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.variation [.ve.ri.ei..n]n.变化,变动;变体,变种;变奏(曲)

536. violet a. 紫色的

生产前后有什么变化?一张图片告诉你 -- :: 来源: 近日,一位澳大利亚的妈妈在脸书上晒出了自己生产前和生产后的照片,照片中,生产后的她身材略发福,她之前并不喜欢自己的身材,但现在说这个身材赋予自己勇气和动力,可以做更多事 One Australian mother took to Facebook to show off her post-baby body, but it’s a bee and after photo you may not expect.一位澳大利亚的妈妈在脸书上晒出了自己的产后照,但你可能没想到,这竟是生产前后对比照"No, this isn’t a bee and after shot of weight loss. But it is a victory story," blogger Laura Mazza wrote as the caption.“不,这不是一张减肥前和减肥后的对比照但这是个成功的故事,”主劳拉·马扎标题中写道The mother of two posted one "bee" photo of herself with flat and toned abs, which she took bee having her two children -- Luca, , and Sofia, 7 months -- and an after photo, showing off her new body. The photos have now gone viral, being liked more than ,000 times.这位两个孩子的母亲晒出了产前的一张照片,照片中她毫无赘肉,拥有完美的马甲线这是在生产两个孩子之前拍摄的,孩子一个叫卢卡,两岁,另一个叫索菲亚,七个月大还有一张产后的照片,展示的是她全新的身材这两张照片迅速在网络走红,被点赞超过000次On the right is me now. Stretch marks. A droopy belly button. Thicker, not many bones protruding, but more dimples that represent cellulite," she wrote.右边的是我现在的样子有妊辰纹、肚脐下垂、厚厚的脂肪,几乎看不见骨头,相反肥胖纹越来越多,”她写道"The scars and stretch marks and jiggly tummy is because I made humans," Mazza continued. "I ate a little more cake, I drank a little more wine. I made mug cakes at 9 p.m. and snuggled on the couch with my husband. But some reason, I didn’t love this body. It’s sad."“因为生小孩,我出现了疤痕、妊娠纹和胖肚子,”马扎继续说道“我吃一点蛋糕,喝一点酒在晚上9点做杯子蛋糕,之后和我的丈夫依偎在沙发上但出于某种原因,我不喜欢这个身体这个身体让人悲伤”Mazza, 30, told A News she posted her bee and after photos because she’s now learning to appreciate her new body and wants other moms too as well.30岁的马扎告诉美国广播公司新闻网她之所以晒出她生产前后的照片是因为她现在正在学习欣赏她的新身体,她希望其他的妈妈也能这样"This was definitely one of those moments where I wanted to share it with other women so they know they’re not alone and it’s okay to be okay with the wonder that is your body now," she said.“这一时刻,我十分想与其他女性分享,所以她们知道她们并不孤独,同时喜欢你现在身体的改变也是很好的,”她说"No one else has your body, only you. It’s capable of so much. When you appreciate what you have now, you learn to love yourself more and nurture your body in the right ways," Mazza added.“没有人拥有你的身体,除了你你的身体能做许多事情当你感激你现在拥有的东西,你要学会更爱自己,学会用正确的方式保养自己的身体,”马扎补充道The mother of two continued, "This body has made me fearless, I could jump out of a plane now! I gave birth and made life. It was the biggest fear of mine. I thought I wouldn’t survive childbirth and I did. And I can do a lot more."这位两个孩子的母亲接着说道,“这个身体让我无所畏惧,我现在可以从飞机上往外跳的!我生下了孩子,创造了生命怀生子曾是我最大的担忧我之前以为我不将活着生下孩子,但是我成功了现在我能做更多的事情”It doesn’t hurt that Mazza’s husband Domenic also loves her curvier body.马扎的丈夫多梅尼克也喜欢她富有曲线的身材,这并不令人伤心"He seems to be more attached to my butt lately so I might say that’s his favorite part," she quipped.“他最近对我的屁股似乎更感兴趣,所以我可能会说这是他最喜欢的部位,”她打趣道


