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上海华山医院隆胸多少钱宝山打botox要的价格上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院玻尿酸多少钱 If you work in a business environment, the time is going to come when you will be asked to take minutes at a meeting. Impress your colleagues by aly knowing how by following these steps.如果你是在企业工作,你就应该学会在商务会议中作记录。遵循下面的建议,给你的同事留下深刻印象。You Will Need你需要Notebook笔记本Pen or pencil钢笔或铅笔A meeting agenda会议日程Laptop (optional)便携式电脑(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Bring a notebook1.携带笔记本Bring a notebook to the meeting with you. If you will be writing minutes often, you may want to buy a good notebook to keep your minutes in rather than a cheap one.随身携带一本笔记本参加会议。如果你经常参加会议,最好买一本质量比较好的笔记本。If you have a laptop, you should use it to save time later.如果你有便携式电脑,可以直接用来记录,以节约时间。STEP 2 Send around a sign in sheet2.分发签名单Create a simple sign-in sheet that has columns for name and contact information and pass it around. You will be able to refer to this record in order to document attendance.制作一张简单的签名表格,分别由名字,联系方式等栏目,分发。可以根据该表格来记录出席情况。Find out who was supposed to be there and make sure you include the people who did not attend in the minutes under regrets.查明应该出席会议的都有哪些人,确保记录那些没有出席会议的人。STEP 3 Begin note-taking3.开始记录Begin note-taking by noting the date of the meeting and the time the meeting was called to order.开始记录,写下会议的日期和召开时间。STEP 4 Record old business4.记录以往的业务Record old business, which is anything that needed a follow up from the last meeting. Note anything that was done or not done and by whom.记录以往的业务,追踪上次会议的内容。记录下完成或未完成的任务,以及相关责任人。STEP 5 Record new business5.记录新的业务Record new business. For example, when someone has an issue to address they will make a motion. Note exactly what they said along with who seconded the motion and whether or not the motion passed.记录新的业务。例如,当有人有问题需要解决时,他们会有相应的提议。准确记录他们说了什么,谁持该提议,以及该提议是否通过。STEP 6 Finish notes6.结束记录Write down any action items or things specific participants agreed to do, but dont transcribe word for word debates or discussions. End the notes with the time the meeting adjourned and the date of the next meeting.记录下任何条款或者与会者一致同意的事情,但是不要全文记录言语之争或讨论。记录会议结束的时间和下次会议的日期。STEP 7 Type and distribute7.打印,分发Type up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting so its fresh in your mind. Once you have typed them, distribute them to members for review and approval at the next meeting.会议结束后立即将会议记录打印出来,因为此时记忆比较深刻。打印出来后立即分发给与会人员进行查看。During one day, there is an average of 17 million meetings in America.一天之内,美国平均有1700万场会议。视频听力译文由。201503/362388上海五官科医院纹眉毛多少钱

杨浦隆胸医院哪家比较好A massive fire has broken out in a high-rise apartment building and hotel in central Dubai, close to the world’s highest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifia.迪拜中心世界最高大楼哈利法塔附近一高层公寓和酒店发生大火。Burning debris could be seen cascading down from the 300 meter high, 63-storey structure known as the The Address Downtown Dubai.燃烧的碎片从300米高处飞泻而下,这座63层建筑被称为迪拜商业街酒店。Authorities say the building has been evacuated and the fire is under control.One person is confirmed died, and over a dozen injured.有关部门表示房屋已被疏散,火势得到了控制。目前已造成1人死亡,12多人受伤。According to witnesses the entire building was swamped in flames. It is unclear what caused the blaze.据目击者称整个建筑被淹没在火焰中。目前还不清楚导致大火的原因。Thousands of extra security personnel were aly in position ahead of a spectacular New Years fireworks display.在壮观的新年烟火表演前,安排了数千名额外安保人员。Despite the huge blaze officials decided to go ahead with the pyrotechnics.尽管发生大火,官员决定继续烟火表演。As many as two million people were expected to attend the festivities.预计多达二百万人参加庆祝活动。译文属。 /201601/419238上海市浦东新区中医医院激光除皱多少钱 虹口区人民中医院胎记价格费用

