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Science and technology科学技术Genetically modified tree转基因树木Into the wildwood进军森林A GM species may soon be liberated deliberately一种转基因树木不久或将大量种植,但很审慎ONCE upon a time, according to folklore, a squirrel could travel through Americas chestnut forests from Maine to Florida without ever touching the ground.民间流传有这样的故事:很久很久以前,松鼠在穿过美国缅因州到福罗里达州的栗树林时,可以一直不触碰地面。The chestnut population of North America was reckoned then to have been about 4 billion trees. No longer.估计北美那时的栗树约有40亿棵。现在却不复存在了。Axes and chainsaws must take a share of the blame.必须说,斧头锯子不乏其罪,But the principal culprit is Cryphonectria parasitica, the fungus that causes chestnut blight.但栗疫病菌才是罪魁祸首,是这种真菌致栗树感染了栗疫病。In the late 19th century, some infected saplings from Asia brought C. parasitica to North America. By 1950 the chestnut was little more than a memory in most parts of the continent.19世纪后期,一批亚洲来的感染栗疫病菌的树苗把该病菌带到了北美。到了20世纪50年代,北美大陆大部分地区的栗树便全部消失,成为了回忆。American chestnuts may, however, be about to rise again—thanks to genetic engineering.但有了基因工程,美国栗树有望再次繁茂起来。This month three experimental patches will be planted, under the watchful eye of the Department of Agriculture, in Georgia, New York and Virginia.在美国农业部的密切看护下,将于本月在乔治亚州、纽约州和弗吉尼亚州分别栽种一片栗树林进行实验。Along with their normal complements of genes, these trees have been fitted with a handful of others that researchers hope will protect them from the fungus.这些栗树除携带正常的附加基因外,还添加了少数不同寻常的附加基因。研究者希望通过添加这些基因来防止栗树被真菌感染。The project has been organised by the Forest Health Initiative, a quango set up to look into the idea of using genetic engineering to rescue species of tree whose populations have been devastated by fungal diseases or insect pests.该项目的组织者是一个半官方机构—森林健康行动,该机构的创立是为了检查用基因工程来拯救被真菌病或害虫摧毁的树木种群的可行性。It has sponsored research at several universities, and this months trial is the first big field test.FHI已在几所大学发起了研究倡议,并于本月迈出大型实地试验的第一步。If it works, the FHI will ask the government for permission to plant transgenic chestnuts in the wild, with the intention of re-establishing the species in Americas woodlands.如果可行,FHI则会向政府申请在自然环境中种植基因改良栗树,以重建美国林地的栗树林。And if that goes well, it could provide a model for projects to re-establish elm trees, ash trees and a fir tree known, confusingly, as the eastern hemlock.如果这也可行,那就能为榆树、白蜡树和杉树重建项目提供示范。The search for genetic protection for the chestnut was begun in 1990 by William Powell of the State University of New York, in Syracuse, and Scott Merkle of the University of Georgia, in Athens.栗树基因保护研究始于1990年,由锡拉丘兹市纽约州立大学的威廉·鲍威尔和爱森斯市乔治亚大学的斯科特·默克尔共同进行。Dr Powell knew that many of the symptoms of chestnut blight are caused by the oxalic acid that C. parasitica generates as it grows.鲍威尔确信,栗疫病的很多症状都由栗疫病菌生长时产生的草酸引起。He also knew that wheat has an enzyme called oxalate oxidase, which detoxifies oxalic acid.他也清楚,小麦有一种草酸氧化酶,能够分解草酸。He and his team therefore transferred the gene that encodes oxalate oxidase from wheat to chestnut.于是,鲍威尔和他的团队将小麦中能够编码草酸氧化酶的基因转移到了栗树的基因中。Last summer they showed that oxalate oxidase can indeed enhance blight-resistance.去年夏天,他们明了,草酸氧化酶的确能够增强栗树的抗枯萎性。