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成都市中西医结合医院治疗早泄多少钱彭州市体检哪家医院最好的Peter Jackson(The director of King Kong): I first saw King Kong when I was about 8 or 9 years old and it was the moment that I thought I wanna make movies. I wanna be able to make movies just like King Kong. It had that profound effect on me! Action!Naomi Watts(Ann Darrow): He lived with this film in his head since he was 9 years old, and that was what drove him to this day as a film maker. And action!Jack Black(Carl Denham): That's where the brilliance comes from, from just sort of satisfying his own inner fan; (I like it). He is the ultimate fan. Peter Jackson: For 35 years I've had this, you know, movie as my favorite film and the fact that I'm remaking it now is like an incredible dream come true.(Action!) I just thought a vision of this wonderful story told with the technology that we have available just today would be a really amazing thing. Jamie Bell(Jimmy): He can now put everything that he has learned and develop it into these. Some makers think that is truely his. I just think that is a, a beautiful story, that it's come for circle friend like that...Naomi Watts: It is special effect but it's also got really interesting and important themes.Adrien Brody(Jack Driscoll): It's rare to find a film that balances that and has a wonderful fantasy and also the serious level of dramatic intensity. What took her come? He saw something?! Peter Jackson: KingKong is escapism, it's an incredible spectacle. Its amazing special effects that at the soul as the story of relationships on loving, empathizing for this huge beast. Run run. Adrien Brody: I really wanna see this movie more than any other movie that I've done. Peter Jackson: I love movies that take you on a wild trip, into some fantastical environmental situation, and I want the film to do the audiences today what it'd do to me. I was 9 years old when I saw the original. NO!Jack Black: It's just gonna be so awesome! The original 1933 KingKong available Nov 22nd , Peter Jackson's Production Diaries available Dec 13th, and only in theaters. See KingKong starting Dec 14th. 200807/44890成都市生殖专业医院妇科医院 US Says Russia Violating Cease-Fire in Georgia美国指俄罗斯违约找借口驻军格国  The ed States is accusing Russia of trying to find excuses to keep thousands of troops in Georgia in violation of a cease-fire Moscow signed last month with the former Soviet republic. 美国指责俄罗斯试图寻找借口,让数千名部队留在格鲁吉亚,违反莫斯科与格鲁吉亚上月签订的停火协议。State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, using unusually blunt language, says it is past time for Russia to withdraw most of its soldiers from Georgia's separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  美国国务院发言人麦科马克以不同寻常的直率语气说,俄罗斯从格鲁吉亚分离地区南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹撤出它大部分军队的时间早就过了。他说:"These guys are trying to, at every turn, trying to wiggle out of a commitment they made and that their president put his name to," he said. "We have seen it since August and it continues. They need to get out of Georgia and they need to stop finding excuses to do that." “这些人在找种种机会摆脱他们所作的承诺和他们总统签署的协议。我们从八月以来就看到这种情况,而且还在继续下去。他们必需撤离格鲁吉亚,他们必需停止寻找借口。”Russian military forces continue to occupy Georgian territory weeks after last month's five-day war, despite a French-mediated cease-fire. 上个月发生五天战争后到今天已经有几星期了,俄罗斯军队仍继续占领格鲁吉亚的领土,尽管在法国斡旋下签署了停火协议。Since then Russia has recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, despite international condemnation.  从那时以来,俄罗斯不顾世界各国的谴责而承认南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹为独立国家。McCormack says the ed States is concerned about Russia's decision to keep thousands of soldiers in both breakaway regions. 麦科马克说,美国对俄罗斯决意让数千名军人留驻这些分离地区感到忧虑。他说:"I would note one quite concerning remark that has been attributed to the Russian government and to various officials, whether it was President [Dmitri] Medvedev or Foreign Minister [Sergey] Lavrov saying that they were going to keep 3,800 Russian troops, both in South Ossetia and Abkhazia - that of course would be a violation of the cease-fire that they signed in August," he said. “我要指出,俄罗斯政府及其官员,包括梅德韦杰夫总统或拉夫罗夫外长所说的令人不安的话。