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特雷莎?梅将重组内阁 近半数成员或为女性 -- 3::5 来源:chinadaily Theresa MayTheresa May will promote women into some of the most senior positions in her Government on Wednesday after becoming the second female Prime Minister in Britain’s history.英国迎来史上第二位女首相,特雷莎·梅将于周三(7月日)正式提拔一些女性来担任其内阁高层成员Mrs May is this evening expected to announce significant promotions Amber Rudd, the Energy Secretary, and Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, as she unveils her new team.特雷莎·梅或将于周三晚宣布两项重要的人事调整决定,即提拔现任能源大臣----安布尔·拉德和现任国际发展部大臣----贾丝廷·格里宁,并且梅也将正式公布其新领导团队的成员名单Mrs Rudd is tipped one of the four big offices of state, with friends of Mrs May suggesting that she could be made Home Secretary, while Mrs Greening is poised to become the new Health Secretary.据梅的朋友透露,拉德已被口头任命为四大国务大臣之一,并很有可能成为新一任内政大臣,而格里宁或将出任新一任卫生部大臣Justine GreeningMrs May’s reshuffle is likely to propel several female Conservative MPs onto the front bench the first time and could mean that close to half of the Cabinet are women.特雷莎·梅的内阁重组将首次推动数名保守党的女性议员走上高层岗位,这或许意味着内阁中近一半的成员都会是女性A spokesman Mrs May said: “It was Theresa who set up the campaign to elect more female MP’s to Parliament – and she has always believed that there should be more women in prominent government positions.”一位特蕾莎·梅的发言人说:“特雷莎曾策划活动为议会选拔更多的女性议员,她也一直坚信应当有更多女性走上政府的高层岗位Mrs May’s appointment makes her only the second female prime minister since Baroness Thatcher.梅的当选使她成为了继撒切尔夫人之后的第二位英国女首相However, her decision to promote female MPs into senior positions differentiates her from Lady Thatcher.但她决定提拔一部分女性议员进入高层,这一点与撒切尔夫人截然不同Lady Thatcher only appointed one woman to any of her Cabinets in the years that she was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.撒切尔夫人在1979年至1990年——其担任首相的年里,只任命过一名女性为她的内阁成员Friends of Boris Johnson, the mer mayor of London, said that he hoped to play a “significant role” in Mrs May’s Cabinet and feels that he “has a lot to give”.伦敦前市长鲍里斯·约翰逊的友人透露,鲍里斯有意在特雷莎·梅的内阁里担任“重要的一员”,他觉得自己“有很多可以做的”Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary who ended Mr Johnson’s leadership hopes by deciding to stand himself, has repeatedly clashed with Mrs May in the past and there are questions over whether he will retain his place in Cabinet.现任司法大臣迈克尔·戈夫此前曾宣布参加首相竞选,鲍里斯的首相梦也因失去他的持而破灭迈克尔在竞选期间数次与特雷莎针锋相对,他是否能继续留在内阁中仍是未知数On Tuesday night it emerged that civil servants have aly been charged with finding a building to host her “ministry Brexit”, which will be led by a prominent leave campaigner.本周二晚,新首相已任命一些公务人员为“脱欧部”寻找合适的办公地址,该部门将由突出的脱欧派成员领导Andrea Leadsom, the energy minister who stepped aside from the leadership race clearing the path Mrs May to become Prime Minister, is tipped to replace Mrs Rudd as the new Energy Secretary.现任能源部长安德烈娅·利德索姆此前退出了首相竞选,特蕾莎的当选之路畅通无阻,安德烈娅极有可能会接替安布尔·拉德成为新一任能源大臣英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:赵雪莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

  • 全球关于南海问题的舆论 --6 :0:36 来源: 美国怀着非法目的闯入南海,导致该地区局势紧张没人相信美国会不远万里来到南海地区,为周边国家及人民谋利益中国的南海问题需要本地区的国家来解决,美国没有权利干涉In a statement released Tuesday, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stressed that the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea and other international laws should be the basic principle when addressing the South China Sea issue. All disputes should be addressed through negotiation and consultation, without intervention from the outside. The statement also called on all relevant parties to abide by and implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.