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四川省成都市第六人民医院怎么去四川成都市妇保医院看产科需要多少钱It was a massacre.这是一场屠杀Not just in terms of the number of injured and dead.死伤者人数众多不说But a massacre that any civilians should be killed,standing and defending their plant.它还是在向所有平民传达一条信息 即任何保卫自己工厂的人都会被杀死Over night, Homestead becomes a searing symbol of life and death in Industrial America.一夜间 霍姆斯泰德为工业美国打上了惨无人道的烙印Carnegie probably was appalled at what happened at Homestead.或许卡内基本人对霍姆斯泰德发生的事感到震惊He prided himself on portraying his company as an enlightened, progressive company,which in many ways it was.他自豪地将自己的公司描述成一家文明进步的公司 很多方面这也确实没错What Homestead did was cast a stain on that and on his reputation that he had a very hard time living down.但霍姆斯泰德事件却玷污了这一形象 他的声誉损失恐怕不是一时半会弥补得了的Carnegie extends his stay in Scotland......Hoping the distance will allow the controversy to blow over卡内基继续留在了苏格兰 希望距离能够让争议逐渐被淡忘But American reporters track him down.但美国记者找到了他Excuse me, just a word. No gentleman.打扰一下 就问一句 不行 先生Mr. Carnegie our ers...Another time gentlemen. Yes, just a word.卡内基先生 我们的读者…我再说一次 先生 好 就问一句I am not in the habit of giving interviews in the middle of public parks.我不习惯在公园中间接受采访Mr. Carnegie.Get out of my damned way.卡内基先生 从我面前滚开While Carnegies hounded by press abroad...国外 到处都有找他采访的媒体...At home, the publics outrage is escalating.国内 公众的愤怒还在升级A new group is emerging,calling themselves ;The Anarchists.;当时出现了一个新的团体自称为;无政府主义者;Known for their violent tactics,they are beginning to strike out.他们以暴力策略着称他们四处打抱不平Whenever and wherever they see injustice.见到非正义的事就会出手Now theyve turned their attention to the massacre at Homestead.现在 他们将注意力转到了霍姆斯泰德大屠杀Demanding payback.寻求报复Their target is the chairman of Carnegie Steel.他们的目标正是卡内基钢铁公司主席Henry Frick is determined to get steel production back up to speed.亨利·弗里克决心让钢材生产重新高速进行But his enemies have other plans.但他的敌人显然有着别的计划Mr. Frick.弗里克先生201605/442291On 30th September, a report of the kings renunciation was to parliament,在9月30日 国王放弃王位的报告 在议会被宣读gathered under the angels of Richards magnificent roof.众人齐聚在理查那用天使装饰的宏伟屋顶下The lords were asked to acclaim Henry Bolingbroke,贵族们被要求承认亨利·林布鲁克Earl of Hereford, Duke of Lancaster, as King Henry IV,which they did to cries of, ;Yes, yes, yes.;赫里福德郡伯爵 兰开斯特公爵为国王亨利四世 他们只好呼喊 ;遵命 遵命;Richard, the divine prince no longer, was spirited away and imprisoned in Pontefract Castle.理查脱去神圣君王的光环 被悄悄带走 并监禁于庞蒂弗拉克特城堡Most likely he was starved to death,a horrible way to end, but one which ensured no compromising marks of assault on his body when it was given a public burial.他很可能由于饥饿而死 生命终结得很惨烈 但在公开下葬之时 身体上并没有被虐待的痕迹Now, oddly enough, it was Henry who orchestrated this big funeral,讽刺的是 正是亨利国王 精心策划了他的盛大葬礼a pre-emptive strike against any conspirators out there who might imagine that Richard could be rescued and restored to the throne.对于那些认为他会获救 并且重登王位的反叛者来说 是先发制人的一击It was Bolingbrokes son, Henry V,who had the body of King Richard buried in Westminster Abbey.林布鲁克的儿子 即亨利五世 将理查国王的遗体 埋葬于威斯敏斯特教堂Perhaps Henry wanted to put the charge of murder,as well as its victim, to rest.也许亨利想将弑君的罪行 与受害者的创伤 慢慢平息He must have hoped somehow that in his reign,the wounds of the contending parties might be healed,but it was not to be.他希望于自己在位期间 抚平敌对双方的伤口 但实则不然 /201612/482647蒲江县流产手术多少钱

成都市四院妇产中心四川省成都五院医生排名栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464450金牛区中医院引产多少钱Americas diversity remains on the rise according to the latest annual study by the U.S. Census Bureau,据美国人口普查局最新年度研究报告显示,其人口结构更加多样化,which offers this snap shot of todays population.这有助于人们快速了解美国人口现状。One of the driving forces behind this growth is higher birth rates among Hispanics and Asians.这种增长背后的驱动力之一,便是拉美裔和亚裔美国人的人口出生率不断增长。The report shows the Hispanic population is at 57.5 million, an increase of two percent since 2015.报告显示,拉美裔人口达5750万,比2015年增长了百分之二。Meanwhile, the Asian population grew to 21.4 million with the fastest growth rate of all ethnic groups at three percent.与此同时,亚裔人口增长到2140万人,在各种族人口中,增速最快,达百分之三。What you can find in this latest report from the Census Bureau is that actually Asian percentage rise,我们在人口普查局最新的报告中可以看到,实际上,the Asian population grew slightly faster than the Hispanic population.亚裔人口的增长速度略高于拉美裔人口。But then in terms of numbers, the Hispanic population was larger, so in absolute numbers, you have more Hispanics.但是,从数量来看,拉美裔人口较多。所以单纯就数字大小而言,在美国,拉美裔人口更多。The study estimates that all groups had more births than deaths in the last year except non-Hispanic white people,该研究估计,去年,除了非拉美裔白人以外,所有族群的出生率均超过了死亡率,who have experienced the decreasing births by 163,300 nationally.在美国,拉美裔人口减少了16.33万。Geographically, the new data shows the majority of Asians and Hispanics resigned in the west of the U.S..从地理范围上看,新数据显示,大多数亚裔和拉美裔美国人在美国西部安家落户。You see a large Hispanic population in California, in Texas, those traditional Hispanic communities在加利福尼亚、德克萨斯州,那些传统的拉美裔社区,我们可以看到大量的拉美裔人口,where there are economies that are well-adjusted to it and cultural resources where people feel comfortable.这是因为,当地经济经过很好的结构调整,并能提供让人们感到舒适的文化资源。The Census Bureau makes a complete count of everybody living in the U.S. in its territories every ten years.人口普查局每十年对每个居住在美国境内的居民进行统计。The count is mandated by the Constitution and it will next take place in 2020.这一统计工作由美国宪法规定,下一次人口普查时间为2020年。Aline Barros, VOA News.VOA新闻,艾琳·巴罗斯为您播报。 201707/517012四川成都男科生殖中心

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