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北碚区隆鼻手术多少钱重庆星宸整形医院去痘印多少钱西南地区的旱灾仍在继续,救援工作正在进行。在云南,省政府、非政府机构和当地人民一起携手共度难关。Duan Lijun is a primary school student in Mile County, one of areas hit hardest in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Thanks to relief work, Lijun is given a bottle of mineral water each day. But the teenage girl saves most of her limited water a for her family. Because of this, she drinks just one and a half bottles of water each week. "It's been a long time since we lacked drinking water. Everyday, I pray it will rain soon, and that my folks at home won't suffer from thirst any longer."Since last fall, Southwestern China has been plagued by its worst drought in six decades. In some areas, the disaster is worst in a century. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the disaster has affected around 61 million people and left about 5 million hectares of land barren across Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Guangxi. Duan's hometown Yunnan is the worst-hit province, with about 5.4 million people facing water shortages.To cope with the severe challenge, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation has launched the Spring Rain program, calling for donations for water, food and other relief materials.The national Land and Resources system has also been given responsibility to pump underground water into drought affected areas. The first 153 meter-deep artesian well was made in Yiliang, a county nearby the provincial capital of Kunming, on Friday. One local farmer is very happy to have fresh water nearby his home again."I got here five this morning to queue for the water."The 552 cubic meters of water the well pumps every day will go some way to addressing the demand for water to drink and irrigate crops. Across the province, workers are drilling daily with the aim of digging over a thousand wells by mid-May. 52 are aly functioning and 288 are under construction, providing 20 percent of the needed drinking water. The Ministry of Water Resources has allocated more than 6.3 billion yuan, or around 900 million US dollars to support further relief work.Qiu Ruitian is deputy director of the State flood control and drought relieve office."The fund will be used to supply drinking water for both humans and livestock, to upgrade water conservation infrastructure and support small-scale farming water."With such industrious collaboration it is hoped that Southwest China will be enjoying a reliable water supply before long. Tingting, for CRI News.201003/100052重庆保妥适价格 Clinton Backs Six-Party Talks for Ending North Korean Nuclear Program希拉里称持北韩核问题六方会谈  At her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton expressed support for the Chinese-led six-party negotiations aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear program. But she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the negotiating process championed by the Bush administration is being reviewed. 星期二,美国国会参议院举行听,审议批准当选总统奥巴马提名担任国务卿的希拉里.克林顿女士。克林顿在会上表示持中国主持的六方会谈。六方会谈的目的是结束北韩的核项目。但是克林顿女士对参议院外交关系委员会说,布什政府主张的谈判过程正在受到检讨。President-elect Barack Obama said during the campaign that he was willing to try face-to-face diplomacy with leaders of adversary countries, like North Korea, if it would help resolve key problems. 当选总统奥巴马在竞选时说,如果这样做能够有助于解决关键的问题,他愿意同诸如北韩这样的敌对国家的领导人进行面对面的外交工作。But in her Senate testimony, his Secretary of State-designate said both she and the incoming President believe the six-party process, underway since 2004, has merit both as a negotiating vehicle and as a channel for bilateral dialogue with Pyongyang. 但是奥巴马选中的国务卿克林顿在参议院作时则表示,她和奥巴马都认为,从2004年开始的六方会谈,作为一种谈判平台和一种跟平壤进行双边对话的渠道,都发挥了作用。Hillary Clinton told the confirmation hearing that she and outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have had several long conversations on the six-party process as part what she said is an "aggressive review" of North Korea policy by the Obama team. 