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Antioxidants help slow or prevent oxidation in cells.抗氧化物有助于延缓或阻止细胞内的氧化Oxidation of cells can lead to poor immune function,细胞的氧化会导致免疫功能下降health diseases and cancer. Red and purple fruits招致健康问题甚至癌症,红色和紫色水果contain the highest amounts of antioxidants and are所含有的抗氧化物数量最多,因此人们应该encouraged for people to eat because of their多多食用这些水果,因为它们的antioxidant levels. Childrens dietary needs change抗氧化水平较高,儿童的膳食需要会因为by age and sex of the child. This graph illustrates年龄和性别的差异而有不同,这张图显示了the recommended servings for children according to美国营养协会专为儿童推荐的the American dietetics association. It is important膳食搭配,父母必须了解for parents to understand the nutritional requirements他们孩子成长发育的营养需求of their children for the childs growth and这十分重要development because requirements do change as因为这些需求一定会随着孩子的成长children grow up. At ages 2 to 3 years it is important而发生改变,在2到3岁的时候,须要to note that both boys and girls require the same指出的是男孩和女孩们都需要每一个amount of requirements for each food group.食物组中相同量的食物As children grow up the nutritional requirements随着孩子渐长,这些男孩女孩对一些食物that stay the same for both boys and girls are milk仍保持相同不变的营养需求,包括牛奶和and dairy, fruits, oils and extra calories. However,奶制品,水果,油类和额外的卡路里,然而the requirements do change for boys and girls at 4在男孩女孩长到4到8岁以及更大时,这些to 8 and older for the calorie intake, lean meats,需求确实会发生改变,包括卡路里摄取,瘦肉vegetables and grains. The requirements are蔬菜和谷物,男孩对这一类型食物的需求typically a half to one serving size higher for在每一餐饭上通常是之前的两倍boys in this category. It is important for the children这对孩子们的成长是很重要的to reach these recommended serving sizes.要达到这些推荐的膳食量The serving sizes recommended are there to provide推荐的备餐量的目的是提供adequate energy and nutrients critical to the childs对儿童的成长发育至关重要的growth and development. If the daily requirements能量及营养,如果总是不能满足每日需求are not met regularly health complications such as一些并发症就可能会出现,比如:growth retardation, anemia from iron deficiencies,发育迟缓,缺铁性贫血poor retention of school material and an increased对所学内容健忘,以及在成年之后risk of developing chronic diseases during adulthood发展为一些慢性病的风险增加can incur. The government does try to help lower政府在帮助降低这些风险方面确实在尽力these risks by requiring foods to be fortified or它要求食物必须经过强化或者enriched. A fortified food like low-fat milk means增加营养,强化食品如低脂牛奶是说that vitamins A and D which get lost when the fat在去脂的过程中过滤掉的维生素A和Dis removed during processing have to be replaced在抵达食用者之前必须by law before reaching the consumer. And enriched进行补回,另一方面,增加营养的food like table salt has added iodine to help食品,如调味盐,里面加入了碘来帮助consumers meet their dietary guidelines. The quality食用者达到膳食指南的推荐,儿童的of childrens diet can be measured by the 2005饮食质量可以用2005年的健康饮食指数healthy eating index. The index is divided into来衡量,这个指数被分作了12 different categories such as fruit, vegetables,12个不同的类别,比如水果,蔬菜meat and beans and milk. Every category is given肉类,豆类和牛奶,每一个类别都给出了a maximum school which means it meets the 2005一个最大量,这意味着它与2005年的dietary guidelines for Americans. The higher美国人膳食指南是相符合的,单项的the individual score reflects the score closer to分数越高反映出它与指南越为接近the guidelines. A high score can be given for a high高的分数代表对某些食品的摄入量多intake in foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains,比如水果,蔬菜,谷物meat and beans, milk and oil and low intake in肉类和豆类,牛奶和油,同时对另一些摄入量saturated fat, sodium and extra calories. This graph低,如饱和脂肪,钠和多余的卡路里,这份was compiled in 2003-2004 for children ages 2 to 17.图表是在2003到2004年针对2到17Displayed are the averages of the different age岁的孩子编制的,上面显示的是不同年龄组的groups. The first important category to look at is平均水平,我们要看的第一个重要类型是the total score for all age groups. This score is所有年龄组的总分,这个分数barely meeting half of the maximum score for the勉强达到年龄组满分的一半age groups. This shows the need of improvement这说明孩子饮食改善的需求是in childrens diets all around. The maximum score是广泛存在的,在2至5岁年龄组中was reached in 2 to 5 years for total fruit and milk总的水果和牛奶消耗达到了满分and for all age groups the maximum score was在所有年龄组中,总的谷类消耗reached for total grains. Fruit and milk consumption达到了满分,所有的年龄组中,水果和牛奶remain above half the maximum score for all age groups.消耗保持在满分的一半以上201504/372519。