他们说,俄罗斯将在南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹保留三千八百名军人,这当然违反八月份签订的停火协议。”McCormack says Russia and the country's troops need to abide by their international commitments.  麦科马克说,俄罗斯及其俄军必需遵守他们的国际承诺。Georgia's August offensive to regain control of South Ossetia from Moscow-backed separatists prompted a massive retaliatory thrust by Russia into Georgian territory. 格鲁吉亚八月份发动进攻,从莫斯科持的分离主义分子手中夺回对南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹的控制, 这次进攻促使俄罗斯大举进犯格鲁吉亚领土。Russia argues it repelled Georgian troops to protect thousands of people who were granted Russian citizenship following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 俄罗斯争辩说,他们击退格鲁吉亚部队只是为了保护在苏联解体后得到俄罗斯国籍的民众。 200809/48210And it isn't the easiest job in the world, of course, particularly when millions of people across the globe are watching your every move and decision. The football referee expects to be scrutinized, especially during a World Cup. But in Germany, he's become the center of attention. First there was England's Graham Poll who forgot to send off a player despite yellow-carding him 3 times, then there was Valentin Ivanov, responsible for a record-breaking 4 red cards and 16 yellows. Sue Turton reports from Germany.The enemy camp where they are plotting England's downfall and finding any possible excuse to have playmaker Deco reinstated. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's best effort's that Holland were guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior on Sunday, claiming the Dutch failed to return the ball after stoppage for an injury. Deco had merely been righting that wrong, as he had downed defender Johnny Heitinga. No extenuating circumstances have yet been put forward for the second yellow he picked up 5 minutes later. But FIFA today were clearly having none of it."No, there was a phone call and they were clearly told forget it."There is growing discontent over the standard of refereeing at the tournament. Trigger-happy Russian referee Valentin Ivanov handed out 16 in the Portugal match but missed Luis Figo's headbutt on Mark van Bommel, giving him just a yellow for a red-card offense when filled in by his assistant"Ivanov couldn't calm the game down. He gave too many cards away, 4 yellow-red cards and 8 yellow that shows that the referee is not the master of the situation"But the man who controversially disallowed England's last minute goal in the quarters of Euro 2004 thinks discipline must come from the coaches. "No one ever mentions the coaches. They did nothing to try to calm down the play. They just looked on and did nothing. And they, too, have a responsibility. It's cheap and very easy now to only blame the referee."The Aussies have the most cause for referee rage after Graham Poll's matcher rebliss. Poll's inability to count yellows left Croatian Josip Simunic on the pitch when he should have been sent off. …The third time, this never seen before at a World Cup, Graham Poll has lost control, it finished…But things went from bad to worse last night as a fairly innocuous challenge by Lucas Neil on Fabio Grosso won the Italians a penalty in the last seconds of injury time. Totti was on target, and the Australians were on the plane home. "Devastated, devastated, so we played too good to end in that way. Not fair, not fair. They’ve come too far. We got robbed. I know it, you know it, every, (we all know it) everybody that watched the game knows it. We got robbed. We should have won that game, (we are still proud) but we are still proud. The Aussies are not as proud. "FIFA have tightened up the game, instructing referees to book players for diving, for feigning injury, for time wasting, even for wearing jewelry. This clampdown has resulted in the highest card tally ever at a World Cup tournament. At Mexico 86, only 133 yellow cards were brandished, that nearly doubled by France 98. Four years later, it was up to 272. But in Germany they are aly on 298 with eight more matches to play. It's a similar story with the reds, just 8 in Mexico, and 22 at France 98. The figure then dipped in Japan, but