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Anchor: Lots of Americans, you know, you are one of them, dream about owning a shiny new car. But before you spend your hard-earned cash on some hot wheels, you definitely want to hear what personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has to say. As you know, he is a syndicated radio talk show host and the author of the best selling book "The Total Money Makeover"Hey, there, good to see you, DaveDave Ramsey: Good to see you.Anchor: So, we never ever buy a new car?Dave Ramsey: Well, I am like everybody else, I am a boy, I like new cars, but they go down in value like a rock. I mean, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine says you lose 60% of the value in the first 4 years, the worst car accicdents happen on the show room floor. Anchor: Oh, and the minute you drive it off the show room floor, of course the value plummets right away, right?Dave Ramsey: All right. Sure it's the wheels break the curb, you know, you really have to change, you know.Anchor: Oh my god, so maybe not a wise use of your money. What about employee discount for the cars? Dave Ramsey: Well,certainly it's pulled people back into that and 0% interest before that, but even then, you got to consider by the time you get it home, you've still lost money. So, a wise use of your dollars, unless you've got just piles of cash, is to really pay cash for a high-quality 1 or 2 or 3 year- old used car, let someone else take the butt-kicking on depreciation. Anchor: Oh, you have done it then break it down with a lease payment, it sounds / reasonable, what about leasing a car? Come on! Dave Ramsey: We call it a fleecing. You know, Consumer Reports says it is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle, (OK.)because in fleecing, what you've done is to quit asking "how much", (ok), now, you just asking "how much down, how much a month" (mm, right)and when you start asking that, you are gonna live in endless payments the rest of your life , and again, like I always say, you tie up your most, your most powerful wealth building to ,which is your income, with no car payments , you can have some money.Anchor: Alright, now, tell us about how to buy a used car then, you say that's a way we go, right? how, how used is used?Dave Ramsey: Well, it depends on how much money you have. (Ok). And, you should pay cash. Again, grandmother's rule: If you can pay cash.I can't believe this guy's said I pay cash for a car. Look, just for a short period of time, drive like no one else, so later you can drive like no one else. The average Car Payment in America is 378 dollars over 84 months right now. Wow. If you took that and invest it from age 25 to age 65 in a mutual fund, you'll have 4.4 million dollars.(Holy pal! All right.)Hope you like the car.(All right.) so, let's take that money, set them in a cookie jar, pay cash for a little used car, and then move up, and then do it again, and then move up and work your way out. Anchor: Ok, And how do we, how do we move up? So we are saving money, ok so we are buying our niceresolvable car right, for cash, then we are putting away money each month for a nicer car? (Pay yourself a car payment.)Dave Ramsey: Pay yourself a car payment, (all right) and then you've got 4000 dollars every 11 months or so.Anchor: How do we know how much we can afford?Dave Ramsey: You should never have vehicles, cars, boats, trucks, sedan and their sisters that add up to more than half your annual income. Cause then you got too much tied up and things are going down in value. It's the most expensive thing we buy, but it's all about prestige. I mean, we spent a minimum amount of money to impress somebody at the stoplight we'll never meet. Anchor: I Know, it is a big ego buy, isn't it? It really is. (It really is.) All, right, what about people who are afraid of