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上饶隆胸价格上饶万年县切双眼皮多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470017上饶横峰县哪家割双眼皮比较好 TED演讲视频:认识你的微生物群落我们的身体上覆盖了海量的微生物——其中有致病的病原体,也有我们了解甚少,可能在维持我们健康的“好”微生物。在 TEDMED,微生物学家乔纳森·艾森分享了人类目前对这些微生物的认识,包括一些意想不到的利用这些益生菌群的方式。0 201704/502262栏目简介:A Polish agricultural delegation was in town yesterday to promote meat products. Shanghai was its third and final leg following stops in Chengdu and Beijing. Meanwhile, the first freight train from Chengdu to Polands Lodz departed yesterday carrying a full load of electronics and other consumer goods. It will arrive in Poland in 15 days. Sun Caiqin has more...201701/488464上饶市韩美整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱

上饶市立医院韩式三点多少钱This would have been the hold for the ship,but today with the sea washing in and out,这应该就是船舱 但随着海水的冲刷its effectively created a giant aquarium,a haven for sea life.这里变成了巨大的水族馆 一个海洋生物的避难所Quite an eerie feel to it, this place.Thats a crab.Try to get him out.好诡异啊 小螃蟹 抓住了There will be loads of these living down here,but you know, I dont want to eat this raw.这儿会有很多他的同伴 但它这样 我可不敢生吃I have done it before. Ended up sick.Its gonna be full of parasites.我以前试过 结果病了一场 这家伙身上肯定长满了寄生虫Finding something alive in the engine room is a good indicator that the water is not polluted.在发动机舱找到生物是个好兆头 说明这里的水没有被污染Theres an octopus clinging onto the hull.See if we can get him out of here.There you go.这里有只章鱼吸附在船身上 看看能不能把它揪下来 行了See, hes clinging on with all his tentacles.看 它是用触角来吸附在物体上的Thats how he grips but hes got a beak in the center of it There. You want to watch out for him.You can get a nasty nasty bite, that.也靠触角来抓住东西 但它身体中间有一个喙 就是这里 碰上它你可得小心了 被它咬上一口可不是好玩的But hes gonna be good to eat.You see the eyes there.但它可以生吃 看到这里的眼睛了吗Quick way of killing this,bite straight between them sever the nerves.Okay.快速弄死它的方法 就是在两眼中间咬一口 切断它的神经 好了You know, you can just munch on the tentacles of this,just like that. Its gonna be tough as hell.可以直接吃这些触角 就像这根 但是会非常难嚼Better on a platter at a seaside resort with family around and a bit of mayo.最好放在一个大盘子里 蘸着蛋黄酱 跟家人在海滨度假胜地享用than like this.when needs must, thats gonna keep you alive.比这样吃好多了 但极端情况下 这个可以让你活命201611/479590上饶地区人民医院瘦腿针多少钱 Youve probably seen a dog tilt its head in response to a weird noise or something you said. Its super cute, but why do they do it?你一定见过对奇怪的噪音或你的话做出歪头的反应吧。超级可爱的说,但是它们为什么要歪头呢?The answers not entirely clear, and there hasnt been any peer-reviewed research about it.我们还不是很清楚其中奥秘,也不曾有对其做过研究。But a couple of scientists hypothesize that head-tilting might help dogs see and hear us better.不过,有几位科学家假设,歪头可能会帮助们更好的观察、倾听我们。One popular idea comes from a 2013 blog post by a psychologist named Stanley Coren,2013年,一位名叫Stanley Coren的心理学家在客上发表了一篇大家普遍认可的观点,who studies dogs and their behaviors, among other things.这位心理学家主要研究及它们的行为等。He thinks that puzzled tilt means a dog is trying to see you better.他认为让人摸不着头脑的歪头,代表着想更好的看清你。When you speak to someone, dog or otherwise, you express a lot of emotion with the lower half of your face.当你和某人或等说话时,你的大部分表情会通过脸的下半部分来表达。And according to a small 2015 study, it seems like our canine companions can tell the difference between facial expressions that show emotion, like happiness or anger.