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厦门哪里做音波拉皮最好厦门微格整形美容医院祛眼袋手术好吗Free exchange自由交换A fare shake车费的变动Jacking up prices may not be the only way to balance supply and demand for taxis提高价格可能并不是满足出租车供需平衡的唯一方法IT IS a familiar ritual for many: after a late night out you reach for your smartphone to hail an Uber home, only to find—disaster—that the fare will be three times the normal rate. Like many things beloved by economists, “surge pricing” of the sort that occasionally afflicts Uber-users is both efficient and deeply unpopular. From a consumers perspective, surge pricing is annoying at best and downright offensive when applied during emergencies. Extreme fare surges often lead to outpourings of public criticism: when a snowstorm paralysed New York in 2013, celebrities, including Salman Rushdie, took to social media to rail against triple-digit fares for relatively short rides. Some city governments have banned the practice altogether: Delhis did so in April.对与很多人来说,深夜外出后拿出智能手机叫一辆优步的车回家似乎是一种常见的仪式了。然而打的费却比平时高出了三倍。像很多经济学家钟爱的定律一样,这种时不时困饶着优步用户的“动态定价策略”虽有效却极不受欢迎。从消费者的角度看,动态定价策略最多是恼人而已,但在紧急状况下采用该策略时却是极其讨厌的。急剧上涨的车费会引起公众的不满:2013年的暴风雨使得纽约整个城市瘫痪,包括萨尔曼·拉什迪在内的名人在社交媒体上斥责收取三位数短程车费的行为。一些市政府取缔了这种做法:德里(印度城市)在四月就这样做了。Uber is sticking with surge pricing for now, but Jeff Schneider, one of its machine-learning experts, recently suggested that the company is interested in developing systems that rely on technology, rather than price, to allocate cars. Even if such a technological fix proves elusive, however, local governments do not need to regulate or ban surge pricing to reduce its sting.Uber现在坚持使用动态定价策略,但是最近公司的机构研究专家之一杰夫·施耐德表示,该公司对开发依赖于技术而非价格来统筹车辆的系统很有兴趣。虽然这一技术目前难以实现,但是一旦实现,当地政府再也无需调控或者取缔动态价格机制以此削弱其影响。Surge (or dynamic) pricing relies on frequent price adjustments to match supply and demand. Such systems are sometimes used to set motorway tolls (which rise and fall with demand in an effort to keep traffic flowing), or to adjust the price of energy in electricity markets. A lower-tech version is common after natural disasters, when shopkeepers raise the price of necessities like bottled water and batteries as supplies run low. People understandably detest such practices. It offends the sensibilities of non-economists that the same journey should cost different amounts from one day or hour to the next—and more, invariably, when the need is most desperate.峰时(动态)定价依赖于频繁的价格调整以使供需平衡。这一机制有时会被用于设置高速公路通行费(为保交通顺畅,通行费因需求而上涨、下调),或者用于调整电力市场上能源价格。自然灾害之后,因为供给不足,店主提高生活必需品(如瓶装水和电池等)的价格这种低技术含量的版本屡见不鲜。可以理解,人们厌恶这种做法。这样的机制伤害了非经济学家的感情,每天或者每小时相同路程的花费却不同,而且当需求最紧急时也是一成不变。Yet surge fares also demonstrate the elegance with which prices moderate a marketplace. When demand in an area spikes and the waiting time for a car rises, surge pricing kicks in; users requesting cars are informed that the fare will be a multiple of the normal rate. As the multiple rises, the market goes to work. Higher fares ration available cars by willingness to pay: to richer users, in some cases, but also to those less able to wait out the surge period or with fewer good alternatives. Charging extra to those without good alternatives sounds like gouging, yet without surge pricing such riders would be less likely to get a ride at all, since there would be no incentive for all the other people requesting cars to drop out.