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But, at ground level, there were other threats. There were always potential rebels within the state, the aristocrats who had been forced to live in Kyongju for example, and on the coast there were Japanese pirates.但在地面上还有别的威胁:反叛势力一直蠢蠢欲动,那些被迫住在庆州的王公贵族就是其中之一,而沿海还有来自日本海盗的威胁。龙也许能保佑家宅平安。Here again, as on our tile, a dragon would provide security, but every Silla king had to negotiate one great and ongoing political predicament-how to maintain freedom of action in the lowering shadow of his mighty neighbour, Tang China.但每一任新罗王都不得不应对这些瓦当龙也无法解决的困境:如何在强大的邻国中国唐朝的阴影下保持独立自主。The Chinese had supported the Silla in their campaign to unify Korea, but only as a preliminary to China taking over the new kingdom itself, so the Silla had to be both nimble and resolute in holding the Chinese emperor at bay while maintaining his political alliance. In cultural terms, the same subtle balancing act between dependence and autonomy has been going on for centuries, and continues to this day, and we can see it in our tile.中国曾在新罗统一朝鲜半岛的战争中持过他们,但这只是中国吞并朝鲜的前奏罢了。因此新罗国王一方面要摆出谦卑的姿态以巩固同盟关系,一方面又要严阵以防中国皇帝出兵。这种依赖与自主间的微妙平衡在朝鲜半岛持续了千余年,至今仍是影响韩朝两国外交政策的主要因素。The tile is very similar to ones made in Tang China at the same time, but this is emphatically not a Chinese object. Unlike the broad grin of a Chinese dragon, the mouth here is small and aggressive, and the modelling of the tile has a rough vigour that#39;s very un-Chinese.在朝鲜半岛历史上,位于丝绸之路末端的统一繁荣的新罗王国开辟了一个重要的创新与学习的时代,这也是建筑、文学、天文和数学发展的“黄金时代”。And it#39;s this robust energetic engagement with the clay that made Korean ceramics so appealing to twentieth-century Europeans, and especially to potters. Here#39;s Jane Portal again:威猛的龙瓦当一直留在庆州的屋桅上,流传至今今天 在韩国仍能看到新罗国留下的遗产。韩国国家物馆馆长崔光植告诉我们:;All throughout Korean history, Korean ceramics tend to be lumpier, less perfect, more sort of spontaneous, whereas Chinese ceramics are perfect-and dead, in a way. And this is what attracted people in the twentieth century-folk potters, such as Bernard Leach-and they copied them, made studio pots which were very influenced by Korean ceramics.;瓦当所表现的文化因素至今仍留在韩国文化里。现在庆州市区的街道上仍能看到它们的身影。因此,从这方面看,这些物品虽然巳经算是古物,却仍然存活在文化中。 Article/201510/405121。

;There is a movement going towards the representation of, I would say in brackets, gods and goddesses, because the Buddha was in fact a real historical character, so he was not a god.对于佛陀所代表的曾经有一场运动,我认为这里要说的是神与女神,而佛陀是真实的历史人物,因此并非神灵。And so there was this movement two thousand years ago when they started representing these various deities and human wise-men, who had lived a few hundred years before.约两千年前,人类开始把几百年前的智者与各种神灵用人类的形象表现出来。The first evocation of the Buddha#39;s presence is carved around the circular monuments which are called stupas.代表佛陀的形象首先被雕刻在舍利塔的四周,There the Buddha is referred to through the tree below which he sat, where he became awakened, which is the meaning of Buddha in fact-to be awakened.他曾于其下打坐的那裸菩提树开悟。;The worship of footprints are a major element in India still today, they refer to a person who is no more there, but who has left their traces on earth.而对佛足印的崇拜至今在印度还很兴盛,足印代表了曾在世间留下足迹,但如今巳离开人世的人。This will develop towards even a more elaborated structure, where you can have, in place of the tree, a flaming pillar, which means that out of the Buddha emerges light.之后的象征手法变得愈加精巧,他们用燃烧的柱子代替菩提树,火焰象征着佛陀发出的光芒。So there were symbols which were creeping in to the artistic world, and which really opened the way to the physical image of the Buddha.;这些象征方式逐渐成为艺术手法,导致了其后佛陀具象的诞生。It#39;s still not entirely clear just why the bodily image appears at this time.为什么身体具象出现仍然尚不清楚。 Article/201504/369154。

