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栏目简介:Organic food products currently make up only 1 percent of all food sold in China, but both domestic and foreign companies are gearing up to boost sales betting on peoples increasing awareness of a healthy diet. Organizers at an organic food show say the market has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, but still have a lot to catch up to European markets. Cui Huiao has more.201705/507176。


What I can use for fire is just a bit of this hemp, natural-fiber rope.一小段这种棕榈绳 是很好的生火材料And what they do when they make this stuff they actually impregnate it with kerosene.通常来说这种绳子的制作方法就是 把绳子浸泡在煤油里It keeps all the bugs away from biting through it.浸泡之后能防虫蛀So it should take a spark.Here we go.这样就能点着了 搞定Got to be a little bit careful melting snow directly into a metal cup.在金属杯里面化雪的时候 要十分小心What will happen Itll tend to just burn the bottom of the cup有时候 由于雪和杯底之间有空隙and not actually melt the actual snow,create a little gap.火只会加热杯底 而不会把雪化掉So its a good idea to put a little drop of water in there.因此最好 在杯里面加点水And that will just help getting the snow started.这样有助于雪的熔化You might not feel it,but your body is getting dehydrated Just as you would in hot and humid conditions.你也许没感觉到 但是你的身体正在脱水 就如同你在湿热的环境里面感觉不到脱水一样Any fluid you can get into your body is a good thing.摄入的任何水分对你身体来说都是有好处的Here you go. This is melted now.好了 雪开始化了Actually, its surprising how little water you get from a whole mug full of snow.事实上一大杯雪 化了以后只有很少的水The reason is, snow has got so much air around it.Thats why its a good insulator.因为雪周围有很多空气 这也是雪能保温的原因Bad thing to melt if you want to get a lot of water,but this is better than nothing.如果你想多喝点水 选择化雪取水绝不明智 不过有总比没有好Its just another example of how hard it is to survive in the mountains If you dont have a lot of kit with you,这也从另一方面明了 在山上生存是多么困难 如果你手边没有足够的工具you just got to keep being resourceful and thinking of a way to be able to keep hydrated.那最好保你周围有足够的资源 并且想方设法保持体内的水分Well, thats nice.Finding water up here is a challenge Finding food,even harder.真好喝 如果说找水喝是个不小的挑战 那找食物吃就难上加难But as you descend,your chances of finding both improve dramatically.That actually makes me gag, that.但是随着海拔的下降 找到食物和水的几率会显著增长 这简直让我想吐201704/504175。