希拉里.克林顿在参议院举行的确认国务卿提名的听会上说,她曾经跟即将卸任的国务卿赖斯就六方会谈进程进行过几次长时间的谈话。这是她称之为奥巴马团队对北韩政策的“积极的检讨”的一部分。She said the president-elect is under no illusions about the difficulty of getting Pyongyang to end its nuclear program and that "tough, reality-based diplomacy" is required. "Our goal is to end the North Korean nuclear programs - both the plutonium-reprocessing program and the highly-enriched uranium program - which there is reason to believe exists although never quite verified. And it is our strong belief that the six-party talks, particularly the role that China is currently playing along with our close allies South Korea and Japan, is a vehicle for us to exert pressure on North Korea in a way that is more likely to alter their behavior," she said. 克林顿说,奥巴马对劝说平壤结束其核项目的艰难程度没有任何幻想。奥巴马知道,这需要艰苦的、以现实为基础的外交工作。克林顿女士说:“我们的目标是结束北韩的核项目,这包括它的加工金属钸的项目和高度浓缩铀的项目。有理由相信,北韩拥有浓缩铀项目,不过还没有经过实。我们坚信,六方会谈,特别是中国所起的作用,以及我们的紧密盟友韩国和日本,是我们向北韩施加压力的载体。我们的压力很可能改变北韩的表现。”Clinton, under questioning from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, said the process must also end North Korea's role as a nuclear proliferator, saying there is "reason to believe" Pyongyang was involved in a reactor project with Syria in addition to its documented assistance to Libya's nuclear program that was scrapped in 2003. 克林顿女士在回答阿拉斯加州参议员利萨.莫考斯基的问题的时候说,谈判进程必须以北韩终止核扩散的角色为终点。她说,有理由相信,平壤参与了叙利亚的一个核反应堆的项目,根据记录,北韩还帮助利比亚开展核项目,直到利比亚在2003年取消该项目。The six-party talks, in which North Korea committed to end its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits, is stalled over Pyongyang's failure to accept a verification plan for the nuclear declaration it made last June. 在六方会谈中,北韩承诺结束它的核项目,以换取援助和外交利益。后来北韩不接受它曾在去年6月申报的核项目清单的核实计划,导致北韩非核化进程停滞不前。North Korea said on Tuesday it would hold on to its small arsenal of nuclear weapons until the ed States normalized relations with it and drops what was termed a "hostile" policy toward the communist state.  星期二,北韩表示,它将保存自己小规模的核武库,直到美国跟北韩建立正常关系,而且放弃对北韩的敌对政策为止。That drew a rebuff from State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack who said Pyongyang will have to meet its six-party commitments before realizing diplomatic benefits. "Certainly we want the six-party process to move forward. It's very clear what its obligations and responsibilities are under that process. Getting to the point where North Korea has a more normal relationship with the rest of the world, including the ed States - in order to really get to that point - North Korea is going to have to move through the six-party process, and there is going to have to be a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula," he said. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克反驳了北韩的声明,他说,平壤必须兑现在六方会谈中作出的承诺,然后才能获得外交利益。麦科马克说:“我们当然希望六方会谈能取得进展。会谈进程赋予北韩的义务和责任是很明显的。北韩要想跟包括美国在内的世界其他国家建立正常关系,它必须履行在六方会谈中的承诺。朝鲜半岛必须实现非核化。”South Korean newspapers reported on Tuesday that Pyongyang wanted to send its chief nuclear envoy to President-elect Obama's inauguration next week. But officials here say they are unaware of any contact with North Korea on the issue and that, in any case, foreign representation at the event is limited to ambassadors of countries with which the ed States has diplomatic ties. 星期二,韩国报纸报导说,平壤希望派遣它的首席核谈判代表下星期出席奥巴马的就职典礼。但是在华盛顿的官员们说,他们不知道美国就这个问题同北韩进行了任何接触。无论如何,出席就职典礼的外国代表仅限于那些跟美国有外交关系的国家的大使。