We all have a fascination with muscles and strength.whether we want to be stronger,feel better,or look like superman;and there are many proposed strategies and exercise regimens to get this done.But what if I told you that it was out of your control,and that your genetic may be entirely holding you back?我们都会迷恋肌肉和力量 无论我们想要更强壮,感觉更好,或是看上去像超人;同时我们可以通过许多方法和锻炼方式来达到目的。但如果我告诉你,这在你的控制范围之外,你的基因可能完全在阻止你“肌肉化”呢?Conversely,what if there was a secret out there that could lead you to super human strength?The truth is:your muscle size has a limit.Sure,it may seem obvious when you hear it,but your muscles are under the strict control of a protein called Myostatin,which determines exactly how large a muscle can become.And this limit is different for everyone depending on their myostain levels.As a muscle reaches this limit,myostatin prevents any further growth.But if the myostatin itself is limited or absent,this muscle limit suddenly goes away.相反,如果真的有能让你拥有超人力量的秘诀呢?其实是,你的肌肉大小是有限的。的确,听上去似乎是理所当然的,但是,你的肌肉其实是受到肌生成抑制蛋白严格控制的,正是它决定着你肌肉最大的大小。这个大小限制因人而异,取决于其体内肌生成抑制蛋白的水平。当肌肉达到极限后 肌生成抑制蛋白组织肌肉继续生长。但是如果肌生成抑制蛋白分泌受限或者不分泌,肌肉大小限制就会突然间消失。This phenomenon was first noticed in Belgian Blue Cattle.These cows developed 2-3 times more muscle mass than a normal cow,and it was later discovered that they had a deletion of the gene GDF-8,which just so happens to create myostatin.As a result,without any exercise or special diet,these cows have incredible muscle mass.Similar cases have been documented in dogs,mice,and even a few cases of human babies lacking the GDF-8 gene.These findings have helped scientists understand why some people bulk up easily,while others struggle to.Lower levels of myostatinmore muscle mass.这个现象首先是。在比利时蓝牛中发现的。这种奶牛的肌肉质量比普通奶牛多2-3倍,之后人们发现,他们体内缺失一种叫GDF-8的基因,这种基因恰巧是生产肌生成抑制蛋白的。正因如此,若无锻炼和特殊食谱控制,这些奶牛的肌肉会特别大。类似的情况已在类 鼠类中有所记载,甚至还有少数人类婴儿缺少GDF-8基因的案例。这些发现也已帮助科学家理解为何一部分人肌肉容易发达,而其他人却难以达到。低肌生成抑制蛋白水平大块肌肉。In fact,some studies have even shown that many champion body builders have naturally lower levels,or even entire deletions of the myostatin gene.If you look at somebody like Arnold Schwarzenegger,as a teen,he just looks naturally muscular.As such,perhaps many champion bodybuilders owe their success more to genetics than their training or drug use.实际上,一些研究显示,许多健美冠军身体中 肌生成抑制蛋白水平较低,或者干脆没有这种基因。如果你看到位像施瓦辛格一样的人,从青少年角度看,他看上去只是肌肉自然发达而已。同样,也许很多健美冠军都将他们的成功,归结于基因,而不是锻炼或药物。Eventually,it may be possible to develop drugs which deplete or block myostatin.Of course,it#39;s a double edged sword;有朝一日,我们也许能生产完全阻断肌生成抑制蛋白的药物。当然,这又是把双刃剑;On the one hand,patients with muscular dystrophy,or muscle loss from aging could regrow and restore muscle.一方面说,肌肉萎缩症患者或是,因衰老损失肌肉的人可以此使肌肉重生,恢复。On the other hand,the potential for abuse as performance enhancers seems...inevitable.But,the prospect of seeing a real-life human Hulk...,seems kind of cool.另一方面 为提升健身效果而滥用药物似乎也在所难免。不过 若是能见到一个真人浩克。。。看上去也挺酷的。