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导读:身体不适,怀疑自己生病了怎么办?要不要去医院做个检查?日本最新款智能马桶(toilet)也许能解决这个问题,省去你跑医院排队检查的麻烦。In Japan, the global leader in high-tech toilet design, the latest restroom marvel should come with a health warning for hypochondriacs - it doubles as a medical lab that can really spoil your day.日本的高科技马桶设计一直位居世界领先水平。不久前,能为疑病症患者提供警告的马桶又创造了一项厕所奇迹--它兼具医学实验室的功能,能让你真正享受生活。The latest "intelligent" model, manufactured by market leader Toto, goes a step further: It offers its users an instant health check-up every time they answer the call of nature.这一最新款智能马桶由日本东陶机器公司(TOTO)生产。它的功能又更进一步:人们每次如厕都能做一次快速体检。Designed for the housing company Daiwa House with Japan`s growing army of elderly in mind, it provides a urine analysis, takes the user`s blood pressure and body temperature, and measures their weight using an inbuilt floor scale.新款马桶专门为大阪地产开发商--大和房建公司专门设计的,以迎合人们日益增长的老年人心态。该马桶能分析使用者的尿液成分,测量血压、体温并利用嵌在地板内的秤测量体重。"With the current model, your data is sent automatically to your personal computer, and then you can e-mail it to your doctor," says Akiho Suzuki, an architect at Daiwa House.“数据会自动被发送到你的个人电脑上,然后你可以通过邮件的方式把它们发送给医生,” 大和房建公司的建筑师铃木明子表示。 /201008/112547When the vessel carrying 14 Hong Kong activists cruised into territorial waters toward the contested islands Wednesday, Japan was y for them thanks to the media blitz announcing their arrival. Authorities had loaded up 10 of its coast guard ships with police officers. The activists#39; island adventure on one of the disputed islets, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, lasted less than half an hour before they were arrested by Japanese police. 由于此前媒体对香港保钓人士登岛行动的大肆报道,当载有14名香港活动人士的船只周三进入中日争议岛屿附近海域时,日方早已严阵以待多时了。日方准备了10艘载有大量警察的海上保安厅船只。香港活动人士在其中一个岛屿上的“探险活动”仅持续了不到半小时,他们就被日本警方逮捕了。上述争议岛屿日本称为“尖阁列岛”(Senkaku),中国称为“钓鱼岛”。 Though Japan was prepared this time around, typically, not every coast guard patrol boat has a police officer on deck, which effects the speed with which maritime violators are handled. 尽管这次日本有所准备,但通常情况下,并非每艘海上保安厅的巡逻船都配有警察。船上是否配有警察会影响到处理海上违法者的速度。 For starters, the coast guard isn#39;t allowed to make arrests. They have to wait for the police to arrive, a considerable time sink given the distance to the remote islands. 首先,海上保安厅无权对违法者实施逮捕。他们必须等警察来,鉴于警察驻地距事发岛屿往往很远,警察需要相当长的时间才能赶到现场。 But a new bill that passed in Japan#39;s lower house last week could beef up the coast guard#39;s powers so they can make arrests even when they don#39;t get the luxury of a heads up. The upper house still needs to approve the bill before it is enacted. 不过,上周日本众议院通过的一项新法案可能扩大海上保安厅的权力,让他们能够在没有警察参与的情况下也能够实施逮捕。法案要想成为法律还需获得国会参议院的批准。 The revisions to the country#39;s maritime laws would strengthen the coast guard#39;s ability to guard and patrol the islands in its vast territorial waters amid increased sightings of Chinese boats. The bill#39;s proposal was prompted by the 2010 collision between a Chinese fishing vessel and two Japanese coast guard patrol boats that sparked the hottest diplomatic tiff in recent years, according to an official at the Japan Coast Guard#39;s legal department. 在中国船只越来越多地出现在争议海域之际,日本海事法的修订将增强海上保安厅对广阔领海中的岛屿进行保卫及巡逻的能力。据日本海上保安厅法律部门的一位官员说,提出这项法案的起因是2010年一艘中国渔船与两艘日本海上保安厅巡逻船相撞的事件。当时此事引发了近几年来中日之间最激烈的一场外交争端。 Since the controversy, the coast guard has stepped up its manned air and sea patrols of the country#39;s EEZ, which extend for more than 203 miles from tiny islets claimed by Japan that are up to 1,243 miles south of Tokyo. 自撞船事件以来,海上保安厅一直在增派巡逻人员,加强对日本专署经济区的海上和空中巡逻。在那些日本宣称拥有主权的小岛,其周边逾203英里(约合325公里)范围内的海域都是日本的专属经济区,日本声称拥有主权的最远小岛位于东京以南1,243英里(约合1,989公里)。 The biggest change would give the coast guard the authority to deal with crime - such as illegal entry or vandalism - on isolated islands in the absence of police officers. Under current law, the Japan coast guard have to stand by until the police arrive. 修订后的法律最大的变化将是给予海上保安厅处理刑事案件的权力,使他们有权在警察不在场的情况下在远离日本本土的小岛上处理犯罪行为(比如非法入境和破坏公物)。根据现行法律,在警察到来之前,日本海上保安厅的人员只能等在一边。 That#39;s what happened back in 2004 - the last time Chinese protesters successfully landed on the island. The activists enjoyed the craggy beaches for a whole day before they were arrested even though the coast guard had spotted the activists before they landed in the early morning hours. Besides telling them to leave the coast guard lacked the authority to do little else. The police arrived by helicopter in the late afternoon. 