但是峰时价格也显示出它带来的好处,价格策略缓和了市场。当需求在某个地区急剧上涨,以及等待时长增加,动态定价策略就发挥作用了;需要用车的客户会被告知费用是平时的几倍。当多个因素同时出现时,市场开始起作用。高费用会将车辆分配给那些愿意付的客户即那些更有钱的客户;但是在某些情况下,对那些无法在高峰期等待或是没有好选择的用户也是同样适用的。对那些没有好选择的用户采取额外收费听起来像是乱要价,但是没有动态价格策略这些用户不太可能搭得到车,因为对于其他有需求坐车的人来说没有任何理由不坐车。至少在局部地区动态价格策略增加了供给。 译文属译生译世 /201605/445682厦门薇格医疗门诊部双眼皮多少钱 Look I am sure She was alert.I was almost.我就知道她很警觉的 我差一点By the way,look what has been.How did you get in like nothing?I know.顺带说一句 你怎么悄无声息的窜进来的? 对吧?Oh you crawled down that.Im so sorry.Heres the thing.原来你从那个地方爬进来的 抱歉 其实是这样的I was so panic because I want the segment to go so well for you.我很紧张因为我希望这进行得顺利And I was like,wheres her music?Whats happening? And where is she?I was worried about you.我想 她的音乐呢? 发生什么了?她在哪里? 我在担心你Would it be really scarry you if I didnt show up at all.如果我根本不出现 会真的吓到你At all.Yeah. But it did kind of scarred me.如果根本不出现 是 但这确实吓到我一点I think theres a little bit of fear.I saw it.我觉得有一点点害怕 我看到了But did you saw some fear?all right,its hard.你看到一点害怕吗? 好吧 这很难she was like this,and you were like this.她像这样 然后你像这样I,eh, its hard to scar me.You got me a little bit.a little bit.我 呃 要吓到我很难 你吓到我一点 一点点Apparently the throw a body off the building.Dummy bodies along the lot.Just a flinch.他们以前从楼上扔了个假人身体下来 地上的假人身体 只是吓了一下Yeah,they have. They threw a body when I was walking to,是 他们扔了个身体下来one time,from my dressing room to the stage and I just.she stepped over it.在我从化妆间走向舞台的时候 然后我只是 她从上面踩了过去sorry,I have a gift that I wanna give to you.Eh,its actually not from me.对不起 我有个礼物要给你 这其实不是我的Its one of the amazing fans of the show.是节目的一个很棒的粉丝They make these incredible things and Ellen just saw this他做了这个无与伦比的东西 Ellen 看到了这个and I found as I was just sneaking around the office so.然后我在办公室旁边走的时候看到了这个I got so many things that people make for me.我收到很多人们为我做的东西And Portia doesnt get to see them all the time.no,I dont.但Portia 不是一直都能看到它们 不 我看不到So Jen saw this and said Lets give it to Portia.所以Jen看到这个 然后说让我们把这个给Portiawe are gotta show her because this is just.because you are involved also.Ah,oh,no!我们要给她看因为这实在是 因为你也在里面 天哪! /201604/437639Most intriguingly, the American regulator is also scrutinising how the company has handled its many related-party transactions. Jack Ma, the firms founder, caused outrage when he unilaterally spun off AliPay, Alibabas lucrative online-payments arm, in 2011 into an entity that he controlled. That business, now known as Ant Financial Services Group, is valued at billion and is heading for a public flotation.最有趣的是,美国监管机构也正调查该公司如何处理数量庞大的多方交易。公司创始人马云单方面将付宝分离出来引起了众怒,付宝是阿里巴巴盈利丰厚的在线付手段,2011年转为独立企业。这项业务如今以蚂蚁金融务集团为人所知,该集团市值为 600亿美元并且正积极筹备公开上市。Where will this SEC action lead? It could be a routine inspection of the sort most public companies can expect from time to time. Alibaba certainly denies any wrongdoing, noting that it is co-operating with the authorities and voluntarily disclosing the fact that it is under investigation. But if the regulators do uncover evidence of real misconduct, things could get nasty for Chinas most celebrated firm.