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视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》And a white-bellied female responds.一位白腹蛙做出了回应They join together to mate.一对爱侣开始交配The loser will have to wait for the next storm before he sings again.输家恐怕要等到下场暴雨才能再次歌唱了She lays her eggs on a blade of a long leaf.母蛙将卵产在长叶植物的叶片上And he, using his back legs, folds it over公蛙用后腿将叶片折叠and glues its two edges together, shutting the eggs inside.再将叶子的两端粘住 把卵包裹其中This sealed nest is the safest place these leaf-folding frogs那个密封的叶巢是大叶皱蛙为自己的后代can find to protect their precious brood.所能找到的最安全的孵化场所Within days, the eggs are developing.几天之内 蛙卵便开始发育The timing is perfect.时间刚刚好The rain washes away the glue and the tadpoles大雨将叶子冲开 小蝌蚪们趁机slip out of the leaves into the growing puddles below.从叶片中滑进积满雨水的水坑 Article/201403/278609Something strange is happening to our weather.我们的天气发生了奇怪的变化It seems to be getting more extreme.似乎开始变得更极端Yeah, it could be a record-breaking cold night...是的 可能会是个破纪录的寒冷夜晚Britain recently shivered through最近 英国熬过了两个连续的two back-to-back record-breaking cold winters.打破纪录的寒冷冬天Last year,去年Scotland splashed through its wettest year on record.苏格兰经历了有史以来最多的降水Yet earlier in the year,可是今年年初parts of eastern England had their driest spring ever.英格兰东部部分地区遭遇了最干旱的春天But the UK#39;s not alone.不过 英国不是个特例Records are being broken all over the planet.全球各地的天气都打破了以往纪录I have never, ever seen anything like this before.我从来没有见过这种情形Storms appear to be getting bigger.风暴愈发凶猛Hurricane power has more than doubled过去十年与八十年代相比between the decade of the #39;80s and this past decade.飓风强度至少翻了一倍 Article/201409/330072

  Sometimes a friend is abrasive and offensive because they think you#39;re aligned with them. Handle your discomfort when a friend makes an inappropriate comment by being the friend they need, rather than the co-conspirator they want.有时朋友是令人厌烦和不快,因为他们认为你和他们是一致的。当你的朋友做出不恰当的时,做他们真正需要的朋友,而不是他们想要的同谋。You Will Need你需要Willingness to teach教导对方的意愿Restraint克制Directness率直Steps步骤STEP 1 Teach them1.教导他们Counter ignorant comments by not supplying the supportive reactions the offender was seeking. Should it appear that your friend is merely insecure or jealous rather than malicious, you can use the discomfort as a teachable moment.反对无知的言论,不要给出他寻求的持性的反应。如果看上去是由于你的盟友没有安全感或嫉妒,而不是恶意的,你可以把此时此刻作为教导的机会。Rude critics want to embarrass and hurt others to build their self-esteem.鲁莽的批评者想通过让他人尴尬或伤害他人来建立自尊心。STEP 2 Think first2.思考Think about what you want to say and choose your words, restraining yourself in the heat of the moment before you speak. Get your point across clearly without attacking the person.思考一下你想说什么,选择语言,开口说话之前先克制自己的怒火。不要攻击对方,清晰地表达自己的观点。Erupting in anger will distract them from the point your trying to make.爆发怒火会让他们不能集中注意力关注你要表达的观点。STEP 3 Soften the message3.温和地传达信息Let your friend know you accept they might harbor unconscious prejudices. Soften the message and leave the door open for a friend to redeem themselves.让你的朋友知道他们或许存在无意识的偏见,你能接受这一点。软化信息,让朋友有机会自己找回自尊心。STEP 4 Stand your ground4.坚持自己的立场Stand your ground, rather than being silent and backing down to keep the peace. Ignoring or minimizing offensive remarks can unintentionally convey a tacit approval to the offender.坚持自己的立场,而不是保持沉默或者为了维护和平而让步。忽略或弱化令人不快的言论无意间会表达对对方的持。STEP 5 Express disappointment5.表达失望If they continue to say offensive things or defend their original comment, be direct. Ask them to stop saying offensive things in your presence.如果他们继续发表无礼的言论或维护最初的言论,直截了当。要求他们停止在你面前发表冒犯的言论。STEP 6 Agree to disagree6.求同存异Agree to disagree and find another topic of interest if it#39;s clear you can#39;t get anywhere right now. Try using humor to distract your friend from their offensive remarks. Ultimately, you must decide if the friendship is worth continuing.允许对方存在不同意见,如果很明显难以取得效果,寻找其他感兴趣的话题。使用幽默来让朋友的注意力从冒犯性的言论转移。最终,你必须决定你们的友情是否值得继续。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/325140