01/61052Five ways to deal with stressAngela Burt-Murray of 'Essence' magazine and Dr. Gail Saltz tell TODAY's Natalie Morales how to deal with the anxiety this festive seasonI've heard about the recent survey that found a third of us are living with extreme stress. Well, as the holiday is approaching, the shopping season kicks in, it's not gonna get any easier. So we've decided it's time to enlist some stress reducing help from Angela Burt-Murray as the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and Dr. Gail Saltz Today contributor…and contributing psychologist as well as biologist. Nice to have you here. Psychiatrist. Sorry about that. Good to have you. So this is a time of the year when all of us, I think, get so overloaded. And I know this is something that your ers have written in voraciously about, isn't that right?Absolutely, absolutely, one of the things they're telling me about is as they're coming down to the end of the year, they're feeling a lot of pressure with work deadlines, financial pressure, family obligation, and of course, shopping for the holiday.Yeah, and Gail, I mean, speaking of the holidays, how does the stress just escalate during this time of the year?The bottom line is women still bear the burden for the holidays. They are still, you know, whether they are working or not working, or single, or whatever the case may be, they are the one to sort of, are the, you know, make the holiday, and they feel that was to keep up everything else that they're doing during the year and not only make the holiday but make the Norman Rockwell, you know June Creeper sort (Right) of perfect holiday.And that includes, generally involving family and family adds a lot of stress too and a lot of time I think it's as you said women tend to bear the burden alone. You feel like I've got to be the one who has to do it all alone.They have to make it all beautiful, they have to make it all delicious, they have to meet their children's expectation, and they have to manage all those family relationships. And think about it, these are the relationships, that usually you don't necessarily see the people during the year all the time. And yet they all come to your home and you have been together for a long period. And that can actually add a lot of stress.So you say investigate old stories to help manage families, what do you mean by that?What I mean by that is I think women often feel the expectation because they are thinking I wanna do it like I remembered my mother doing it. Or I wanna do it differently than my mother did it, but these old stories about how perfect they're supposed to be, they come from somewhere. And if you understand where that expectation is coming from, you'll have a better chance of being more objective about. You know, maybe I don't have to bake 100 different varieties of cookies; maybe that's not where the load comes from. (Right) Maybe that's something my mother chose to do but I'm gonna do it differently.And part of the investigating, some of the feelings a lot of women feel guilt around this time of a year too, right? (Oh, sure.) And you say that's the part of the thing that you have to get rid of.Right! You have to let go of the guilt. They tell you when you get on an airplane that in a case of an emergency when the oxygen mask/ comes down, put it on yourself first. You have to save yourself before you can help others. So it's really important that you let go of the guilt, prioritize and learn when you have to say no to something that you are just not able to do.And moving onto money, because there's another big issue on the holidays (Yeah) and Gail, you say it's time to realign expectations, what do you mean by that?I mean you have to…first of all you have to decide, you know, what really matters. And you know, again I advocate for the relationships matter/, so if you're stressed out about money, if you are overspending, if you are gonna put yourself into debt later, then you are going to be an anxious, grumpy mom (Yeah) that actually no one is gonna really wanna be around. And when the credit card bill comes, you would be even grumpier in January. And it would stress your relationship (Right) and so you really need to make up a plan that's reasonable for after the new year.Exactly. Angela says to have a solid financial plan. Yeah, get a budget, and do something really simple like avoid the holiday crowd and just shop online. You can shop by price and you can also…a lot of retailers have special