Besides,should those who aly have low levels of myostatin be considered to have an unfair advantage?It#39;s hard to say.Regardless,be weary of anybody selling or promoting this unproven and unregulated treatment.At the end of the day,whether you have naturally low or high myostatin levels,remember this is the level that is optimal for your mechanical and metabolic efficiency.那么,是否该认为那些体内肌生成抑制蛋白含量较低的人 具有不公平的优势呢?很难说。无论如何 别轻信那些兜售或推行这种未实 无监管疗法的人。最后,无论你体内本身含有的蛋白水平是高是低,请记住,这只是你身体机能及代谢效率的最佳水准。With proper exercise and general health,you#39;ll reach your own unique physiological peak,And while you may not be destined to pack a punch like Superman,you can push your own limits through training and hard work.But what if you could punch as hard as Superman?通过适当的锻炼与健康的生活方式,你会达到自己独一无二的生理极限。同时,尽管你不太可能打出超人般的一击,你仍可以通过努力锻炼提升自己的极限。但是 如果你能打出超人的一击呢?Our friend Jake over at Vsauce3 has the answer to this smashing superhero question which you definitely need to check out.And if you want to know how much myostatin you have...there#39;s only one real way to find out,Get working.Vsauce3的Jack对这个碉堡问题给出了碉堡的,你一定得去看看。另外如果你想知道你体内肌生成抑制蛋白含量的话。。。只有一种方式能知道,去锻炼吧。 Article/201502/358708。

Not only did we have fun,我们不但一起作乐l got to set up a number of collaborations with Michael and other artists.我还帮他牵线与其他歌手合作Where l actually met him was at a big do for him,我在一个为他办的派对上遇见他and he had asked for me to come along and sing.他邀请我到场演唱l sang Downtown, of course, inevitably.我当然唱了Downtown一曲But it seems that he was a great fan.但他好像也很喜欢这首歌Blless his heart, he financed a recording session for me.很感谢他 他出资让我录音He was a very giving person, Michael.迈克尔是个很慷慨的人And very funny and of course deeply, deeply talented.也很幽默 而且非常的才华洋溢David called me on one given day and said that, #39;l think there#39;s a possibility戴维有天打给我 跟我说 可能有机会#39;that you and Michael should sit down and write together. #39;让你跟迈克尔一起坐下来写歌Michael and Paul were in the Jacuzzi and came up with This ls lt.迈克尔与保罗合写的This ls lt是在浴缸里完成的Not many people know that l was responsible for putting them together.很少人知道 当初是我介绍他们认识的Unfortunately it evolved, and l don#39;t know if you remember,后来很可惜 我不晓得你记不记得but Michael took the tapes out of the studio in los Angeles,但迈克尔把带子从洛杉矶的录音室取出because he didn#39;t want to finish the project.因为他不想制作了 Article/201510/401882。

We know which one you#39;ve been at fella!伙计 那实在太危险了啊I recognise these different behaviours.这些行为并不陌生They obviously apply to us humans too.人类也有同样的行为But the interesting thing is但有趣的是how this population divides very clearly into different tribes按照不同行为猴子很容易被归类those that like it dislike it or actively avoid it.喜欢酒的 不喜欢的 敬而远之的It#39;s very similar to what you see in human populations.它们与人类的分类非常相似It#39;s probably around 25% that don#39;t like it其中25%的猴子不喜欢喝50% that like it some of the time and50%的猴子有时爱喝25% who if given the chance they will drink every day that they can.还有25% 如果给它们机会就会拼命喝You would just see a very different reaction.而且酒后会出现截然不同的反应I think... Well we see it in humans too.人类也是一样的Not everyone responds to alcohol the same way.每个人酒后的反应都不同I know that there are friends of mine像我和我的一些朋友with whom I don#39;t particularly like to drink alcohol!都不喜欢喝酒And I think that really the fundamental systems实际上 人体的生理系统that are altered when you drink alcohol在酒精的刺激下会发生变化are the same in a monkey and in human.这一点上 猴子和人类都一样 Article/201506/382940。