A few years ago the Forest Health Initiative asked Dr Powell and some other researchers doing related studies to look at the work of the American Chestnut Foundation, a group which had been crossbreeding Chinese and American chestnuts.几年前,FHI邀请了正在进行相关研究的鲍威尔士和另一些研究者研究美国栗树研究基金会的工作。Since C. parasitica is Asian, Asiatic trees have evolved resistance to it. The foundation hoped to make a hybrid sufficiently Chinese to be protected, but sufficiently American to pass muster as local.由于栗疫病菌发于亚洲,亚洲树种已经形成了对该真菌的抗性。With the aid of the genomes of the two species, Dr Powell and his collaborators began testing 27 Chinese chestnut genes in the American tree.借助两种栗树的基因组,鲍威尔士及其合作伙伴开始在美国生长的树上测试27种板栗基因。The 800 trees to be planted this month will contain various combinations of these genes, the original wheat gene and six further genes from other tree species.本月将栽种800棵树,这些树包含了原小麦基因以及其他树种6种基因的各种组合基因。And results should come quickly.预计结果很快就可以得出。Field tests for blight-resistance are typically done when trees are a few years old, but Dr Powells team have devised a test of the saplings leaves that they believe can tell whether a tree is resistant when it is less than a year old.抗枯萎性的实地试验一般要当树木生长几年之后才能进行,但鲍威尔士研究小组想出了一个测试树苗叶子的办法,他们认为可以在树龄不满一年的情况下测试出树的抗性。The trial itself will last three years, and the researchers running it will monitor how the modified chestnuts fit in to the local ecosystem, as well as how healthy they are.这项试验会进行三年,进行该试验的研究者将持续观察记录改良过的栗树在当地生态系统的适应程度以及它们的健康状况。If they both do fit and are fit, a decision will then have to be made about whether to release them into the wild. That will be up to the Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.如果能够适应并且长势良好,那是否要在自然环境中大量种植就得由农业部、环境保护署和食品药品监督来决定了。Until now, the genetic modification of trees has had strictly commercial aims: speeding up the growth and extending the environmental tolerance of species intended for plantations.迄今为止,改良树木基因带有明确的商业目的:一是催长,二是为了造林增加物种对环境的容忍度。This use of genetic modification has been opposed by environmentalists, who fear that such supertrees may escape and damage wild forests.为达到该商业目的使用转基因,遭到了环保主义者的反对,他们担心这样的超级树会疯长进而危害到野生丛林。The Forest Health Initiatives goal, though, is to heal wild forests, not hurt them.但FHI的目标是为了恢复而不是危害野生丛林。If its experiments do produce a strain of chestnut that could do the job, it will be interesting to see how enthusiastically greens embrace it.如果试验成功,真能培育出抗栗疫病菌的新品种,那看看环保党在欣然接受时会表现出怎样的欢欣鼓舞,还挺有意思的。 /201311/266596

Business商业报道A pixelated portrait of labour就业市场高清图LinkedIn offers a new way to look at employmentLinkedIn让你用全新的角度看待就业OFFICIAL statistics can tell you how many workers were jobless last month, how many had college degrees and how many worked in construction.官方统计数据能够告诉你上个月有多少人失业,多少个有大学文凭及多少人从事建筑业。But they cannot tell you how many know Hadoop, a software for managing data that is much in demand these days.但这些数据却无法告诉你有多少人会使用Hadoop这个如今需求量甚大的数据管理软件。LinkedIn, however, says it knows that, and much else gleaned from the profiles of its millions of members.然而,LinkedIn说它知道这些,还掌握许多从其数百万会员的注册信息收集而来的其它信息。The social-media website for professionals can tell you that one of the fastest-growing job titles in America is adjunct professor.这个专业人士的社交网站能告诉你,美国从业人数增长最快的一种职业是兼职教授,One of the fastest-shrinking is sales associate.从业人数减少得最快的职业之一是销售人员。