长宁区激光治疗痤疮价格It was a barren and bleak place.月球是个荒凉、严酷的地方A dead rock in the sky.是一颗空中的死寂岩石Wed built it up in our imagination千百年来我们用想像力for tens of thousands of years;美化月球and the disappointment was crushing.这下大失所望,难以自已People thought maybe there were people alive on the moon,我们一直以为也许月球上有人you know, maybe there were things up there或是有些什么生物and what we learned when we got there is indeed you know what we saw was the case,到了才发现its a very cold place and its desolate月球寒冷荒芜and you know its not capable of supporting life as we know it.毫无生机the lunar surface for the last time,太空人金赛南,最后一次踏上月球表面it was no giant leap for mankind but the last stumble of a dying era.这不再是人类的一大步,而是一个垂死年代的最后一次踉跄NASA cancelled the next three moon missions航太总署取消了其后三次登月任务and quietly drew the Apollo programme to a close.悄悄地结束了阿波罗计划Cernan was the last human being ever to walk on the moon.赛南是最后一个在月球上漫步的人类To this day, no one has returned.至今没人回去过The love affair was over.爱情故事结束了But although the publics relationship虽然大众with the moon had gone sour,对月球的爱消情逝for a small band of dedicated scientists,但对一小群科学家而言the romance was just beginning.浪漫情愫才刚开始萌芽They now had actual pieces of the moon to study.如今他们可以研究来自月球的碎片Nearly 400 kilos of lunar rock太空人带回来had been brought back by the astronauts.将近四百公斤的月岩They hoped that these rocks would科学家希望这些岩石unlock the unanswered mysteries of the moon.能为他们解答有关月球的谜题Because despite the moon landings,虽然登月计划成功了scientists still didnt know the answer to the big questions;科学家仍然有几个重要的问题where had the moon had come from, and how had it formed?月球来自何处?又是如何形成的?One of those starry eyed young scientists was Gary Lofgren,其中一名乐观的年轻科学家,叫做盖瑞罗夫根a geologist working for NASA.他是一名任职于航太总署的地质学家He was given the job of cutting up each sample y for study.他的工作是切割样本,以便进行研究You just had no idea what you were going to see,你压根不知道自己会看到什么looking at these really strange-looking rocks um,这些奇特的岩石that were justjumbles of debris.看起来像是一堆碎片I mean it was a chance to really just to look at them closely,我们很幸运能有机会近距离观察它们to er, er not actually touch them but come very close虽然不能摸但是能就近观察and realised wed never seen anything quite like that on earth,我们发现在地球上没看过像这样的东西or at least we had never recognised it on earth.至少是没有辨识出这样的东西Most scientists had assumed that the moon would be similar to earth多数科学家以为月球应该和地球十分类似thered be a mixture of young and old rocks,应该可以找到年代formed in many different ways.和形成方法各不相同的许多岩石They were in for a surprise.这下他们可要大大吃惊了It turned out that our thinking about the moon was really wrong.事实明,我们对月亮的想法完全错误Science had not done a very good job of guessing科学家在揣测月球样貌时的表现what the moon was going to be like.令人失望People did think it was probably fairly old.人们大概已经猜到月球相当古老But they didnt realise it was as old as it turned out to be.但没想到,它的年代居然这么久远We found rocks that are almost 4 and a half billion years old,我们找到将近45亿年前的岩石almost the age of our solar system.几乎和我们的太阳系年代相当You know some of these rocks formed just 50,100 million years有些岩石是在此星体诞生后的after the beginning of the planet.五千万到一亿年后形成的We just dont find rocks that old on earth.地球上找不到这么古老的岩石201504/372772 This presentation will provide information about本讲将向您介绍有机植物的regulatory requirements for organic foods, list some管理及要求规范,给出一些大家reasons why people choose to buy organic,购买有机食品的原因and address some of the popular opinions about给大家介绍一些关于有机食物的organic food while providing a basis of scientific不同观点,从而为否定或者肯定knowledge to confirm or deny the benefits of有机食物与普通食物相比具有更加organic foods over conventional foods.