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Matt Lauer: Well! He played the struggling actor on the hit show Friends, but actor Matt Leblanc isn't struggling at all. He's played Joey Tribbiani for more than a decade now. And now he's saying how are you doing to another season of the spinoff "Joey". On Tonight's episode: Joey is on the set of his new movie alongside John Larry Kat.--Joey Tribbiani, Benjaman Awkwood.--Wow! I know you. I saw you do Shakespeare on Broadway when I was a kid.--Oh, 'Twelfth Night'?--Well, I don't remember the date, no.Matt Lauer: Matt Leblanc, good morning. Good to see you.Matt Leblanc: You too, how are you?Matt Lauer: So, so you got a movie!Matt Leblanc: Joey gets his big break this year, yeah~~.Matt Lauer: This is huge.Tell me about your thoughts, I mean, you know, not Joey's thoughts, but your thoughts. Going into the season Number 2 and how that compares to when this was all starting a year ago.Matt Leblanc: Uh, Well, you know, it's like, it's like any new show. And it's a, it's a little bit weird, because a lot of people feel like, well, it's, in some way, it's a continuation of Friends, but it's not really. It's really a brand new show. We just have a leg up, where we have a character that people aly know and seem to care about. And going into the second season, I think it's a little less pressure than it was last year. But still there's, you know, always that pressure to perform. So it's kind of ...It's kind of a grey area where we're just kind of feeling my way through it.Matt Lauer: So much has been made, change has been made on the show in between seasons, there are some new writers. That's one of the major areas. So how is that affecting the script you seeing for season two?Matt Leblanc: Uh, I think the stories are bigger. The models-sort of bigger, faster, funnier. We've got the character, like a buddy for Joey to have. So you can get out of the house more, open up the show and that enables us to have L.A., be more of a center, set piece in the show. (It's a backdrop.)Matt Lauer: Instead of your shows it's a backdrop.Matt Leblanc: Instead of just being in the apartment all the time. And this year he will be getting out, and the biggest thing probably is that he's getting his big break and star's rising.Matt Lauer: You mentioned adding a friend , Zac is the character's name. And in the press, they started right, Ok, he's trying to create another Chandler. And you've been quick to say no. We're not trying to clone Chandler. Matt Leblanc: No, no, no. It's uh,...I think that would be...that would be a mistake to try to do that. That was a such a great dynamic, the Joey-Chandler thing. This is...It's a new relationship. He's a guy…He's completely different than what Chandler was. Zac is sort of a schemer, scammer, and always has an angle, always has something going on, always has his eye on the back door or to something. And Joey, who is an innocent, gets sort of dragged into these plots that Zac comes up with and his honesty and his charm gets the both of them out of trouble that Zac gets him into.Matt Lauer: When Friends was started more than a decade ago, you were kind of unknown, it was a big break in your career.These days, your life is different. You're married. You have a daughter. I'm assuming you're not hurt from money. So how does that affect your attitude in terms of this whole career picture now?Matt Leblanc: Well, I do my best to try to...to try to keep them separate, you know. It's just as important to me now as it was then, I mean, I wanna do good work. I push the writers to make it as good and as rich and colorful as it can be...Matt Lauer: But you don't depend on them to put food on the table any more?Matt Leblanc: No, that I don't. I mean, that pressure's