Researchers aly mine the internet for hints about disease outbreaks, the national mood or inflation.研究人员已经在网络上找寻关于疾病爆发、国民心态及通货膨胀的线索。LinkedIn thinks its data can do the same for the job market.LinkedIn认为其数据能在就业市场上派上同样的用场。It has more than 150m members worldwide, 60m of them in America.LinkedIn在全球拥有一亿五千万会员,其中六千万来自美国。That should be enough to draw accurate inferences about the entire American labour force.凭此应足以精确推断整个美国劳动力市场的情形。At the request of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, it calculated which industries and job titles were experiencing the biggest gains and losses.应白宫经济顾问委员会的要求,LinkedIn对哪些行业及职业的从业人数最多或最少进行了统计。Scott Nicholson, a data scientist for the firm, says LinkedIn can potentially track such changes in real time,该公司的一位数据科学家 斯科特尼科尔森说,LinkedIn甚至可以实时追踪这些数据的变化,rather than the weeks or months government surveys take.而不像政府调查那样要费时数周或数月。It can also follow occupations and industries, such as e-learning, that dont have their own category in government tallies.LinkedIn也可以追踪如在线学习这种政府记录中没有单列出来的职业与行业的数据。It can trace shifts between regions, sectors and occupations.它还能追踪不同地区、行业、职业之间的变化。Are people quitting law firms to become law professors, moving from Arizona to North Dakota, or what?人们是否辞去了律师事物所的工作去当法律教授了?是否从亚利桑那州搬到了北达科它州?还是其他状况?The firm hopes to be able to track the nations evolving skills base.该公司希望能够对美国人不断发展的技能水平进行追踪。Members routinely pick up new skills and add them to their profile.其会员平日会学习新的技能并将其添加至个人信息中。LinkedIn can see how often job-changers mention a particular skill, such as Hadoop.LinkedIn能够知道跳槽者提及某项技能的频率。Jeff Weiner, the firms boss, imagines that eventually every job opening and its requisite skills will be digitally searchable by every potential candidate,公司老板杰夫韦纳的设想是最终每位潜在的求职者都能在网上搜索到空缺的职位及其所需的技能,使社会能更加人尽其才,reducing the friction that lets millions of vacancies co-exist with high unemployment.而不至于出现有数百万个空缺职位的同时却又失业率高企的局面。Such granularity could revolutionise economic research, says Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT.麻省理工学院的埃里克布吕诺尔夫松说,这种 分辨率会为经济调查带来革命性的变化。But for consistency and longevity, you cant beat the government.但若论调查的连贯性和持久性,无人能胜过政府。As Mr Brynjolfsson notes, Web companies dont tend to have the same lifespan as the US Census Bureau.正如埃里克布吕诺尔夫松所说,网络公司的寿命往往不可能和美国统计局一样长。 /201306/242696




  HIV and mothers’ milk艾滋病病毒与母乳As luck would have it真不巧One of the proteins in milk protects infants against HIV infection母乳中的一种蛋白质可保护婴儿免受艾滋病病毒感染Oct 26th 2013 |From the print editionBAD though it has been, the AIDS epidemic would have been a great deal worse but for a strange and unexplained quirk. Infected mothers, it was feared, would transmit HIV, the AIDS-causing virus, to their children when suckling them. Mothers’ milk carries the virus, and suckling may last two years—which is plenty of time for transmission to happen. And indeed it does, but not nearly as often as was originally suspected. Less than 10% of infants suckled by untreated infected mothers (those not on antiretroviral drugs, which suppress the virus’s reproduction) pick up HIV.尽管情况很糟糕了,但是由于一种奇怪的无法解释的现象,艾滋病的流行程度没有更糟。很多人担心受感染的母亲会在哺乳时将艾滋病病毒传播给自己的孩子。母乳携带有艾滋病病毒,哺乳期可能达到两年,这给传染提供了足够长的时间。而事实上传染也发生了,但是跟最初所怀疑的有出入。只有不到10%的婴儿会从未接受治疗的母亲那里感染艾滋病(未接受治疗是指没有使用抑制病毒繁殖的抗逆转录药物)。