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;Their economy is depressed but beautiful women are running rampant,; the state-run Beijing News reported Jan. 22 in a story suggesting that Ukrainian women could be the solution to China#39;s woman shortage. The piece, illustrated with charts, bubbles, and cartoon illustrations of lonely Chinese men, was a breezy attempt to make light of China#39;s missing women and the severe gender imbalance caused by couples aborting female fetuses in favor of boys. So widesp is the practice that it has badly skewed the country#39;s sex ratio: The global average is around 105 boys born for every 100 girls; but in China last year, just over 115 boys were born for every 100 girls.;他们的经济正萧条但是美丽的姑娘却层出不穷,; 一月二十二号出版的新京报在一个故事中提出乌克兰姑娘可能是解决中国女性数量不足的良策.这个故事使用了图表,数字和漫画表现出孤独的中国男人,轻视中国的女性短缺和由于一些家长因重男轻女思想去流产女孩导致的性别失衡.这个情况是如此广泛的存在乃至它对国家的人口比率造成了巨大的危害:全球的平均情况是每105个男孩出生就有100个女孩出生;而在去年的中国,每100个女孩的出生要伴随115个男孩.The problem has been brewing since sonogram technology was introduced to China in the 1980s, allowing families to determine a baby#39;s gender during the first few months of pregnancy. Combined with the country#39;s restrictive family-planning policies — until recently, most urban families were only allowed a single child in order to curtail population growth — and a traditional preference for sons, the newfound ability to practice sex-selective abortion has resulted in one of the world#39;s highest gender imbalances. The topic flared anew in the public mind after the National Bureau of Statistics announced the latest population figures on Jan. 20, noting that at the end of 2014 China had 701 million men and 667 million women, a shortfall of nearly 34 million women.* The bureau didn#39;t provide a breakdown, but previous research shows that most of China#39;s missing women are among those born since 1985.自从八十年代中国引进了超声波性别检测,使家长可以在怀的第一个月就可以决定孩子的性别之后,这种问题就慢慢出现了.再加上这个国家严格的计划生育政策---直到最近,为了降低人口的增长速度,大多数的城市家庭仍旧只能生育一个孩子--由于中国传统上的重男轻女的观念,这种新技术就实践于性别选择的流产并最终导致了世界上最严重的性别失衡.在中国国家统计局于一月二十号宣布了最近的人口统计数字之后,这个话题又重新出现在公众的视野当中.截止2014年底,中国有七亿零一百万的男性和六亿六千七百万的女性,缺少了将近三千四百万的女性.当局并没有给出一个确定的划分,但是先前的研究表明自从1985年开始中国的女性就处于短缺的状况。To address the problem, China has resorted to propaganda campaigns extolling the virtues of daughters and offering cash incentives for couples who have them. These measures have spurred more female births, but not enough — China#39;s gender imbalance is still ;the most serious in the world and has lasted for the longest time and affected the largest number of people,; China#39;s National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a Jan. 21 statement.萎了解决这个问题,中国已经开始使用宣传生女儿的好处和现金奖励生女孩的家庭等方法.这些政策确实缓解了问题,但还远远不够--中国的性别失衡#39;仍旧是世界上最严重的而且还将长时间影响着世界上最多的人口#39;,中国国家卫生和计划生育委员会于一月二十一号声明道.Rather than dwelling on the fact that sex-selective abortions continue despite a government ban, Chinese media interpreted the sex ratio as a threat to men, not women. On Jan. 21, web giant Sina#39;s arm in Henan, China#39;s most populous province, wondered aloud on social media platform Weibo whether the news was ;heart-stopping; and exhorted bachelors to ;start making an effort!; Meanwhile, a Beijing statistician sharing the latest figures to his Weibo account wrote, ;Tomorrow I am going to get my son to hurry up and find a girlfriend at his elementary school.; Beijing News even suggested that Ukrainian women could be a solution to China#39;s problem. The story kicked off with a question: ;Just how hard is it for a diaosi,; slang for young bachelors of modest means, ;to find a wife?; After explaining the severe imbalance that the ratio represents, it added that Chinese brides are