programs where you can get free gift wrap and free pa(cked )eh..delivery. So it's easy and cost-effective.Some of the burden, (absolutely) some of the stress also with your husband and your boyfriend, your partner, Gail, you say the important thing is to really share the burden.You know, the interesting thing is, actually, people like to be needed. If you say 'you know what, this year Thanksgiving we are doing a potluck, can you bring the sweet potatoes? Can you bring the dessert?' You said to your sister, 'you know, we are gonna be together, can you do this?' People actually like to contribute and feel that they are part of things and they are needed. But women hate to ask. They feel like that makes me less then, if I farm it out. And actually it is really a mistake. And if you would ask, ask your spouse. 'Hey, you take this part of shopping list and I will take this part of shopping list.' He's actually gonna feel good. And it's not dumping it. So you really should ask, you both will feel better. And feeling better is another really key topic. Angela, you say really focus on your wellness, your health during the holiday.Absolutely, during this stressful time, the health issues can become, you know, more prevalent. So you really need to make sure that you are eating right, you are getting enough rest and you are also listening to your body. And give yourself a little time out occasionally. You know, take time to meditate or just to focus on yourself. (have a cup of tea about the firer)Because after that, people, because they get anxious and stressed, they drink more during the holidays, (Right) they eat to satisfy their anxiety and they drink more alcohol, they go to more parties and you don’t feel good. So actually do other things to relieve your stress and be mindful of the overeating and the overdrinking. Right! Angela Burt-Murray, Dr. Gail Saltz, thanks so much. (Thank you)03/63947重庆星辰医学图片

巴南区固体硅胶隆鼻价格IBM v Carnegie CorporationIBM vs 卡耐基基金会The centenarians square up迎来百岁生日的IBM和卡耐基基金会一决高下Both IBM and the Carnegie Corporation will turn 100 this month. Has the multinational business or universal philanthropy done more for society? 本月,IBM和卡耐基基金会都将迎来100岁生日。谁对社会贡献更大呢,是IBM这个跨国集团还是遍布世界的慈善机构卡耐基基金会?Jun 9th 2011 | NEW YORK | from The Economist the print edition “ONE simple way to assess the impact of any organisation is to answer the question: how is the world different because it existed?” That is the test set out by Sam Palmisano in the foreword to a new book celebrating the 100th birthday of IBM, the firm he has run since 2002. But another organisation is also turning 100 this month—the Carnegie Corporation of New York, a flagship of American philanthropy. Mr Palmisano’s insight is too good to limit to only one of the centenarians. A better question is: which has done more for the world, one of its leading companies or one of its most influential charities? “评定任何组织影响力的一种简单的方法就是回答一个问题:由于它的存在,世界有什么不同?”这个测验是IBM的首席执行官彭明盛(Sam Palmisano)在一本庆祝IBM100周岁的新书的前言中提出的,他自2002年起掌管IBM。但是本月还有一个组织也将迎来100岁生日——美国慈善的旗舰、纽约的卡耐基基金会。彭明盛先生的想法非常好,对这两家百年公司和机构都适用。一个更恰当的问题是:作为世界领先公司之一的IBM和世界上最具影响力的慈善机构的卡耐基基金会,哪个对世界的贡献更大?At first glance, IBM and the Carnegie Corporation seem to be engaged in such different endeavours that comparing them might seem about as sensible as comparing apple orchards and orange groves. Making money has always been the main aim of the company formed in 1911 by the merger of three small producers of mechanical accounting machines, scales and time recorders, and renamed International Business Machines 13 years later. By contrast, the Carnegie Corporation explicitly set out to create a better world by giving away what remained of the great fortune of its industrialist founder, Andrew Carnegie. Yet both can assert that they have made the world a better place during the past century, and it is far from obvious which claim is stronger. 乍一看,IBM和卡耐基基金会从事的是两种如此截然不同的事业,以至于比较它们就好像比较苹果园和橘子林一样不靠谱。