Why that should be has remained mysterious. But Genevieve Fouda of Duke University, in North Carolina, and her colleagues think they have the answer. If they are right, many children have been spared AIDS by a fluke—but a fluke that could be used to develop a new weapon to attack it.上述问题一直是未解之谜。但是北卡罗来纳州杜克大学的吉纳维夫·富达和她的同事认为他们找到了。如果他们是正确的,这意味着许多儿童侥幸逃过艾滋病,这种侥幸能用来开发一种对抗艾滋病的新武器。Clearly, something in milk disables HIV. Previous experiments had identified proteins that do this to a certain extent, but nowhere near enough to explain all the data. Those earlier searches must therefore have missed something crucial. Dr Fouda, as she describes in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, set out to find what it was.很明显,母乳中的某种物质会阻止艾滋病病毒。先前的实验确定了蛋白质能在一定程度上阻止艾滋病病毒,但是不足以解释所有的数据。那么,先前的研究肯定错过了一些关键的东西。富达士在美国国家科学院院刊上表示她试图发现错过的东西。Milk is a complex mixture of chemicals, so her problem was how to isolate one of them without knowing in advance which was responsible. That meant running raw milk through a series of processes, each of which divided it into smaller and smaller fractions, and testing each fraction for its HIV-neutralising quality on the way. That quality, it turns out, is concentrated in a single protein called tenascin-C. Further experiments showed that this protein disables HIV by locking onto a protein on the virus’s surface, and that it is as effective at doing so as antibodies generated by the immune system for that specific purpose.牛奶是一种复杂的混合物,因此问题在于在事先不知道的情况下如何找出它们中起作用的那种物质。这意味着将生牛奶通过一系列过程,每次将生牛奶分成更小的成分,测试每个成分对艾滋病病毒的作用。使艾滋病病毒无效的特性属于一种被称作黏蛋白C的蛋白质。更进一步的实验表明这种蛋白质通过附着在病毒表面的一种蛋白质上而阻止艾滋病病毒,效果跟免疫系统产生的抗体一样。This was a surprise, because tenascin-C is not an antibody, nor had it been suspected of having any antiviral function. Its known jobs are to help the development of the fetal brain and to assist in wound healing. That it is also the right shape to attach itself to HIV’s envelope protein seems a complete coincidence—which, indeed, it must be because AIDS is such a recent disease that evolution could not have had time to throw up a novel (and also ubiquitous) anti-HIV protein of this sort.这很意外,因为黏蛋白C既不是抗体,也没有任何抗病毒功能。已知的功能是帮助胎儿大脑的发育和伤口愈合。黏蛋白C与艾滋病病毒的信使蛋白相吻合也纯属巧合,肯定是这样的,因为艾滋病是最近才出现的疾病,进化没有足够的时间产生这种新型(无处不在的)抗艾滋病蛋白。Whether tenascin-C, or something derived from it, can be deployed against HIV by doctors, rather than just by nature, remains to be seen. As far as possible, infected mothers are now given antiretroviral drugs—both for their own health and for the health of their suckling infants—so Dr Fouda’s discovery will probably not affect them directly.黏蛋白C,或者它的衍生物,排除其原始性质,能否被医生用于对抗艾滋病仍需要进一步研究。最可能的是,受感染的母亲们现在接受抗逆转录药物,为了她们自己以及孩子的健康,因此富达士的发现可能不会对她们产生直接影响。For the wider campaign against AIDS, however, it could be of great importance. The generals running that campaign are now shifting their approach from defence to attack, and are talking of ways to bring about an AIDS-free world. For them, a natural human protein that neutralises the virus will be interesting indeed.然而,对防治艾滋病运动来说,这个发现可能至关重要。运动的领导者们现在改变方法,从防守变为进攻,正在讨论消灭艾滋病。对他们来说,一种人类天生具有的对抗艾滋病病毒的蛋白质真的很有趣。 /201311/263609





