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We want to accelerate adoption of sustainable building and development practices.我们想要提高高承受性建筑及其应用的采纳度。We want more innovation.我们想拥抱更多革新。But a lot of times, whole categories of innovation --但是很多情况却是,目录上所有革新当中,ones that can help us live more beautifully -- turn out to be illegal.那些能够帮助我们生活更美好的,最终往往不合法。Todays regulations and codes were written under the assumption如今的法规和条例都是基于假设所写。that best practices would remain best practices, with incremental updates forever and ever.那些优质实践永远都是优质的,伴随着的只是不断叠加的升级工程。But innovation isnt always incremental.但是创新不总是叠加的。It turns out, how we feel about any particular new technique gets into everything we do:事实明,我们对任何新技术的看法会进入到我们生活的方方面面:how we talk about it, how we encourage people to study, our jokes, our codes.我们讨论它的时候,我们鼓励他人的时候,我们的笑话,甚至条例当中……And it ultimately determines how innovative we can be.这将最终决定我们能富有多少革新精神。So, thats the first reason we dont innovate in sanitation.这也是我们不愿在卫生设施体系当中革新的第一个理由。Were kind of uncomfortable talking about sanitation, thats why Ive gotten called ;The Poo Princess; so much.我们在一定程度上是不愿讨论卫生体系的,这也是我被如此频繁的被称为“大便女皇”的原因。The second reason is: we think the problem is solved here in the US. But not so.第二个理由是:我们认为这个问题在美国这儿已经被解决了。但事实并非如此Here in the US we still get sick from drinking shit in our sewage water.在美国我们依然会因为饮用含有粪便成分的阴沟水而生病。Seven million people get sick every year, 900 die annually.每年有700万人因此生病,一年会有900人死于此因。And were not taking a holistic approach to making it better. So were not solving it.但我们并没有运用一个更加彻底有效的方法来改善现状。也就是说,我们并没有解决问题。Where I live in Portland, Oregon, I cant take Echo for a swim during the rainy season,在我住的地方:俄勒冈州波特兰市,我都无法回应你在雨季游泳的感受,because we dump raw sewage sometimes into our river.因为我们时常把未处理过的污水直接倒进河里。Our rainwater and our sewage go to the same treatment plant. Too much rain overflows into the river.我们的雨水和污水会进入相同的处理池。这样,过多的雨水就会进入河流之中。201612/485546美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson49-54暂无文本 /200606/7812Beginner A: how old is Keith? B: he’s 21. how old is James? A: he’s a year older than Keith, but he looks younger. B: how’s your father? A: he’s fine. He retired last week. It’s turning poing in his life. Now he can relax and enjoy his retirement. B: he can spend more time with his grandchilder. A: oh, I don’t think he wants to. He wants to travel to several different countries around the world. B: so, he wants to have a more active retirement. Good idea! A: how do you want to spend your old age? B: in the same way, probably. Intermediate A: what’s the life expectancy in your country? B: I’m not sure, but probably about 75 years. How about in your country? A: about 70, I think. This newspaper article talks about the problems of an aging population. It’s a problem that will soon affect most of the world. B: I heard that the government might need to increase the retirement age, because otherwise there will not be enough workers to support the young and the elderly. A: perhaps we need to have more babies! Tina gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. B: did she? That’s great. However, if we have too many children, that will have a bad effect on the enviroment. A: how’s your son these days? B: oh, he’s fine. Kids seem to grow up very quickly nowadays. A: he’ll be a teenager before you know it! Teenagers are often rebellious! When do you mine it is a good age to have a child? B: I had mine when I was 24. that’s a little young. I’d suggest you wait until you are in your late twenties., or even in your early thirties if you have a good career. A: yes, I think you’re right. I’m thinking about having a child, but not just yet. B: is there a big generation gap between parents and their children in you country? A; Yes, there is. Teenagers do not want to live traditonal lives. They want to go out, have fun, and explore the world. They want to develop their own view of life. Parents usually try to discourage them, but they don’t often succeed. B:parents usually give their children more freedom in my country. Sometimes they give them too much freedom. A: it’s almost impossible to get the right balance. If you are too strict, kids might ignore you. If you are too lenient, they might go wild. Words Young old middle-aged elderly childhood adulthood teenager Generation retire early-twenties mid-thirties late-forties baby toddler Adolescent kid life expectancy 21 years old look(older) turning-point mature Child youth life middle old age pension Phrases Grow up have a child become an adult leave school get married be born become pregnant give birth /200704/12807