上海合作组织成员国在周二发表的声明中强调,解决南海问题应以联合国海洋法公约和其他的国际法规为基本准则我们应通过谈判和协商解决各种争端,外界请勿插手该问题该声明还呼吁各国遵守并实施南海各方行为宣言By opposing external intervention, the SCO explicitly stands with China in the South China Sea issue. It shows the real opinion of the international commy when the US and Japan attempt to pressure China at the G7 summit and to ge a scenario that all countries are against China.上海合作组织反对外界干预,持中国在南海问题的立场此举显示出国际社会对美国和日本在G7峰会上向中国施压,四处煽风点火,挑拨离间的举措的真实态度While the US has started early to rope in other countries and build a favorable international climate over the South China Sea issue, it would have been surpassed by China since China has always objected to turning the issue into an international one. Between the tworsquo;s claims, which is more credible?美国早已开始在南海问题上拉拢别的国家,试图打造一个良好的国际环境;中国一定能够成功阻止该局面,因为中国一直坚决反对南海问题国际化这两个声明,哪一个更加可信?Although China is overwhelmingly more powerful than the other claimants, it never resorts to ce. China controls fewer islands and reefs than the two countries and they both conduct construction work in the South China Sea.虽然中国比其他的索求国要强大许多,但是我们绝对不会诉诸武力中国占领的岛屿和岛礁数量比日本和美国少,而且美日两国经常在南海建设问题上指手画脚However, the US has stepped in with an illegitimate purpose and flared up tensions in the waters. No one would believe that the US would come all the way to the South China Sea to benefit the countries and peoples in the region. Instead, what they are more familiar with is a bossy US in noble disguise.然而,美国怀着非法目的闯入南海,导致该地区局势紧张没人相信美国会不远万里来到南海地区,为周边国家及人民谋利益反而,他们看到的是一个专横又道貌岸然的美国China has more island disputes with Vietnam than with other countries, but meanwhile they have ged a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.中国和越南间的岛屿争纷最为激烈但是两国间又形成了全面的战略合作伙伴关系There is a slim chance that conflicts will break out between China and the Philippines. Yet the biggest risk of military clashes in the waters comes from the US, and the risk is rising.中国和菲律宾两国间爆发冲突的可能性微乎其微最大的军事威胁来自于美国,并且风险日益加剧Over the South China Sea issue, China will outperm the US in garnering support worldwide as it safeguards national security while the latter sustains its hegemony.在南海问题上,中国将超越美国,争取全球范围内的持因为中国维护的是国家安全,而美国只是维护其霸主地位The US probably garners most support from the G7, its Asia-Pacific allies and several claimants, but China can be backed by the SCO, other BRICs nations and countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Apparently the US can find little benefit in escalating the dispute.美国也许能获得G7成员国,亚太地区的盟国和一些索求国的持,但是中国可以获得上海合作组织成员国,其余金砖国家和非洲、拉丁美洲及中东各国的持显然,这次争端升级对美国并无益处Nor can the US militarily threaten China since in essence it is merely a paper tiger.美国军方也无法威胁中国因为本质上,美国就是一只纸老虎All in all, the South China Sea issue needs to be addressed by countries in the region, with no space the US to weigh in. China has the determination and patience to help the US figure out the reality.总之,中国的南海问题需要本地区的国家来解决,美国没有权利干涉中国有足够的决心和耐心帮助美国理清事实。
  • 虐汪新神器:情侣“拥抱连帽衫” --01 :18: 来源:chinadaily The world's first hugging hoodies have been launched - and they're promising to bring wearers closer together.世界上首款“拥抱连帽衫”出炉了——它承诺让两个人离得更近The unusual invention, which is aimed at couples, brings together hugs and hoodies in a whole new way, as there are hidden pocket panels fitted in the back.这种专为情侣设计的不寻常发明以全新的方式将“拥抱”和“帽衫”结合在了一起——衣后背隐藏着两个口袋It means that whether you're on the ski slopes with your loved one or just walking down the street, you can slip your hands inside the panelled back of their jumper.也就是说,不管你是跟爱侣一起滑雪,抑或仅仅是沿街散步,你都可以将两只手伸到对方衣后面的口袋里Clothing brand Chukcha launched a Kickstarter to raise cash the garment, and raised £9,500, hitting their cash goal after just three days.