Bacon and eggs for breakfast.早餐来一份培根加蛋Steaming roast beef for lunch.午饭来份烤蒸牛肉Followed by a helping of apple crumble接着再来点苹果酥and a dollop of fresh cream.加上一口新鲜奶油We all have our favourite food.人人都有自己最爱吃的食物It#39;s a feast for the eyes,那是视觉的盛筵a temptation for the nose是香味扑鼻的诱惑and pure pleasure for the mouth.是唇齿留香的享受But it might be that what we eat has done much more to make us what we are而饮食对于人类进化的影响之大than anyone could possibly have imagined.可能超乎所有人想象Food is absolutely critical to human evolution.饮食对人类进化 绝对有着举足轻重的作用What is on our plate is the most direct link we have with our ancestors.我们的盘中餐 就是我们和祖先最直接的联系We couldn#39;t have become the dominant creatures we are without it.没有它们 人类就不可能进化为优势物种From a single ingredient that transformed us forever.本节目将从奠定人类发展史的肉食开始 Article/201504/369316。

A hundred years later, around the year 400, the court was once again beset by the same old problems. One day the Emperor Xiaowudi observed to his favourite consort, ;Now that you are 30 years old, it#39;s time I exchanged you for somebody younger;. He meant it as a joke, but she didn#39;t take it well, and she murdered him that evening. The court was scandalised. It was obviously time to remind everybody how to behave by re-publicising Zhang Hua#39;s poem in a scroll painted by the greatest artist of the day, Gu Kaizhi. The resulting masterpiece was the Admonitions Scroll. Jan Stuart leads the Department of Asia here at the British Museum, and is very familiar with this painting and its purpose:约百年后,大约400年,宫廷中的悲剧再度上演。一日,孝武帝对爱妃说:“你已三十岁了,我该去找更年轻漂亮的女子了。”皇帝只是玩笑,妃子却信以为真,当晚便杀了孝武帝,宫廷大为震惊。劝导妇女遵从妇德成为当务之急,于是,当时的著名画家顾恺之将张华的诗用画的形式表现出来,由此诞生了绘画杰作《女史箴图》。大英物馆亚洲部总监司美茵对这幅画了如指掌:;The scroll before us fits into a tradition of didactic imagery established in the Han Dynasty and influenced by the great philosopher Confucius. When you the text alongside the images, you realise that there#39;s a deep message being communicated here. Confucius had the idea that everyone in society has a proper role and place, and if they follow that, then a very healthy and effective society is ensured.画卷表现了一种受到儒家思想影响、始于汉代的教诲图传统。读诗赏图之时,便能感受到它所传达的深意。孔子认为,每个人在社会上都有自己的位置,如果能各司其职,社会便能稳定高效地运行。 Article/201502/357497。

Suppose you want to know how long it was between the Norman invasion of England and Columbus#39;s arrival in the Caribbean;that is,what#39;s 1492 minus 1066 but you hate long subtraction with its borrowing and such.Well,we can subtract by adding:first we just need to replace each digit of the smaller number with 9 minus that digit,except the final digit gets replaced with 10 minus that digit,so 1066 becomes nine minus 1,nine minus 0,nine minus six,ten minus 6.假设你想知道,诺曼底登陆和哥伦比亚抵达加勒比海之间,相隔多久;是1429减去1066 但你又讨厌多位数减去的借位等麻烦步骤。那么,我们可以通过加法来进行减法运算:首先我们需要用9减去每个数位上的数字,得到一个较小的数字来代替它,最后一位数用10来减,那么1066就是 9减1 9减0,9减6 10减6.Adding that to 1492 gives 10426,and if we ignore the first digit,we get the answer:1492 minus 1066 is 426.You can check just to be sure.Coincidentally,it#39;s roughly 426 times farther from Portugal to the West Indies and back than from France to England.将得到的数值加上1429等于10426,然后去掉首位,我们就得到了1429减1066的426.不信,你可以计算验一下。巧的是,从葡萄牙到到西印度群岛的距离,大约是从法国到英国距离的426倍。But anyway,the subtraction-by-adding trick works for any positive numbers! 8 minus 6,or 2 is the same as 9 plus 4,ignoring the first digit.100 minus 1? is 100 plus 999,which is 99,ignoring the first digit.And 424,242 minus 333,333 is 424,242 plus666,667 or,90,909 ignoring the first digit.I#39;ll let you check that one.