  • The growth of the railroads thrusts铁路运输的增长America into the biggest building expansion the country has ever seen,助推了美国有史以来最为迅猛的建设扩张led by a new breed of leader.由新领袖所领导The story of America isnt just the story of the patriots美国历史并不是一群爱国者that helped build the democracy.建立美国民主的故事The reason the ed States is a leading economy in the world is because美国能够成为世界领导经济体的原因就在于of the work of entrepreneurs who created entire industries企业家努力创造出了整个整个的行业that propelled the ed States to be the leader of the free world.正是这些 让美国能够成为自由世界的领导者One man, Cornelius Vanderbilt,科尼利厄斯·范德比尔特through brute force and intimidation,通过蛮力和恫吓has made himself the undisputed king of the railroads.让自己成为了铁路行业无可争辩的王者He now owns forty percent of Americas train lines.这时 他拥有美国全部铁路线路的40%But he wants them all.但他想要所有To me, its always ;Whats next?;总是在于;下一步是什么;and I think thats what drives most very successful people.成功人士都是由这个问题驱动的Its never about the money.钱不是意义I mean, thats a way of keeping score.钱只是一种计分方式Its about achievement,追求的是成就and its about winning a game,是赢得一场游戏and its about upping the ante.是加大赌注Chicago is Americas fastest growing city.芝加哥是美国增速最快的城市The line connecting it to New York连接芝加哥和纽约的线路is the most traveled and valuable in all the world.是世界上走过最多 也是最有价值的线路And its not Vanderbilts.但它却不属于范德比尔特To make his empire complete,为了完成他的帝国版图he must gain control of the Erie Line.他必须控制伊利铁路公司The Erie was one of the relatively early publicly traded corporations.伊利是一家较早的公开交易公司Vanderbilt had the advantage of millions and millions of dollars.范德比尔特拥有数以百万美元计的巨大财富Deep pockets are always an advantage有钱总是最大的优势when youre trying to gain control of a corporation.特别是在试图取得公司控制权的时候Vanderbilt instructs his agents范德比尔特要求他的代理人to buy up as much stock as possible...尽量多地买进股票Buying Erie!买伊利Buying Erie!买伊利demanding control of the company by the end of the week.在这周结束之前 控制这家公司Erie at forty-five!伊利 价格45Its a vintage Vanderbilt move这是范德比尔特惯用的手法one he pioneered—known today as a ;hostile takeover;.他所开创的这种方法 现如今叫作;恶意收购;Erie, fifty!伊利 50But his attempt will be thwarted by an even more ingenious idea但他的尝试被另一种更好的创意所挫败cooked up by two unknowns:这种想法来自于两位当时名不见经传的人:Jay Gould and Jim Fisk.杰·古尔德和吉姆·菲斯克201602/427838。
  • With Joe and the others trained up,在训练过乔和其他人后Mr Zou can now roll out the puzzle to the whole class.邹先生现在要将这个游戏推广到全班Hello.各位Education is not always working.;教育并不总是有效的;Sometimes you have to wait.有时候你需要等一下As a teacher you have to have these ability or techniques to get them back.作为一个老师,你需要有能力或技巧将他们抓回来This time we, were going to do an extra activity, say Chinese ring,这次,我们,我们做一个课外活动,叫做九连环and it was created by ancient Chinese 1,000 years ago.这是一千年前,由中国的古人发明出来的Okay. And take this as a small gift from me.这个就作为我送你们的一个小礼物I bought it from China and you can keep it.我从中国买了带来的,你们可以留着玩OK. Thank you.好,谢谢Yeah. You can put, then you slide it back over like this.对,你可以移动,然后可以像这样把它向后翻You have to grab them together, put them through and then you can take that off.你要把它们穿到一起,让它们穿过,然后你可以把它取下来Three has to be on.要穿上这三个Its Joes job to pass on his knowledge of the puzzle to the others.乔需要把他所掌握的这个玩具的知识传授给他人You have to slide it up through the middle.你要把它从中间滑过去Joe is good at puzzles.乔对智力游戏很拿手Thats basically all I know that Joe is really...这基本是我对乔的全部了解了...He can do a Rubiks Cube in 30 seconds!他能在三十秒内复原魔方Everyones asking me for help.大家都在找我帮忙It was kind of a bit odd, everyone really wanted to talk to me and wanted me to teach them.这很难得,大家都主动来找我,希望我能教他们It was, it was really different for me cos thats never really happened before.这,这对我来说很不同,因为以前从来没有过Why are you helping him?你为什么要帮他In a crowd Id probably be, like, just watching everyone else do everything,在人群中我可能会是静静看着大家的一举一动的人I wouldnt really be joining in that much.我不能真正地融入大家After his nightmare on the running track,在经历了跑步的噩梦之后Joe is gaining confidence.乔重获了一些信心In China, it is more focused on, you have to be the best在中国,大家更注重要成为最优秀的and you have to try and focus to get to the top of the class in everything要努力并且专注于在全部科目上都成为全班第一but in Britain its OK if youre not the best at everything.但是在英国,你有长短板是不要紧的Im not really good at PE我体育很不好but when I knew the solution to the Chinese rings,但是当我知道九连环的解法时I picked up the pattern really easily.我很轻易明白了这个道理You know, its not just everyones better than you, and it makes you feel a lot more happy.不是每个人都比你强的,这让我感觉开心了很多Its just been really good.这感觉很棒With the class engaged in the challenge, Mr Zhou is hopeful the kids have turned a corner.班里的学生都在挑战九连环,邹老师希望学生可以克困难As young children, they will make mistakes,作为小孩,他们会犯错误so as a teacher you have to be patient,所以作为一个老师,你要很耐心you need to give them time to learn from this,你要给他们时间,让他们从错误中学习even sometimes they cannot see this at this stage,即使有时候他们并不能当即发现自己错在哪里but sometimes they will in the future.但将来某时他们总会明白过来的You solved this. Is that you? Yeah.你解开了,是你吗?对Hello. Take a look. Connor solved this successfully.大家来看,康纳成功解开了Lets give a big hand.大家掌声祝贺他Great job. Great job.很棒,非常棒201602/428450。
  • 说一个人很时髦,你说过‘Youre very fashion.吗?这个瞬间碉堡咯。没关系,今天我们就要聊聊正确、好用的说法!除了fashionable, 还有几个非常常用、又地道的说法。201507/384442。
  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201602/419826。
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