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成都市武警医院男科电话四川成都市第五医院网上预约电话Housing楼市Modest plans温和战略The government goes back into housebuilding政府重回地产建设WHEN George Osborne is spotted outsideWestminster, he is very often making an appearance on a building site, wearing a fluorescent safety jacket. It was no surprise to hear him claim once again, in his budget speech on March 19th, that “Were gettingBritainbuilding”. Sadly, given the huge extent ofBritains housing shortage, the chancellors proposed interventions do not add up to much.当财政大臣乔治·奥斯本不在威斯特敏斯特宫(英国议会所在地)时,他经常穿着荧光安全出现在某个建筑工地上。在他3月19日发布的预算报告中,听到其再次宣布“我们正在振兴英国”这番言论并不令人惊讶。可惜的是,由于英国巨大的楼市缺口,奥斯本提议的政府干预收效甚微。The biggest announcement was that the government will extend Help to Buy, a scheme that guarantees mortgages for people purchasing newly built homes. Mr Osborne also hopes to build a new town at Ebbsfleet, a patch of post-industrial land in the Thames estuary, and promises to speed up the redevelopment of several rotting 1960s and 1970s social housing estates inLondon.报告中最重要的一份公告是政府计划延长“购房持计划”,一项为新屋购房者提供的住房抵押贷款政府担保政策。奥斯本同时还希望在埃贝斯福利特市建造一个新城镇,该市位于泰晤士河口,是一小片后工业用地,奥斯本还承诺加速重新开发几个伦敦上世纪六七十年代烂尾的社会住宅小区。By making it easier for housebuilders to shift their stock, Help to Buy has probably helped boost building slightly, especially in northern cities where construction had all but ceased. Extending the programme will boostBritains housing stock by 120,000 by 2020, the Treasury claims, though it will also expose taxpayers to any future house-price crash. Mr Osborne also announced a new fund to support lending to small housebuilders—who have struggled to get financing in recent years—which ought to have a similar effect.通过使住建商更容易卖出存量房,购房持计划很有可能会对刺激楼市略有作用,尤其是在建造工程全部停止的北部城市而言。财政部表示,到2020年,延长购房持计划预计能为英国新增12万套新房供给,虽然纳税人会有承担未来房价崩盘的风险。奥斯本还宣布新增一项政府资金用以持小微住建商,这类住建商近年苦于不能获得融资,这项政策与前者有异曲同工之妙。The new town is more adventurous. Ebbsfleet, where a high-speed rail link toLondonopened in 2007, has had plans for new homes for almost 20 years. Few have been built, mostly because the site is a partially flooded quarry with little in the way of shops, public transport or infrastructure. The governments new idea is to create a development corporation with control over planning and the ability to borrow to clean up and prepare the site. That was how post-war new towns such as Milton Keynes andStevenagewere built.新建城镇得方案更为大胆。2007年,一条连接埃贝斯福利特市与伦敦的高铁线路开通了,该市新增住房的计划已有将近20年,但却几乎毫无所成,大部分原因是这个部分积水地区曾经是个采石场,几乎没有地方给超市、公共运输设施或者公共基础设施用以建设。政府新出台的政策旨在创建开发公司控制规划,以及贷款能力来清理该地做好准备。这就是战后新城------米尔顿凯恩斯和斯蒂夫尼奇建成之法。A similar interventionism is visible in the plan to rebuild 1960s estates. Many of these, such as the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark and Robin Hood Gardens in Tower Hamlets, are crumbling. By increasing the density on the sites, and using the proceeds of selling the extra houses built, it ought to be possible to cover the cost of reconstruction. But councils have been short of money to do much themselves, and private developers extract high returns in exchange for putting up capital. With central-government money, those projects ought to move quicker and councils ought to get more for their land.