“拥抱帽衫”的创意来自装品牌“Chukcha”,公司为这一创意发起众筹,结果仅用了3天时间就筹集到了所需资金——9500英镑Artem Glebov, the founder of Chukcha said: "Being in love, I realised how important it can be just hugging with my sweet.Chukcha公司创始人阿提姆·格列波夫表示:“恋爱的时候,我意识到能跟女朋友一直拥抱在一起有多么重要”"That's the main concept of Together Wear. It gives you the ability to share warmth with your sweetheart and feel like two parts of a whole one."“这就是‘连体衫’的概念主题它让你有机会把温暖传递给另一半,让你们感觉像不可分割的一个整体”Anyone who wishes to get closer while clothed only has to wait until July to snap up their cosy top.想要跟爱侣在穿着衣时靠得更近吗?关注他们的温馨帽衫吧,今年7月份你就有机会买到了There's no word on what singletons can do with the extra pocket space.不过他们没说单身汪们能拿这样的口袋干什么用英文来源:镜报编译:杜娟。
  • 奔跑吧兄弟!男子为做慈善完成5000英里长跑 -- ::55 来源: 近日,英国的韦恩.拉塞尔沿英国海岸线完成了全程达5000英里的长跑活动,筹集到了近三万英镑的慈善资金拉塞尔表示自己此举是为了纪念去世的 A man has completed a 5,000-mile (8,000km) solo run around the British coastline, during which he has slept rough and spent less than ?3 a day.一名男子独自一人沿英国海岸线完成了全程5000英里(约8000千米)的长跑,期间他几乎很少睡觉,每天的花销还不到3英镑Gloucester-born Wayne Russell, , has run the equivalent of about 0 marathons since he began the charity challenge on 6 September last year.今年岁的韦恩.拉塞尔是英国格洛斯特郡人,他从去年开始进行这项全程相当于0段马拉松的慈善长跑挑战赛He finished the journey in Greenwich at about :5 BST.他于英国时间下午:5跑完全程The run has raised about ,600 pounds the Superhero Foundation, which helps families in need of medical treatments.这项活动共为超级英雄协会募集到了600英镑的资金,用于帮助需要接受医疗务的家庭On completing the challenge, Mr Russell was greeted by a large crowd of friends, family and well-wishers.拉塞尔完成挑战后,朋友、家人和许多热心人纷纷对其表示祝贺He said: "I’m absolutely overwhelmed, to be honest.他说:“说真的我实在太感动了”"Having spent the best part of the last year alone, running into such an incredible reception was mind-blowing."“我自己一个人度过了过去一年中的绝大部分时光,能跑步完成如此非凡的事业,我感到兴奋不已”Mr Russell said the trip was inspired by the death of his sister, who died aged 35, and who "dedicated her life to charity".拉塞尔有一位于35岁时离世的拉塞尔表示生前曾“全身心投入到慈善事业中”,他说正是的去世令自己做出这样的决定"I want to thank every single person that donated, shared and supported me and my run," he added.拉塞尔说:“对每一位捐赠的好心人,对每一位关注并持我长跑事业的人,我都想说声谢谢”"We’ve raised more than 5,000 pounds an incredible cause, and I just can’t imagine a more perfect end.“我们为一项非凡的事业筹集到了超过5000英镑的资金,再没有比这更好的结果了”"I just hope I’ve made my family proud. I wish my sister could have seen this."“我希望家人以我为豪,我希望的在天之灵能看到这一切”。
  • 办公室“蛋糕文化”正在损害你的健康 -- :: 来源: 一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝对健康可不利 Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝同事的生日、订婚或只是庆祝大家又熬过了这一周,对健康可不利Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems.爱尔兰皇家外科学院口腔外科学系的的Nigel Hunt教授说“蛋糕文化”正在助长肥胖和牙齿问题At the organisation’s annual dinner dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.在该机构的牙医年会上,他要说工作场所中的诱惑打断了人们的减肥计划And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.应该用水果,坚果以及奶酪奖励员工Sugar rush糖份冲击In the speech, he will say: "Managers want to reward staff their efts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions, and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays.在演讲中,他要说:“管理者想奖励员工的努力,同事们想庆祝特别的场合,员工们想假期带点礼物回来”"But many people the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health."“但对于很多人,工作场所已成为摄入糖的主要地点,这助长肥胖流行,影响口腔健康”He will say nearly 65,000 adults every year need hospital treatment tooth decay.他说每年将近有6.5万个成年人需要到医院治疗蛀牙Prof Hunt will say: "Cake culture also poses difficulties those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier - how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies or the triple chocolate biscuits?"Hunt教授要说:“蛋糕文化为正竭尽全力减肥或努力变得健康的人制造了困难——我们中有多少人在开始控制饮食后最终屈于甜甜圈,饼干或巧克力饼干的?”Fruit platter水果拼盘While he does not believe office cake should be banned, he will say it should be purchased in smaller quantities and consumed only with lunch.