off. Now it's just sort of, it's ...but the different thing now as before when I was just starting now, if it didn't go so good, no one would really... I wouldn't catch the heat for it, but now sort of as, you know, as an experienced veteran, I guess you can call me, it's, ok,better be good now, it's gonna land in your laps. So it's kinda like you trade one side of promise for another. But it's all good promise to have, no complaints.Matt Lauer: Wow, we're thrilled you're back on N, so it's good to have you here in New York. Come on back and see us.Matt Leblanc: Good to see you, absolutely good to see you, absolutely.Matt Lauer: Now come on, and by the way, you can catch Joey tonight at 8/7 central time right here at N.200807/44529Writing was on the wall for Chuck Prince wasn't it?Writing was on the wall for Chuck prince not just related to the sub-prime crisis and the additional four maybe eight billion of asset write-downs we will see in the fourth quarter or quarter one next year ,but also because the citi, oh, sorry, wall street had questioned severely whether he was the right man in the first place. the succession issue following on from Sandy Weill back in 2003, was never, was never liked by the street.yeah, their exposure to the subprime market is big but it's not that big,it's enough, it's not enough to cause the major damage to the company.well,you're both right and wrong in saying it. This is half the problem,we don't actually know what the total exposure to the SIVs, or to the pa(per), to essentially the paper , that is floating around the world so it clearly is substantially higher than I think has been alluded to by Chuck prince in the very confident statement he made a few months ago.what I most gonna say is that the bigger of the two problems for Chuck Prince was the, was citigroup itself, that the unveiled the nature of the business.That's absolutely right .I mean, it, to be fair to him, he came in 2003 as a lawyer. And now that's a problem because he had precious little banking experience he was thrust to the Enron issues that didn't help his cost base was far too high the investors don't believe that he has brought that down fast enough and so on and so forth and now we have this the sub-prime situation which is what 3 months old today in terms of the way that markets have given the banking set to the clout, you know a real clouty.yeah we've, this problem will get worse not better.Stan O'neal last week Chuck prince over the weekend , who's next ?Well,I think there is a lot of pressure on the Bear Stearns, because Bear Stearns was the, was where this should really came to a head but of course European banks aren't out of the morrow either, I mean BNP paribas they've had, they've had exposure ,Is there a bank in, a major bank in Europe and in the US that hasn't had exposure so all of them will be seriously questioned by the investors, so I think this is the, this is only the start of the pile.Notes:SIV: A structured investment vehicle (SIV) is a fixed income maturity transformation fund, similar to a CDO or Conduit. 200807/43634

US Funding Aims to Boost Renewable Energy美国拨6亿美元研发新能源技术 The ed States plans to spend 0 million in coming years to propel development of renewable fuels and other new energy solutions. The funding goes along with millions that private investors are spending to find ways to cut the nation's dependence on oil. VOA's Brian Wagner recently met with business and research leaders striving to find the best new energy solutions. 美国计划在今后几年的时间里耗资6亿美元来推动可再生燃料以及其他新能源的开发。与此同时,私人投资者也正在花费数以亿计的美元寻找使美国摆脱对石油依赖的途径。美国之音记者最近采访了那些正在寻找最佳新能源解决办法的企业和研究界的领袖。The future of alternative energy appears to be rich, whether it is the potential of new biofuels, citrus peel or farm waste products to supply new energy sources. 