这个重建上世纪六十年代房屋的计划明显与干涉主义颇为相似。很多这样的住宅区诸如南部萨瑟克区的埃尔斯伯里地产以及东部陶尔哈姆莱茨区的罗宾伍德花园正面临拆除。通过增加拆除点的数量密度以及使用出售额外已建房屋的收入,政府应该可以收回重建的成本。但地方政府因资金短缺而力不从心,而私营开发商以收取高额回报作为注入资本的交换条件。有了中央政府划拨的资金,这些项目得以进行得更为迅速,并且地方政府可以从他们的用地中获利更多。These are decent measures—but nowhere near enough. To accommodate population growth,Englandalone needs to increase its supply of homes to around 230,000 per year, more than twice the number built last year. The real restriction onBritains construction sector is planning policy, which constrains building near existing infrastructure at the edge of cities. The chancellor has been unable to change that. Instead, he is in effect adopting a milder version of 1960s-style grand planning: using government money to boost construction on marginal, unpopular sites. It is an improvement, but only just.这些措施还不错,但还远远不够。为适应人口增长,仅仅只是英格兰地区每年就需要增加约23万套房屋供应,是去年已建成数量的两倍。英国建筑业真正的限制是规划政策,其中包括了城市边缘已落成的公共基础设施附近的建筑。财政大臣奥斯本无权改变。相反,实际上他采取了一个更温和的上世纪六十年代的宏伟规划:用政府的钱刺激边缘、偏远地带的城市建设。这是一种进步,但不仅仅是进步。译者 周雨晴 校对 邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201510/402278四川成都市第二医院能做人流吗

成都市中医院看男科四川成都包茎的手术费用Wonderful,you guys.Here is what I,my only note to you家伙们 你们真棒 我对你的唯一一个建议就是is play more instruments,Did you see what I did多用些乐器来伴奏 你看到我做了什么吗Did you see what I entertainte that works.There are a lot of instruments看到我的所起到的效果了么 用了好多乐器啊Im just playing a lot of instruments,I play like guitar,ukelerian,banjo and 我也会弹很多乐器啊 比如吉他 夏威夷琴 班卓琴 还有You can never have been enough.Have you seen my amusement,yeah那也不够 看到我是怎么做的么 看到了Mister entertainment,never put instrument down.Ok.Ok,its good otherwise,its good要大家 永远也不要冷场 好的 这样就会很不错的So Taylor,I feel like we have so much fun together all the time,right,yeah我觉得我们只要在一起就会很快乐 对吧 是的We had so much laughs and I mean I just can start laughing right now,thinking of some of the laughs我们在一起非常开心 总是欢声笑语的 想想当时为什么笑 我到现在还能乐出来Haha,I just thought of one,I do have so much fun.But I thought why dont we sit down and have a serious interview.Let people get to know Taylor.Ok great哈哈 我现在就想到一个了 真的是开心死了 我想我们或许应该坐下来 很正经地聊聊天 让大家都了解你 你看怎么样 好的 太好了Hi,hi.Well look at you.Finish this statement.嗨 嗨 看看你自己 来做个填空Im Taylor blank.Is this a trick question or just Swift.Just fill the blank however you我是Taylor...这是个脑筋急转弯还是我只说Swift 你就填出我给的空格How do you feel your immediate response.I think its just birth with you while as Swift就凭你的第一感觉吧 我觉得就是自己的与生俱来的姓 斯威夫特Like Im Ellen,Im Ellen Degeneres.Im Ellen Degeneres and married to Portia de Rossi.Im Taylor Swift,I am dating blank.Nobody.比如我是Ellen 我是Ellen Degeneres 我是Ellen Degeneres 我跟Portia de Rossi结了婚 我是Talor Swift 我在和谁约会 没有跟谁约会 /201610/471775A cyclone can be over 500km across,with winds swirling around the eye at 300km per hour.一个气旋直径能有500公里,风绕着风眼旋转的速度有300公里每小时。Its the most destructive force the Great Barrier Reef must face.这是大堡礁必须面对的最具破坏性的力量。And in February 2011, this part of the reef was hammered by the biggest storm in living memory,Cyclone Yazi.