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A breakup is definitely hard to get over. Focus on a brighter future and move on with your life.You Will NeedConfidant Healthy food Exercise Rest Activities Step 1: Stop all contact(删除与前任的所有联系方式)Stop all contact with your ex. Do not write, call, e-mail, or text your ex, and avoid spending time where your ex does.Step 2: Accept the breakup(接受已经分手的事实)Accept that the relationship is over and start looking for someone new.Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one.Step 3: Do not dwell on the past(不要沉浸在过去的甜蜜回忆当中)Do not dwell on the past. Move on as quickly as possible.Step 4: Share your feelings(和朋友倾诉)Confide how you are feeling with someone you can trust. Sometimes just talking about it can put things into perspective.Step 5: Treat yourself well(好好照顾自己)Treat yourself well by eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of rest.Step 6: Keep busy(让自己忙碌起来)Keep yourself busy by engaging in activities you enjoy. Go to the movies, to a concert, a good book, or start a new hobby.Major depressive disorder affects over 14 million adults, 18 and older, each year.201003/99443。

We show you how to relax using deep breathing techniques. This quick and useful guide will teach you how to master the basics of breathing in order to relax the body and mind.我们向大家展示一下怎样使用深呼吸放松法。这段简单有用的视频将为大家讲述如何熟练掌握基本的呼吸技巧来放松身心。Step 1: Make yourself comfortable1.身体舒适You can do this technique in any setting, but it is better when your mind is calm and your body is relaxed. Find a quiet place if possible. You can either be seated or lying down. Once in position take a few deep breaths.这个方法可以在任何场合使用,不过头脑冷静,身体放松的时候效果最好。如果可以,找个安静的地方,坐下或者躺下,然后做几次深呼吸。Step 2: Focus your attention2.集中注意力Close your eyes and begin to empty your mind and clear away all thoughts. Pay particular attention to your body and your breathing.闭上眼睛,抛却杂念,把全部注意力都集中在身体和呼吸上。Step 3: The inhale3.吸气Begin by placing your hands on your stomach. Slowly inhale through your nose, filling first the abdomen as you feel your hands rise while the air enters. Continue filling the lower lungs, and finally the upper chest around the heart.开始的时候,把手放在腹部,用鼻子缓缓吸气,空气先填满腹部,空气进入时,你会感到手逐渐抬高。然后再填满下肺部,最后进入心脏周围的胸腔。Step 4: The exhale4.呼气Now, slowly exhale the air out the mouth, going in reverse order, first emptying the chest then the lower lungs and finally the stomach, allowing the belly button to fall towards the spine.现在用口慢慢地呼气,按照与吸气时相反的顺序:首先清空胸腔,然后是下肺部,最后是腹部。让肚脐向脊柱的方向回落。Step 5: Silent moments5.静止瞬间As you repeat these steps, you may start to notice a pause that begins to happen at the end of the inhale and the end of the exhale. It is during these moments that you can now enter a deep state of relaxation benefiting both body and mind.在重复以上步骤时,你会注意到在吸气结束和呼气结束的时候都有一个停顿。利用这些停顿,你可以进入深入的放松状态,对身心都非常有益。Step 6: The rhythm6.节奏Now that weve practiced the form, its time to set a tempo. Different patterns of breathing have varying effects on the systems of the body. For relaxation, we will attempt to slow the heart rate to calm the nervous system.现在我们已经练习了呼吸方式,下面该练习节奏了。不同的呼吸节奏对身体产生的效果也有所不同。如果是为了放松,我们就要降低心跳速率,平静神经系统。The key to achieving this is to make the exhale slightly longer than the inhale. This can be done by counting slowly to 5 on the inhale.1..2...3..4...5. Then count to 8 on the exhale. 1..2..3..4…5…6..7…8.要达到这个目标,关键在于使呼气持续的时间超过吸气的时间。可以用数到5的时间完成吸气过程,然后呼气的时间从1数到8。Step 7: Putting it all together7.连贯Now that weve got the style, its just a matter of practice. It is good to start out with sessions of about 5 minutes each.This will be enough to slow the heartbeat, lower the blood pressure and improve the functioning of the all the bodys systems.熟悉了这个锻方法之后,就是练习的问题了。可以按照每次5分钟进行练习。5分钟的练习足够使心跳变慢,血压降低,使身体器官功能得到全面提高。Thanks for watching How To Relax Using Deep Breathing Techniques谢谢收看本期“利用深呼吸来放松身心”视频节目。 /201302/226323。