a popular ;export; to many countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the ed States, a trend it said had depleted China#39;s supply of eligible women still further. It offered a chart of the best destinations around the globe for Chinese men to find spouses. Japan and South Korea were particularly promising, the paper said, claiming that 26 percent of South Korean women who took foreign spouses in 2012 chose Chinese men. The trend is bound to grow, the argument went, since popular Korean television actress Park Chae-rim married her Chinese actor beau, Gao Ziqi, in September 2014.尽管有政府的禁令,用流产来选择新生儿性别的做法仍在继续,中国的媒体已经将提出性别的失衡其实对男性的危害更大.一月二十一日,在中国人口最稠密的省份河南.满心疑惑的问 与此同时,一个北京的统计学家在他的微上发布了最新的统计数字#39;#39;明天我就要告诉我儿子让他在小学快些找个女朋友#39;#39; 新京报甚至提议可以考虑乌克兰姑娘来解决中国的问题.它提供了一个图表来显示中国男性寻找外国配偶的最佳目的地,日本和韩国是不错的选择,报纸指出在2012年同外国人结婚的韩国女性中,有百分之二十六的结婚对象都是中国人.自从韩国的著名女演员朴蔡琳于2014年九月嫁给了中国演员高梓淇之后,这个潮流有愈演愈烈之势.Lighthearted joking filled the comments section, with most ignoring the underlying factors leading to the bachelor oversupply. Some netizens viewed the gender imbalance as a boon for the gay community, others as a useful pressure valve for those who aren#39;t interested in marriage anyway. There are, in other words, plenty of fish in the sea, at least outside China.轻松的笑话充满了区,多数忽略了造成单身汉过多的潜在原因。一些网民认为性别不平衡将会导致更多的同性恋,另一些则认为这会对不想结婚的人造成压力。用俗语说:天涯何处无芳草,至少在中国以外是这样。Therese Hesketh, a professor of global health at University College London, told Foreign Policy via email from eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province that many ordinary Chinese believe that ;aborting a girl is simply a choice made by a couple — and they are entitled to this.; Hesketh said that when she lectures in China, many audience members ;seem to just accept selective abortions,; and she has students who admit they would abort female fetuses in favor of a boy. She added that many students attribute this stance to parental pressure.伦敦大学学院的全球健康学教授Therese Hesketh通过一份来自中国东部浙江省的电邮告诉外交政策:普通中国民众相信;因为不想生女儿而堕胎;是一对夫妇个人的决定,而且他们有权利这样做。Hesketh说当他在中国教学的时候,很多听众都接受;因胎儿性别而堕胎;,他也有学生承认他们会打掉一个女性胎儿。他说很多学生是迫于父母压力而做出这种选择。China is not alone in these cultural predilections. Indian social scientist Ravinder Kaur wrote in an August 2013 paper that ;the common response; in both China and India ;when the connection between sex selection and bride shortage is pointed out is that rather than allow daughters to be born, they would resort to importing brides.; Kaur also wrote that bride shortages in China and India can lead to ;kidnap marriage,; which includes ;deception and enticement; and ;luring women for marriage into high sex ratio areas.;中国不是唯一有这些文化偏好的国家。印度社会科学家Ravinder Kaur在2013年8月写到在中国与印度对于女性短缺的;通常回应;是宁愿;引进外国新娘;而不是;生多点女孩子;。Kaur 还写道中国与印度的女性短缺会导致;绑架婚姻;,这包括了;欺骗和诱惑;与;引诱女孩子嫁去高性别比例的地区;。For its part, the Chinese government is still campaigning against sex-selective abortions. Following the release of the latest statistics, the National Health and Family Planning Commission revealed details of its latest initiative to curb sex-selective abortion: harsher penalties for agencies and individuals who send blood samples from expectant mothers abroad for testing to determine the gender of the woman#39;s fetus. Clinics and hospitals in China can perform sonograms on expectant mothers, but are barred from revealing the gender of the baby, a restriction that has given rise to black market sonogram testing (including providers who perform the exam in the back seat of a woman#39;s car). Chinese agencies that offer to come to a woman#39;s home will draw blood, pack it in dry ice, and then mail or carry the sample across the border to Hong Kong or elsewhere for testing at hospitals. The commission has promised severe punishments for anyone caught in the act. But that hardly seems like enough to solve the underlying problem, any more than Ukrainian brides.