在2011年二月,大堡礁的这部分被我记忆中最大的暴风雨猛烈敲打Yazi气旋。This is a special broadcast of 9 News with Peter Overton.这是第九新闻频道的Peter Overton的一次特别报道。Live in the cyclone...飓风现场直播。Good evening and welcome to a special edition of 9 News,live from Airlie Beach.大家晚上好,欢迎收看第九新闻频道的特别报道,来自Airlie的现场直播。The Cyclone Yazi bears down on North Queensland.飓风在昆士兰州北部登陆。These are the latest satellite images of the biggest cyclone,Australia has experienced in more than 100 years.这是这场飓风的最新卫星图像,澳大利亚已经遭遇这种台风多达一百多年之久了。Estimated to have the same intensity as Hurricane Katrina,its a category 5, you cant get anything more powerful.据估计它和卡特里娜飓风具有相同的强度,它是第五类台风,你不会看到威力比它还大的台风了。Daybreak exposed the ferocity of Cyclone Yazi.黎明时分飓风的威力显示出来。We are expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to scenes of devastation and heartbreak, thats unprecedented,not only in Queensland, but Australias history.我们期待明天明天早上醒来,目睹眼前荒废和让人难忍悲伤的场景,这不仅仅在昆士兰州是空前的,澳大利亚历史上也是。Island resorts were destroyed.度假岛被完全毁灭。And a massive storm surge smashed into marinas,demolishing everything it touched.一个暴风雨产生的巨浪猛烈拍打着码头,毁灭了它接触到的一切东西。 译文属201512/412821成都第二人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗Finance and Economics财经商业Private equity and the Arab spring私募股权和阿拉伯之春Tentative steps投石问路Investor interest in the Middle East and north Africa remains cautious投资者对中东、北非的兴趣依旧谨慎THE hot money may rush in and out—Egypt’s Case 30 index has posted a 29.3% gain so far this year, for example, after shedding 49.3% in 2011. But a more meaningful gauge of investors’ perceptions of the Middle East and north Africa is the flow of longer-term money.依埃及的情况,中东-北非可能有热钱忽进忽出。例如,埃及目前公布的30项指标在2011年下跌49.3%,今年涨幅为29.3%。而投资者则根据长期资金的流动这一更有意义的指标来感知中东和北非。The private-equity industry is still a long way off its pre-crisis peaks. The high point was 2007, with .1 billion of deals (these figures exclude Turkey, a hot destination which counts as European in the industry data, and Israel, an entrepreneurial ecosystem all of its own). Many of the regional funds that operated back then have closed, and only the most intrepid investors, most of them local, remain active. The average deal size has dropped from 2m in 2007 to m last year.中东-北非的私募股权业若想重归危机以前的峰值,仍有漫漫长路要走。2007年,私募股权业凭41亿美元的交易攀至业界巅峰,土耳其和以色列则不在计算之列,前者虽为投资热点,但业内数据将其视为为欧洲国家,后者则有自己独特的企事业生态系统。彼时运转的大多数区域基金,现今都已结束营业,唯有最具胆识的投资者活跃至今,其中多为本地人。平均交易规模已从2007年的1.72亿美元,跌落至去年的3000万美元。If the glory days are very much in the past, the numbers suggest that investors are slowly regaining their appetite after the initial shock of the Arab spring. Deals worth 5m have been done so far this year, according to Dealogic. That aly outstrips the 2011 tally of 7m.如果说,辉煌荣耀已属于昨天,那上图的数据显示,在经历过阿拉伯之春带来的最初的震撼后,投资者们已慢慢重拾对私募股权业的偏好。Dealogic的数据显示,今年以来的交易总值已达4.75亿美元,早已超过2011年2.37亿美元的记录。