英国央行降息 英镑再次暴跌 -- :: 来源: 近日,英国央行发布了降息和其他一些经济刺激措施,导致伦敦富时0指数小幅上升1.6% The action, although widely expected, prompted the pound to fall by 1.5% against the dollar.尽管外界广泛预测到了英国央行的这一举措,但是仍然导致英镑下跌,兑美元汇率下降了1.5%The FTSE 0 closed up 1 points at 6,70., higher than the same day last year.伦敦富时0指数上涨了1点,最终收于670.点,高于去年同期The pound was down 1.5% against the dollar at .30 and was down 1.3% against the euro at 1.99 euro.英镑兑美元汇率下降了1.5%,目前汇率是一英镑兑1.30美元目前英镑兑欧元汇率是一英镑兑1.99欧元,下降了1.3%"We got a Goldilocks dose of stimulus from the Bank of England today, not too dovish and certainly not too hawkish," said Neil Wilson, markets analysts at ETX Capital.ETX资本市场分析师尼尔·威尔森说道:“今天英格兰发布的这些政策的刺激程度刚刚好,既不保守也不冒进”"The inclusion of corporate bonds in the QE programme is noteworthy. It’s going to deliver another sugar rush the FTSE 0 and it’s no doubt going to spur additional borrowing by investment-grade companies who can then use the funds to finance share buy backs," he said.尼尔森说道:“将公司债券列入量化宽松政策这一做法是值得注意的伦敦富时0指数将会再次迎来一个高点,而这毫无疑问会刺激投资级公司额外借款,这些公司可以用这笔资金来回购股票”"The weaker pound is also good news the blue chip index, as earnings predominantly come from abroad," Mr Wilson added.“对于蓝筹股指数来说,弱势的英镑也是一个好消息,因为他们的盈利主要来自于国外”Move ’expected’朝着预期前进Another analyst pointed out that both the FTSE 0 and the pound have been stuck in a range weeks.另一位分析师指出,在此前数周,伦敦富时0指数和英镑都保持在一个范围之内"What is interesting... is that this still leaves both instruments [FTSE 0 and pounddollar] within the same trading brackets they have been bouncing around the last few weeks, reflecting, perhaps, the extent to which today’s action from Carney and co. was expected," said Connor Campbell, financial analyst at SpEx.SpEx金融分析师康纳·坎贝尔说道:“有趣的是,这一措施仍然使得这两个工具(伦敦富时0指数和英镑兑美元汇率)处于和过去同样的贸易范围之内,在过去的几周里,这两大工具都在这个范围内上下起伏这反映出也许在某种程度上,外界预期到了卡尼尔(英国央行行长)会采取这样的行动”"It also doesn’t necessarily give either the UK index or sterling any fresh direction the coming weeks and months, leaving both at the mercy of the next wave of Brexit-impacted data," he said.他说道:“在未来的几周或几个月里,这也不一定给伦敦富时指数和英镑带来什么新的变化,使得两者将受下一次英国退欧影响数据的摆布”Market movers市场推动者The biggest loser on London’s leading index was pharmaceutical company Hikma. It plunged by % after a late release on Wednesday, warning profit at its generic drugs would fall this year.在伦敦富时0指数中受损最大的是制药公司希克玛该公司在周三晚间发布了一份报告,显示非专利药部门的利润今年将会下降,从而导致该公司股价下跌%Insurance giant Aviva was a winner, rising 7% after announcing a % half-year operating profit rise.保险业巨头英杰华是一个赢家,在公布了半年期营业利润上升%的消息后,该公司股价上涨了7%Outsourcing company Serco was up % after it raised its profit ecast the second time this year.外包公司信佳今年第二次调高了盈利预测,从而导致该公司股价大涨%It voiced a positive note on Brexit, saying it could bring opporties - as well as costs.这显示出了英国退欧的积极一面,虽然可能带来来成本的上升,但是也会带来更多的机遇Standard Chartered Bank saw another good share price rise of 5%, building on Wednesday’s .% gain on results.渣打的股价又上升了5%,而该在周三的时候就已经上涨了.%

k n.餐叉;叉;分叉

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