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青岛哪里抽脂青岛平度市光子嫩肤多少钱一次China中国Off the rails?脱轨?High-speed trains might be forced to go a little more slowly 高铁可能被迫开慢一点Mar 31st 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition CHINA’s high-speed rail network is probably the world’s most ambitious public-works project, a 21st-century equivalent of America’s Interstate highway system. Officials crow at each new speed milestone and each dramatic reduction in intercity-travel times. But after the disgrace and sacking of the railways minister and a series of other corruption investigations, the construction of the system itself may be shunted onto the slow track.中国的高速铁路网可能是世界上最雄心勃勃的公共工程项目: 21世纪中国版的‘美国州际公路’。官员们对每一个新的速度里程碑和每一次城市间交通时间大幅减少而洋洋自得。铁道部部长的丑闻和撤职被曝光以及一系列其他的腐败调查之后,该系统自身的建设或许要减慢下来。In 2008 China had only 649km of high-speed railway. It now has nearly 8,400km, four times as much as the next-largest network (Japan’s). The total will approach 19,000km by 2014, according to analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank (see map). That would be ten times as extensive as Japan’s. China is also adding copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight. Estimates for the bill range from 0 billion to 0 billion in today’s money—comparable to America’s interstate system, which cost over 0 billion in 2006 dollars. 2008年中国高铁里程仅为649千米,现已建成近8400千米高速铁路网,是排名其后的日本的四倍。根据瑞银分析指出,2014年中国高铁总里程将达19000千米(见地图)。那将是日本现在里程数的10倍之多。中国还给传统的轨道和升级了的线路增加了充裕的资金,大部分为货运做准备。用现今汇率计算,估计开的范围在五千三百亿美元至七千五百亿美元之间---可与美国州际公路系统相媲美,其用2006年的钱来算花费了4000多亿美元。201107/145947青岛瘦身蛋白针价格多少 Is going to be a credit count Christmas this year, but as one /the market that’s thriving perfume. You’ve just seen a ad in the break, is the rich and famous aly get up your nose? This Christmas they’ll fill your senses as the perfume business sold itself celebrity endorsement. / sound the truth. From the cat walk to the frequency counter, but is not just supermodels reaching out /, celebrities wholly water bring on to their fans. And rock chicks doing their, and even Hollywood stars are milking this cash code, there are more than 200 celebrity-endorsed perfumes in the market in Britain. 30 new ones /onto the shelf this year alone, the wildest scent seems to be the new pop chart for celebrities. But it’s really sustainable. Well, is drop at her product, and well, did everyone even remember/, yes, the son of football or /the toilet. The perfume industry now worth at 735 millionAnd retail analysts say a major driving force behind this are the famous faces on the brands. For freedom companies, it’s a very very easy way to kind of pick back to the celebrity into the market. It’s a much cheap way than spending millions millions of pounds start in from the scratch, which then you have no guarantees it’ll succeed. With the celebrity, you can just borrow the celebrity’s name; you have a target what it is anyway. ‘cause the fan base will the first buyers, the first maybes. So you can guarantee sales almost instantly, and you know, whether it’ll succeed or not, it’s kind of irrelevant. If it does, then great, if doesn’t, then move on the next one. The perfume that is heading for the Christmas No 1 spot is the self-title Christina Aguilera. Katie Price stunning comes in a second, also self-titled is Kate Moss’s perfume at No 3, and Kylie Minogue sweet darling comes in at 4, and last Sean John, AKAP/ unforgivable for woman. Got the poster, wore the T-shirt, the biography, it’s not enough though, to get close to the idols, people need their scent, or at least scent at the marketing. I just think celebrity culture is wising, you know, the matter of celebrity publications will be fascinated by what Britney Spear do in LA, you know, who’s got pregnant, who’s got married, who’s having a fair. What clothes people are wearing. Also what frequencies they’re wearing. You know, we’re all