  Youve just snacked on rice cakes. 你刚刚吃完了一些米糕这类小点心,Why are you still hungry?但是为什么你还是感觉饥饿呢?That yummy feeling of being pleasantly full depends partly on the weight and volume of what youeat. 那种因为吃饱所产生的愉悦感在某种程度上取决于你所摄入的食品的重量与体积大小。As the stomach churns away at a large enough weight and volume of food, you start feelingfull.当你的胃开始搅拌消化在体积上和重量上都足够大的食物时,你也就开始感觉饱了。The stomachs churning also prompts the small intestine to release a hormone which adds to thefeeling of fullness. 胃的搅拌与消化促使小肠部分释放出一种荷尔蒙激素,这种激素能使得你的饱腹感更为明显。Rice cakes alone may not satisfy because theyre too little and light in the belly.仅仅是几块小米糕并不足以让你产生饱腹感,因为它们在肚子里还是分量太轻了。According to nutrition and obesity researcher Barbara Rolls, choosing more low calorie, butrelatively heavy foods can help dieters lose weight without feeling hungry. 据营养与肥胖研究员Barbara Rolls称,选择较低卡路里但相对更重的食物,可以帮助这些节食者们进行有效减肥同时还不会感觉饥饿。In Rolls study, womentended to eat about three pounds of food every day–even when the number of calories in thosefoods varied. 从Rolls的研究中发现,不管食物中卡路里的数量如何变化,女性倾向于每天食用大致3磅重的食物。For lunch one day, the women were served pasta salad.在节食实验的过程中,对于午餐,我们为这些女性们提供了意面沙拉。The next day, the salad had more veggies, but the women chose to eat the same amount, byweight, as before. 在节食的第二天,我们在意面中加入了更多的蔬菜,但是女性们只会食用和前一天基本相同重量的食物。That meant they were eating fewer calories, since veggies have fewer caloriesper pound than pasta.由于蔬菜本身所含的卡路里要低于相同重量的意面,所以,这就意味着她们摄入了更低的卡路里。Veggies and fruits top the list of foods which create a feeling of fullness for fewer calories. 蔬菜与水果之所以能在食物中占有最高的位置,是因为食用它们可以产生饱腹感但同时卡路里偏低。Their fiberand water content make them heavy, and theyre full of vitamins and minerals, to boot! 其中所含的纤维和水分使得它们会变重,并且,水果和蔬菜中富含维他命和矿物质。If yourewatching the scales, avoid high calorie, lightweight foods, like potato chips. 如果你每天都在关注体重,那么就尽量避免高卡路里,低重量的食物,比如薯条等等。It might take a wholebag of chips to fill your belly! 如果要填饱肚子,你可能要吃足足一袋的薯条。Instead, try topping those rice cakes with apple or banana, for ahealthy and satisfying snack.所以,你可以选择苹果或香蕉这类水果来代替米糕等这些小零食,这样的话,你可以吃的更健康,同时也能产生让人愉悦的饱腹感。 /201402/277516

  Science and technology科学技术Invasive species入侵物种Boom and bust繁衍与湮灭Invasive Argentine ants may be less persistent than once feared入侵性阿根廷蚂蚁可能没有想象的那么可怕Ready for take-off随时准备离开DESPITE their name, Argentine ants are a well-travelled lot.如果不顾它们的恶名,阿根廷蚂蚁可以说是很好的旅行家。Human commerce has allowed them to hitch rides from their homeland to every continent on the planet, with the exception of Antarctica.人类的商业活动将它们带到了世界各大洲,南极洲除外。And when they arrive, they often thrive.并且当它们到达时,它们就会繁衍。At least 15 countries now host colonies, which frequently prosper at the expense of native species.目前,至少15个国家受到外来物种的入侵,这种入侵是以牺牲本土物种为代价的。This flexibility, combined with an aggressive temperament, makes them one of the worlds best-known and most-hated invasive species.这种侵略性及适应性使得它们成为世界上最著名同时也是最令人深恶痛绝的入侵物种。Yet, as any general knows, establishing a beachhead is not the same thing as conducting a successful, long-term occupation.但是,众所周知,建立一个滩头阵地不同于成功地进行一次长期占领。Argentine-ant colonies sometimes collapse suddenly, and with no obvious explanation.阿根廷蚂蚁的入侵有时突然毫无缘由地停止。In a paper just published in Biology Letters, a group of researchers at Victoria University of Wellington, in New Zealand,在最近发表在《生物书简》上的一篇文章中,新西兰惠灵顿维多利亚大学的一组研究人员,led by Meghan Cooling and Phil Lester,由梅根?