German sportsware giant maker Adidas is closing its only company-owned apparel factory in Suzhou city, East China’s Jiangsu province. For over 300 supplier factories in the country, the news has been quite a heavy blow.德国运动饰巨头阿迪达斯将关闭位于中国东部苏州的直属工厂。对于中国超过300家的大工厂来说,这一消息无异于当头一棒。The news came so sudden, making it almost impossible for time-strapped domestic suppliers to find new customers.突如其来的这一消息使得国内供应商几乎不可能在如此紧迫的时间内找到新客户。Chen Yunfu, manager of Adidas Contract Plant, Shanghai, said, ;All of our products are made for Adidas, I could have cooperated with other brands such as Nike if it had not been for Adidas’ long-term cooperation promise.;阿迪上海合同工厂经理陈云富说,“我们生产的所有产品都是阿迪牌的,如果不是因为阿迪长期合作的承诺,我们本可以和其他品牌比如耐克合作的。”Most of the supplier companies are also labour-intensive ones, and the end of contracts mean large number of workers will be laid-off.大多数供应商都是劳动密集型工厂,终止合同意味着大量工人将要失业。Sun Yingli, manager of Adidas Contract Plant, Shanghai, said, ;We need some time to prepare to change the business mode and financing. We also need time to train workers.;阿迪上海合同工厂经理孙英丽说,“我们需要时间来准备调整运营模式和进行融资。我们也需要时间来培训工人。”The closure is part of Adidas’ efforts to restructure business in China and improve efficiency, the company says. But the company is planning to set up more factories in South East Asian countries. Analysts say rising labour costs in China are part of the reason.阿迪方面说,这次关闭在华工厂是阿迪在中国进行产业重组和提高劳动效率的举措之一。但是,阿迪公司却计划在东南亚国家设立更多的工厂。分析师认为,中国渐增的劳工成本是进行这一举措的原因之一。Xi Youmin, executive president of Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, said, ;Countries like South Korea have gone through such experiences, now it’s China’s turn. Adidas may gradually turn to less developed countries, I think seeking proper costs is always legitimate for companies.西安交通-利物浦大学的执行总裁席酉民说,“南韩已经经历过这样的调整,现在轮到中国了。阿迪可能会逐渐将重心转移到不发达国家。我个人认为,对于公司来讲,寻求合适的成本结构总归是合理的。”The Suzhou-based factory is going to close at the end of October, which runs against Adidas’ contractual obligations last year that it would not end cooperation before 2015.苏州工厂将于今年10月底关闭,这一行为违反了去年阿迪关于在2015年前不终止与工厂合作关系的合同条款。Supply contracts are gradually to be cancelled from October this year to April next year. Suppliers are seeking legal advice for the case, and planning to ask for economic compensation from Adidas.供货合同将于今年10月至明年4月期间陆续被终止。供货商正在寻求法律帮助以解决争端并要求阿迪方面进行经济赔偿。201207/192139。

A professional gardening expert explains the best way to harvest your parsley crop. The instructions are brief, easy to understand, and a snap to carry out.一位专业的园艺专家解释了收获西芹作物的最佳方法。这些指引原则言简意赅,容易理解,值得你去执行。Hi. My names John from Growing Life, London, UK, urban and indoor gardening specialists, and were going to talk about how to harvest parsley. So, what do we need to harvest parsley? Well, the first and most important thing is a healthy parsley plant.大家好,我是伦敦种植生命机构的约翰,我是一名农村和室内园艺专家,我们将来讲述一下怎样收获西芹。收获西芹需要做什么呢?首先,也是最重要的一点是,必须是健康的西芹植株。Here weve got two types of parsley: flat leaf and curly leaf. The first question which is most commonly asked when people ask, ;How do I harvest parsley?; is ;Do you cut it from the top or the bottom of the stem?; Parsley, we harvest from the bottom of the stem. We could just take the leaves, but if we do, the stem will then dry out and shrivel up and then, as part of good gardening, we would then have to later remove it.这里有两种类型的西芹:叶片平整和叶片卷曲的叶片。人们询问“我应该怎样收获西芹”时最经常问到的第一个问题是,“应该是从茎秆的顶部还是底部切断呢?”对于西芹来说,我们从茎秆的底部开始收获。我们只是摘掉叶子。但是如果这样的话,茎秆会干枯,枯萎,作为园艺的一部分,我们随后必须将它拔掉。So, it may as well be removed at the point of harvesting, even if you decide not to use the stem. What we try and do is obviously choose mature leaves which well typically find on the outer-most part of the plant. But equally, we might choose to take some of this taller stems which are shading light from the lower leaves.所以,收获的时候最好将西芹拔掉,尽管你用不到茎秆。很显然我们要选择植株的成熟叶片。但是同样的,我们也要摘掉一些较高的茎秆,因为这些茎秆会遮蔽较矮的叶片照射不到阳光。By removing these ones and allowing light to penetrate further, well encourage further growth and production of parsley leaf for our next harvest. If youve bought parsley from a super market, parsley plants, or from a garden center, it is well worth washing them before you use them. Id recommend you do this with your own anyhow, but because its a low growing herb, there may well be both soil and insects hidden in the parsley.摘掉较高的茎叶之后,阳光可以更好的渗透到整个植株,植株也可以继续生长,以备我们下次收获。如果你是从超市或园艺中心购买的西芹,使用之前最好清洗一下。我还是建议最好使用自己的,因为西芹植株比较矮小,容易沾染泥土和昆虫。So, do give it a good wash before you use it.所以,使用之前一定要好好清洗。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Parsley.感谢收看“怎样收获西芹”视频节目。201212/212366。

