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2019年12月07日 13:04:44

U.S. President Barack Obama says he will bring to justice those responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the price of BP shares dropped sharply in early trading on Tuesday. The president is promising to change laws and procedures to prevent similar disasters in the future.President Obama said that changes will be made, after a commission he appointed to investigate the oil leak held its first meeting.The president spoke to reporters in the White House Rose Garden after talking with former Florida Governor Bob Graham and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator William Reilly, who lead the panel."Their job, along with the other members of the commission, will be to thoroughly examine the spill and its causes, so that we never face such a catastrophe again," said President Obama.Oil continues to gush into the Gulf, six weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that BP leased exploded, killing 11 people. Several attempts to stop the flow of oil have been unsuccessful.The government estimates that between 76 million and 167 million liters of crude have poured into the waters off the state of Louisiana.Mr. Obama said the investigators have his support to follow the facts about the disaster wherever they lead."If the laws on our books are insufficient to prevent such a spill, the laws must change," President Obama added. "If oversight was inadequate to enforce these laws, oversight has to be reformed. If our laws were broken, leading to this death and destruction, my solemn pledge is that we will bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe and the people of the Gulf [of Mexico] region."As the president spoke, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was heading to the region to meet with state attorneys general to discuss possible criminal prosecutions relating to the disaster.Mr. Obama said he wants his commission to report to him in six months with recommendations on preventing similar spills."We owe all those who have been harmed, as well as future generations, a full and vigorous accounting of the events that led to what has now become the worst oil spill in U.S. history," he said. "Only then can we be assured that deep water drilling can take place safely."The oil company BP is working on two relief wells that are considered to be the best solution to the problem. But they are not expected to be completed until August.BP says its cost of stopping the leak and cleaning up the damage is approaching billion.美国总统奥巴马说,他要让那些对墨西哥湾漏油事件负有责任的人受到法律制裁。与此同时,英国石油公司的股价在星期二的早盘交易中大幅下跌。奥巴马总统承诺将修改法律和程序,以防今后再发生类似的灾难事故。 奥巴马总统表示将会做出改变。此前,他委任的负责调查漏油事件的一个委员会举行了第一次会议。奥巴马总统在白宫玫瑰园对记者发表了讲话。此前,他与委员会负责人、佛罗里达州前州长格雷厄姆和环境保护署前署长赖利举行了会谈。奥巴马说:“他们的工作,以及委员会其他成员的工作将是彻底调查这次漏油事件及其原因,使我们永远不会再遭遇这样一个灾难。”六个星期前,英国石油公司租赁的“深水地平线”石油钻井平台发生爆炸,导致11人死亡。目前石油还在继续流入墨西哥湾。几次试图阻止漏油的努力均告失败。据美国政府估算,共有7600万到1亿6千700万升的原油喷涌到路易斯安那州沿岸的水域。奥巴马说,他持调查人员追寻事故的真相,不管最终将得出什么样的结果。奥巴马说:“如果我们现有的法律不足以防止这样的漏油事故,这样的法律必须进行修改。如果监管机制不足以执行这些法律,这样的监管机制必须进行改革。 如果有人违反我们的法律,导致这样的死亡和灾害事件,我郑重承诺我们要替这次灾难的死难者和墨西哥湾地区的人民,将那些肇事者绳之以法。”在奥巴马总统发表这番讲话的同时,美国司法部长霍尔德正前往这一地区,与州检查长举行会议,讨论与这起灾难相关的可能的刑事诉讼。奥巴马说,他希望他的委员会六个月后向他提出防止类似漏油事故的建议。奥巴马说:“我们应该向那些受到伤害的人和我们的后代交出一份有关这次事故的完整而充分的陈述。这次事故目前已经成为美国有史以来的最严重的漏油事件。只有到那时我们才能确信深海钻油可以安全进行。”英国石油公司正在建造两个减压井,这被认为是解决这一问题的最佳方法。但是这两个减压井预计要到8月才能建造完毕。英国石油公司表示,他们用于阻止漏油和清理漏油损害的费用已经接近10亿美元。。