completely fascinated by celebrity gossips, so it’s just another idol into celebrity running isdential.Jade Goodie is a classic example how image can affect sales. Her perfume is taken shelves after the big brother bases role. Well, the Bollywood actress / launched her S2 in June. But Jade is now overtaken shopper in a scent sticks. Apparently forgiven by the public So who is buying these star-endorsed frequencies? I think people buying this celebrity frequencies are not practically serving when it comes to frequencies themselves, I think we are talking very much the mathematical not the unfistigeted buyer. I think we’re talking currently coronations well than comfortable.But the scent actually match the celebrity, we put some samples to the tests. Which one, is the one, / perfume, and ok,this one, Jade Goodie, and this one, Christina Aguilera. Ok, you’re right with No2, No2 was Jade Goody, but you swamp No3 and No1 was actually Christina Aguilera. No3 was /, yes, it was. but not bad, 1 in 3. These are certainly not the same perfume, are they?. this one quick good ,Ok , I’m gonna test you. I say that’s /, that’s Christina Aguilera. And that’s Jade Goodie. You’re right with/, but just part of it. You’ve mixed /and Christina Aguilera.With so many celebrity frequencies on the market, we wanted to know which one was the retailer specialists to buy. I’ll choose Sean John, it’s given for man, on the basis that I’ve got no real choice, and smell a lot than / pretty bad. But on the basis that it’s partly at least awful. And that’s for a man with a nose on the business. It seems that some people have more money than scents.200810/53308China leader on visit to JapanB:Chinese President Hu Jintao is set to begin a five-day state visit to Japan, the first such trip in a decadeThis Japanese company makes diggers. One in ten is sold to the Chinese. It expects its sales to China will grow 16-fold within 3 years, such is the pace of Chinese growth. But the boss says Beijing’s influence doesn’t end there. Countries that produce the resources China needs, like Russia, South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil are using the money they have made to invest in their own infrastructure. That helps to increase demand for our machines, so China’s economic growth is hugely important to them and to us. China became Japan’s largest trading partner last year, overtaking the ed States. Cheap Chinese-made goods have lowered prices in the shops here, boosting profits for the firms that sell them. But many in Japan worry that China’s exporting its problems too. Poisoned Chinese dumplings were blamed for a spate of illnesses recently. Look at these labels making clear where these herbs come from. In this case, Japan. And on this sign up here, reassuring people that none of the produce in this cabinet comes from China. Such is the level of concern about safety of Chinese-made products. Shoppers seem skeptical that enough is being done to protect them. The rowover dumplings is leading some people here to question Japan’s relationship with its powerful neighbor. China has been the superpower now, I think all the governments are afraid to offend them. But then, you know, you have to worry about domestic, you know, like voters that who has(have) to have their own concerns. So they have to play delicate juggling act. But nonetheless, you know, people’s health comes first. Could poisoned dumplings sour this relationship? It’s possible. Both countries' leaders pledged cooperation to find a corporate. But so far, little progress. Tibet is another difficult issue. China’s supporters were out in force when Japan hosted the Olympic torch, urging people here not to interfere. Hu Jintao’s visit is, was scheduled to be the final stage of improvement of the relationship which became worsened under the time of Koizumi. But we had trouble over the dumpling issue