So Im here to tell you a story of success from Africa.在这里,我要跟大家分享一个在非洲的成功故事。A year and a half ago,一年半以前four of the five people who are full time members at Ushahidi,在这里的5个人是Ushahidi的专职委员which means ;testimony; in Swahili, were TED Fellows.“Ushahidi”在斯瓦希利语里的意思是“据”,其中4个人是TED的同道中人A year ago in Kenya we had post-election violence.一年前在肯尼亚的一次选举后发生了一起暴力事件And in that time we prototyped and built,而在那个时候我们利用短短三天in about three days, a system that would allow anybody with a mobile phone建造了一个系统平台的雏形,这个系统平台允许任何人通过手机to send in information and reports on what was happening around them.发信息和报告那些发生在他们周围的事情We took what we knew about Africa,我们把我们所认识的非洲the default device, the mobile phone, as our common denominator, and went from there.默认装置,手机,作为我们的共同点,信息就是来源于那里We got reports like this.我们收到这样类似的报告This is just a couple of them from January 17th, last year.这只是在去年1月17日众多短信里的几条And our system was rudimentary. It was very basic.那时候我们的系统平台发展还未成熟,非常基本的It was a mash-up that used data that we collected from people, and we put it on our map.我们从人民那里收集数据,这是一个混合模式,然后我们把它标在在地图上But then we decided we needed to do something more.但是那时我们意识到我们需要做更多东西We needed to take what we had built and create a platform out of it so that it could be used elsewhere in the world.我们需要更好地利用这个已经建立和创造好的平台,以便它能够在世界其他地方中应用And so there is a team of developers from all over Africa, who are part of this team now --于是产生了一个开发人员的团队,现在,团队成员有来自非洲各地from Ghana, from Malawi, from Kenya.来自加纳、马拉维和肯尼亚There is even some from the U.S.甚至有一部分是来自美国的Were building for smartphones, so that it can be used in the developed world, as well as the developing world.我们正在开发智能手机,以便于它不仅能够在发达国家里使用,也能在发展中国家里使用We are realizing that this is true.我们渐渐意识到这是正确的If it works in Africa then it will work anywhere.如果它在非洲管用的话,那么它在任何地方都管用And so we build for it in Africa first and then we move to the edges.于是我们先在非洲建立它,然后再向外发展Its now been deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.现在已经在刚果民主共和国做好系统的部署Its being used by NGOs all over East Africa, small NGOs doing their own little projects.东非很多的非政府组织也有使用,小型的非政府组织做他们自己的小项目Just this last month it was deployed by Al Jazeera in Gaza.就在上个月,我们把这系统应用到加沙的半岛电视台But thats actually not what Im here to talk about.但是实际上这不是我在这里要讲的东西201605/445562Its a good one Some others are listening, learning, and collaboration. 这个问题很好还有一些包括 倾听 学习 协作I was once at a conference with some of the smartest people in the world. 我曾经参加过一个会议与会者都是全世界最聪明的人Actually a little intimidating to be honest and someone said to me ;Remember. 老实说 这有点吓人有人跟我说 ;记住;There are a lot of really smart people in the world and most of them dont work for you;. 世界上有很多聪明人他们大多数都不为你工作A good idea can come from anywhere and to be a lifetime learner is a great characteristic to develop and to utilize. 好主意能来自任何地方活到老学到老 是一个值得开发和利用的伟大特质OK, lets go to ;What should you do?; Well, my advice: Keep your options open, as I said. 好 再看 你应该做什么我的建议是 保持选择的开放性And create some ;guardrails; from which you can evaluate these options. 并建立起一些;护栏;以此来评估这些选择When I say ;guardrails; what I mean is you have to figure out. 我这里;护栏;指的是你需要弄清楚What is it that makes you fulfilled What are your passions?. 什么能够让你有成就感你的热情在哪里What will make you feel satisfied at the end of the day? If you talk to anyone that has achieved personal success. 做什么最终能让你感到满足不管你去问哪个取得了个人成功的人They will all tell you they have followed their passions Its critical to success and self-fulfillment. 他们都会告诉你 他们追逐着自己的热情这是成功和自我实现的关键So take some time and figure out what it means to you It will help. 