总之,通过加法做减法的技巧,对一切正数都管用!8减6 得2.这根8加4 忽略首位的结果是一样的。100减1? 相当于100加999.略去首位,就是99.424242减333333 相当于424242加666667等于90909再略去首位。再试试这个。This trick might seem useless,but suppose you built a machine that can add numbers together,and you wanted to make it subtract?Well,in that case it might be easier to make it subtract by adding:and matter of fact,my friend Hank Green took apart an adding machine and that#39;s exactly how it subtracts-by adding!这个计算技巧看起来似乎没什么用,但是假设你制造了一台可以进行加法计算的机器,可你却想用它做减法?在这种情况下,用加法做减法运算就很好用了:事实上,我朋友Hank Green拆解了加法机器,而这正是做减法的办法————通过相加!Basically,the machine adds numbers by rotating numbered wheels,but there aren#39;t infinitely many wheels so if you add up past the maximum possible number,you get back to zero-this is called;overflow;in computing and modular arithmetic in mathematics.But most importantly getting back to zero by adding means it#39;s possible to have positive negative numbers,since,for example,negative three is just what you add to three to get zero,and on Hank#39;s adding machine if you add 3 plus 9,997.00,you get zero,so 9,997is literally negative three!基本上,机器通过转动数字齿轮进行加法运算,问题是齿轮是有限的,因此,一旦相加的数值超过上限,你得到的数值就是0 计算机里称之为“溢出”数学运算中称之为“模运算”。最重要的是通过加法得到0 意味着,这可能是加了一个负数的结果,例如,负3加3就等于0,使用Hank的加法机器 3加9997等于0,也就是说9997相当于负3!Unfortunately,there are an infinite number of numbers when you#39;re doing regular arithmetic,so you might think that negative three is just negative three.But if you#39;re willing to fudge a little,you can just take the adding machine#39;s version of negative three,add a bunch of 9s out in front,and when you add that to stuff it#39;s basically the same as subtracting three,as long as you don#39;t look too far.不幸的是,在你进行常规计算时,存在着无数多的数字,所以你会觉得负3就只是负3.但是如果你愿意胡思乱想一番,那么负3就可以变成加法机器意义上的负3,在前面加上一大串的9,然后与某个数值相加,结果就相当于这个数值减3,就跟少几个9的时候一样。Because,you know,nine gadgillion nine hundred and ninety bajillion nine hundred and ninety seven plus three,is zero.By the way,this method of subtracting by adding is how computers subtract as well,they just do it in binary which makes it a lot easier.It#39;s called ;subtracting using the two#39;s complement,;if you want to look it up,;subtracting using the two#39;s complement;因为,你瞧99999, 99997加3 等于0.顺便说一句。计算机就是,通过这种加法,进行减法运算,只不过计算机在二进制下计算,会更简单些。 Article/201506/378046。

【新闻精讲】Putting a wolf over their heads.把狼放在他们头顶。The majority of Americans see their pets as family members, surveys show.研究表明,大多数的美国人把他们的宠物看作自己的家庭成员。Those with dogs are more likely to call themselves pet “parents” than canine “owners”.养的人更愿意把自己称为的父母,而并非的主人。There are more of these parents than ever. 现在比以前有更多的“父母”。Canine犬科动物的:犬科动物的、与之相关的或具有其特点的More than1. 不仅Jason is more than a lecturer; he is a writer, too.2. 非常,很I am more than glad to help you.3. 与其……不如He is more lucky than clever.与其说他聪明,不如说他幸运。no more...than1. 表示对两者都否定,意为“同……一样不”(neither...nor...)-He is no more a writer than a lecturer.他既不是演讲家,也不是作家。2. “仅仅”“只有”“最多不超过”,强调少。如:--This test takes no more than thirty minutes.这个测验只要30分钟Less than1. 不像(如)He is less honest than his brother.他不如他哥哥诚实。2. 比……少,不如……多We drink less coffee than tea.我们喝咖啡不如喝茶多。I got less money than the others did.我比别人得到的钱少。3. 与其……不如……I regard him less as my teacher than as my friend.与其说我把他当作老师,不如说我是把他当作朋友。注:表示此义时可与more...than 结构替换(但要注意词序的变化)。