2004年中国抗议者上次成功登上钓鱼岛时,日本海上保安厅就是这么做的。当时,尽管海上保安厅早在活动人士凌晨登岛之前就已经发现了他们,但活动人士仍在峭壁林立的海滩上呆了一整天后才被逮捕。海上保安厅除告诉他们离开之外,无权做任何事。直到傍晚警察才乘直升机赶到现场。 The bill would also give the coast guard another means to prevent the landings. It would be allowed to order intruding vessels to leave its territorial waters without having to first inspect the boats, which can be tricky if multiple vessels enter Japan#39;s space at the same time. 新法案还将使海上保安厅可以通过另外一种方法防止活动人士登岛。海上保安厅将获准不必对闯入日本领海的船只先行检查即可下令其离开。如果多艘船只同时进入日本海域,对船只进行检查将很难。 Still, the legislation doesn#39;t address how it might fix one major blooper from Wednesday#39;s incident: How the one small Hong Kong fishing boat was able to maneuver past 10 Japan Coast Guard ships, which were launching water bombs, to land on the disputed island. 尽管如此,这项法案未触及如何解决周三事件中暴露出来的一个主要问题:一艘小小的香港渔船如何能够成功突破10艘发射着水弹的海上保安厅船只的围堵,让保钓人士成功登上争议岛屿。 /201208/195698Teachers have been dubbed "gardener", "engineers of human souls" and is respected by the whole society as a career.教师被人们称为“园丁”、“人类灵魂的工程师”,是受到全社会尊重的一种职业。January 21, 1985, the Ninth Meeting of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee decided that each year on September 10 as Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day scheduled for September 10, to consider the new school year, as new weather, the teachers have new feeling. Iraq began full admission of respecting teachers, teachers can teach and students can learn to create a good atmosphere.1985年1月21日,第六届全国人大常委会第九次会议决定,每年9月10日为教师节。定教师节为 9月10日,是考虑到新学年开始,学校要有新的气象,师生要有新的感觉。新生入学伊饱即开始尊师重教活动,可以给教师教好、学生学好创造良好的气氛。Meanwhile, a national holiday in September less convenient time to focus on all aspects of organizational activities and highlight reports, attaching importance to the promotion of the country, respect for knowledge and talent of the good society as a whole.同时,9月份全国性节日少,便于各方面集中时间组织活动和突出宣传报道、促进全国范围内形成尊师重教、尊重知识、尊重人才的良好社会风尚。教师节祝福语:We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness.我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。We are more thankful than we can express.对您的谢意,我们无法用语言来表达。You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend. Thank you for all that you have done.您不仅是一位合格的教师,更是一位好朋友,谢谢您所做的一切。Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.教育不是灌满一桶水,而是点燃一团生命的火焰。The man who can make hard things easy is the educator.能使艰难之事变得容易的人是教育者。Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.在这特别的日子谨向您致以我们永恒的感激之情。It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.现在是向您表达感激之情最为恰当的时刻。This small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness. We all want to thank you.这件小小的礼物略表我们的感激之情。我们大家都很感谢您。I am truly grateful to you for what you have done.我深深地感激您所做的一切。 /200909/83772

近两天,一段天津某邮政储蓄所营业厅被抢劫的视频在网上流传,引起广泛关注。大家关注此事的原因是此劫匪太好笑:他手持一把钉锤,坚持不懈地砸了防暴玻璃约4分钟,终于砸开一个洞,钻进柜台里抢劫。对比影片中的“专业劫匪”,网友们戏称,这真是史上最没有技术含量、最不专业,但也是最“淡定”的劫匪。再来看下其他的悲剧抢事件。1..After a bank robber handed a teller a note the teller gave it back to him because it was illegible. The teller told the bank robber that it needed to be rewritten. As the robber was rewriting the note the teller activated a silent alarm. After the police arrived and arrested him the robber was sentenced to write "I will not rob banks" on a large blackboard one thousand times.某个劫匪递给柜员一张纸要他给钱,但是柜员以看不清楚纸上写的数字为由让他重写。就在劫匪拿回去重写时,柜员拉响了无声警报器。就这样劫匪被警察逮捕了,还被罚在一块大黑板上写1000遍“我不再抢”。2. One California bank robber attempted to hold up a bank in Anaheim that had gone out of business.加利福尼亚的一个劫匪企图抢劫阿纳海姆市的一家,可惜那家已经倒闭了。3. Another Californian robbed a bank close to his home. While making his getaway he ran into his mom, who turned him in.另一个加利福尼亚劫匪抢劫了自家附近的一家,他正要逃走时却撞见了自己老妈,老妈把他交给了警方。4. A teller in a bank in Panorama City, California was handed a demand note that said, "I have a gun. Give me all your twenties in this envelope." The teller told the robber, "All I've got is two twenties." The robber took the and left.在加利福尼亚州的帕诺拉马,一个柜员收到一张要钱的便条,上面写着:“我有,把你所有的20美元都装在这个信封里给我。”柜员告诉他:“我只有两张20美元。”于是劫匪就带着这40美元离开了。5. A man broke into a bank when it was closed in order to steal their camera. While he was stealing it his image was recorded at a remote location.在关门后,一个男人破门而入想要偷的摄像机。就在他实施偷窃的过程中,他的影像已经在远处的某个地方被清晰地录了下来。6. After waiting on line at the Community First Bank in Fargo, North Dakota a man wrote out a ransom note and handed it to the teller. The teller gave him the money and he ran out the door. The man wrote the note on his personal bank deposit form. The police went to the man's home in Grand Forks, North Dakota and arrested him.在美国北达科他州法哥的第一社区,某男人在排完队轮到他办理业务时将一张勒索便条递给了柜员,柜员如数给了他现金后他夺门而出。然而男人所用的便条是自己的储蓄单,于是(查到了他的信息,)警察去到了他在大福克斯的家中将他逮捕了。7. In Rouen, France a bank robber jumped into a car and shouted, "Get away quick, before the cops come." He mistakenly had jumped into the back of a police car.在法国鲁昂,一个劫匪跳进了一辆小汽车里大叫:“在警察来之前滚开!”可是他犯了严重的错误,他跳进的是警车后座。 /201103/126934