不管是用新生物燃料、桔子皮还是农场废物产品来作为新的能源来源,替代能源的未来看起来丰富多。At a recent conference in Florida, green entrepreneurs met with researchers and farmers to plot the industry's future. Scores of research firms are developing conversion methods to process a variety of raw materials into ethanol. Farmers are finding ways to turn long overlooked products, like livestock manure and non-food crops, into fuel supplies. 最近在佛罗里达举行的一个研讨会上,绿色企业家与研究人员和农场主聚集一堂,为这个工业的未来进行规划。几十家研究公司正在研究把各种各样的原材料转化成乙醇的方法。农场主正在寻找把动物粪便以及非食品作物等长期忽略的产品转换成燃油的途径。Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer told delegates that green energy is creating great new opportunities for the U.S. economy, especially in the farming sector. 美国农业部长谢福尔(Ed Schafer)对会议代表表示,绿色能源正在为美国经济创造很好的新机会,特别是在蓄牧业。"There is no turning back from a future in which more of our energy resources are grown and harvested in a sensible way," he said. "That means agriculture is going to be right in the middle of the game." 他说:“以合理的方法来种植和收获更多能源来源的前途是不可逆转的。这意味著,农业将处于这场运动的核心位置。”Schafer said, under a newly approved farm bill, officials plan to spend 0 million over the next five years to develop and implement new energy technologies, including biofuel crops. That comes in addition to million aly being spent. 谢福尔表示,根据新通过的农业法案,政府计划在今后5年拨出6亿美元用于开发和实施新的能源技术,包括生物燃料作物。在此之前,政府已经花费了3千5百万美元。Green entrepreneurs say federal support is crucial to propel development of advanced technologies that are needed for new energy solutions. Federal loans also are an important tool to give nascent projects the chance to develop into successful businesses. 绿色企业家说,联邦政府的持对于推动开发新能源所必需的先进技术是至关重要的。联邦贷款也是给刚刚起步的项目有机会发展成成功的企业的一个重要工具。Some business leaders say government spending still is not enough to offset oil expenditures in the ed States, which consumes about 20 million barrels of oil each day. Agriculture Secretary Schafer faced some tough questions from green business leaders at the recent conference.  一些商界领袖表示,政府的出仍然不足以抵消美国在石油上的花费。美国每天消耗2千万桶石油。在最近的研讨会上,绿色商业领袖对农业部长谢福尔提出了一些很棘手的问题。"Investing 30 million, 50 million even 100 million seems very small in comparison with the opportunities and the size of the problem," said one attendee. 这个提问的人说:“与这一问题提供的机会和规模相比,投资3千万、5千万甚至1亿都显得微不足道。”Schafer said he agrees that more money should be spent, and that is why officials are trying to encourage more private investment. 谢福尔说,他也认为应该投入更多的钱,而且这也是为什么政府官员正在鼓励更多的私人投资。"It is not just a government effort, it is private sector, too," he says. "But we are not spending enough money. We are just saying let that oil come in from overseas and we are not doing enough about it." 他说:“这不仅是政府的努力,也是私营部门的努力。但是,的确,我们没有投入足够多的钱。我们所说的是,让那些石油从海外流进来,我们对此没有做出足够的行动。”In Florida, officials are trying to capitalize on the boom in green technology. Governor Charlie Crist has sought to expand energy research programs at state universities and ordered energy companies to begin offering more electricity from renewable sources. He says his goal is to draw green businesses to the state. 在佛罗里达,政府官员正在试图从绿色技术的兴旺中获得好处。该州州长克里斯特试图在州立大学扩大能源研究项目,而且让能源公司从可再生能源中提供更多的电力。他说,他的目标就是把绿色生意吸引到这个州来。"I believe that Florida can be the green technology hub of America, and clearly the equivalent of the Silicon Valley of green," he says. "Florida can be known as energy and green industry leaders throughout the world." 他说:“我相信,佛罗里达可以成为美国绿色技术的中心,很明显,这相当于绿色的硅谷。佛罗里达可以作为一个全球的能源和绿色行业领袖而闻名。”Alan Hodges, an agricultural economist at the University of Florida, has been following the renewable energy field for more than 20 years. He says federal and state initiatives have created a unique climate for growth now. 佛罗里达大学的农业经济学家霍金斯跟踪可再生能源领域的动态已经有20多年的时间了。他说,目前,联邦政府和州政府的倡议已经创造了一个独特的增长环境。"There is tremendous interest right now," he says. "I don't think there has ever been more interest than there is now, and it is all because of high oil prices." 