花些时间 弄清这对你意味着什么这会很有帮助Expectations Oh yeah. 期望哦 对... are always part of the mix A key point? Whose expectations are you trying to fulfill?. 这总是组合的一部分关键在于 你要实现谁的期望Your parents? Your friends? Professors? Siblings? Significant others or your own?. 父母的 朋友的 教授的 兄弟的另一半的 还是你自己的201609/466079Do we want a future where inequality rises as union membership keeps falling我们期待的未来,是不平等增加而工会成员不断减少,or one where wages are rising for everybody and workers have a say in their prospects?还是每个人工资不断增加而工人对他们的前景有发言权?Are we a people who just talk about family values while remaining the only developed nation that doesnt offer its workers paid maternity leave谈到家庭价值观,我们是做发达国家中唯一不享有带薪产假的员工,or are we a people who actually value families, and make paid leave an economic priority for working parents?还是做真正重视家庭,享有带薪探亲假有经济实力的家长?These are the kinds of choices in front of us.这些都是我们面前的选择。And if were going to restore the sense that hard work is rewarded with a fair shot to get ahead,如果我们要找回努力工作就能获得公平回报这个感觉,were going to have to follow the lead of all those who came before us.就必须遵循前面所有那些指引。That means standing up not just for ourselves,这意味着站出来不只是为我们自己,but for the father clocking into the plant, the sales clerk working long and unpredictable hours,还为父亲,打卡进厂做销售,工时长而不确定;or the mother riding the bus to work across town, even on Labor Day – folks who work as hard as we do.或为母亲,乘坐巴士穿过闹市去上班,以及在劳工节仍与我们一样辛勤工作的人们。And it means exercising our rights to speak up in the workplace, to join a union, and above all, to vote.这意味着我们有权在工作场所呐喊,有权加入工会,尤其是有投票权。Thats the legacy we celebrate on Labor Day.这是我们展示的劳工节的财富。And Im confident that thats the legacy that well build upon in the years ahead.我相信这是我们未来几年将确定的财富。Thanks everybody. Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the long weekend.谢谢大家。劳工节快乐。周末长假愉快。201609/467098

Thank you, Professor Schwab, for that introduction, and thank you for inviting me to speak here at the World Economic Forum this morning. This is an organisation that is, as it says in the very first line of your mission statement, committed to ‘improving the state of the world. Those of us who meet here are all – by instinct and outlook – optimists who believe in the power of public and private co-operation to make the world of tomorrow better than the world of today. And we are all united in our belief that that world will be built on the foundations of free trade, partnership and globalisation. Yet beyond the confines of this hall, those forces for good that we so often take for granted are being called into question. The forces of liberalism, free trade and globalisation that have had – and continue to have – such an overwhelmingly positive impact on our world, that have harnessed unprecedented levels of wealth and opportunity, that have lifted millions out of poverty around the world, that have brought nations closer together, broken down barriers and improved standards of living and consumer choice, forces that underpin the rules-based international system that is key to our global prosperity and security, are somehow at risk of being undermined. And as we meet here this morning, across Europe, parties of the Far Left and the Far Right are seeking to exploit this opportunity, gathering support by feeding off an underlying and keenly felt sense among some people – often those on modest to low incomes living in relatively rich countries around the west – that these forces are not working for them. And those parties – who embrace the politics of division and despair; who offer easy answers; who claim to understand peoples problems and always know what and who to blame – feed off something else too: the sense among the public that mainstream political and business leaders have failed to comprehend their legitimate concerns for too long. This morning, I want to set out a manifesto for change that responds to these concerns and shows that the politics of the mainstream can deliver the change people need. I want to show how, by taking a new approach that harnesses the good of