Getting girls to groove on scienceAt Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit last week I facilitated a conversation called "Making Science Cool." Specifically, we gathered to talk about making science cool for girls and young women as they contemplate areas of study and potential careers. The discussion was led by Marissa Mayer, vice president search products and user experience for Google (GOOG), and Maria Siemionow, director, plastic surgery research at Cleveland Clinic. (Dr. Siemionow is perhaps best known for leading the surgical team that performed the first face transplant.) For an hour more than a dozen women, including some pretty impressive scientists and engineers, shared their thoughts on how to make the sciences more appealing to girls. It turns out girls, young ones at least, rather like science. Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, weighed in with some interesting statistics. Ride noted that in fourth grade 68% of boys and 66% of girls report that they "like" science. (Many of the stats used by Ride, and citations, can also be found in this handbook, produced by Ride's company, Sally Ride Science.) Yet by eighth grade, twice as many boys as girls show an interest in science careers. The reason, Ride and the other participants agreed, has nothing to do with aptitude — and everything to do with society's attitudes. Girls get the subtle message that science is for boys, and that certain careers are more appropriate for girls. Where are the role models in popular culture? More than one woman suggested the lack of role models in media and entertainment didn't help. Where, one asked, were the women scientists on television and in movies? If Disney's Hannah Montana had a secret life as a physicist — or if Zac Efron's character in the "High School Musical" movies had a crush on a girl in a lab coat — quipped another speaker, girls' interest in the sciences would go through the roof. What's the big deal if science doesn't appeal to girls? It means fewer adult women in science fields, of course. (I'm not a scientist, but I understand cause and effect.) According to Ride's handbook, women make up 49% of the college-degreed workforce, but only 25% of the science and engineering workforce. Google's Mayer said that as she prepared for the science discussion, she started taking notice of the number of work meetings she attended at which she was the only woman in the room. The answer? A lot. The roundtable participants moved into solutions mode, offering examples of educational programs and mentorships aimed at helping girls and underprivileged kids get exposure to sciences and scientists. Ride's company offers science camps just for tween girls. Exxon Mobil (XOM) hosts an annual Girls in Engineering Festival in Houston at which girls meet women scientists and participate in team- and skill-building exercises. Some of the freshest ideas were more grassroots. Laurie Yoler, managing director of GrowthPoint Technology Partners, says she hired a scientist from a local science museum to teach a class and do experiments with her kids and their friends. Every weekend her garage becomes a lab, with 8 to 12 kids participating, she says. ("The kids in my garage ended up designing, testing and then building a huge trebuchet and launching watermelons in a nearby park," Yoler tells me in a recent correspondence. How's that for cool?) After the roundtable discussion, Yoler confided to me that her son much prefers to hang out with the girls who come to the labs than, say, those who aren't as serious about science. Sounds like a potential plot for the next installment of "High School Musical." /200909/85394

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