in Germany, they are aly on 24.I think the referees are gonna take some more responsibility in jumping into decisions. And it worries me greatly that we are gonna end up in this competition, you know, with some of the best players around not being able to function in the biggest match of all.Every one of these World Cup referees will be hoping to make the cut to officiate in the final knockout matches. Graham Poll knows, he won't be among them when the decision is made in Frankfurt tomorrow.Sue Turton Channel 4 News, Baden-Baden.1.stoppage:n. act of stopping, halt; something which causes a secession of movement, obstruction, blockage停止, 中止; 堵塞; 阻塞; 阻碍 2.extenuating:adj.If you say that there are extenuating circumstances for a bad situation or wrong action, you mean that there are reasons or factors which partly excuse it. (FORMAL)3.referee:n. arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions 裁判4.headbutt:v. hit a person using a strong thrust with the head 5.innocuous:adj. harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensive; uninteresting, insipid 无害的, 无伤大雅的6.penalty:n.In sports such as soccer, rugby, and hockey, a penalty is an opportunity to score a goal, which is given to the attacking team if the defending team breaks a rule near their own goal.罚球7.feign:v. fake, pretend; make up, fabricate; imitate 装作, 假装; 捏造; 做假, 假装 8.tally:n. reckoning, score, total; something on which an account or score is kept; mark made to keep record of a number of items 符木, 得分, 记帐 9.brandish:v. If you brandish something, especially a weapon, you hold it in a threatening way.10:officiate:v. perform ceremony; perform duty; serve as officiator; referee (Sports) 当体育比赛裁判11.knockout:n. competition is one in which the players or teams that win continue playing until there is only one winner left. (mainly BRIT; in AM use elimination)淘汰赛 200805/39355金堂县人流多少钱

武侯区中医院妇科人流South Korea Weighs Options Amid Heightening Tension With North韩国官员对北韩的威胁未做出反应South Korea is opting for a low public policy profile amid escalating tensions with North Korea. Seoul officials kept quiet, a day after Pyongyang threatened to turn the South into "ashes."  韩国在与北韩日益紧张的关系问题上,选择在公开场合保持低调的政策。在平壤威胁说要将韩国化为废墟一天之后,韩国官员没有发表讲话。 South Korean officials kept relatively silent Monday, just 24 hours after North Korea's official media warned of a "powerful preemptive attack" against the South.  韩国官员星期一保持相对沉默。就在24小时之前,北韩官方媒体警告说,要对韩国发动一次“强大的先发制人的攻击。”The North Korean commentary warned Sunday if it attacks, "everything will turn into ashes, not just a sea of flames." The language echoes North Korean threats in past years to turn South Korea into a "sea of fire." 北韩星期天发表的警告说,如果北韩发动攻击,“一切都将化为灰烬,而不仅仅是一片火海”。这篇使用的语言和北韩过去几年来威胁要将韩国变为火海的说法一致。The threats are a response to testimony last week by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Tae-young. 北韩发出这种威胁是对韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣上星期发表的词做出回应。Kim tells a panel of legislators the South has contingency plans to preemptively strike suspected North Korean nuclear weapons sites, if it becomes apparent the North intends to make use of those weapons against the South. South Korean military leaders have since tried to downplay those remarks. 金泰荣对一个韩国议员小组说,韩国有应急方案对北韩受到怀疑的核武器设施发动攻击,如果很清楚北韩打算用这些武器来对付韩国的话。自从金泰荣发表这番讲话以来,韩国军方领导人一直试图低调处理这一言论。The flare-up over preemptive strikes is part of a broader political landscape of heightening tensions between North and South Korea, which never formally ended their 1950-53 war.  发动先发制人的打击的说法甚嚣尘上与南北韩紧张局势不断加剧的政治大氛围相关。南北韩从未正式结束1950年到1953年的战争。South Korean officials refused to confirm Monday a report in South's largest daily newspaper that North Korean jet fighters have flown close to the heavily armed North-South border at least ten times since conservative President Lee Myung-bak was inaugurated last month. 韩国官员星期一拒绝实韩国最大的报纸的一篇报导。那篇报导说,自从观点保守的总统李明上个月就职以来,北韩的喷气战斗机至少10次飞临有重兵把守的北韩和韩国边界。Mr. Lee has taken a much stiffer policy line with North Korea than his two predecessors, who transferred billions of dollars in aid and investment to Pyongyang with little or nothing requested in return.  