1911年,三家生产会计机、磅秤和计时器的小型公司于合并成立了一间新公司,13年后改名为国际商业机器公司(IBM),赚钱一直是这家公司的主要目标。与之形成对比的是,卡耐基基金会在创立伊始就明确要通过捐赠其创始人工业家安德鲁卡耐基(Andrew Carnegie)巨大财富的剩余来创造一个更好的世界。但是两者都可以自称它们在过去的一个世纪中让世界变得更美好,不过还远远不清楚究竟哪一方的声明会更有力。201106/140597重庆星宸医学美容医院是正规医院? Obama Looks To Avoid Transition Stumbles奥巴马班子为政权交接做充分准备Monday's meeting at the White House between President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama is the latest symbol of a presidential transition that appears to be moving ahead smoothly, at least initially. 美国现任总统布什和当选总统奥巴马星期一在白宫的会晤是显示总统交接工作正在平稳进行的最新迹象,至少在开始阶段看来是顺利的。With the ed States facing a major international financial crisis and still engaged in two wars overseas, there are plenty of reasons to ensure the transition from the 43rd president to the 44th is a smooth one. 美国正面临重大的国际金融危机,同时还在海外进行著两场战争。此时此刻,有充分的理由要确保第43任总统的权力向第44任总统顺利过渡。But the past two Democratic presidents had their share of problems early on, even though both had Democratic majorities in the Congress. 此前的两位民主党总统在上任之初都遇到了问题,尽管当时的国会都由民主党控制。Bill Clinton moved slowly to put his team in place after the 1992 election, and he immediately got bogged down in a politically divisive debate over gays in the U.S. military.Jimmy Carter's transition team prepared well before the 1976 election. But that did not stop in-fighting among White House aides or conflicts among congressional Democrats early in his administration. 卡特的过渡班子在1976年选举前准备充分,但却未能制止卡特政府初期白宫助手间的内斗和国会民主党人之间的冲突。Aly, some experts see the Obama team as better prepared to deal with the transition and the first days of governing. 目前,一些专家认为,奥巴马的班子为交接工作和开始治理国家做好了更充分的准备。John Fortier is a political expert at the American Enterprise Institute and a guest on VOA's Encounter program. 约翰.福蒂埃是美国企业研究所政治专家,他在美国之音的节目中谈及对这个问题的看法。"I think Obama actually has a chance to do better, certainly than the last two Democratic presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both of whom had very rocky starts even though they had Democratic congresses," said John Fortier. 福蒂埃说:“我认为奥巴马确实有可能做得更好,肯定会比前两位民主党总统卡特和克林顿做得好。卡特和克林顿当选后,虽然民主党掌控著国会,但他们两人最初的日子却非常不顺。”Former presidents Clinton and Carter were Washington outsiders bent on reforming government. Fortier says Mr. Obama may have an advantage in having served in the Senate for the past four years. 前总统克林顿和卡特都是华盛顿的圈外人,一心要改造政府。福蒂埃说,奥巴马过去4年在参议院的经历可能对他有帮助。"Also, Barack Obama seems to be showing that he understands the need for Washington experience," he said. "He did this as a junior senator. Many of our recent presidents have been outsiders who in some ways thumbed their nose at the Washington ways and brought in too many people from their home state."  他说:“另外,奥巴马似乎在表明,他知道华盛顿经验的重要性。他是作为一个新科参议员获得这些经验的。最近我们一些总统完全是圈外人,对华盛顿的行为方式不屑一顾,而且从自己的家乡州带来了太多的人。”Like Clinton and Carter, Obama will have a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. Democrats in particular have high expectations to quickly change the direction of the country, something they may have to temper early in the new administration. 像克林顿和卡特政府一样,奥巴马也将面临一个民主党在参众两院都占多数的国会。民主党人特别热切地期待著迅速改变国家的方向,但在新政府上任之初,他们可能不得不让这种热望降一降温。Tom DeFrank is Washington bureau chief for the New York Daily News who has long covered U.S. presidential politics.  汤姆.德弗兰克是纽约日报华盛顿记者站主任,长期以来报导美国总统政治。"What I am being told the Obama people are going to do is to start out with things where they are guaranteed legislative successes, things that will unite the party and will be popular in the country and don't cost a lot of money," said Tom DeFrank. 他说:“我得知,奥巴马一班人首先要从那些保能在国会通过的事情上下手,也就是那些既能团结民主党、又能得到全国民众的持,同时又不用花很多钱的事情。”Obama won the election in large part because Americans want a different approach on the economy, the number one issue in this year's campaign. 奥巴马之所以赢得选举,在很大程度上是因为美国人希望改变经济政策,而经济是今年竞选的头号议题。Analyst Stuart Rothenberg expects congressional Democrats to defer to the new president as he shapes his economic agenda. 分析人士斯图尔特.罗腾堡认为,在奥巴马制定经济计划的时候,国会民主党人会听从新总统的意见。"