How to Make a Talking-Dog Video on HowcastThink your dog is even more adorable than a talking Chihuahua? Grab your camera and start filming.想想你的比会说话的吉娃娃都可爱?拿起你的摄影机开始拍摄吧。Step 1: Take lots of footageVideotape your dog when they’re barking and chewing. You’ll need about 30 minutes of footage of them with their mouth moving.第一步:要拍很多连续镜头当叫或咀嚼食物的时候,将这些场景拍摄下来,你需要拍摄30分钟的的嘴在动的画面。Step 2: Load it onto a computerLoad the footage onto a computer.第二步:将录像传到计算机上将录像传到计算机上Step 3: Edit itOpen up a -editing program and edit the raw footage down to the best 3 minutes or so, using 20 to 30 second chunks.第三步:编辑录像打开视频编辑程序,将最初的录像最好删减到30分钟或选20至30个画面。Step 4: Work out a scriptWrite a script that matches their mouth movements as closely as possible.第四步:写剧本写一个尽量和(的)嘴型变化相匹配的剧本。Tip:If they make a funny expression or gesture, think about how you can work that into their monologue.小贴士:如果做了一个滑稽的表情或动作,要想想如何将之制作成一个独白。Step 5: Record the voiceRecord the voice into a computer microphone as you watch the edited . If your -editing program has a voice-over tool, you can add the voice directly to your movie. If not, open up a dedicated audio program and record the VO separately. Then import the audio file into your editing program and combine the audio and .第五步:录音一边看录像一边将声音录到电脑中。如果你的录像编辑程序有配音的工具,你可以直接将声音添加到录像上。如果没有,再同时打开一个音频软件,将录音分开录下来。然后将音频导入编辑的程序中,将声音和图像结合起来。Step 6: Show offShow off your talking-dog clip to your friends and family.第六步:展示将你制作的说话的录像展示给朋友或家人。201012/119826。

Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning, and was founder of the World Memory Championships. In this film he talks about overcoming the common problems that people have with memory, and using your memory power to its full potential.托尼·布赞是专门研究大脑和学习的专家,也是世界锦标赛的发起者之一。本期节目中他将为我们讲述如何克常见的记忆难题,并最大限度的利用自身。Step 1: Analyse the problems you have with memory1.分析一下与记忆有关的问题Think about the kind of situations where you often forget. Analyse whats going wrong, and set goals for how you want to improve your memory.想一下你经常忘记的情况,分析那里出错了,然后设定一个自我提升的目标Step 2: Use associations to help you remember2.使用关联法提高记忆When trying to remember something, link it to something you will remember easily. The brain remembers better when using association and links.在试着回想某件事时候,把它同你最容易想起的物体联系起来。这是因为在使用联系和关系的情况下,大脑的记忆效果最佳。Step 3: Use images to help you remember3.使用图像帮助提高Your brain is more likely to remember things if you link them to something visual. The memory works more effectively when it uses images.如果把某件事情和可视的东西联系起来,大脑会更容易记住,因为大脑更容易记住图像。See Tony’s books: ‘Use Your Memory’and ‘Master Your Memory’参考托尼的著作:《使用你的》和《掌控自己的》。Thanks for watching How To Develop A Super Memory谢谢收看本期“锻炼超强”节目。 /201208/197299。