美国券交易委员会的行动将会导致什么结果呢?也许这只是大多数在美国上市的外国企业时不时要经历的 常规检查。阿里巴巴当然会否认任何不法行为,指出公司与当局正在合作并主动公开被调查的这项事实。但是万一监管机构发现了其不法行为的据,中国最著名的公司将会变得臭名昭著。The only certainty, argues Vasu Muthyala of Kobre amp; Kim, a law firm, is that Chinese firms face greater scrutiny. Mr Muthyala, a former prosecutor who previously served at the SEC, says: “As Chinese business looks west for new capital, customers and business partners, there will inevitably be an increase in interest from American regulators.”高金律师事务所的 Vasu Muthyala表示唯一确定的是,中国公司将会面临严格的审查。曾在美国券交易委员会担任检察官的Muthyala表示:“因为中国企业希望在西方寻求新的资金,客户和商业伙伴,美国监管机构对中国企业的兴趣也会随之增加。” /201606/449372厦门薇格整形美容医院去除抬头纹手术怎么样

厦门双眼皮手术German politics德国政治Gone boy on the right消失的极右领袖How an anti-foreigner, anti-establishment group is changing German politics一个反移民、反伊斯兰化组织如何改变德国政治Bachmann: only joking, honest巴赫曼:真的只是玩笑罢了THE march on January 19th in Dresden by Pegida, or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, would have been its 13th. But it was cancelled because the police had “concrete” information of plans to assassinate its organiser, Lutz Bachmann. On January 21st Mr Bachmann was exposed in German tabloids for posing as Hitler on his Facebook page. He called it a joke, but later resigned his position. Pegida plans to resume its marches next week.1月19日,在德累斯顿爆发了一场由Pegida(或者称作“爱国欧洲人反对西方的伊斯兰化”)发起的游行。本来这次游行应该在13号举行,但是由于警方获知了刺杀该运动领袖卢茨巴赫曼行动的“详细”信息而被取消。1月21日,巴赫曼因为在“脸书”(Facebook)上传其模仿希特勒的照片而被德国小报争相报道。他声称这只是一个玩笑,但是随后他宣布辞职。Pegida计划下周恢复游行。Among its followers, despite Mr Bachmanns antics, neo-Nazis are a small minority. The typical marcher is a middle-aged, middle-class Saxon man who, says Hans Vorl?nder at the Technical University of Dresden, is alienated from politics and the liberal media, and yearns for a homogenous fatherland. The marches may have “passed the peak”, adds Dieter Rucht at the Berlin Social Science Centre. Yet there will be political fallout. Nine-tenths of Pegida supporters back the Alternative for Germany (AfD), founded only in 2013 and represented in three eastern state parliaments.在该运动众多的追随者中,除了巴赫曼这种滑稽行为的人,新纳粹仍是少数。据来自德尔德累斯顿技术大学的汉斯?福尔兰德尔讲,其中有一位的游行示威者是较为典型,他是一个来自于萨克森州的中年中产阶级男性,他对政治和自由媒体漠不关心,却呼唤一个同文同种的父国。柏林社会科学研究中心的Dieter Rucht说到,这游行队伍可能已经“越过底线”。也许会带来某些政治后果。 Pegida运动中有十分之九的持者拥护德国新选项党(AfD),该党于2013年刚刚成立,享有东部三个州的议会席位。The AfD began with an anti-euro message. Some leaders, such as Hans- Olaf Henkel, from Hamburg, want to keep it that way. But, especially in the east, the party has used populist innuendo against asylum-seekers, immigrants and homosexuals. Party elders like Alexander Gauland, in Brandenburg, openly flirt with Pegida. This is straining the AfD, which has three leaders. Bernd Lucke, an economics professor, favours an anti-euro message; Frauke Petry, a businesswoman from Saxony, and Konrad Adam, a former journalist, sympathise with Pegida. Mr Lucke wants to lead alone, but Ms Petry and Mr Adam have resisted him. In a compromise, Mr Lucke will take over as boss only next December.德国新选项党的兴起缘于对欧元的反对。一些领导人,包括来自汉堡的汉斯奥拉夫汉高希望继续使用欧元。但是,尤其在德国东部地区,该党利用民粹主义影射政治避难者、移民以及同性恋群体。该党的前辈——勃兰登堡的Alexander Gauland公然和Pegida“秀恩爱”。这使得新选项党内部更加紧张。