;Twenty years ago, I started to making gelato, because gelato is something make you feel happy.;“20年前,我开始制作冰淇淋。因为它能让人感到快乐。”Gianluigi Dellaccio came to America with a sweet tooth, a scooter and a dream.带着自己对甜食的喜爱,一台踏板车还有一个梦想,吉安路易吉·德拉西奥只身来到了美国。When I was 6 years old, I had this accident, and the accident, it put me in a position that I had to go swim to help my scoliosis.“6岁的时候,我遭遇了一场事故。正是因为这起事故,我不得不去游泳,从而改善自己脊柱侧弯的情况。;A water polo coach noticed him and a little more than a decade later he scored this,当时一个水球教练注意到了他,十多年后,他取得了这样的成绩,game-winning goal in a junior national championship on his way to join the Italys national team.在国家青少年锦标赛上打出了致胜一球,并顺利加入了意大利国家队。All the strength, all the dedication that I put in the sport I choose to invest it in my own life.“我决定曾在这项运动上付出了多少努力和汗水,如今就要投入多少到自己的生活中去。”The investment put Dellaccio in Germany, learning the gelato business from family there.为了全心投入自己的人生,他去了德国,从家人那里学习打理冰激凌生意。He mastered his craft in Milan where he touched gelato making at a youth jail.在米兰的一个少年监狱中,他接触到了冰激凌制作,并习得了一手好手艺。It was his first chance to use the type of authentic, gelato-making equipment that would shape his future.那是他第一次使用真正的冰激凌制作机器,为他日后的道路打下了基础。My dream was always to open a gelato shop here, in the ed States, and I started in 2006 Dolci Gelati.“我一直以来的梦想就是在美国开一家冰激凌店。终于,2006年我拥有了Dolci Gelati。”But the road to Dolci wasnt easy.但这条路其实并不容易。It took Dellaccio 6 years to get a green card so he could legally work in the US.德拉西奥用了6年的时间才获得了绿卡,这之后才能在美国合法工作。And the American Dream wasnt exactly what he expected.而美国梦也并不完全是他所期望的样子。It was very tough, because sometimes, you know, you have those days that you feel lonely and sad — homesick.“这一路走来真的挺难的,因为有时候,总有那么一些日子,你会觉得很孤单,很难过——特别想家。Those days helped me to build my strength.;这些想家的日子让我变得更加努力。”Until he went to what he knew: Selling gelato from the back of an iconic Italian scooter.直到有一天,他从自己了解的东西开始做起:在一辆标志性的意大利踏板车后面推销冰激凌。;I had a cooler in the back of the Vespa with samples going to restaurants, to different restaurants to let the chef try the product.;“我在黄蜂踏板车后面放了一个装着样品的冷藏箱,然后跑去各种餐馆里面,请厨师尝一尝我的产品。”His direct marketing worked, a decade later, Gianluigi has two stores in the Washington area.终于,他的直销手段生效了。十年之后,吉安路易吉在华盛顿地区开了两家门店。He buys local when he directly employes 18 people and countless others along the supply chain.店里所需材料都是在本地购买,同时他还直接聘用了18名当地人,在供应链上也请了许多其他工人。He serves some big names, he even has a stand at Major League Baseball Park.他还为一些知名人士提供过产品。甚至在美国职业棒球大联盟公园也开设了一家门店。Once you reach a goal, you need to put another target to keep going, because if you reach one goal then you settle,“一旦你达成一个目标,就需要树立下一个来保持前进的步伐,因为如果实现一个目标之后就安于现状,thats the day that you go down,;那么止步之日便是你堕落之时。”Dellaccio was a recent finalist in Chicago at the Gelato World Tour.德拉西奥最近刚刚入围意式手工冰激凌世界巡回赛的决赛。He will compete for the Worlds Best Gelato in September 2017.2017年9月,他将为争夺“世界上最好吃的冰激凌”而战。Its all part of a sweet dream -turned-reality through years of work, lots of smiles and a little scooter.经过多年的努力工作,Dellacci骑着自己的小踏板车,满脸笑意地将梦想迎进现实,而我的讲述也只是他追梦路上的一部分。Arash Arabasadi, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,阿拉什·阿拉巴萨第于华盛顿为您播报。201706/515550。

Snow down the back.Okay, lets get into it.真是冻死人了 好了 下水吧The water was so cold,it immediately froze on the camera lens.水太冷了 以至于一碰到镜头就冻结成冰At this point, its critical to keep focus on reaching the other side.此时 最重要的就是集中精力 尽快到达对岸Of course, at you dont see as the audience is you cant feel how cold that is.作为旁观者观看这一幕 必然感觉不到有多冷And minus 25,you know, its where you put your meat or your veg to freeze.零下25度 这温度能冻僵人体的血肉So far, its looking,looking okay. Oh, hang on.Okay, were in.现在来看 情况还不错 坚持 我要浸入水中了Okay, its over the deep bit.Lets get ashore.Bloody Norah!Man, that is nice.好了 最深的地方过来了 上岸吧 天啊 上帝 真暖和Sometimes my boys watch these sort of programs,and they go, ;are they really that cold.;有时我儿子看这些节目的时候 他们会问;真那么冷吗;When you can show them a shoelace.Out horizontal,then you know its cold.那就向他们展示这根鞋带吧 都冻结实了 知道有多冷了吧In at number eight is the Sahara desert,where I found fluid in the strangest of places.精时刻第八名发生在撒哈拉沙漠 我在最难以置信的地方发现了水The Sahara is the largest and hottest desert in the world.撒哈拉是世界上最大最热的沙漠The temperature is 130 degrees,and finding fluid is my biggest priority.气温达到华氏130度 所以找到水是我的首要任务Ive been given a camel by a local Berber tribesman,an old beast that had been put out of its misery.当地柏柏尔部落的人给了我一头骆驼 一头年迈而刚离世的骆驼What Im looking for is the liquids.我要的是水I was hoping that the undigested contents of the camels stomach would contain vital fluid.我希望在骆驼胃里没消化的食物中 能有无比珍贵的水201612/484198。

