenge for the Indian market and significant investment will go into developing a network covering tier 1 and 2 cities.”高德纳研究公司(Gartner)驻新加坡的分析师普拉文#8226;森加表示:“印度有着巨大的机遇。但印度的物流是该国市场面临的最大挑战。要进行大量投资,才能建立覆盖一线城市和二线城市的交通网络。”India’s e-commerce market was around billion in 2013, according to a joint report by KPMG and the Internet and Mobile Association of India, or IAMAI. That’s a relatively small number compared to China’s 0 billion, but it’s still a substantial figure with plenty of room for growth.根据毕马威会计事务所(KPMG)和印度互联网及移动通信协会(Internet and Mobile Association of India,IAMAI)的联合报告,印度电子商务市场在2013年的规模约为1,300亿美元。与中国电子商务市场的3,000亿美元相比,该数值相对较低,不过考虑到印度仍然有很多的增长潜力,这也是个很可观的数字了。In India’s favor is the fact that the country’s digital payments industry is expected to expand at a rate of 40 percent to reach billion by the end of this year, according to IAMAI, and it has one of the youngest online populations, with 15 to 24-year-olds making up the fastest growing segment.根据印度互联网及移动通信协会的说法,印度的利好在于该国的电子付行业预计将增长40%,在今年年底达到2,000亿美元的规模。另外,印度还有最年轻的网民群体,15岁至24岁之间的网民比例增长最快。“Smartphone penetration across the country and the increasingly mobile-first culture will offset the relative lack of reliable Internet connectivity,” says Shiv Putcha, an IDC analyst focused on consumer mobility and gaming and based in Mumbai.国际数据公司(IDC)驻印度孟买的分析师希夫#8226;普恰长期关注移动消费和游戏领域,他表示:“智能手机正在渗透这个国家,‘移动为先’的文化逐渐盛行,将会弥补该国相对匮乏的稳定上网条件。”At present India is transitioning from what is called an inventory-based model of e-commerce, where e-tailers sell a single product or brand stocked in their warehouse, to a marketplace model where a platform brings buyers and sellers together. The marketplace model is considered to be less capital intensive, generating more (and earlier) profits for shareholders.目前,印度的电子商务正在从以存货为基础的模式(电商只售卖储存在他们库房中的产品),转变为市场模式(利用平台将卖家和买家联系起来)。市场模式的资本密集度较低,能够更多地(也更早地)让股东盈利。In India, the leaders of the marketplace approach are Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, and the recently arrived Amazon.在印度,Flipkart、Snapdeal、Myntra以及新加入的亚马逊,目前在电子商务市场处于领先位置。“Flipkart definitely stands out with broader market coverage, presence in multiple categories, repeat buyers and consistent orders,” Sengar says.森加表示:“Flipkart非常引人注目,它的市场覆盖范围更广,在很多产品上具有很大影响力,回头客很多,订单源源不绝。”Bangalore-based Flipkart, which was founded by two former Amazon executives, started by selling books, but has since branched out into 14 categories including lifestyle, healthcare, and accessories. Earlier this year it acquired Myntra, a fashion portal also based in Bangalore, with hopes that the move will help it dominate apparel e-tailing in India.Flipkart位于印度南部的班加罗尔,由两位前亚马逊高管创立,以卖书起家,并随后拓展到包括生活、医疗和配饰等的14个领域。今年早些时候,它收购了同样位于班加罗尔的时装电商Myntra,后者希望此举能够帮助其统治印度的网络装零售领域。Its rivals have been similarly busy. Snapdeal is the second-largest domestic player and has raised more than 0 million in expansion capital from equity partners that include sovereign wealth fund Temasek and eBay. It expects to achieve billion in annual sales by 2015.而Flipkart的竞争对手也同样繁忙。Snapdeal是印度第二大电商,它从淡马锡和eBay等权益合伙人那里募集了超过2亿美元的扩张资金。公司预计到2015年将实现10亿美元的年销售额。Jabong, which is based in Gurgaon outside New Delhi, recently raised 0 million from a consortium of investors including the German tech incubator Rocket Internet.位于新德里卫星城古尔冈的Jabong最近也募集了1亿美元,投资的财团里包括德国的科技创业孵化公司Rocket Internet。Foreign venture capital is being used by India’s e-commerce players to establish order processing centers and distribution channels that move beyond larger cities into rural communities. “Amazon took its time to study the market and really hit the ground running,” Putcha says. “It will be No. 1 in India in the next two years.”印度的电子商务公司借助国外风投资本,建立了订单处理中心和销售渠道,并将它们从大城市拓展到农村地区。普恰表示:“亚马逊花了很多时间来研究市场,确实是在脚踏实地地运营。在接下来的两年中,它将成为印度电商领域的老大。”The American e-commerce giant was not able to make a similar impact in China because regulatory requirements made the entry of international competitors much more difficult, leaving Alibaba a relatively unobstructed run at domestic growth.这家美国电子商务巨头没能在中国产生类似的影响力,因为中国的监管要求使得国外竞争者要进入中国市场十分困难,这让阿里巴巴在中国国内的发展相对畅通无阻。Still, for all the competition and recent growth, the size of India’s e-commerce market will not rival that of China anytime soon. “China will outpace India’s e-commerce market for many years to come,” says Chris Christopher, an analyst at IHS. “Per-capita income levels are significantly higher in China than in India, Chinese access to consumer credit is more developed, and computer literacy is generally higher in China.”当然,尽管印度的电子商务市场有着良好的竞争环境,近来增速喜人,但在短期内仍然无法同中国相比。信息公司IHS的分析师克里斯#8226;克里斯托弗表示:“在接下来许多年里,中国的电子商务市场都要领先于印度。中国的人均国民收入远超印度,中国的消费信贷更加发达,国民使用计算机的能力也强于印度。”For all the investment and aggressive expansion, there’s one a big hurdle that India’s e-tailers have yet to leap: turning a profit. Transitioning to an Alibaba- or eBay-style marketplace model may help. “The logistics cost is still high, in the range of 15 percent of total cost, with higher returns especially for cash on delivery goods,” Sengar says.尽管印度的电商在努力吸引投资,谋划扩张,但他们还需要跨越一个巨大的障碍:盈利。向阿里巴巴或是eBay的市场模式过渡也许能起到效果。森加表示:“印度的物流成本仍然很高,占到了总成本的15%。而货到付款的退货率也更高。”So will additional patience from foreign equity partners. “I don’t expect the players to be profitable in next three to five years,” he added.而国外的权益合伙人也需要更多一些耐心。森加补充道:“我不会指望印度的电商在接下来的三五年内就能盈利。” /201409/324937