getting stuck with problems if you buy a used car, you know, it is a lemon.Dave Ramsey: Well, that's an old car dealer's myth. I mean, really, if you buy a car from 50s to 60s, that might be true, but the cars that we build today, are fabulous cars. And they've got a lot of life in them, used to if you had one at 60000 miles , it is about to fall apart. Now it's got 260 thousand miles if it is about to fall apart, they got a lot life in them. And you can get services like car factory, you can check the history of the car, make sure you're getting a good car, have your mechanic check it, there are good cars out there. Anchor: All right, let's take a look at your tips here, just by way of your views, so, you said, don't buy a new car, unless you are rich.What, what's rich? Dave Ramsey: Well, usually you need at least a million bucks,(ok)I mean the bottom line is can you lose 20,000 dollars and not miss it? Anchor: Wow, I don't think anybody can say that. All right, you say, don't lease a car ever ever ever? Never. Nerver? It's never a good deal. Ok, buy a car that is 2 years old or more. Why is it 2 years? Dave Ramsey: Again, becasue that is where the most of that appreciation, most of that value lost in the first two years.Anchor: Ok, pay cash. Dave Ramsey: Absolustely, always. Because, then you have that control of your earned money. We get in the thing of all the money goes out and all the money comes in, all the money goes out, only the names that changed your protecting in this otherwise.Anchor: Save up for that better car, all right, great advice as always, thanks a lot.Dave Ramsey: Thanks. Don't forget we are gonna be on 60 Minutes Sunday night.Anchor: I hey, man. I was just get y to say that. Oh, dear, I am sorry , ( you're always doing my job)I am sorry, Don't forget you can see more of Dave Ramsey on 60 minutes this weekend, good to see you.Dave Ramsey: Thank you. 200807/43964

President Bush says the House of Representatives risks reopening a dangerous gap in intelligence gathering by failing to pass a law expanding warrantless surveillance. Opposition leaders in the House say the president has all the authority he needs to protect the nation. 布什总统说,众议院议员没能通过延长一项未经授权进行监听的法律可能让情报搜集重新面临危险。众议院民主党领导人说,在保护国家方面,布什总统拥有他保护国家所需要的一切权力。President Bush wants retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that complied with government requests to monitor telephone and computer traffic between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad without a court warrant. 布什总统希望,为那些“按照政府要求监视美国和国外恐怖分子嫌疑人之间电话和电脑互联网数据传送而没有法庭许可文件”的电信公司授予追溯豁免权。Many of those firms are now facing civil lawsuits for their actions following the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Mr. Bush says allowing those lawsuits to proceed would be unfair because those companies were told their assistance was legal and vital to national security. 2001年恐怖分子袭击纽约和华盛顿后,许多这种从事监听行为的公司目前面临民事诉讼。布什总统说,允许进行这些诉讼案件是不公平的,因为这些公司被告之他们的协助是合法的,并且对国家安全非常重要。"Allowing the lawsuits to proceed could aid our enemies because the litigation process could lead to the disclosure of information about how we conduct surveillance and it would give al-Qaida and others a roadmap as to how to avoid the surveillance," he said. "Allowing these lawsuits to proceed could make it harder to track the terrorists because private companies besieged by and fearful of lawsuits would be less willing to help us quickly get the information we need." 布什总统说:“允许进行这些诉讼案件可能会帮助我们的敌人,因为诉讼程序可能会暴露我们如何处理有关监听的信息,这会让基地组织和其他组织知道如何避免被监听;允许进行这些诉讼会让追踪恐怖分子变得更加困难,因为被官司缠身和害怕惹上官司的私人公司可能会不太愿意迅速帮助我们获得我们需要的信息。”Without private sector cooperation, President Bush says the government cannot protect the country from terrorist attack. He says that protection is not a partisan issue as Republicans and Democrats in the Senate approved retroactive immunity. The bill is now stalled in the House. 