他说:“现在对这个问题有巨大的兴趣。我不认为以前任何时候有现在的兴趣大。而这是因为高企的石油价格。”Government and private sector interest in new energy has come and gone before.  政府和私营部门以前也对新能源表示过兴趣,但是后来这种兴趣又没有了。Joseph Weissman of Aurora Biofuels has been researching the potential of growing algae as a potential source of fuel oil since the oil crisis of the late 1970s. As certain algae grow, they produce oils that can be harvested and converted into fuel. He said government funds helped advance his work until gasoline prices dropped a few years later, and public funding disappeared.  Aurora生物燃料公司的魏斯曼自从上个世纪70年代的石油危机以来一直在研究种植海藻作为燃油的可能性。一些海藻在生长期间会产生出可以提取而且可以转换成燃料的油。他说,政府资金帮助推动了他在这方面的研究工作,但是几年后汽油价格下跌了,公共资金就消失了。He says the involvement of more private money will help ensure the development of new energy technologies into the future. 他说,更多的私人资金的参与将有助于确保新的能源技术在今后得到发展。"That was lacking in the past, it was all government money," Weissman says. "Plus government money isn't driven by the same forces. When someone [private investor] has invested money in something they will see it through one way or another. The government may change its mind overnight." 他说:“过去这方面一直缺乏,只有政府的资金。另外,政府的钱并不受到同样力量的驱使。当私人投资者在某个东西上投了资的话,不管怎么样,他们都会坚持下去。但政府可能一夜之间就会改变想法。”Researchers say it is difficult to determine whether algae or another technology is the most promising for the future, and when the general public can expect to see the benefits. But they agree that energy costs will continue to remain high, driving further interest in new energy sources in the future. 研究人员说,很难确定海藻还是另外一个技术在今后是最有前途的。他们也不知道什么时候普通民众可以看到好处。但是他们一致认为,能源成本将继续保持在高位,从而会进一步推动在今后开发新能源的兴趣。200808/46435

Rice Cites Progress in Russia-Georgia Mediation Efforts赖斯称俄罗斯须遵守停火承诺  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, speaking after telephone consultations with big-power foreign ministers, said there has been progress in European mediation efforts on the Russia-Georgia conflict. Rice said Moscow must abide by its stated promise to halt military operations. 美国国务卿赖斯在同世界大国外长进行电话磋商后说,欧洲国家为俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突作出的调解努力已经取得进展。赖斯说,莫斯科必须遵守其停止军事行动的承诺。Rice is welcoming the apparent progress in the French-led mediation effort with Russia and Georgia but says further steps to defuse the crisis depend on the warring parties making good on their stated intention to cease hostilities. 赖斯欢迎法国主导的俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突斡旋努力所取得的明显进展。不过她说,化解危机所要采取的进一步行动,取决于交战双方信守各自公开表达的有意停止敌对状态的承诺。Rice, speaking at the White House after meeting President Bush, said she and fellow foreign ministers of the G7 Industrial powers had been given a telephone briefing from French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on the mission to Moscow by French President Nikolas Sarkozy. 赖斯在和布什总统会见后在白宫说,她和另外七个工业化集团国家的外交部长听取了法国外长库什内的电话情况介绍。库什内受法国总统萨尔科齐的派遣,前往莫斯科执行斡旋使命。"They believe that they made have made some progress and we welcome that, we welcome the EU mediation," she said. "It is very important now that all parties cease-fire. The Georgians have agreed to the cease-fire. The Russians need to stop their military operations, as they apparently have said that they will. But those military operations really do now need to stop." 赖斯说:“他们认为已经取得一些进展,我们对此表示欢迎。我们欢迎欧盟的调解。各方现在必须停火,这一点很重要。格鲁吉亚已经同意停火。俄罗斯应当停止他们的军事行动,因为他们已经表示要停火。俄罗斯的军事行动现在的确必须停止。”Rice said a cease-fire would be followed by the withdrawal of forces from the zone of conflict, and efforts to resolve the long-running conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but not, she made clear, by redrawing the current borders of Georgia. 赖斯说,停火后应从冲突地区撤出军队,并努力解决长期以来围绕南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹的冲突。但是她明确表示,不是要重新划定格鲁吉亚目前的边界。"