I think the president is going to dictate the agenda early on, and I have a hard time believing that huge elements of the [Democratic] Party are going to reject some of his individual initiatives, especially if they are jobs programs, public works programs and even health care," said Stuart Rothenberg. 罗腾堡说:“我认为总统上任之初就会对经济计划做出指示,而且我很难相信民主党多数人会拒绝接受他的一些计划和建议,特别是如果这些计划是关于就业和公共工程项目,甚至是关于医保问题的。”Republicans are also offering the president-elect some advice. Ken Duberstein worked for former President Ronald Reagan. Duberstein says when Reagan was first elected in 1980, Republicans urged him to take on a wide variety of domestic issues in the early days of his administration. 共和党人也对当选总统提出了一些忠告。肯.杜贝斯坦曾为前总统里根工作。他谈到,里根1980年第一次当选的时候,共和党人敦促他在上任之初先着手处理各种各样的国内问题。"And the Reagan answer was, no, we are going to focus the country on one major priority," said Ken Duberstein. "That may have some sub-parts to it, but everything we do is going to be about economic recovery." 他说:“里根的回答是,不,我们要让国家把精力集中在一个优先问题上。这个优先重点可能会有一些附带的问题,但我们所做到一切都将是为了经济复苏。”Another hopeful sign for this transition is the early cooperation between the Obama team and the Bush White House. 这次总统交接工作中另一个令人鼓舞的迹象是奥巴马团队和布什的白宫之间从现在就开始的合作。Political expert Norman Ornstein spoke about that on VOA's Press Conference USA program. 政治问题专家诺曼.奥恩斯坦在美国之音的节目中谈到这一点。"The biggest change is that President Bush, to his everlasting credit, is stepping in with a new transition council and with a very direct effort to try and bring the team that was elected up to speed on national security issues beginning the day after the election," said Norman Ornstein. 他说:“最大的变化就是,布什总统组建了一个新的过渡班子,付出了非常直接的努力,从选举后的第二天开始,就全面透彻地向新当选团队介绍国家安全问题。这要归功于布什总统。”Barack Obama will take the oath of office as the 44th president on January 20 of next year. 巴拉克.奥巴马明年1月20号将宣誓就任,成为美国第44任总统。200811/55876重庆星辰医院丰胸手术

大足区鼻翼整形多少钱 Death just isn't what it used to be. Once a month, followers attend mass at the Santa Muerte Shrine and pray to the so-called Death Saint, often depicted as a skeleton dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe, or in a long flowing white gown. Santa Muerte is one of several unofficial folk saints, most commonly worshipped by the poor in Mexico. Reportedly, a growing number of immigrants who come to the U.S. are bringing the practice of Santa Muerte with them. The skeletal symbol, representing death, is most commonly associated with the feast of the Day of the Dead, held each year on November 2nd. Rodrigo Lemus, a follower of Santa Muerte, built the shrine in her honor. Every year, I bring Saint Death mariachi(一种墨西哥的音乐表演形式), and every 22nd of every month, she has her Mass. The Catholic Church does not recognize the group and condemns Santa Muerte, linking it to black magic, devil worshipping and cults(宗教崇拜).It's said that they’re bishops, priests in masses. But they are not part of the Roman Catholic Church. You could say that they’re false Catholics. Mexican authorities have reportedly linked the worship of the Saint to various criminal activities. Devotees say the saint is not bad, but like any other official Catholic saint. We also have marriages, baptisms and all of that. Often we perform these services because the Roman Catholics won't for lots of reasons, one of them, because we are devoted to Saint Death. In downtown Guadalajara , a few blocks away from the Roman Catholic Cathedral, is the corona market where shoppers can buy Santa Muerte artifacts such as candles , books and figures. People are devoted to her. They believe she is a Saint, and maybe she is. But more than anything it's their faith and devotion that moves them to buy these kinds of products. However, the Catholic Church remains unmoved. Many times, people are looking for magic answers, and well, they won't find that in Catholic Church, but they think they'll find that in Saint Death.200812/59674重庆市第十医院诊所重庆大坪医院医术信得过?



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