如:He is less a teacher than an expert./He is more an expert than a teacher.与其说他是老师,不如说他是专家。In big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, (owned) dogs outnumber children.在圣弗朗西斯科和西雅图这些大城市,被饲养的数量比人们的孩子还要多。The ways in which companies are profiting from the trend are also multiplying.公司从这一趋势中获利的方式也越来越多。Outnumber数字上超过a town where men outnumber women four to one.一个男女比例为4比1的城镇。The way + (in which) 方式,方法We want to know the way in which you learn new wordsTrend趋势:显示出大致的倾向;趋向:“The gender gap was trending down”(amp;b{James J. Kilpatrick})“性别之间愈来愈没有距离”(詹姆斯J.科尔帕里克)Multiply1. 使大大增加; 大大增加例:Such disputes multiplied recently.最近,此类争论大大增加2. 大量繁殖例:These creatures can multiply quickly.这些生物能迅速大量繁殖。Not only is there organic dog food on offer, but packaged, raw food for dogs so they can follow a “paleo” diet reminiscent of what their ancestors ate in the wild.不仅仅销售有机粮,而且还为提供生机包装食品,从而让能够回归原始饮食方式,回忆起它们祖先以前在野外所吃的东西。Raw food 生食例句:I cannot get used to raw food diets.我没法习惯吃生食。Paleo- 这是一个前缀古代的;史前的;古老的:paleobotany.古植物学Reminiscent令人回想的:倾向于回忆或提示往事的:an evening reminiscent of happier times.令人回想幸福时光的傍晚A different sort of indulgence is orthopaedic pet mattresses.一种不同的溺爱方式就是符合宠物身体构造床垫的诞生。This year Americans spent more than 0m on Halloween costumes for pets.今年,美国人为宠物的万圣节装扮花费超过4亿美元。Indulgence1. 沉溺:沉迷的行为或事例;满足 》 溺爱indulgence of every whim. 放纵于每个兴致2. 迁就,宽容:宽容某种事物的行为:indulgence in irresponsible behavior., 任性地作出不负责任的行为3. 嗜好:沉迷爱好的事物:Sports cars are an expensive indulgence.跑车是一个花费昂贵的嗜好Orthopaedic 矫形的Orthopaedic surgery 矫形外科 ; 骨科手术 ; 整形外科 ; 外科学Mattresses床垫,底垫Costume 饰Garment 外衣Clothing 衣Overall, annual spending on pet food and products in America has risen by around 40% over the past ten years, to bn—a remarkable rate of growth for an aly large industry, says Jared Koerten of Euromonitor, a research firm.总的说来,美国人每年在宠物食品和有关产品上的开销在过去10年间已经上涨了约40%,达到430亿美元。一家名为Euromonitor研究公司的Jared Koerten表示,这个增长率对于体量已然极其庞大的行业来说是惊人的。Overall总体上地(Webster: as a whole : GENERALLY )例:Overall I was disappointed.总的来说,我感到失望。Remarkable显著,值得注意的 noticeableIt is quite remarkable that doctors have been so wrong about this.Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.现在,一群创业公司已经嗅到了商机。Sniff1. 嗅,闻:使用嗅觉器官,如品尝或调查:sniffed at the jar to see what it held. 嗅一嗅罐子看里面装的是什么2. 鄙视:用瞧不起或不重视的态度看待某物:The critics sniffed at the adaptation of the novel to film.家们对于把小说改编成电影不屑一顾Fresh1, 新鲜, 干净fresh air; fresh water2. 没经验的;不熟练的:fresh recruits. 新兵Much as Airbnb has offered travellers an alternative to staying in a hotel, two firms, Rover and DogVacay, want to give pet owners an alternative to kennels when away from home.就像Airbnb已经为旅行者提供了另外一种入住酒店的方式,Rover和DogVacay这两家公司打算为宠物饲主出远门时提供一种全新的寄养方式。Kennel窝,房kernel中心:最具实质性的中心部分;核心:“that hard kernel of gaiety that never breaks”(Evelyn Waugh)“快乐的坚强核心从未破裂。”(伊夫琳#8226;沃)Customers search for a nearby sitter and pay for their dog to stay in that person’s home.顾客可以搜寻就近的“宠物保姆”,然后为他们的宠物付“住宿费”。Sitter保姆:当父母不在时照看孩子的人The cost is around a night, with the majority of that going to the sitter and around a fifth to the company—much less than you would spend to check your dog into a kennel.寄养宠物一晚上的花费是大约30美金,“宠物保姆”会收到其中大部分的钱,只有约五分之一的佣金归属这个公司。这比你花钱给宠物店照看要便宜得多。Check 暂时看放Check over 查看;检查:The teacher checked the students#39; papers over. 老师仔细查看了学生们的试卷Check in 在旅馆登记住宿Check out1. 结帐离开:结帐并且离开旅馆或其它住所2. 办妥手续之后取出(某物):check out books. 借出书籍 Article/201702/493078。