I want to make very clear that the ed States stands for the territorial integrity of Georgia, for the sovereignty of Georgia, that we support its democratically-elected government and its people," said Rice. "We are reviewing our options for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance for Georgia." 赖斯说:“我想非常明确地表示,美国持格鲁吉亚的领土完整,持格鲁吉亚的主权。我们持格鲁吉亚经过民主选举产生的政府和格鲁吉亚人民。我们正在评估对格鲁吉亚提供人道主义和重建援助的选择。”The two Georgian regions, both of which border Russia and have large ethnic-Russian populations, have resisted central Georgian authority since the former Soviet republic became independent in 1991. 格鲁吉亚的南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹两个地区同俄罗斯接壤,有大量的俄罗斯族人口。自从1991年格鲁吉亚这个前苏联加盟共和国宣布独立以来,南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹一直在抗拒格鲁吉亚中央政府的权威。Russia says it intervened last week after Georgian forces tried to capture South Ossetia. But State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood reiterated Tuesday that Russian retaliation, including wide-ranging air strikes, went far beyond any notion of trying to protect Russians living in South Ossetia. 俄罗斯说,他们上个星期在格鲁吉亚军队试图占领南奥塞梯之后采取了干涉行动。但是美国国务院副发言人伍德星期二重申,俄罗斯的报复行动,其中包括大范围空袭,远远超出设法保护居住在南奥塞梯俄罗斯人的任何借口。"It was pure aggression on the part of Russia," he said. "They overreacted. This is not an issue of trying to just protect your citizens. Attacking civilians, attacking a member of the ed Nations the way they did, that was just uncalled for." 美国国务院副发言人伍德说:“俄罗斯是在进行彻头彻尾的侵略。他们反应过激。这决非什么仅仅设法保护俄罗斯公民的问题。用这种方式攻击平民,攻击一个联合国成员国,是毫无道理的。”President Bush Tuesday continued international phone contacts in support of the peace effort, calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after a late-night discussion Monday with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. 布什总统星期二继续通过国际电话联系,持和平努力。布什星期一深夜同格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利举行了电话磋商之后,还同德国总理默克尔和意大利总理贝卢斯科尼通了电话。Mr. Bush, in a somber White House statement before that call, termed Moscow's military drive and seeming effort to depose Georgia's elected government "unacceptable" behavior in the 21st century. 在打电话之前,布什发表了一份措辞严峻的白宫声明。声明把莫斯科的军事行动,以及推翻格鲁吉亚民选政府的明显意图说成是在21世纪“不可接受的”行为。200808/45825

With the spider exposed, it's now a battle between the wasp's paralyzing sting and the spider's jaws. But the wasp has quick reflexes. Cornered, the spider now plays its trump card. Hurling itself down the dune, it flips into a wheel. Traveling at over 40 turns a second, it makes a dizzy dash for freedom. Safe, at last.Back up the dune, the wasp is left standing, chasing the scent of its vanished meal. Instinct honed over time, governs much of the life in the Namib. But some creatures also have to learn how to conquer these sands, using knowledge passed down over generations.African elephants are so resourceful, they can survive even here in the heart of the desert. Elephants have remarkable powers of memory. Though this desert is more than 2 million square kilometers in size, 100 or so elephants it supports know precisely where to find enough to eat and drink. It takes a lot of food, up to 300 kilos a day to feed the world's largest land animal. And all of that -from a desert. But there's one plant here, the Nara, whose roots draw water from deep underground. Each year it produces a bumper crop of melons. Elephants just love them.words and expressions:1.paralyzing:使瘫痪的paralyze: make powerless and unable to function(eg.:The bureaucracy paralyzes the entire operation.)2.reflex:mental reaction反射,反映3.flip:翻跳(eg.:The car flipped;The fish flipped on the deck.)4.Elephants have remarkable powers of memory. Often,when we describe someone's amazing memory capacity, we always say:"You have an elephant's memory."5.bumper:1.缓冲器 2.丰盛的(eg.:a bumper harvest/year)200807/44686

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