  A botulism scare has prompted China and Russia to stop importing certain dairy products from New Zealand.近日有消息爆出新西兰乳制品含有毒素,这一消息促使中国和俄罗斯纷纷停止从新西兰进口该乳制品。On Saturday, the New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra announced that up to a thousand tons of infant formula, sports drinks and other products sold in seven countries could be tainted after tests found bacteria in its whey protein that could cause botulism.周六,新西兰乳业巨头恒天然公布,目前在七个国家在售中的近千吨婴儿配方食品,运动性饮料和其他产品可能被污染。检验产品的乳清蛋白被发现含有细菌,而该细菌会引起肉毒中毒。The Acting Director-General of New Zealand#39;s Ministry for Primary Industries, Scott Gallacher, said on Monday that China had halted imports of all Fonterra milk powder and whey products. He also said Russia has imposed a wider ban on all New Zealand dairy products.新西兰初级产业部代理总监于周一表示,中国已经停止进口所有恒天然奶粉和乳清制品。他还表示俄罗斯已经大范围内颁布禁令以停止进口所有新西兰乳制品。Doubts reportedly first surfaced over the product following a series of tests in May 2012. Over the weekend, companies and health authorities in China, New Zealand and Malaysia announced specific product recalls of infant formula.有人质疑称早在2012年5月进行的一系列检验后就发现该产品有问题。这个周末,中国公司与卫生局,新西兰与马来西亚方面就公布了需召回婴儿配方食品的批次编号。 Article/201308/252506。

  Lawmakers grill Apple CEOApple faced a Senate hearing after it was accused of moving money overseas to avoid U.S. taxes. CNN#39;s Joe Johns reports.美国国会称,苹果公司利用美国税法漏洞,过去两年在美国避税125亿美元,国会将召开听会展开调查。对此,苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克坚决否认采用“避税伎俩”,并呼吁美国政府改革税制。除苹果外,谷歌、微软、星巴克及其他一些公司也面临着避税质询。美国国会报告指出,苹果通过众多的海外联营公司避税,以苹果位于以色列的一家附属公司为例,该公司2011年赚取了220亿美元,却仅仅上缴了1000万美元税款。报告预计,苹果2011年和2012年在美国分别避税30亿美元、90亿美元。Please stand and raise your right hand.The head of America#39;s most iconic technology company got a grilling from lawmakers on Capital Hill Tuesday. At an issue whether Apple try to avoid paying its fair share of taxes.Can you understand there is a perception of unfair advantage here?Honestly speaking i don#39;t see it as being unfair, i am not an unfair person, and that#39;s not who we are as a company.Citing a committee report senators accused the tech company of keeping income overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Apple has 4 billion in cash, but 0 billion of that is overseas, and not subject to the 35% corporate tax rate.Apple has arranged matters so that it can claim that these ghost companies for tax purposes exist nowhere.Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is simply expanding into foreign markets, he cited the billion in US taxes, the iphone and ipad maker paid last two years.Apple has real operations in real places with Apple employees selling real products to real customers, we pay all of the taxes we own, every single dollar, we not only comply with the laws, but we comply with the spirit of the laws.Coming to Apple#39;s aid outspoken Republican senator Ryan Paul complaining about the clunky tax code and defending the tech giant#39;s tax strategy.I#39;m offended by our trillion government bullying, berating and badgering one of the America#39;s greatest success stories, you know tell me one of these politicians up here who doesn#39;t minimize their taxes, tell me a chief financial officer that you would hire if you didn#39;t try to minimize your taxes legally.But senator John McCan couldn#39;t let Cook leave without getting to the heart of the matter.What I really want to ask is why the hell i have to keep updating the apps on my iphone all the time, and why you don#39;t fix that.Joe Johns, CNN, Washinton. /201305/241455

