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Another year over. Where do they go to? It#39;s a mystery.一年又结束。它们都到哪去了?这真是个谜Now it#39;s December. So much to remember before Christmas Eve现在是十二月。圣诞夜前有太多事情要记I#39;m aly late and my train is delayed我已经迟到,我的火车却误点Disruption on the line. I race into work and the place is berserk整个交通大乱。我冲去工作,那地方完全失控Yes, it#39;s Christmas time没错,圣诞时节到了I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物But right now I don#39;t have time to breathe.但现在我连呼吸的时间都没有。The streets are chaotic. The shops idiotic. There#39;s a queue for the queue街上一团乱。商店很愚蠢。到哪里都大排长龙A granny#39;s taking her time at the front of the line. Ninety-one, ninety-two...有个老太太在队伍前面慢条斯理。九十一、九十二...There#39;s a party at work and the manager is twerking inappropriately今天上班有个派对,而经理不正经地扭腰摆臀To top off the day another train is delayed. It#39;s a catastrophe更糟的是又一班火车误点。真是一场灾难Christmas time is here圣诞时节到I#39;d like to spend the time with the ones I love so dear我想要把时间花在我心爱的人身上I#39;m trying to find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物I don#39;t have time. There#39;s only one of me但我没时间。因为只有一个我Tell me how do people do it all. I#39;ll never get it done告诉我大家如何做到所有事情。我永远做不完If only there was a way to be in two places at once如果有让我能同时在两个地方的方法就好了Wait! That gives me an idea!等等!那让我想到一个点子!If I wasn#39;t alone. What if I had a clone? I could do so much more.如果我不是独自一人,要是我有个复制人呢?我就可以做更多事It would all be a breeze with a couple of more mes. I#39;d have time galore!如果有很多个我,一切就简单了。我就能拥有许多时间!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!Now I can meet with the boss and empty out my inbox all simultaneously现在我能和老板开会还能同时清空我的收件匣Leaving me time to spend with my family and friends, where I wanna be让我有时间和家人与朋友相处,这就是我想要的I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give...is me!我能给的最棒礼物...就是我! Article/201702/494051科学专栏作家李·霍兹介绍了目前在南极洲西部冰原区进行的庞大计划,在那里有一队伍通过钻探具有一万年历史的冰块以获取关于气候变化的关键数据。 Article/201501/355550Mountains tend to be narrower at the top than they are at the bottom otherwise they#39;ll eventually fall down-but that doesn#39;t mean that mountains are always smaller at the top.Because,what matters to most land creatures is the amount of land;that is,the surface area,not the voiume-unless you#39;re a mining company that plans to pulverize the entire mountain into smithereens.山的顶部往往比底部狭窄,否则它们会很容易倒塌,但是,这并不意味着山顶永远是最小的部分,对于大部分陆地生物而言重要的是陆地面积,也就是表面积,而非体积,除非你是一家正计划将整座山炸个粉碎的矿业公司。Then volume matters.But to the rest of us,we care about surface area-and surprisingly,the area of land on a mountain doesn#39;t necessarily get smaller as you go higher up the mountain-especially when that mountain is part of a mountain range,as mountains tend to be.Simple,lone mountains with shapes like cones or spikes or inverted parabolas do indeed have less surface area the higher up you go,though a parabolic mountain has a lot more area high up than a spikey mountain.那么,体积会更重要,但对于其他人而言,我们更在意的是陆地面积,神奇的是,山的表面积未必会随着,海拔的升高而减小,当一座山属于山脉的一部分时,尤其如此,单独的一座形状像锥形,尖锥形或倒抛物线形的山,其面积确实会随着高度而减小,尽管抛物线形的山其面积会比尖锥形的山大一些。And broader,flatter,mountains can actually have more area the higher you go up,at least until you get to the very top.These mountains do get skinnier as they go up,but they get flatter so much faster than they get skinnier that from the perspective of available surface area they#39;re bigger on top than at the bottom!更宽更平坦的山,其面积会随着高度上升而增大,除了极接近顶部的部分,这些山的围度确实会随着高度上升而减小,但是它们变平坦的速度远大于围度的缩小程度,以至于从可利用面积的角度来看,它们的顶部甚至大于底部。And when you put mountains together into ranges,it#39;s even more complicated.Some ranges have less land area the higher you go up,some have more area,some have more and then less,and some actually have more area at both the bottom and top and less area in the middle!当你把一堆山并为山脉时,情况就更加复杂了,有些山脉随着高度的上升陆地面积减小,有些陆地面积增大,有些则是先增大后减小,而有些甚至山底和山顶面积大,而中间段面积小。In fact,if you do survey of mountian ranges the world over,you#39;ll find that only around a third of them have a constantly decreasing amount of hand the higher you go,and the rest exhibit one of the other weird ;top-heavy;options.In other words,despite appearances and as odd as it sounds,most mountain ranges are bigger near their tops.事实上如果你对全世界的山脉做个调查你将会发现只有约三分之一的山,其面积是随着高度的增加而减小的,其他的则大多为奇怪的“头重脚轻”形,也就是说尽管听起来很荒唐,但是大部分的山,顶部都更大些。Which has interesting implications for any land-dwelling creatures that might want to move their homes and businesses up or down mountains,if,I don#39;t know,the climate changes or something.And one more weird fact:a perfectly hemispherical mountain,while impossible in reality,has just the right shape to get skinnier at the same that it gets flatter,so it has,amazingly,the exact same amount of area at every elevation.这对于陆栖动物而言有着重要的意义,当遇到气候变化之类的自然影响时,它们很可能会迁居上山或迁下山,还有一个更奇怪的事实:现实中不可能存在,完美的半球形的山,这要求这座山围度减小的幅度要与变平的幅度相当,这样这座山在不同的海拔高度其面积都相同。The same math also means that if you evenly slice an orange,each piece will have roughly the same amount of skin -but different amounts of fruit.也就是说如果你均匀的切开一个橙子,每一片的面积大小会大致相同,但果肉的量却不一样。 Article/201506/381594

Good, good...好的...Let#39;s get them to relax a bit.让它们放松点There we go. That#39;s a good snake.好了 真乖The first python is fed, what is by any standards, a mouthful.第一只蟒蛇以一口量的食物喂食A piece of raw steak, shaped like a rat...一块跟老鼠一样大的生牛排..It#39;s natural prey. That#39;s a good fellow.跟他们的天然食品一样大 这个好家伙We just need to slowly keep pushing it back into the throat.我们把肉塞到它喉咙里A little at a time.慢慢地It takes a little bit of time and effort.可能要花点功夫了Fortunately, they have no problem eating a meal this size.幸好它们吃下这么大的食物也没什么大碍That#39;s nothing compared因为消化时间较长to the time taken in the digestion process.所以这么大块牛排也无足与奇It#39;ll take about six or seven days这条蟒蛇大概要花6到7天for this python to digest this piece of steak.来消化这么大块牛排It#39;s pretty much the same amount of time it would take它消化一只这么大的老鼠to digest a similar-sized rat.也得这么长时间You guys can serve it now.帮他梳梳肠道吧There we are. We#39;ve got it down in the stomach.好了 已经全部进入胃里了All right.好的Then Stephen starts the next meal,史蒂芬开始准备下一餐grinding and cooking the meat.绞肉并进行烹饪 Article/201505/376186

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