At the foot of the hill you can hear the whinnying of Norman horses and what sounds like the chanting of psalms.在山脚下 你可以听到诺曼战马的嘶鸣声 仿佛还能听到吟诵圣经的声音Youre a Norman foot-soldier and you hope to God the gentlemen on horses know what theyre doing.想象你是诺曼步兵 祈祷着骑兵们知道自己在干些什么All around you can hear the scraping of metal,the sharpening of blades, the mounting of horses.身边充斥着金属刮擦的铿锵声 磨刀的嘶嘶声 和马匹的嘶鸣声You look up to the brow of the hill and you see a glittering line of men and you cross yourself.你向山顶望去 看到的是一整排士兵银光闪闪 你默默祈祷You finger the rings on your coat of mail, your hawberg,and wonder how solid they are.用手摸摸身上的锁子铠甲 心想它们到底结不结实You wonder what use theyll be against an axe.Youve never seen axes in battle before.心想它们是否能挡住斧子的攻击 你在曾经的战场上从未见过的斧子Then you catch sight of the Papal banner and take heart.Surely God is on your side.但随后你瞥见的教皇旗帜让你重新振作 显然上帝站在你这边The real beginning must be imagined as the cavalry raced up the hill,可以想象 一开战骑兵率先冲上山坡one by one getting into range, hearing the rhythmic chant of ;Oot, Oot!; Out, Out! from the Saxons,一个接一个向前冲 听到撒克逊人传来的 ;上啊; ;冲啊; 有节奏的叫喊声and then hurling their javelins at the front line.将他们的标掷向前排的士兵Then came the slow advance of the archers,unloosing their first arrows under a hail of enemy spears.紧接着就是步步紧逼的弓箭手 在敌方暴雨般的长矛攻势下 射出第一批箭And finally the foot-soldiers breaking into a run behind them.最后 跑步前进的步兵紧随其后 /201608/459809。

Im Bear Grylls.Ive traveled to the most dangerous parts of the planet to search the most extreme challenges,or, to show you have to survive.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我前往地球上的危险之境 只为挑战生存极限 并教你们如果险中求生Ive been to the edge.Thats where the fun starts.我曾游走在生死边缘 好戏就要开始了But now Im back to the countdown of my 25 favorite moments.如今 我凯旋而归 奉献给各位我最爱的25个片段Okay, lets go.Ive taken on the toughest tests the natural has to offer.好 我们走 我接下大自然最严酷的挑战书Ive pushed my mind and body to the absolute limit.考验生理与心理的极限Its often being painful.Gonna coming fast.Im getting a devoured.艰难险阻是家常便饭 动作快点 我的手被咬住了And hasnt always gone to plan.That tastes like raw goat testicle before.意外也时常发生 羊骚味太重了Ive been chewed up and spat out.Very hot.险恶的环境 近将我生吞活剥 热死人了Come along for the ride. Its gonna be a blast.做好准备 享受一场惊险大回顾Ive traveled to the ends of the earth,taking on the worlds wildest places.我的冒险之旅遍布天涯海角 远至那荒无人烟之地Come on. Keep with me, keep with me.加油 跟上我It has been one hell of journey both for me and the huge diligent team of people,who were with me every step the way.这样艰险的旅程 对于我 及一路随我而来的摄制组来说 都是不小的考验The team and I were always asked about our favorites moments from the show.大家一直问我们 最喜欢的时刻有哪些So weve put together the top 25 countdown of the very best.因此 我们挑选了25个精片段 绝对够刺激There are so many moments for me to remember in ;Man vs Wild;.《荒野求生》中让我记忆犹新的时刻太多了Its always been hard to narrow down to 25.只挑出25个着实不易But on a kickoff, 9000 feet up,in a helicoptor, looking down at a little desert island.Magic.从飞翔于2.7千米高空的直升机上 看着底下渺小而荒芜的岛 再一跃而下 绝对排得上201612/481459。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463932。