与他的两位前任相比,李明对北韩采取了强硬得多的政策。那两位前任总统为平壤提供了数十亿美元的援助和投资,只要求很少的回报或是不要求任何回报。This month, Mr. Lee's top official on North Korea policy warned a joint North-South industrial zone would not be expanded unless there is progress in diplomacy to get rid Pyongyang's nuclear weapons capabilities. In response, North Korea expelled most of the South Korean officials in charge of managing the zone, located in the North Korean city of Kaesong. 这个月,李明政府一名负责北韩政策的高级官员警告说,除非在消除平壤制造核武器能力的问题上出现外交进展,否则不会扩大北韩和韩国的一个联合工业区。作为回应,北韩驱逐了负责管理这个位于北韩城市开城的工业区的大部分韩国官员。South Korean media did ed senior military officials as saying the South may soon issue some type of general expression of regret for the recent worsening of North-South relations. However, they say it will not be an apology, and that the South will not deviate from its "practical" principles on dealing with the North. 韩国媒体引述高级军事官员的话说,韩国可能不久将发表某种形式的一般性讲话,对最近南北韩关系的恶化表示遗憾。但是,韩国官员说,这不会是道歉,而且韩国也不会偏离处理北韩事务的“务实”原则。Dong Seung-young, a North Korea expert at the private Samsung Economic Research Institute, says the world may just have to get used to chilly North-South relations for a while. 民间机构三星经济研究所的北韩问题专家董承勇说,世界可能暂时不得不适应僵持的南北韩关系。He says even if the stalled relations last a long time, President Lee's government places top priority on "fixing" South Korean policy toward the North.  董承勇说,即使南北韩关系长期停滞不前,李明政府也会把重点放在“修复”韩国对北韩的政策上。Mr. Lee's political allies say ten years of lenient treatment toward Pyongyang made it easier for the North to test a nuclear weapon in 2006. Now, with North Korea four months late in providing a promised nuclear declaration, they say a firmer approach is needed. 李明的政治盟友说,10年来以温和的方式对待北韩让北韩更容易在2006年试验核武器;现在,北韩拖了4个月还没有提供它所承诺的有关核活动的申明,李明的政治盟友认为有必要采取更为强硬的态度。President Lee may get a firmer mandate in his North Korea policies from legislative elections next month, in which which his conservative party is expected to make gains. Some experts say the North's recent moves may be aimed at influencing that vote. 李明总统可能在下个月举行的国会选举中获得对他的北韩政策更为坚定的授权。预计,李明的具有保守倾向的政党将获得更多的议席。一些专家认为,北韩近期的举动可能是为了影响那次选举。Others, like Professor Yang Moo-jin of Seoul's University of North Korean Studies, say Pyongyang is trying to influence South Korea's relationship with the ed States. 位于首尔的北韩事务大学的教授杨木仁和其他人都认为,平壤试图影响韩国与美国的关系。He says North Korea is trying to send a signal that strengthening the U.S. - South Korea alliance is not the best way to solve the nuclear issue. He says Pyongyang wants to convince U.S. and South Korean leaders not to seek ways of pressuring the North when they meet at an upcoming summit. 杨木仁说,北韩试图发出一个信号,那就是加强美韩联盟不是解决核问题的最佳办法。杨木仁说,平壤希望说美国和韩国领导人,在即将到来的峰会中,不要寻求向北韩施压。President Lee is scheduled to meet with President Bush in Washington next month. The chief U.S. delegate to the nuclear talks, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, is scheduled to arrive Tuesday in Seoul to meet with officials here.  预料,李明总统下个月在华盛顿会晤布什总统。美国核谈判首席代表、助理国务卿希尔将于星期二抵达首尔,与韩国官员举行会谈。200804/33035成都省妇幼保健医院专家挂号多少钱 M: Ron Rogge from the University of Rochester is heading up the ( the)newly-weds study. And Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist here in New York and Today contributor. Good morning to both of you. R amp; G: Good morning, Matt. M: Ron, 40% of these marriages are...the divorces ( 40 got )are happening in the first 5 years of marriage. Why are those first 5 years so turbulent? R: Well, merging your lives together is a really complicated and difficult thing. Suddenly your business partner, your roommates, for most couples, you'll also become parents together, and the joy and the fun that you have with each other can get lost in that tangle. M: And maybe you had unrealistic expectations going into it. You didn't stop and talk about the things that you should've talked ( should've done )about when you were still dating. R: True. That. . . . we actually find that, you know, a lot of couples argue about sex, money, finances, urm, chores. But it turns out it doesn't matter as much what you are arguing about. It's how you handle those problems. M: And actual(ly), and this is what you comment because you say that really one of