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如何来保养车子-01 :5:36 A:Welcome to Al’s Garage. What seems to be the problem?欢迎来到Al’s汽车修理厂有什么问题?B:No problem at all! I am taking a long road trip and I want to make sure my car is in good mechanical condition.没问题我正在开车行驶很远的路程,我想确保车子状况良好A:Very wise decision. When was the last time you had a tune up?明智的决定你上次是什么时候保养车子的?B:Not that long ago, I think it was four months ago.时间不长,我想是个月前A:We usually recommend that you bring your car in every five thousand kilometers.我们通常建议您每行驶完5千公里就来保养下车子B:Why? I mean, what exactly do you do to a car that you need to check it so often?什么?我是说,为什么要经常检查车子,你们是如何来保养车子的?A:First of all, we change the motor oil and oil filter. If you don’t do this, it can cause your engine to wear faster and that means you would probably have to change the pistons and intake valves.首先,我们更换机油和滤油器 如果你不换这个,这会导致你的发动机耗损过快,也就是说你必须得更换活塞和进气阀B:I see. What else?我明白了还有别的吗?A:We also check your spark plugs, fuel filter, and other oil levels such as hydraulic fluid. We also check the clutch and brakes to determine when you will need new ones.我们还会检查火花塞,燃油滤清器和其他油的指数,比如液压油我们还会检查离合器和刹车来判断你是否需要更换新的零件B:Ok, well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like a waste of time and money.好吧,你们那样做的话,看起来不像是浪费时间和钱A:Trust me, regular tune ups will keep your car running smoothly and avoid break downs.相信我,定期保养,会让你的车子驾驶起来没有任何问题,而且能避免抛锚.icon_msn {background-position: -5px -1px;}

those who want to ge a closer relationship with a Chinese person or just find a popular Chinese pastime, the poker game doudizhu, which literally means battling the landlords, may be a way to go.And now doudizhu learners may find themselves even more motivated, as the authority is to recognize top players officially and offer 5 million yuan (0,000) winners of an ongoing championship. 190

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活智能时代我们丧失的能力Walking走路的能力Distracted walking detracts from the observations and experience of walking. It can also be dangerous. 走路时看电子设备屏幕会让我们走路分心又危险,我们的注意力集中沉浸在手机短信上很容易发生交通事故Accidents can easily occur when we become immersed in text messages. An easy solution is to set observation goals each trip. 有个简单的解决方案就是规划好每段路程,规划出哪段路程适合翻看手机If it a routine walking commute, make a game of noting the changes, no matter how subtle, on your commute.如果是步行上下班的常规路程,无论多忙都要注意这点以免走路分心走神distracted adj.思想不集中的; 心烦意乱的; 遭受矛盾的感情的例句:When working, one should concentrate and not allow oneself to be distracted.工作时要集中精力,不要分心detract vi.贬低; 减损例句:The risk does not detract from Nixon courage in running it.危险无损于尼克松甘冒风险的勇气[本节目属] 1

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Travel Etiquette出行礼仪Germany德国Dont stare: ;Youd appear either uneducated or mentally ill.;不要盯着看:“你会显得没文化或者神经病”Dont be overly friendly: ;Germans like to gradually warm up to people and take time to really get to know them bee acting like BFFs.;不要过于热情友好:“德国人不喜欢一来就表现得像‘最好的朋友’一样,他们喜欢‘慢热’,慢慢去了解对方”Dont wish someone a happy birthday bee the actual day: ;The origin is a superstition that something bad will happen to them (they might die) bee their birthday if you do, however this rule is not limited to superstitious people. Even bright, rational Germans will feel uncomtable because it just not done.;生日未到之前不要祝人生日快乐:“原本的迷信是,如果你这么做,对方可能会遭遇不测(可能会死),但不只是迷信的人相信这点哪怕是积极理性的德国人提前收到生日祝福,心里也会觉得不爽的”superstition n.迷信;迷信行为;lt;古gt;邪教 例句: It all rubbish andsuperstition, and there nothing in it.这都是废话和迷信,不是真的.superstitious adj.迷信的;有迷信观念的 例句:Jean was extremelysuperstitiousand believed the colour green brought bad luck.琼非常迷信,认为绿色会带来厄运更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 319783

你觉得这本书怎么样-7 ::7 A:Mr.Ben, What do you think of the book?本先生,你觉得这本书怎么样?B:It's an excellent one. I like it very much.很好的一本书我非常喜欢它A:Why?为什么?B:It includes a lot of useful words and phrases.它有很多有用的单词和短语A:I agree with you.我同意你的看法

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