中国政府依然在为减少因性别而堕胎做宣传。根据最新资料,中国计生委提出了抑制因性别而堕胎的措施:对那些把妇的血样送到国外化验以确定胎儿性别的人进行更严厉的处罚。中国的诊所和医院可以进行超声波扫描,但是他们被禁止告诉父母胎儿的性别,这种限制令黑市上的超声波扫描更为流行(包括那些在车辆后座为妇提供扫描的人)。中国代理人回来带妇家中为他们抽血,用干冰包裹,然后寄到香港或者其他地方化验。计生委承诺对这些人施以更严厉的处罚。但这看起来并不能解决根本问题,就像引进乌克兰新娘一样。Correction, Jan. 28, 2015: The National Bureau of Statistics announced that at the end of 2014, China h ad 701 million men and 667 million women, creating a shortfall of nearly 34 million women. An earlier ver sion of this article mistakenly said China had 700 million men and just 667 women, resulting in a shortfa II of more than 33 million women.更正:国家统计局宣布在2014年末,中国有7.01亿男人和6.67亿女人,造成了接近3千4百万女性数字的落差。这篇文章的早期版本错误的声称中国有7亿男人和6.67亿女人,造成了接近3千3百万女性数字的落差。 /201503/361843

Taiwanese group Wintek, formerly a major supplier of touchscreens for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, has shuttered two plants in southern China and axed 7,000 jobs, leaving unpaid suppliers to chase debts of Rmb230m (m).台湾胜华科技(Wintek)关闭了中国南方的两家工厂,裁掉了7000员工,并亏欠供应商大约2.3亿元人民币(约合3700万美元)的账款。胜华科技曾是苹果(Apple) iPhone和iPad触摸屏的主要供应商之一。Armed police surrounded the plants in the city of Dongguan as workers collected final pay this week, while suppliers demonstrated in front of the factories. Wintek declined to comment.本周武警包围了这两家设在东莞的工厂。工人们聚集在厂门口讨要工资,供应商也上门来讨债。胜华科技拒绝置评。The company sought insolvency protection in October, filing in Taiwan for a restructuring of more than NT30bn (1m) in debts owed to local and mainland lenders and suppliers. Wintek reported a loss of NTbn for 2013 and a NTbn loss in the first half this year. The Taipei-listed company was once one of the main suppliers for Apple, but placed a bet that failed after Apple selected a rival touchscreen in late 2012.该公司10月在台湾提交了破产保护申请,希望重组超过300亿元新台币(合9.61亿美元)欠台湾和大陆及供应商的债务。胜华科技2013年亏损了100亿元新台币,今年上半年亏损了30亿元新台币。这家台北上市公司曾是苹果的主要供应商之一,但苹果在2012年底选择了竞争对手的触摸屏,致使其押注失败。The episode represents a cautionary tale for high-tech manufacturers in southern China who aspire to being an official Apple supplier.胜华科技的例子给有志成为苹果供应商的华南高科技制造企业敲响了警钟。While Wintek was the largest supplier of touchscreens for the iPhone 4, Apple switched to a different technology in 2012 for its iPhone 5, eliminating much of Apple’s need for Wintek’s technology.虽然该公司曾是iPhone 4最大的触摸屏供应商,但是苹果在2012年为iPhone 5选择了另一种技术,消除了苹果对胜华科技技术的大部分需求。In 2013, Apple then opted for film touch panels in its iPads, rather than the glass touch panels made by Wintek. Apple still lists a Wintek facility in Suzhou, near Shanghai, as a supplier, but not any of its Dongguan plants.2013年,苹果为iPad选择了薄膜触摸屏面板,而不是胜华科技生产的玻璃触摸屏面板。苹果仍将胜华科技设在苏州的一家工厂列为其供应商,但胜华的东莞工厂未被列入供应商名录。Jerry Chen from Shenzhen Laibao Hi-tech, another touchscreen maker, said, such incidents are common “although it did come a bit suddenly with Wintek”.另一家触摸屏制造商——深圳莱宝高科技公司(Shenzhen Laibao Hi-tech)的Jerry Chen表示,这种情况是常见的,“只是在胜华科技的案例中确实有些突然”。“It mostly has to do with the growing competition and lower margins. Before there used to be two to three companies sharing a single order and now there may be as many as 10,” he said.他表示:“这主要与竞争加剧和利润率下滑有关。以往的情况是两、三家公司分享一份订单,现在可能有多达10家厂商分享一份订单。”But he said the plant closures did not necessarily mean Wintek was obsolete, as it still made the leading technology in “on glass solution” (OGS) touchscreens.但他同时也指出,关闭工厂未必意味着胜华科技已经出局,因为它仍掌握着“单玻璃解决方案”(OGS)触摸屏领域的先进技术。Wintek’s shares were suspended in mid-November at NT.83.胜华科技的股票已于11月中旬停牌,最后的收盘价为1.83元新台币。 /201412/348634

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