what works and changes what does not, we can maintain – indeed we can build – support for the rules-based international system. And I want to explain how, as we do so, the ed Kingdom – a country that has so often been at the forefront of economic and social change – will step up to a new leadership role as the strongest and most forceful advocate for business, free markets and free trade anywhere in the world. For that is the unique opportunity that Britain now has. I speak to you this morning as the Prime Minister of a country that faces the future with confidence. For a little over 6 months ago, millions of my fellow citizens upset the odds by voting, with determination and quiet resolve, to leave the European Union and embrace the world.201703/496331And I scream at here, I go, stop! And this woman swings around. 我尖叫到 停这位女士转过身来Sees a former tight end from Stanford University barrelling down on her, she drops her clipboard. 看到一位曾经的斯坦福大学近端锋朝她杀来 她吓得把记事板掉到地上Pins herself against the wall She goes, whats wrong. I go, maam. 人钉到墙上她问 出什么事了 我说 女士I am on that plane And she goes, no, youre not. 我在那趟飞机上她说 不 你不在And I said you dont understand I tell you Im on that plane. She goes, sir, Im sorry. 我说 你不懂我告诉你 我在那趟飞机上 她说 先生 我很抱歉We have given away all the seats You cannot get on this plane. Its. 所有座位已满您不能登机 这是Impossible She didnt know my mama. 不可能的她不认识我妈妈So I put my hand on my hip and I said, my maam told me, aint no such thing as impossible. 于是我把手叉在腰间说 我妈妈教过我 没有什么是不可能的Switch my hands, and I said that my grandmama told me black people have been making a way out of no way for a long time. 换个手 我说 我奶奶教过我很久以来 黑人一直都是在没有道路的地方 走出自己的道路And my great-grandmama we call her big-mama, maam. 还有我曾祖母我们称她老奶奶 女士She is a Christian woman and she told me. 她是一名基督教女性她教过我I can do all things Can I get a witness? I can do all things. 我能做所有事情我可以明 我能做所有事情And before I could finish that call from Philippians. 我还没讲完来自腓立比书的召唤Before I dig it deep up in the Bible she goes, stop sir, please stop. 我正准备深入挖掘圣经的内容她说 停 先生 请打住We cant have any air rage, sir please She goes, youre right, okay, youre right. 我们不想出现任何空中愤怒事件 先生 请听我讲她说 您是对的 好吧 您是对的Theres one seat left on the plane and if it is acceptable, sir, if it is acceptable. 飞机上还有一个座位如果您愿意 先生 如果您愿意Its in first class I took my tie and I dapped the sweat off my brow. 这是头等舱座位我用领带擦了擦额头上的汗And I looked at her and I said Thatll be acceptable. 我望着她说这可以接受And so she opens the door and Im a 80s TV guy and I had to. 于是她打开了门我是80年代电视剧迷I had to walk like George Jefferson because I just moved on up and Im now going on down. 之前我需要像乔治.杰佛逊这样走 因为是往上前进而现在我是往下前进And the woman at the gate at the plane says to me in dignity Sir, hurry up please, we need to take off. Where are you sitting?. 机舱门口的空尊敬地跟我说先生 请赶紧 我们马上要起飞了 您坐哪201611/47679872 books words author autobiography novel non-fiction hardback paperback volume publisher page spine introduction preface chapter encyclopaedia margin book review dedication acknowledements textbook picture sci-fi illustration graphs inspired by co-written by atlas a classic horror dictionary thriller cookbook bestseller phrases cover design publishing house detective story be based on a true story a collection of short stories/poems can’t put it down …from cover to cover beginner a: what are you ing? B: oh, it’s the latest novel by ray blune. It’s a sic-fi thriller. A; I thought he usually wrote horror books. B: he does. He’s good at this genre too. It’s a captivating . A; we’re going to the bookshop. Would you like to join us? B; yes, I would. I need to buy a textbook for my course and, as you know, I love browsing through the latest paperbacks. A: me too. I need something to on the flight to new york. I can never sleep on planes. Sarah wants to pick up some children’s books for her daughter. B: I want to look at nelson mandela’s autobiography. A: this is sure to be a worthwhile . Intermediate A: good morning. I’m from the new york book review. Could I ask you some question about your latest book? B: sure. Take a seat… what would you like to