201006/105286青岛做人流哪家好Did you know that the number zero was discovered by Hindu mathematicians around the sixth century? What? That's crazy! Zero is just a number. It's not something that you have to discover, just there. Well, actually what I mean is … isn't it there? That's… You know what I mean. That was exactly the problem. Sure, people had the idea of a number that stands for nothing, but they were confused by it. For many centuries the notion of number “zero” was disregarded as nonsense. The whole thing actually frighten people. No,kid? No.Why Aristotle himself argued that the idea of zero should be outlawed? because when you try to divide other numbers by zero you don’t get anywhere. Zero times infinity is still zero!【生词注释】actually adv。事实上stand for 代表,象征confuse v.搞乱; 使糊涂 disregard v. 不理会outlaw v. 使……失去法律保护, 宣告非法infinity n. 无限大, 无限你知道“0”这个数字是由印度数学家在6世纪左右发明的吗?什么?那太疯狂了。“0”只是一个数字,那并不是你必须发明的,它就在那儿。是的,事实上我的意思是……它不在那儿吗?那是……我要说的。那正是问题所在,当然,人们脑中有这样一个什么都不表示的数字概念,但是他们被这个概念搞糊涂了。许多世纪以来,零的概念被当作胡闹而没人理会。零的事让人们感到恐惧。不会吧?你在开玩笑?我不是开玩笑。为什么亚里士多德争论零的概念是不受法律的?因为当你用0除以任何数字时,得到的仍然是0。0乘以无限大的数字仍然是0。201111/160512青岛女性医院有哪些冰岛火山灰云团迫使欧洲空域关闭,近10万架次航班被取消或者延误。国际航空运输协会说,这场危机给航空业造成超过17亿美元的损失,并使已经遭遇困境的航空业雪上加霜。英国航空公司CEO 威利·沃尔什说,空域关闭期间英航每天的损失在2000万美元到3000万美元之间。The closure of airspace over Britain, Northern Europe and Scandinavia is having economic repercussions around the world. It has halted the transport of goods, stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers and dealt a severe economic blow to the airline industry.Nearly 100,000 flights were canceled or delayed as volcanic ash forced the closure of European airspace. The International Air Transport Association says the crisis has cost airlines more than .7 billion and is devastating an aly beleaguered industry.British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh says his company lost between million and million a day."My personal belief is that we could have safely continued operation for a period of time," said Walsh. "I think there were occasions when the decision to close airspace could have been justified."Walsh says canceling everything was unnecessary and that after the unprecedented delays and cancelations there will still be complications with air travel."I think to get back to normal levels of operation, from an industry point of view, I think will take weeks," he noted.About 20 percent of airline revenues comes from air freight. Aramex logistics company managing director Jim Armour says the shutdown cost his company about a quarter of its daily revenue. The real problem is the uncertainty he says."If someone said this was going to last for two weeks like a strike, you could make your plans, you could think about what you do with your people. I think the concern is the unknown really," said Armour.Armour says the implications are not just economic."[There are] terrible impacts. [For example,] you want to move blood plasma around and you need it badly, you want to move kidneys around… There [are] some disastrous consequences apart from the economic ones," he explained.Flower growers in Kenya and Israel have had to destroy tons of roses and other flowers that are too wilted to have any economic value. Fruit and vegetable producers have also lost crops that could not travel to Europe. Jo Tanner, with Britain's Freight Transport association says there are lots of untold costs."The impact economically is really difficult to judge at this stage, because we do not know how much has been able to be salvaged, how much extra cost there has been in terms of the contingency planning, so moving stuff to particular hubs by air and then picking up the rest of the journey by road, rail or sea," said Tanner.Airlines are asking European governments for financial and logistical compensation to help alleviate some of their losses. Many businesses will not have the same option and it may take some time before the full economic impact of the volcanic ash cloud is known.201004/102108International AIDS Day provides an opportunity to examine the efforts to combat the deadly virus that attacks the human immune system. In South Africa, whose 5.7 million HIV victims make it the most affected country in the world, officials and activists are assessing an ambitious campaign launched by the government on AIDS Day (Dec 1st) last year.