同时他也不认为办公室蛋糕就应该被禁止,他要说的是应该少买一点,并只在午餐时食用Dentists recommend cutting down on sugary or starchy foods between meals as they give bacteria fuel to produce acids that decay teeth.牙医们建议两餐之间少吃含糖或淀粉的食物,因为这相当于给细菌提供燃料,让它们产生蛀坏牙齿的酸At the dinner, which is being rounded off with mint panna cotta, British strawberries and chocolate soil, Prof Hunt will say: "Ideally office workers should consider other alternatives altogether like fruit platters, nuts, or cheese.Hunt教授将要在这个被薄荷奶油布丁、英国草莓和巧克力环绕的晚宴上说:“理论上,员工们应该考虑其他选择,例如水果拼盘,坚果或者奶酪”"Responsible employers should take a lead and avoid such snacks in meetings."“负责的老板应该带头,在开会时避免这些零食”。
  • 最新调查:全球幸福指数排名 越南第二中国60 --5 :6:7 来源: We all dream of living a long, happy life - often in a warmer, more relaxing climate than we are currently based.   我们总梦想着能有幸福长乐的生活——比起当下有着更舒适的气候和四季如春的温暖   But where are the happiest places in the world?   那么世界上最幸福的地方在哪里呢?   A new map of 1 countries has revealed exactly which parts of the globe deliver long and happy lives their citizens, within the environmental limits of the planet.   在全球环境的限制下,世界上1个国家哪里为市民提供的生活最为幸福长乐呢——就由这张地图来告诉你   The map was compiled by the relocation website Movehub, using data from the latest Happy Planet Index (HPI) - a global measure of sustainable wellbeing.   通过收集最新的地球快乐指数(简称HPI,全球可持续幸福程度)搬家网站Movehub编辑发布了这张地图   The HPI claims it 'measures what matters', rather than wealth: the extent to which countries deliver long, happy, sustainable lives the people that live in them.   地球快乐指数比起富有,更注重在一定程度上哪个国家能为居民提供更为长久的幸福生活   The happiest nations   And the results may surprise you, with Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam topping the league. The UK features at position - higher than Germany (7), Spain (6), Canada (65), Australia (76) and the US (1).   结论会让你大吃一惊哦,哥斯达黎加、哥伦比亚和越南位居前三英国排名第,比排名7的德国,排名6的西班牙,排名65的加拿大,排名76的澳大利亚和排名1的美国都要前   The happiness of other nations   The HPI (Happy Planet Index) puts at the heart the idea that happiness is not necessarily about wealth, but living long lives with a high experience of well-being. The idea is that if a country had to be completely self-sufficient, most of the developed world would be unable to do that (without losing a lot of its population first).The reason some high-income nations to score significantly below other nations is the ecological footprint left on the planet.   地球快乐指数的核心理念是:幸福和财富的多少没有必然联系,而是长时间的幸福体验理念认为,如果标准是一个国家必须自给自足,那么大多数发达国家将做不到这一点(首先在不流失一大部分人口的情况下)一些高收入国家的指数之所以比其他国家低是输在了生态足迹一值上   HPI of Europe   Each of the three component measures – life expectancy, the level of well-being experienced and ecological footprint – is given a traffic-light score based on thresholds good (green), middling (amber) and bad (red) permance.   标准有三个部分构成测定——寿命,幸福水平值和生态足迹,他们共同决定了最后呈现的红绿灯式的临界值,结果表现为好(绿色),中(琥珀色)和差(红色)   HPI of Asia and the Middle East   The map also doesn't take into internal inequality measures and human rights issues which is why some countries like Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia feature so highly.   地图不考虑内部不平等问题和人权问题,这也是为什么像叙利亚、伊拉克还有沙特阿拉伯这些国家的指数能这么高   HPI of South Africa   South America has several countries where residents are happy, the report claims. Four of the top five happiest places are here - with Costa Rica coming top, followed by Colombia (third), Belize (fourth) and El Salvador (fifth).   报告显示南非几个国家的居民都活的很开心四个位居前五的国家都在这——哥斯达黎加位居榜首,其次是哥伦比亚(排名第三),伯利兹(排名第四)和塞尔瓦多(排名第五)。
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