  For the past three years, the Life team has filmed birds过去三年来 ‘生命脉动’制作团队为了拍摄鸟类in every part of the world imaginable.足迹已遍及世界上每一个角落Nowhere was the filming trickier than in the jungles of West Papua.其中最艰难的拍摄地点 在印尼巴布亚省的丛林中Here is found for me我在这里发现one of the greatest wonders of the bird world,鸟类世界最令人惊叹的奇观the display arena of the Vogelkop bowerbird.褐色园丁鸟的表演舞台13 years ago十三年前I was lucky enough to witness these spectacular builders,我很幸运能亲眼目睹 这些杰出的建筑师大展身手but filming the timid female and courtship behaviour但是拍摄羞怯的雌鸟和求偶行为was a different matter.又是另外一回事And this was what the Life team set out to film.这是‘生命脉动’制作团队 启程拍摄的目标Barrie Britton was the principle cameraman for this programme.巴利布里顿 是本节目的首席摄影师With over 20 years in the business,他从事这个行业已超过二十年not only is he an accomplished photographer不仅是位技艺高超的摄影师but he has developed a deep understanding of也对拍摄题材培养出and empathy for his subjects.深刻的了解和同理心Although each one posed it#39;s own unique challenges,虽然每一次任务都有不同的挑战Barrie he did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time巴利这一次 窝在他可靠的老旧藏身篷里cooped up in his trusty old hide.时间似乎比预期中来得久 Article/201309/254766小囧HBO自立门户正式离职,回顾七年半光辉岁月洒泪现场。皇家电话被黑,女皇的坚果居然被保安偷吃?小囧正式离职,我们和囧叔一起感谢他7年来为每日秀做的一切! Article/201401/271322In the first half of extra time,it was France who threatened to score.加时赛上半时,法国队获得了进球的机会。But Cannavaro led Italian defense hold on.但卡纳瓦罗稳固了意大利的防线。重点词汇: hold on 坚持住例句:He is probably trying to hold on until the presidential elections in september.他很可能正试图坚持到9月总统大选之时。 视频介绍:加时赛上半时,法国队获得破门良机,里贝里的射门滑门而出,让意大利队惊出一身冷汗。 Article/201403/280406

  China#39;s National Meteorological Center says another cold snap is set to sweep north and northwestern China from Monday.国家气象中心消息称一股冷空气从周一开始席卷中国北部和西北部。 The cold air will bring more precipitation to the northern areas of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and drop temperatures by up to 12 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, heavy snow continues in northeast China, and it#39;s expected to get heavier in the coming days. Expressways in the provinces of Liaoning and Jilin have been closed due to the bad weather. The meteorological authorities say rainy weather will last for at least another 3 days in south China, with thunderstorms or hail expected in some parts. Experts warn of geological disasters like mud-rock flows or landslide in southwestern areas.该股冷空气经过地——新疆自治区将会出现冰雹天气,温度会下降12摄氏度。同时,东北的大雪还将持续,在未来几天预计会出现强降雪。辽宁与吉林省高速公路因恶劣天气已经封闭。国家气象中心表示南方大雨还将持续3天,部分地区还伴有雷电或冰雹天气。专家提醒西南地区应谨防泥石流或山体滑坡等地质灾害的发生。 Article/201304/233810In undisturbed habitat, pandas simply move to another area where a different bamboo species grows.在没有受到干扰的栖息地中,熊猫往往只是迁移到另外一片有不同品种竹子生长的区域。But as human activity has fragmented their forest home, pandas find it increasingly hard to find large enough areas in which to survive.但是人类的活动已经破坏了熊猫生存区域,它们所面临的生存环境日益窘迫。Wild pandas are now found only in the forests of Central China, far to the east.野生大熊猫现在仅存活于中国中部的森林里,远离东部。But in the hidden pockets of lowland jungle in Yunnan#39;s tropical south, live one of China#39;s best-kept wildlife secrets.在隐秘的云南南部热带的小型低地丛林里,居住着中国最神秘的野生动物之一。The wild Asian elephant. Elephants once roamed across China as far north as Beijing. But it#39;s only in the hidden valleys of Yunnan that they have survived.亚洲野象。亚洲野象在中国的足迹曾北至北京。但是它们仅仅存活于云南的隐秘的山谷之中。 /201404/293896