国际艾滋日提供了机会来检验抗击这种破坏人类免疫系统的致命病毒的努力的成果。在南非有570万人罹患艾滋病,这使得该国成为全世界感染艾滋病人数最多的国家,那里的官员和活动分子正在评估南非政府从去年艾滋日开始发动的一项雄心勃勃运动的成效。South Africa's President Jacob Zuma one year ago announced what he called a new era in his government's fight against the HIV/AIDS virus.南非总统祖玛一年前宣告他的政府向艾滋病毒所作的斗争进入他所说的新时代。"To take our response a step forward, we are launching a massive campaign to mobilize all South Africans to get tested for HIV. Every South African should know his or her HIV status."祖玛说:“为了在对艾滋病毒的回应方面向前迈进一步,我们正在发动一项大规模的运动,动员所有南非人都作艾滋病毒检验。”Mr. Zuma said 15 million people would be tested for HIV in the next year, treatment programs would be expanded and a major prevention campaign would be launched.祖玛说,明年会有1500万人作艾滋病毒检验,治疗方案也会扩展而且会启动一个重大的预防艾滋病运动。He also called for a change of attitude toward the disease. "Let there be no more shame, no more blame, no more discrimination and no more stigma. Let the politicization and endless debates about HIV and AIDS stop," said Zuma.他还呼吁人们改变对这种疾病的态度。祖玛说:“让我们不再感到耻辱,不再责怪、不再歧视、不再觉得有污点。让我们停止围绕艾滋病毒和艾滋病的政治化行动和无休止的辩论。”This represented a dramatic shift in policy from the previous government (of Thabo Mbeki) which downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic. Critics said it caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.这番标志不同于前南非政府的重大政策转变,前南非政府曾经低调处理艾滋病流行的严重性。批评人士说,这导致原来可以避免的成千上万病人的死亡。201011/119410青岛做打胎什么医院好

平度人民医院做子宫肌瘤手术多少钱青岛市立医院体检中心As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954"Colleen, it's the biggest insider-trading case having to do with the hedge fund, specifically. And basically, what it is, is you also have at the top of the indictment, the 559th listed Forbes individual, who’s worth something like 1.3 billion dollars, that obviously gives it more media attention and scrutiny. But basically, it's an insider-trading case saying that material non-public information, information not available to the public, was traded on, which defrauds the markets, and defrauds the public. So, you know, it's a large case, but, the amount, certainly by the standards of the Madoff case, is not, you know, as big as that. But, they're describing it as the big case, so, you, but, you know…""Yea, so, we call it a big case, but you know, how big a surprise is this to you, because you know, when you’re talking about hedge fund, so money, so much money, is that at play. And, you know, one assumes the temptation is so large. I mean, look these managers aren't getting 37% returns for nothing, right?" "I think you make a great point, Colleen, because the point is, they have lots of money under management, and people aren't necessarily calling for all of that money, all of the time, so of course, it's very very tempting to misappropriate the money. And the biggest surprise of all, though, and this was brought up in the introduction for the case, is that a wiretap was used. That's not that common in an insider-trading case. It's usually reserved for different areas of law organized crime, things like that. And I actually, had an occasion to look just very quickly at some of the es, you know, that are in the media, coming off of those wiretaps. Um, I mean, you know, that can be very very damaging, because those are the words of the people charged right out of their