Egypt, whose 85m-strong population helped make it the most popular destination for private-equity investments in the region between 2003 and 2008, has suffered from both the financial crisis and the revolution last year. But the prospect of lasting change in the aftermath of Egypt’s presidential election excites many. “Egypt is not very different from Turkey before Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazil before Lula da Silva,” says Ahmed Heikal, who heads Citadel Capital, a fund in Cairo. “If there is some stability, we will witness significant growth.”在2003年至2008年期间,埃及依靠着自己8500万的庞大人口,一度成为北非-中东一带最热门的私募股权投资地。但如今,却深受金融危机和去年革命的双重冲击。然而,埃及总统大选的余波预示着持久的改变,如此前景让许多人心潮澎湃。开罗基金公司Citadel Capital总裁Ahmed Heikal说,“现今的埃及,同雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安执政前的土耳其,和卢拉·达·席尔瓦上台前的巴西有很多相似处。如果埃及能稳定些,我们将见埃及的强劲增长。”Turbulence today also gives brave investors useful negotiating leverage. “We see Egypt as more favourable than before the revolution because the competition has backed off,” says Romen Mathieu of EuroMena II, a Beirut-based 0m fund that has just invested in a chain of eye clinics in Egypt. Mr Mathieu reckons that it is easier to win concessions about the level of control funds have over portfolio firms.当下动荡的市场也成为大胆的投资者手中有用的谈判筹码。EuroMena II是一家设在贝鲁特的一亿美元基金,该基金刚在埃及投资了多家眼科门诊。EuroMena II的Romen Mathieu说,“革命将埃及的竞争一扫而光,所以革命后的埃及对我们更有利”。 Mathieu先生预计,基金在对投资组合公司的控制等级上将更容易赢得让步。Saudi Arabia is the only other country in the region with comparable heft to Egypt. Algeria has huge potential but the regulations change too often for it to appeal. Other countries are small or, like Syria, off-limits for obvious reasons. So funds often look for portfolio firms with regional potential. “The Arab world is only 350m people so we go for businesses that can capitalise on this by being regional or expect to expand regionally,” says Mustafa Abdel-Wadood of Abraaj Capital, a .5 billion emerging-markets firm based in Dubai. That requires expertise many funds lack. “Most funds realise they need operational managers who know how to grow a business in the region,” says one local analyst. “But they can be hard to find.”沙特阿拉伯是中东-北非地区唯一与埃及实力相当的国家。阿尔及利亚虽潜力巨大,怎奈频繁变动的监管机构令其吸引力大打折扣。其他国家或为小国,或如叙利亚,受限制原因显而易见。于是,基金常常寻找具有区域潜能的投资组合公司。新兴市场公司Abraaj Capital总资产75亿美元,总部设在迪拜,公司的Mustafa Abdel-Wadood说,“阿拉伯世界仅有3.5亿人口,所以我们投资的是能够利用这一特点具备地域性,或有望在区域内扩张的企业。” 这所要求的专业知识也恰是大多数基金所缺少的。当地某分析师称,“大多数基金意识到,他们需要熟知如何在这一地区发展生意的运营经理。但这样的人才寥寥无几。”None of which makes an immediate uptick in Western funds’ activity seem likely. The potential for further political upheaval remains great, and there are many obstacles to private equity’s growth. Most businesses are family-owned and it can easily take a year to earn the trust needed to complete a deal, says Mr Mathieu. There are barriers to taking controlling stakes in portfolio companies, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Exit opportunities are not obvious. An investing revolution to follow the political one will take time.要想凭借以上几点立刻提高西方基金的活跃度的可能性不高。中东北非地区继续发生政治动荡的几率巨大,私募股权的成长之途障碍重重。Mathieu先生说,阿拉伯世界绝大多数企业都为家族企业,如果交易需要,他们可以轻松用一年时间来赢得基金的信任。而若想在投资组合公司中获得控股权,也要面临层层阻碍,尤其是在沙特阿拉伯的公司。抽身机会并不明显。如此看来,若想紧跟政治革命发动投资革命,还需要些时日。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/451547成都市第四人民医院看妇科好不好

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