库灵和菲尔?莱斯特领导,describe their attempts to study such disappearances systematically.描述了他们对这种系统性消失的研究。The researchers examined 150 sites across the country where Argentine-ant nests had been recorded.研究者们考察了全国范围内150个已经被记录下来的阿根廷蚂蚁据点。At 40% of them they found that the ants had vanished.他们发现其中的40%已经消失,At many of the other sites, ant numbers were much reduced,而在其他的据点,蚂蚁数量减少,with areas that once sported dozens of nests over hundreds of hectares reduced to just one or two colonies covering much smaller tracts of land.原来几百公顷的面积上有几十个蚁巢,而现在一片小面积土地上只有一两个聚居群。And with the invaders gone, native ants seemed to be re-establishing themselves,随着侵略者离开,本土蚂蚁似乎在重建自己的种群,suggesting that the Argentine ants impact on biodiversity had been transient, rather than permanent.这表明阿根廷蚂蚁对生物多样性的影响只是暂时的。A statistical analysis of the data yielded an estimate for the likely survival time of a typical colony of between 12.9 and 15.3 years,数据统计分析估测了一个典型的聚居群可能的生存时间。and suggested that warm and dry conditions were more favourable for survival than cold, wet ones.该分析也表明,比起寒冷潮湿的条件,温暖干燥的环境更有利于生存。Exactly what caused the collapses is still not clear, although the researchers suspect that unfamiliar diseases may have played a role.尽管研究者们怀疑不熟悉的疾病可能起到了一定作用,但导致阿根廷蚂蚁消失的确切原因尚不清楚。y is not strength团结不是力量It is a plausible theory.这种理论可信。Because they grew from a small number of founder colonies,因为它们是从很小的群体发展起来的,or possibly even a single one,New Zealands Argentine ants are genetically similar to one another.新西兰的阿根廷蚂蚁之间的基因非常相似。That may be one reason for their success: ant researchers hypothesise that, being so closely related,这也许是它们成功的原因之一:蚂蚁研究者假定,the individual insects are unable to distinguish their nest mates from members of other colonies,关系紧密的个体昆虫不能够把同巢穴的同伴同其它聚居区的成员区分开来,which causes ants from different nests to co-operate as if they were kin,这导致来自不同巢穴的蚂蚁就像亲戚一样相互合作。and has led students of the field to speak not of hundreds of individual infestations, but of a single, country-spanning super-colony.这使得这一领域的学者不再谈及成百的个体侵扰,而是谈及单一的、跨越全国的超级群体。But a shallow gene pool can be a weakness, too.但是,一个浅薄的基因库也可能是一个弱点。If one nest proves susceptible to some environmental factor,如果一个巢穴容易受到某些环境因素的影响,be it disease, predation, or even a cold snap or wet spell,不管是疾病、掠食,亦或是寒流、潮湿期,then it is likely that all the other colonies will share that vulnerability.那么极可能其他的聚居群也有着同样的弱点。Now that they have documented the extent of the collapse the next step,库灵表示,他们现在已经记载了蚁群消失的范围,says Ms Cooling, is to test the hypothesis of genetic vulnerability and try to work out precisely what causes the sudden reversals of formicine fortune she has seen.下一步是验基因脆弱性这一假设,并努力找出导致蚁群突然转变的确切原因。And it is not just ecologists who will be waiting for the results.而等待这一结果的不止是生态学家。New Zealands government had reckoned it might have to spend NZm a year keeping the newcomers under control.新西兰政府估计,每年可能会花掉NZm用于控制新物种的入侵。If Mother Nature can do the job instead, then it would represent a tidy saving for the countrys exchequer.如果自然母亲能够完成这项工作,那将会为国库省下一大笔资金。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/244905

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