布什总统说,没有私人公司的合作,政府无法保护美国不受到恐怖分子的袭击。他说,参议院共和与民主两党议员通过的关于追溯豁免权的议案,提供的这种保护不是一个党派性的问题。"Republicans and Democrats in the House stand y to pass the Senate bill if House leaders would only stop blocking an up-or-down vote and let the majority in the House prevail," the president said.  布什总统说:“只要众议院领导人能停止阻拦议员们进行直接表决投票,让众议院大多数议员占优势,在众议院的共和党和民主党议员已经做好准备,通过参议院的这项法案。”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is certain that delaying the law does not place the nation at greater risk of terrorist attack.  众议院议长佩洛西说,她确信拖延这项法律不会让国家在遭受恐怖分子袭击方面面临更大的风险。The Democratic leader in the House says what is at stake is the separation of powers established under the 1978 Foreign Service Intelligence Act, which gave Congress the authority to decide the terms under which intelligence collection can take place. 佩洛西说,利害攸关的是根据1978年外国情报监督法案建立的分权制度,它给予国会权力来决定情报搜集的期限。"This president is saying it is not about the law and it is not about the courts," Pelosi said. "It's about the president deciding that he has inherent authority to spy on anyone. We do not want any president, Democrat or Republican, to have that authority. And that is why we are making this fight on protecting the American people and protecting and defending the Constitution of the ed States." 佩洛西说:“布什总统说,这同法律无关,也同法庭无关。而是总统有权决定监视任何人。我们不想让任何总统,不管他是民主党人还是共和党人,具有那样的权力,这就是我们进行这次抗争来保护美国人民、保护和捍卫美国宪法的原因。”President Bush wants to broaden the circumstances under which intelligence agents need not obtain a warrant from a secret court before listening in on communications between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad. 布什总统要求国会明确指出在何种情况下,情报人员可以在不需要得到秘密法庭许可的情况下对美国和外国恐怖分子嫌疑人之间的联络进行监听。Pelosi says the president aly has all the authority he needs under the original FISA law. President Bush says that law is out of date and does not allow intelligence agents to track foreign terrorists abroad quickly and effectively. 佩洛西说,在原来的外国情报监督法案下,布什总统已经拥有他所需要的权力。布什总统说,这项法律已经过时,该法律不能让情报人员快速和有效地追踪外国恐怖分子。200802/28028

repine ———— 懊恼(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To fret; to feel discontented, annoyed, and restless.例句 Despite his many financial problems, the optimistic young executive did not repine, and always expressed a bright, confident attitude.尽管出了很多财务问题,这位乐观的年轻高管并不懊恼,始终展现出乐观、自信的态度。 /201607/455758

Bush Presses Congress to Act on Major Legislation, Democrats Want Movement on Environment布什批国会未关注一系列重要议题 U.S. President George Bush says the Democratic-led Congress has failed to address a series of important issues, and he wants action soon. Democrats are pushing their Republican colleagues in Congress to support environmental legislation. 美国总统布什表示,由民主党主导的国会没有对一系列重要议题予以关注,他希望这种局势能够尽快改善。另一方面,民主党人则敦促国会共和党人持环境保护议案。President Bush says lawmakers need to move quickly on a wide range of bills when they return to Washington this coming week from their Memorial Day recess.  布什总统说,国会议员们在本州度过了阵亡将士纪念日,这个星期返回华盛顿之后,应该尽快地对一系列提案进行表决。"I hope members of Congress return rested, because they have a lot of work left on important issues, and limited time to get it done," he said. 布什总统说:“我希望国会议员们都能够精神饱满地回到工作岗位上来,因为有很多重要的议程在等待著他们,而且完成这些工作的时间有限。”In his weekly radio address, Mr. Bush said Congress has failed to deal with issues including a free-trade agreement with Colombia, confirmation of the President's nominees for 350 federal positions, and funding for U.S. military forces abroad. 布什总统在每周一次通过电台播出的讲话中说,国会没有能够就美国与哥伦比亚之间的自由贸易协定、总统提名的350位联邦政府官员,以及美国驻外军队财政预算等一系列问题着手应对。"Our troops in Afghanistan are performing with courage and honor, delivering blows to the Taleban and al-Qaida," he said. "Our troops in Iraq have driven al-Qaida and other extremists from sanctuaries they once held across the country, and are chasing them from their last remaining strongholds. Our men and women in uniform are risking their lives every day, and they deserve the resources and flexibility they need to complete their mission." 