  In fact, some of the very early ones, some of those ones that are now dated to about 14,000 years ago-there#39;s black incrustations, and its that carbonised material that has been dated-we think they were probably used for cooking up some vegetable materials?事实上有些器皿中的黑色陈淀物差不多了一万四千年历史了。这些黑色碳化物已经被科学家年代定位了,我们在猜想也许当初绳纹人是在烹饪一些蔬菜汤?Perhaps they were cooking up fish broths? And it#39;s possible they were cooking up nuts, using a wide range of nuts-including acorns-that you need to cook and boil for a long time before you can actually eat them.#39;或者是鲜鱼汤?也有可能是在炖坚果,像橡子之类的,那种东西可真是要熬很久时间可以吃。”I think that this is a really interesting point-that pots change your diet. New foods become available and useable only once they can be boiled. Heating shellfish in water forces the shells to open, making it easier to get at the contents, but also, and no less importantly, it sorts out which ones are bad-bad ones stay closed. It#39;s alarming to think of the trial-and-error involved in discovering which foods are in fact edible-there must have been plenty of horrible accidents along the way-but it#39;s a process that was going on all over the world.说起来真是有趣,这种罐头钵头可以改变你的饮食。通过煮沸,就出现了很多可食用的新食物了。把贝壳类水煮一下,壳就打开了,吃里头的肉就轻而易举。而且,同样重要的是,人类是摸着石头过河,一路试吃试过来的。历史上不乏第一个吃螃蟹的人的例子。不过在这过程中,这种盲目性很强的冒险行为肯定导致了相当多的意外事件;然而这在全世界各地都是一种不可避免的过程。The Jomon hunter-gatherer way of life, enriched and transformed by the making of Jomon pottery, didn#39;t radically change for over 14,000 years.绳纹陶器的制作,丰富与改造了绳纹人这种狩猎与采集的生活方式;而后在一万四千年的漫漫岁月中,一切没有多大的改变。Although the oldest pots in the world were made in Japan, the technique didn#39;t sp from there.虽说日本人制造出世界上最古老的陶罐陶钵,这种技术并不能从那里蔓延开来。Pottery seems to have been invented in different places at different times right across the world. The first pots known from the Middle East and North Africa were made a few thousand years after the earliest Jomon pots, and in the Americas it was a few thousands of years after that.制陶似乎是在世界各地不同时期、不同地区独立发明的。比最早期绳纹盆晚了几千年,在中东与北非出现了当地第一批陶器,而在美洲,那是还要再晚几千年的事。But almost everywhere in the world, the invention of the pot was connected with new cuisines and a more varied .然而在全世界各地,锅碗瓢盆的出现,毫无例外地促成了新烹饪与人类更加丰富多样的菜谱。Nowadays Jomon pots are used as cultural ambassadors for Japan in major exhibitions around the world. Most nations look back to imperial glories or invading armies-and I think it#39;s extraordinary that a technologically, economically powerful nation like Japan proudly places the very origins of its identity in the early hunter-gatherers.如今绳纹陶器已经充当起日本文化大使的角色,在世界各地的大型展览与人们见面。大多数国家都以自己帝国时代的辉煌或军队的入侵略扩张为荣,我认为像日本这种技术领先、经济实力强大的民族可以很自豪地向世人展示最早期的狩猎采集者身份,无疑是件了不起的事。As an outsider, I find the meticulous attention to detail and the patterning of the surface, and the long continuity of Jomon traditions, aly very Japanese. Professor Takashi Doi again:作为一个局外人,我发现绳纹陶品上那种对细节一丝不苟还有精致的表面图案,再加上长期连续的绳纹传统,真是相当的日本。隆土井教授说道:#39;Japan has the longest pottery-making tradition in the world. The fine porcelains made by Japan#39;s top craftsmen and women today have an inheritance lasting over 17,000 years. Jomon pots and culture have great resonance for many Japanese people today, perhaps because it speaks of the distinctive nature of Japanese culture that often stresses continuity through change.#39;“日本拥有世界上最长的制陶传统。由日本顶尖工匠与妇女们制造出精细瓷器是一种长达一万七千年的传统。绳纹陶器与文化在许多当今的日本人民心头仍然可以产生强烈的共鸣,也许是因为它叙说了日本文化的独特性质,强调改变需要在传承性与连续性中进行。”But the story of our small Jomon pot doesn#39;t end here, because I haven#39;t yet described to you what is perhaps the most extraordinary thing of all about it-that the inside is, when you look, carefully lined with lacquered gold leaf.但是我们这小小绳纹钵的故事并不是就这么结束了。因为我还没开始告诉你这件物品中最不寻常的事情呢。来瞧瞧这钵的里头,仔细瞧瞧这精心贴上的漆金箔内衬。 Article/201405/297596