own maps, so, yea." "Yeah, I wanna ask you more about the wiretap thing in a minute in the show, but you've aly mentioned one of the world's richest man, we've been showing the picture of him. So I wanna bring that in now, may we can pop those pictures back up, but that person you mentioned is someone named Raj Rajaratnam. Now he is interesting, now these are just allegations at this point I wanna make sure. But he’s among the six executives busted. This guy, Raj, Rajaratnam, born in Sri Lanka, graduated from the Wharton School of Business, pretty prestigious school, right, runs a hedge fund at Galleon, a company that he started in the late 90s. Forbes Magazine put him at No.559 among the world's wealthiest billionaires. He’s got a net worth of what, 1.3 billion dollars and we've also learned that he contributed the money to President Obama's presidential campaign. I mean, I guess maybe that's the typical resume of a hedge fund manger, right?"11/89082青岛李沧区无痛人流医院China's Economy Slows as Global Crisis Hits Exports中国经济增长因出口下降显著放缓 The World Bank and a leading Washington research group say China's economic growth rate is slowing significantly, mainly as a result of reduced demand for its exports. 世界和华盛顿的一个主要研究机构表示,中国经济增长率正显著放慢,这主要是由于对其出口需求降低所造成的。In its latest forecast, the World Bank says growth in China will slow to 9.4 percent this year - down from nearly 12 percent growth in 2007. The bank says economic growth will be even slower in , probably no more than 7.5 percent. 世界的最新预测指出,中国经济增长将从2007年的百分之12放慢到今年的百分之9.4,该组织称,到年,中国经济增长将进一步放慢,有可能不超过百分之7.5。Nicholas Lardy, a China specialist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, says growth will slow even more - to about six percent in . 但是,“彼得森国际经济研究所”的中国问题专家拉迪说,中国经济增长放慢的幅度要更大,到年时增长率将只有约百分之6。"So roughly, China's growth has fallen by half - from peak to where we are now," he said. "This is by far the fastest deceleration of economic growth in any time in the 30 years since reform in China began in 1978." 他说:“粗略估计,中国经济增长从高峰下跌到目前水平,跌幅为一半。到目前为止,这是中国1978年改革开放后的30年中经济减速最快的一次。”Fred Bergsten, Director of the Peterson Institute, says even with slower growth, China accounts for most of the world's economic growth. 不过,彼得森国际经济研究所的主任伯格斯滕指出,即使在经济放慢的情况下,中国仍然是世界经济的主要增长点。"China's is the world's second largest exporter [after Germany and ahead of the ed States] and is by far the largest trade and current account surplus country, with foreign currency reserves not only the largest in the world, approaching trillion, but twice the amount of Japan, the next largest on that category," he said. “中国是世界第二大出口国,也是迄今世界最大的贸易和经常项目盈余国家,其外汇贮备接近两万亿美元,不仅是世界上最多的,而且是居于该类别第二位的日本的两倍。”Bergsten praises China's recently announced emergency stimulus program, calling it a major contribution to maintaining domestic demand when the global economy is slowing. 伯格斯滕还对中国最近公布的紧急经济刺激计划表示赞许,他称这个计划在全球经济放慢的情况下为保持中国国内需求起到了重要的促进作用。Researcher Nicholas Lardy says China needs to permit a faster revaluation of its currency to remedy global imbalances. 彼得森国际经济研究所的研究员拉迪说,中国应该允许对人民币币值作出更快调整,以弥补全球货币不平衡的局面。"The problem here is that the undervalued currency sends a mispricing signal to the market," he said. "It boosts up profitability in the tradable goods sector, which is mostly manufactures, and we have had over the last five or six years a doubling of investment going into the manufacturing sector."  他说:“问题是,货币估值偏低向市场发出了一个错误的标价信号。它提升了可交易货物领域的利润,这大多是在制造业,过去5到6年中,我们向制造业领域的投资增加了一倍。”But Lardy is not optimistic that with a difficult global environment China will allow a faster currency appreciation. 但是,拉迪对在艰难的全球环境下中国允许人民币更快升值不抱乐观态度。200811/57397青岛哪家医院妇科检查的设备好

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