布什说:“我们在阿富汗的军队表现得非常勇敢,沉重打击了塔利班和基地组织。我们在伊拉克军队也把基地组织成员和其他极端分子赶出了他们一度在伊拉克各地拥有的避难所,同时我们正在对他们进行最后清剿。我国的将士每天都冒著生命的危险奋斗,他们完全有理由拥有完成使命所需的资源和灵活性。”Mr. Bush said he wants Congress to pass a war funding bill that is not full of unrelated domestic spending.  布什总统说,他希望国会方面通过一项战争拨款议案,而且希望这项议案不受很多与之无关的国内消费条款的束缚。The president's proposed free-trade agreement with Colombia was blocked in the House of Representatives, after U.S. labor unions complained that Colombian workers' rights are often violated. 布什总统提出的美国与哥伦比亚之间的自由贸易协定没有在国会众议院获得通过,之前,美国的工会抱怨说,在哥伦比亚,工人的权益经常被剥夺。In the Democratic Party radio address, Barbara Boxer of California, who leads the Senate's environment committee, called on her fellow Senators to support legislation to fight global warming. 在民主党方面,来自加利福尼亚州的参议员芭芭拉.克瑟呼吁所有的参议员都能够持反击全球变暖的议案。克瑟是参议院环保委员会的负责人。"The fact is that the overwhelming majority of scientists say that the earth is in peril, if we do not act now," she said. "They have told us clearly that more than 40 percent of God's creatures could face extinction if we do not act now." 她说:“事实上,绝大多数科学家都表示,假如我们现在不采取行动的话,地球将处于严重的困境之中。这些科学家告诉我们,假如我们现在不采取行动的话,上帝所创造的生物当中,有40%以上可能濒临绝种的危险。”Boxer disputed industry claims that proposed limits on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions could threaten the economy. She said the legislation would create millions of new jobs and move the ed States toward energy independence.  此前,一些产业集团表示,为二氧化碳和其他温室气体设置上限,将威胁到美国经济的发展。但是,克瑟参议员驳斥了这种说法。她说,这项议案将能够创造数万个就业机会,并且将有助于美国逐渐达到能源独立。The Senate is to begin considering the bill on Monday. 参议院方面将于星期一开始考虑这项议案。 200806/40806

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 10It's the fossilized resin of ancient pine trees. And trapped within it, are perfectly preserved souvenirs, each fragment helping to build a picture of an ancient world. This resin has also trapped something that marks a great turning point in evolution--hair. Its presence indicates the rise of a new dynasty in Europe--the mammals. These subtropical forests were home to a huge variety of these creatures. From kangaroo-like carnivores and tapirs to anteaters and even miniature horses. 15 million years ago, the mammals were evolving at an astonishing rate. From just one site of Messo in Germany, dozens of different species of fossil mammal have been unearthed. Today, their more recognizable descendants occupy virtually every niche right across Europe.As Europe's new fauna took centre stage, the continent itself was undergoing another decisive step towards completion. Signs of this can be found here on the western fringe of the continent, along the remote cliffs of islands on Northwest Scotland. These spectacular coasts are built of compacted volcanic ash and lava. There are visible remains of ancient eruptions that cover thousands of square kilometerswords and expressionsresin: (n.) Any of numerous clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substances of plant origin, such as copal, rosin, and amber, used principally in lacquers, varnishes, inks, adhesives, synthetic plastics, and pharmaceuticals. 树脂tapir: (n.) Any of several large, chiefly nocturnal, odd-toed ungulates of the genus Tapirus of tropical America, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra, related to the horse and the rhinoceros, and having a heavy body, short legs, and a long, fleshy, flexible upper lip. 【动】貘任anteater: (n.) Any of several tropical American mammals of the family Myrmecophagidae, which lack teeth and feed on ants and termites, especially Myrmecophaga tridactyla, having an elongated, narrow snout, a long, sticky tongue, and an extended, shaggy-haired tail. 食蚁兽niche: (n.) The particular area within a habitat occupied by an organism. 【生态学】生物居所的特定区间fauna: (n.) Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group. 动物群200809/47578

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