根据2015年的一项小研究,似乎我们的犬类同伴能够分辨表达情绪的面部表情,如开心或生气。But a dog with a bigger muzzle might not be able to see your smile or frown clearly,但是鼻口部较大的可能看不清你的微笑或皱眉,so Coren suggests that tilting helps them get a better view.所以,Coren认为歪头能够帮助它们仔细观察。He tested this idea by surveying 582 dog owners online, asking them to describe their dogs breed or head shape,通过对582名主人做在线调查,Coren对这个观点进行了检测。Coren要求主人描述他们的种类或头型,and then rate how frequently their dogs do the head-tilting thing.并估计们歪头的频率。The data were split into two groups. One was brachycephalic dogs with flatter faces like pugs;数据被分为两组。一组是扁平脸的短头,如八哥犬;and the other was a mix of mesaticephalic dogs with medium muzzles like beagles and dolichocephalic dogs with long noses like greyhounds.另一组是中等鼻口的中型头,如猎犬和长鼻子长头,如灰的混合组。In Corens survey, 71% of owners of bigger-muzzled dogs reported that their pups ;frequently;, ;most of the time; or ;always; tilt their heads when spoken to,在Coren的调查中,71%的大鼻口的主人称,在和他们的说话时,它们“经常”、“大部分时间”、“总是”歪头,as opposed to only 52% of owners of smaller-muzzled dogs.而仅有52%的小鼻口主人反映过这种情况。That, he says, is a statistically significant difference, but 52% is still a lot of dogs, so this probably isnt the whole story.Coren表示,从数据上来看,差别非常明显,但是52%仍是相当大的比例。因此,该观点并不能代表整个事情的原委。A psychologist who runs a dog cognition lab named Alexandra Horowitz thinks that dogs could be trying to hear us better with those sideways looks.一位经营一家认知实验室的心理学家,Alexandra Horowitz认为侧眼看能使它们更好地倾听我们。Specifically, she thinks theyre tilting their heads to adjust the floppy parts of their ears, called pinnae, to get a better sense of where sounds are coming from.她认为们歪头是为了调整耳部的耷拉部分--耳廓,以便更好地分辨声音的来源。A third take from a dog trainer named Steven Lindsay, is that dogs tilt their heads because one part of their brain is involved in both listening and body language.第三种观点来自一位训师,Steven Lindsay。她认为歪头是因为它们大脑的一部分负责了听力和肢体语言两个区。We think a region called the nucleus ambiguus controls a dogs head movements, as well as the muscles in a dogs middle ear that help it perceive subtly different sounds.我们认为疑核区域控制着的头部动作以及中耳的肌肉,能帮助它们精确地察觉不同的声音。So Lindsay suggests that when your pup is listening, it cant help but show you with its body, too.因此,Lindsay认为,当你的在倾听时,它们会情不自禁的向你展示它们的肢体语言。We dont really know how accurate any of these guesses are, but we do know that dogs tilting their heads is real cute.我们并不清楚这些猜测是否准确,但是我们都认同歪头的动作太可爱啦。So to any animal psychologists out there: round up some puppies, do some research, and post more of these adorable s online... for science!所以建议我们的心理学家:养一些,做一些研究,然后上传更多可爱的视频...当然,为了科学嘛!Thanks for asking, and thanks especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.谢谢大家的提问,特别感谢Patreon上一直提问的观众。If youd like to submit questions to be answered, or get some s a few days early, go to patreon.com/scishow.欢迎登陆patreon.com/scishow向我们提问并观看我们的视频。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!另外,不要忘记去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们的栏目哟!201707/515889上饶人民医院抽脂多少钱

德兴市中医院整形美容中心 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431410上饶纹眉价格上饶哪家医院疤痕



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