该党有三个领导,经济学教授Bernd Lucke反对使用欧元,来自萨克森州的商人Frauke Petry以及之前是记者同样持Pegida的Konrad Adam。Lucke希望能够独自领导新选项党,但是一直受到Petry和Adam的牵制。折中之后,Bernd Lucke只能于明年12月份接任领袖一职。German democracy is responding without hysteria. Marchers against Pegida have recently far outnumbered those for it. The centre-left Social Democrats and Greens refuse to debate with Pegida, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the centre-right Christian Democrats, has condemned it. Others are open to dialogue. One Christian Democrat, Jens Spahn, even joined a televised debate with Kathrin Oertel, one of Pegidas organisers.德国的民主制度对于这件事情的回应十分克制。如今反对Pegida的游行数量已经远远超出持者的游行。中左的社会民主党和绿党拒绝与Pegida对话,而中右派基督教民主党领袖——总理默克尔却谴责该运动。其他人则保持开放的态度。Jens Spahn,这位基督教民主党人士甚至参加了一个与Pegida组织者之一—Kathrin Oertel对话的电视栏目。That was a big step for a group that had previously refused to talk to the media. Its marchers chant “Lügenpresse” (“lying press”), a term once used by the Nazis. Yet on the very day of the cancelled march, Pegida held its first-ever press conference. In the public glare, its leaders tone down their language. When confronted, their counter-arguments seem weak. Asked why Saxons should worry about Islam when only 1% of Saxonys population is Muslim, Ms Oertel said some Germans march for the rainforest though Germany has none.这个举动为那些拒绝在媒体上发表观点的党派迈出了一大步。其游行者高呼曾经为纳粹使用过的“Lügenpresse”(“大话新闻”)。然而,就在取消游行的那一天,Pegida举行了首次新闻发布会。万众瞩目下,他们的领导人故意让自己的语气缓和。但在面对质疑时,他们的反驳又显得无力。当被问及他们为什么要在萨克森州仅有1%的人口是穆斯林的情况要担心伊斯兰教时,Oertel说尽管德国没有热带雨林,但仍有德国人为保护热带雨林而游行。The gradual conflation of the AfD and Pegida is a new and worrying phenomenon. There must never be a legitimate party to the right of the CSU, the Christian Democrats Bavarian sister party, said Franz Josef Strauss, a longtime leader of Bavaria, with Germanys Nazi past in mind. Such a party has now arrived, and could enter the Bundestag in 2017.德国新选项党和Pegida日益要好着实是一个令人担忧的新问题。巴伐利亚州的长期领导者Franz Josef Strauss对纳粹始终耿耿于怀,他认为,基社盟作为巴伐利亚的执政党,绝不会再有第二个政党取得像基社盟党—基督教民主党的地位,尤其该党还有纳粹倾向。但是他担心的事情似乎已经到来,新选项党有可能在2017年进入联邦议院。译者:胡雅琳 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/377581厦门那儿做双眼皮 厦门薇格去眼袋手术多少钱

厦门薇格水动力吸脂水动力溶脂减肥水动力溶脂价格 The U.S. government is telling parents to not rely too heavily on rice cereal as a food staple for babies because it is a leading cause of arsenic exposure for infants. 美国政府告诉父母不要过分依赖米糊作为婴儿的主食,因为这是婴儿砷接触的主要原因。The Food and Drug Administration said in a news release that it is working to reduce the levels of inorganic arsenic in rice cereal for babies because of the concerns. 食品和药品在新闻稿中表示,正在努力降低婴儿米糊中的无机砷含量。FDA officials are requiring rice cereal to contain no more than 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic. 美国食品药品官员要求大米谷物中无机砷含量每10亿不超过100个单位。But, the agency also encouraged parents to not feed their kids too much cereal. 但是,该机构还鼓励家长不要给孩子喂过多的谷物。Exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to developmental issues for children, such as decreased performance on developmental tests. 接触无机砷可导致儿童发育问题,如发育测试性能下降。The FDA says the risk also applies to pregnant women.美国食品药品表示妇也有同样的风险。译文属。201604/435500厦门激光祛斑哪里最好厦门吸脂手术费用



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