神奇的功效提供科学依据What does the word ;organic; mean to you.;有机;一词对你来说意味着什么?Take a few minutes to think about one or two请用一两分钟思考,你能否用几个词words that describe what the term means to you.来表达这个词对你的意义Then we will get started learning about之后,我们就来看看exactly what this term does mean.这个词的真正含义Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act国会于1990年通过了有机食物生产法案in 1990. The Act required the USDA to develop法案规定美国农业部颁布有机农作物national standard for organically produced生产的国家标准agricultural products to assure consumers that a以保消费者买到的agricultural products marketed as organic due贴着有机食品标签的食品确实in fact meet consist, uniform standards.能达到一定的标准Production and handling standard address这些标准包括有机粮食作物的organic crop production, wild crop harvesting,生产和收割organic livestock management, and processing有机牲畜的饲养,肉类加工and handling of organic agricultural products.以及有机农作物种植和处理Organic crops are raised without using most在有机作物的生长过程中,几乎没有conventional pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers,用到常规杀虫剂和含酒精的化肥or sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Animals raised也没有使用污水污泥作肥料,而有机on an organic operation must be fed organic feed饲养的动物则必须要以有机饲料饲养and given access to the outdoors. They are given并且实行户外放养,它们体内绝不含no antibiotics or growth hormones.抗生素和生长激素USDA regulations prohibit the use of genetic美国农业部严禁在有机食品生产过程中engineering, ionizing radiation, and sewage使用转基因技术,电离放射sludge in organic production and handling.以及将污水污泥作为肥料As a general rule, all natural, non-synthetic一般来说,所有的自然的,非合成的物质substances are allowed in organic production都可以被用于有机食品的生产and all synthetic substances are prohibited.而所有的合成物质都是禁止的The national list of allowed synthetic and而在规定的特定条款中prohibited non-synthetic substances, a section也对一些特殊情况进行了规定in the regulations, contains the比如一些可以用的合成物specific exceptions to this rule.和一些禁用的非合成物Products labeled ;100% organic; must contain那些标记着100%有机的食品only organically produced ingredients.必须只含有有机原料Products labeled ;organic; must consist of at least而标记着有机的食品则必须包含95% organically produced ingredients.95%以上的有机原料Products meeting the requirements for 100%达到100%有机和有机标准的产品organic and organic may display the USDA organic能够得到美国农业部的认seal shown here on the slide. Processed products that这里显示的就是认标志,而含有70%contain at least 70% organic ingredients can use the有机原料的产品可以用phrase ;Made with Organic Ingredients; and list up;含有有机原料;的标签,并且需在to three of the organic ingredients or food groups on标签上注明三种以内产品中the principle display panel. For example, soup made所用到的有机原料,例如有机原料with at least 70% organic ingredients and only organic含量为70%的汤中,其中含有的vegetables may be labeled either有机蔬菜只能以两种形式展现在标签上;Made with Organic Peas, Potatoes, and Carrots; or;含有有机豌豆,番茄和胡萝卜;或者;Made with Organic Vegetables;. However, for these;含有有机蔬菜; 但是对于这些产品来说products, the USDA Organic Seal cannot be used美国农业部的有机认标志不能随意anywhere on the package. Processed products that用在包装上,那些有机原料含量不足contain less than 70% organic ingredients cannot use70%的产品不能用;有机;的标签the term ;organic; other than to identify the specific而只能在原料表上注明ingredients that are organically produced其中含有的有机原料的in the ingredient statement.种类和比重201511/408817上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院整形上海华东医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱



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