the ways to avoid this is to remember what you learned in kindergarten. Explain that. R: Well, it really comes down to being nice to each other. You know, when problems come up, when you have a problem, your partner has a problem or there's a problem between the two of you, trying to handle it with kindness will give you a really long way. M: Gail, is it. . . is it that easy as all about being nice to each other, sharing your toys and getting naps when you need them? G: We all know it's , it's an extension of that. The , the take peace talk about communication. And that is so key because you're never gonna be each other's clones. So you're always gonna have to negotiate, you're always gonna have to compromise, and you can't do that unless you talked to the person about what's going on . The other thing is that the feeling of being understood. Nothing makes you feel intimate like feeling like your partner really understands ya. M: So, clearly in a lot of these marriages especially the ones that're ending in divorce, that line of communication is closing down somehow. (Yes. ) So, so how do ya keep it open because stuff happens as the expression goes? G: That's correct. But it takes time. You see you've brought up unrealistic expectations and that's true, this is an expectation that it should be bliss. You shouldn't have to say much. This person is in my corner aly. So I can just go out and do my things in the world and kind of ignore and come home and they'll just be there. But that's not true. It does take time. It does take effort to communicate. It takes a concerted effort and you have to be vulnerable which lots of people don't want to do. M: On Wall Street they look at the stock market and they say it's a good indicator what happens in the first couple of weeks in January, generally tells you how the market's gonna do all year long. So were you saying that these first couple of years of marriage is gonna tell you how you, what your chance of survival is? R: It's amazing. We can see the seeds of divorce in the first month of marriage when couples are saying, "we are blissfully happy, we will never get divorced". And yet, if they are not handling these things well, if they are not keeping the fun in their relationship and really nurturing their relationship, we can see that it's probably gonna head down on a wrong path. M: Gail, let's get to some of your tips. Give more than take. G: You know, it's interesting. My parents told me this all along as I was growing up. If you give each other 80%, you'll both be getting plenty, right? I think about that in my own marriage and I think about that in people I counsel all the time. Give a lot. People always are so concerned about staking out their territory. That doesn't work. Give a lot. M: Next know how to fight? G: So important because you can have a little skirmishes, and you will, and those are okay, but if you let them fester, you get the big brouhaha and that'll break up the marrige. M: And , and show lots of affection that one couple said, "we still hold hands a little bit. Do more than that. Get in there , it will be affectionate. " Right? G: Absolutely. R: But we asked couples, you know, "How much affection would you like? Well, would you like to change in your relationship? "And it's amazing how often, both the husbands and wives will say, "I'd like to have more affection. " G: But it means being"vulnerable", you have to, in order to show each other affection. By the way, the bedroom is a big barometer for what's going on there. There're lots of sexual fights that can end a marriage. Sex is important. M: And you are gonna follow these 1, 600 people, these 8 hundred couples over the,over the course of 4 years. I would imagine just the evaluation, the process may help a lot these couples coz' they are gonna talk about it. R: Well, you know, they really like, in general, when we asked couples, they like to participate. M: Very good. A lot for more. Ron, thank you so much. Gail, thank you very much. R: Pleasure. 200808/46528四川第一人民医院专家咨询

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