  Alarmed by news reports that cellphones could possibly cause brain tumors? Here#39;s what we know so far.新闻报道称手机可能会导致脑瘤,让你感到担心?下面是目前为止我们了解到的信息。You Will Need你需要Facts事实Precautions预防措施Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand cellphone radiation1.了解手机辐射Know what ;cellphone radiation; is. Cellphones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation, the kind produced by X-ray machines, has been linked to cancer; nonionizing radiation has not.了解“手机辐射”是什么。手机发射出高周波能量,一种不电离的辐射。X射线机器发出的电离辐射会导致癌症,而不电离的辐射不会导致癌症。STEP 2 Understand a research finding2.了解研究发现Understand the classification of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which evaluates environmental and lifestyle factors for possible links to cancer. The I.A.R.C. classifies cellphones as a ;possible; carcinogen, meaning it#39;s not certain whether they pose a cancer risk.了解国际癌症研究机构的评级。该机构评估环境和生活方式等因素与癌症之间可能存在的关系。国际癌症研究机构将手机列为“可能的”致癌物质,意味着并不确定是否会导致癌症。The International Agency for Research on Cancer also lists coffee and pickled vegetables as possible carcinogens.国际癌症研究机构也把咖啡和泡菜列为可能的致癌物质。STEP 3 Understand the confusion3.了解模糊不清Understand why the I.A.R.C. classification is confusing. Some studies into possible links between cellphones and cancer have found a higher risk of brain tumors, while others have found a lower risk. Some scientists point out that cellphones have been in use for years with no subsequent increase in brain tumors; others say there hasn#39;t been enough time to determine the effect on younger generations who began using cellphones in childhood.要了解国际癌症研究机构的分类为何比较模糊。研究手机和癌症之间是否存在联系的一些研究发现,手机导致脑瘤的风险比较高,但是其他研究则发现风险比较低。一些科学家指出,手机已经多年付诸使用,而没有因此导致脑瘤数量的增加;其他科学家则表示,还没有足够的时间来确认手机对于那些从童年开始使用手机的年轻一代的影响。STEP 4 Play it safe4.安全使用Play it safe by reducing your exposure to cellphone radiation. Use speakerphone or a wired earpiece -- a ferrite bead will lower your exposure even further. Also limit the time you#39;re on your cellphone while walking and when you have a weak signal; cellphones emit more radiation when they#39;re in motion or far away from a cell tower.为安全起见,最好减少暴露在手机辐射中的时间。使用扬声器或有线耳机,铁氧体珠耳机能够更进一步降低辐射。限制走路时或信号微弱时使用手机的时间。走动时或距离信号发射塔比较远的时候手机会产生更多辐射。Avoid wireless earpieces, which emit radiation right at your ear, albeit at lower levels.不要使用无线耳机,因为刚好在耳朵旁边产生辐射,尽管水平比较低。STEP 5 Stay tuned5.及时调整Stay tuned to new research -- the jury is still out on cellphone radiation and cancer risk. In the meantime, it wouldn#39;t hurt to talk less on your cellphone and send text messages whenever possible.根据新的研究及时调整——关于手机辐射和癌症风险之间是否存在联系仍然没有最终判决。同时,任何可能的情况下,尽量减少使用手机打电话和发短信的时间,总不会有坏处。85 percent of Americans 18 and older own a cellphone.85%的18岁及以上的美国人拥有手机。视频听力译文由。 /201406/304271。


  Today in History: Tuesday, May 14, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月14日,星期二May 14th, 1607 Colonists travel ashore to Virginia to begin building Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the western hemisphere.1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark leave Saint Louis on their expedition to explore the Louisiana territory in what’s then America’s uncharted west.1948, in Tel Aviv, the independent State of Israel, the World’s only Jewish state is proclaimed, as British rule in what’s then known as Palestine, comes to an end.1973, NASA launches Skylab, America’s first manned space station into orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida.1944, movie producer George Lucas, whose films include the Star War series and American Graffiti is born in Modesto California.1998, I want to be a part of it. New Yorksinger and actor Frank Sinatra, also known as the Ol#39; Blue Eyes and chairman of the board dies in Los Angeles at age 82.Today In History, May 14th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/239734

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》The Comoro Islands of Africa#39;s east coast非洲东海岸的科罗群岛are a haven for green turtles.是绿海龟的天堂Every year, a million turtles hatch on these beaches,海滩上每年都有上百万只小海龟孵化but the chances of any one of them surviving is tiny.但他们的个体生存率却极低The Africa team came here to try and capture the dramatic摄制组的任务是前来拍摄first few minutes in the lives of these baby turtles.小海龟们出生时那戏剧性的一幕It was to be both a technical,那不仅是对摄影技术and surprisingly emotional challenge.也是对情感的一次挑战It#39;s only when you get down on the eye level of the baby turtle只有当你站在小海龟的视角that you realise what an enormous journey it#39;s got to make你才能意识到 爬出沙滩是场down over the beach, and it really is quite epic.如此浩大的 史诗般的旅程 Article/201404/287975

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