and then of course the Tibet issue. So these have posed us very new difficult challenges. There are problems, though, the shared history between the two countries presents difficulties that people in Japan and China are unwilling to put aside. To me, more difficulty lies in the perception of Chinese people over international order, and they still have a tendency to think the international order in a hierarchical terms, China top and followed by such countries. Chinese Prime Minister has described his own meetings with Japanese leaders as helping to break the ice. Now both sides will be hoping the president’s visit will ensure that thaw continues. Chris Hogg, B News, Tokyo. juggling act: a difficult situation in which you are trying to do several things at the same timethaw: To become warm enough for snow and ice to melt. If something thaws relations between people or if relations thaw, they become friendly again after a period of being unfriendly.01/60612青岛怎么样可以瘦脸

连云港人民医院能用社保Germany's Lufthansa strike 汉莎航空罢工要求加薪Workers at Germany's Lufthansa airline strike for higher pay. CNN's Diana Magnay reports.Workers at Germany’s Lufthansa on strike they say for better pay, more than 4,000 staff according to the Verdi Trade Union. So far though still a green light for passengers. Lufthansa says they’ve got it covered.We’ve done a great deal behind the scenes. We can guarantee that the planes are safe, that they are technically fine, that catering's on board and that they are flying punctually.That may not last though. Staff at Lufthansa Technique were striking today. They are in charge of maintenance and technical overhauls, plus some Lufthansa catering workers. But Verdi hasn’t let on it will be striking next. And staff say they are in this for the long rule.These days everyone has to pay more for water, for electricity, for the car, for food. The Euros also get something to do with it. So we could do with more than what we are getting.Lufthansa is in a position where can levy the fuel surcharge on its customers to counter the jet-fuel price. We suffer the same problems though of high petrol prices and we can’t get any money from the firm to help us.July is peak holiday season, an extra weapon in Verdi’s armory as the union seeks a near 10% pay rise over the next year.Lufthansa which is dealing with high fuel prices says it’s prepared to negotiate, but says its offer is fair 6.7% over 21 months plus a one-off payment.As for passengers the advice is to check the Lufthansa website. The company says it will offer refunds if flights are canceled.Diana Magnay, CNN, Berlin. 参考中文翻译:德国汉莎航空公司员工罢工,要求加薪。CNN记者报道。根据Verdi工会提供的数字,德国汉莎航空公司4000多名员工罢工,要求加薪。目前为止,虽然乘客仍可通行,但是汉莎方面称他们会关闭乘客通道。我们已经在幕后做了很多工作。我们可以保飞机的安全,保技术状况良好,飞机上的给养充足,并且可以准时飞行。但是这种状况并不能持续。汉莎航空技术人员今天也参与了罢工,他们主要负责飞机的保养和检查工作,而且汉莎的地勤人员也参与了罢工。但是Verdi工会没有透漏接下来罢工是否会继续。员工说他们是为了长远的利益才参与此次罢工的。近来,每个人都要在水,电,汽车,食物方面付更多的费用,而且由于欧元方面的原因,我们应该得到比现在更多的工资。汉莎现在处在必须增加乘客的燃油附加费来平衡不断攀升的油价的境地。我们也面临着油价升高带来的困难,而且不能从公司得到任何援助。7月份是旅游高峰,这给工会要求明年加薪10%提供了另外一个有利武器。正面临高油价的汉莎公司方面表示,他们已经准备好进行谈判,但是仅同意对为期21个月的合同进行加薪6.7%,并且一次性付。给乘客的建议是最好随时关注汉莎网站。航空公司方面表示,如果航班取消,会全额退款。200811/57255青岛彩光嫩肤贵不贵 Far removed from raucous New Year celebrations like the one in New York City's Times Square, U.S, President Barack Obama had a somber message for the American people.远离像在纽约时报广场上举行的喧嚣的新年庆祝活动,美国总统奥巴马向美国人民发出了严肃的讯息。"We're still just emerging from a once-in-a-lifetime recession that's taken a terrible toll on millions of families," said President Obama. "We all have friends and neighbors trying to get their lives back on track."奥巴马说:“我们经历了一次一生中罕见的经济衰退,几百万家庭在这期间受害。我们现在还刚刚开始恢复。我们周围都有朋友和邻居在试图让他们的生活重回正轨。”In his weekly address, Mr. Obama promised to work harder to strengthen the country's shaky economy recovery, and said recent economic data suggests the situation is starting to improve.奥巴马在他的每周例行讲话中保要为加强脆弱的经济复苏而更加努力地工作。他还表示,近期的经济数据显示,目前的经济状况正开始好转。