  Under an icy crust, one of Saturn#39;s smallest moons harbors a pool of water equal to the largest lakes on Earth, adding to evidence that the frigid outlands of the solar system may be suitable for the chemistry of life, planetary scientists in the U.S. and Italy said Thursday. 美国和意大利行星科学家周四称,在土星的最小卫星之一土卫二(Enceladus)的一片冰面下方发现了大片液态水,其规模和地球上最大的湖相当。这是太阳系或适宜生命存在的又一据。The subsurface lake on the moon Enceladus was revealed by gravity measurements made by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration#39;s Cassini probe, which has been traveling among Saturn#39;s moons for the past decade. The scientists, who reported their work in Science, said the moon has a reservoir of water beneath a sheath of ice 18 to 24 miles thick. 美国国家航空航天局(National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA)的“卡西尼”(Cassini)号探测器对土卫二进行重力测量后发现了该片湖水,卡西尼号过去10年中穿越于土星的多颗行星之间。科学家将此次研究结果刊登于《科学》(Science)杂志,称土卫二在一片18至24英里(29至39公里)厚的冰面下方存有液态水。 #39;It is as large as or larger than Lake Superior,#39; said planetary scientist David Stevenson at the California Institute of Technology, who was part of the research team led by aerospace engineer Luciano Iess at the Sapienza University of Rome. 此次研究小组成员、加州理工学院(California Institute of Technology)行星科学家史蒂文森(David Stevenson)说, 这片湖水至少和苏比略湖一样大,甚至可能更大。此次研究由罗马大学(Sapienza University of Rome)航天工程师耶斯(Luciano Iess)带领的研究小组进行。 In 2005, the Cassini probe detected water vapor and ice spewing from vents near the moon#39;s South Pole, where the subsurface lake is located. The researchers believe the lake rests directly on a bed of silicate rocks that could leach organic chemicals into the water.2005年卡西尼号探测到土卫二南极地区附近的孔中喷射出水蒸气和冰,而这里正是冰下湖的所在处。研究人员相信这片液态水直接位于硅酸盐岩石的湖床上方,其有机化合物或可直接渗入水中。#39;It makes the interior of Enceladus an attractive place to look for life,#39; said astrobiologist Jonathan Lunine at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. 康奈尔大学(Cornell University)天体生物学家路宁(Jonathan Lunine)说,这一发现使得土卫二内部成为探寻生命的一个更具吸引力的对象。 /201404/284971。

  The mobile network growth in China has been remarkable, with some 80 million new subscribers joining every year for the past decade. But in some ways the real communications revolution has only just begun, B reported.过去十年间,中国手机网络的发展可谓有目共睹,几乎每年都会新增约八千万用户。但据英国广播公司报道,在某种程度上,真正的通讯革命才刚刚开始。This year, China will overtake America as the world#39;s biggest Smartphone market.今年,中国将取代美国成为世界最大的智能手机市场。For many Chinese, the Smartphone offers them their first personal route to internet access. That presents IT developers, mobile phone app makers in particular, with an extraordinary opportunity.对很多中国人来说,智能手机使他们第一次拥有了通向互联网的私人路径。这对于信息技术开发商、尤其是移动手机应用程序开发商来说是非比寻常的机遇。So how then do you make money as an app developer in China?那么,应用程序开发商是怎么在中国赚到钱的呢?One way is to try to target in-app sales; give away the app for free, get users hooked, and then sell them the chance to enhance their experience at a low fee.一种方法就是尝试“应用内销售”——他们推出免费的应用程序,一旦用户被吸引,再以较低的价格卖给他们体验增强版。Although users in China may be only willing to pay a few cents for the enhanced service, when you#39;re talking millions of users, that can soon add up to a lot of money.虽然中国的用户只愿意出几分钱来购买升级务,但只要想想用户多达数百万,加在一起很快就是一大笔钱。But for non-gaming app developers, advertising revenue is the way forward.不过,对于非游戏类应用程序开发商来说,要发展就得有广告收益。However, one major recurring challenge remains: the country#39;s weak protection rights regarding intellectual property.然而,中国在知识产权保护方面“绵软无力”这一大问题始终存在。That will need to change if China is really going to unlock the creative potential offered by its ever growing mountain of mobile hardware.如果中国真的想发掘不断增加的移动终端所带来的创造性潜能,就必须改变这一状况。 /201206/185917



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