know? A; first, I’ve heard that your latest book is based on a true story. B; that’s correct. It’s a murder mystery based on actual murders that book place in florida several years ago. The main character-the police invesigator-is based on the man who investigated the case. A: how do you research your books? B: I always visit the places that I use as setting for stories. Readers like things to be as factually correct as possible-even in fiction! I usually base my characters on people I have met. Most character are a mixture of the characters of two or more people. A; I really like your books. I’ve just finished this one. I it from cover to cover in a single day. Congratulation on making the bestseller list yet again! B; thank you. Let met sign it for you …there you go. A; oh! Thank you very much. I heard that you are currently writing a collection of short stories. What are the stories about? B: there’s a real mix of stories in the book. I haven’t finished all of them yet, though. Many of them are short detective stories, but there are also horror stories and sci-fi ones. If you give me your business card, I’ll make sure you get an advance copy to review. A; thanks very much. I’m sure it will sell well. I can’t wait to it. Here’s my card. Thank you for you time. /200705/13744

Id like you all to ask yourselves a question which you may never have asked yourselves before:我希望你们先问你们自己一个问题,这个问题可能你们从没问过自己What is possible with the human voice?人的声音能干些什么?What is possible with the human voice?人的声音能干些什么?It was coming straight for me. I had to. It was, yeah.它直接朝我飞过来,打到我了,疼啊As you can probably well imagine, I was a strange child.你们大概能想到,我原先是个怪小孩儿Because the thing is, I was constantly trying to extend my repertoire of noises to be the very maximum that it could be.因为我时常尝试把我的声音技能发挥到极限I was constantly experimenting with these noises. And Im still on that mission.我时常用这些声音做实验。现在我仍在干那事儿Im still trying to find every noise that I can possibly make.我仍希望找到自己能够制造出的声音And the thing is, Im a bit older and wiser now,但是我现在年龄大了,也变聪明了and I know that theres some noises Ill never be able to make because Im hemmed in因为身体构造的局限性,我知道有些声响是我永远都发不出来的by my physical body, and theres things it cant do.总有事情是它做不了的And theres things that no ones voice can do.有些声响没有人的嗓音能够完成For example, no one can do two notes at the same time.比如说,人声不能同时发出两个音符You can do two-tone singing, which monks can do, which is like...但你可以同时发出双音调,和尚们就能做到,像这样But thats cheating. And it hurts your throat.但那是作弊。而且会伤到喉咙。201612/483457And of course 当然I want to join in recognizing all of these beautiful people in the stands today 我还要感谢今天来到看台的所有人the family members who supported you all every step of the way感谢一直持你们的家庭成员And since tomorrow is what? 明天是什么日子Mothers Day! 母亲节Im sure everybodys on their jobs, right? 每个人应该都准备好了吧Got flowers ordered? Everything 订好花 准备好一切I want to give a special greeting to my fellow moms and 我要特别问候这些和我一样的母亲congratulate you for successfully coming out on the祝贺你们成功完成了对青春期子女的抚养other side of adolescence in one piece 祝贺你们成功完成了对青春期子女的抚养You have done it你们做到了You have succeeded in raising college graduates 你们成功培养出了大学毕业生I welcome any advice you have on how you got it right 怎么做到的 我欢迎你们给我提供建议But most of all yes, indeed 不过最重要的是 好样的To the moms, and the grandmas, and the god-moms母亲们 还有祖母们 还有教母们and all the mom figures in our lives who keep us going 还有推动我们前进的所有像母亲一样的人thank you all 感谢你们所有人But most of all, I want to congratulate the stars of todays show 最后 我要祝贺今天的主角the EKU class of 2013 2013届东肯塔基大学毕业生Yes 对You all should be proud, very proud 你们都应该非常自豪As the president said, this is a true milestone in life 如校长所说 这是人生真正的里程碑And I can only imagine the mix of emotions that you must be feeling at this moment 我只能想象 你们此刻感受到的复杂情感The unbridled joy, the unmistakable sense of utter relief 恣意的快乐 毫无疑问的解脱感You all went through so much to make it to this day 你们经历了很多 才得到今天的成就the highs and the lows, the triumphs, the challenges, the 你们经历了高潮和低谷 胜利和挑战celebrations, the devastations 庆祝和沮丧201603/432179

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