He also pledged to work more closely with opposition Republican lawmakers, who made significant gains in November's elections.奥巴马还表示要同反对派共和党的议员们更加紧密的合作。共和党在11月的中期选举中取得了重大胜利。"I'm willing to work with anyone of either party who's got a good idea and the commitment to see it through," added President Obama. "And we should all expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or our failure to deliver."奥巴马说:“我愿意同两党中任何人合作,只要他有好的主意,并且有决心贯彻落实。我们都知道你们要我们为我们取得的进展或是失败负责。”When lawmakers return to Washington later this month, Republicans will control the House of Representatives and have an additional 6 seats in the Senate. Republicans say change is coming.当国会议员们这个月下旬重返华盛顿的时候,共和党人将控制众议院,并在参议院中增加了6个席位。新当选的共和党参议员艾约特说,变革即将到来。"The American people sent us to Congress with clear instructions: make....government smaller, not bigger," said newly-elected Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte. "And stop spending money we don't have on programs that aren't working. It's now our responsibility to carry out the will of the people."艾约特说:“美国人民把我们选入国会,并且有明确的指示:即缩小,而不是扩大政府的规模,并且停止使用我们没有的钱在一些不起作用的项目上。我们现在的责任是实现人民的愿望。”201101/122471青岛地区打玻尿酸要哪家医院好

山东省青岛烟台瘦脸针整形多少钱World Stocks Down Again; US Retail Sales Drop美欧亚股市下滑 美国零售额急挫 Stock prices were down again Wednesday, on Wall Street and in Europe and Asia. Investors seem to doubt that plans to help troubled financial institutions will be enough to fight off a deep recession. 华尔街,欧洲和亚洲股票价格星期三再次全线下滑。投资者似乎怀疑挽救陷入困境的金融机构的计划是否足以避免经济陷入严重衰退。Wall Street followed Europe and most Asian exchanges in losing ground on Wednesday. In New York, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 300 points, or three percent, early in the day. London's FTSE 100 index, the DAX in Frankfurt and the CAC 40 in Paris were all down more than five percent in afternoon trading. 华尔街股市随着欧洲和亚洲大部分地区星期三的收红而应声下滑。 在纽约,道琼斯工业平均指数在早市中下跌超过300多点,或百分之三。在一天前。伦敦金融时报100指数,法兰克福DAX指数和巴黎CAC-40指数在下午的交易中均下跌超过百分之五。In Tokyo, the Nikkei index gained 100 points, or more than one percent, but Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped almost five percent (835 points). 在东京,日经指数上涨100点,涨幅超过百分之一。但是,香港恒生指数下跌近百分之五,跌了835点。A report that U.S. retail sales plunged in September accented global concerns that the ed States is either moving toward a recession or aly in one. The Commerce Department said Wednesday retail sales dropped by 1.2 percent last month. It was the biggest decline in three years, and almost double what experts were expecting. Consumer spending is two-thirds of the total U.S. economic activity. 最新公布的一份报告显示,美国零售销售额九月份急剧下挫,导致全球担心美国是否正在走向经济衰退,或者已经进入衰退。 美国商务部星期三说,美国零售销售额九月份下降了百分之一点二,这是三年来的最大降幅,几乎比专家预期的数字增加一倍。消费者出占美国整个经济活动的三分之二。Another report showed that U.S. wholesale prices dropped for the second straight month, led by retreating energy costs. But aside from energy and food, all other wholesale prices had their biggest annual increase in more than 17 years. 另一项报告显示,在能源价格的带领下,美国批发物价指数9月份连续第二个月下降。但是除了能源和食品之外,所有其它商品批发价格的年度升幅达到17年来的最高记录。U.S. President George Bush says he believes the nation's economy will rebound. As the president met with his Cabinet Wednesday to discuss the financial crisis, he said his administration has taken bold actions to strengthen financial institutions. 美国总统布什说,他相信国家的经济将会反弹。布什总统星期三会见了他的内阁成员讨论了金融危机,他说,他的政府已经采取了大胆的行动,以加强金融机构。"These are extraordinary measures, no question about it," he said. "But they are well thought out, they are necessary and I am confident in the long run this economy will come back." 布什说:“这些都是非常措施,这一点没有疑问。但是这些措施都经过深思熟虑,同时也是必要的,我相信从长远来看,美国经济一定会反弹。”On Tuesday, Mr. Bush announced plans for the government to buy 0 billion in stock in private banks, in hopes of getting credit flowing again. 星期二,布什总统宣布,他计划由政府出资购买2500亿美元的私营的股票,希望能够恢复信贷的流动。Meanwhile, the European Union is holding a summit in Brussels, focused on the financial crisis. EU officials want to increase the amount of money protected by insurance, among other initiatives. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the world's financial institutions need major changes.  与此同时,欧洲联盟正在布鲁塞尔举行一次首脑会议,重点讨论金融危机。欧盟官员们希望增加保险保障的金额,并采取其它措施。英国首相戈登.布朗表示,世界各地的金融机构需要做出重大的改革。"To build confidence about the future, which is essential for every saver and every depositor and every business, we have to show that we are dealing with the problems that caused the events of the last few months in the first place," he said. 布朗说:“建立对未来的信任,对每一个存款人,对每一个储蓄户和每一个企业都是至关重要的。为了建立这种信心,我们必须表明我们正在首先处理过去几个月的事件造成的问题。”In other business news, U.S. antitrust regulators have approved Bank of America's billion purchase of Merrill Lynch. The deal combines the largest U.S. bank by deposits with the world's largest brokerage. The acquisition must still be approved by the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve. 在其他商业新闻方面,美国反垄断监管机构已经批准美州350亿美元收购美林的计划。此次收购将是美国最大的存款与世界上最大的券商的合并。收购计划还必须得到美国的中央,也就是美国联邦储备委员会的批准。Also, J.P. Morgan Chase's profit plunged by 84 percent in the third quarter, due largely to bad mortgage investments, leveraged loans and home loans. Still, profits at the New York-based bank were higher than expected. 此外,根大通第三季度的利润暴跌了百分之八十四,主要由于不良房贷的投资,杠杆贷款和住房贷款。不过,总部设在纽约的根的利润仍然比预期的要好。And one big U.S.-based company has some good news. Coca-Cola reports its third-quarter profits were up 14 percent. Sales in emerging markets offset weakness in North America. 有一个美国大公司有好的消息。可口可乐公司报告其第三季度利润增长百分之十四。可口可乐在新兴市场的销售抵消了北美市场的疲软。200810/53010 Crazy market tests trader Stock market swings pressure one Wall Street trader. CNN's Richard Roth patrols the floor.Still trading lower, you are OK with the 40 sellout? Yes. Riding the roller coaster week on Wall Street. About 150-200 up at 20 cents. Ok. Stock trader Steve Grasso hung on tight, prowling the floor of the New York stock exchange. Describe your emotions and mood this week in trading. Have you ever been seasick? That’s what it's felt like. Best buyer but Seller? Best buyer,Morgan Stanley ,180 bail, legacy on the sales side 100 bail. Perfect,thank you. For Grasso and other traders they come in the financial storms. I’ve done this for a long time, so that I am sort of immune to it where the ups and downs of the market don't really have the effect that they will on a normal investor. They are up. What does this floor feel and act like during such turmoil in the markets? I think this is where the floor shines ,you want to have a human element, and this is what we all are here for. They worried here on Monday when global markets tanked, US markets were closed,New York initially plunged on the Tuesday opening. It didn't make a whole lot of sense,and technically this market was oversold and was y to bounce back. I'm not sure he has been slightly tech-sensitive, I can't make the call whether or not it was the company buyer I am on my feet 100% of the day,I don't sit. To sorrow you are walking around all day when you first start this buisiness,you feel like a flamenco, cause you are bending one leg at a time, you stretch yourself out, but you want to get comfortable shoes,you want to be able to move, It's rather the head. What’s your blood pressure? Um…perfect,as long as I don't have a cheese burger for lunch. Send this, need a look. The hair-raising dives and rallies don't bother Grasso,since his job is to find the right buyer sale price for his heavy weight clients whether the market is higher or lower you will hear from a cab driver, you will hear from everyone,“Oh my god it's the end of the world". Well I think that is that problem is that we live in a society where the markets are just a click away of the mouse now. So everyone has become a pseudo market professional. Got it, perfect,thanks Pad. Richard Roth, CNN New York.Notes:Hair-raising: Causing excitement, terror, or thrills02/63170青岛激光脱毛价格表青岛市去胸毛多少钱



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