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演讲简介:Jay Walker 解释为什么全世界20亿人在学英语。 他展示了一些图片和一些令人激动的录像,展示了成千上万的中国学生练习“世界第二语言”英语的场面。 Article/201211/208294尽管海南的黎族人民没有自己的书面语言,但他们创造了自己的口述传统而且代代相传。而村中一位九十岁的老奶奶被誉为“唱歌之王”。她不会讲普通话,但她却创作出成千上万的歌曲。她确信自己肯定能将传统民歌传承给年轻的一代。Although the Li people of Hainan Island don#39;t have their own written language, they have created their own oral traditions that have passed down through the generations.Ninety-year-old Wang Meda is called the ;Singing Queen; by people in this ethnic Li village. She cannot speak mandarin, but she has created thousands of songs in ;Hlai;, the spoken language of the Li Ethnic Group. She#39;s made sure to pass the traditional folk songs down to younger generations.Ji Qiumin, Wang Meda#39;s granddaughter, said, ;My grandma used to croon a lullaby to me when I was a little girl. And it was the first folk song of our Li people that I’ve ever known. When I got older, she recorded songs with a recorder so that I could learn them.;The Li people#39;s folk songs are rich in content. Most of the lyrics consist of seven characters, and the topics range from everyday work to star-crossed love.Ji Qiumin also said, ;Singing is a common practice for ordinary Li people, especially for folk singers like my grandma. When they work in the field, they sing. When they try to tell a story, they also sing.;For Wang Meda, singing is her lifelong career. Now in her 90s, she still teaches kids in the village to sing folk songs, as her grandmother and mother did for her. Article/201206/188518Within a few short weeks数周之内the five colored hills are blanketed in snow五山便被西伯利亚寒风带来的driven by icy winds from Siberia降雪所覆盖Despite being at the same latitude as Venice虽然和有着相同的纬度Asia#39;s northern deserts have nonearby seato warm them亚洲北部的沙漠却没有近海的升温作业and so suffer bitterly cold winters并承受着彻骨的寒冷冬季When it melts next spring当来年春天冰雪融化时the snow will provide moisture for grasses and other plants to grow雪水将为草甸和其他植被提供生长所需的水分Like almost everywhere beyond the wall正如长城境外的大多数地方the harsh conditionsforcepeople and wildlife严酷的自然环境趋势人们和野生生物to keep movingto find enough to survive不停寻索以维持生存The Kazakhs have arrived from the Tianshan Mountains哈萨克人已经到达了天山山脉to graze their animals on the meagar pickings in the Zhunge#39;er以准格尔盆地的贫乏植被饲养他们的家畜But the Kazakhs don#39;t have this place all to themselves.然而哈萨克人并不独享这片土地Their winter migration routes take them passed他们的冬季迁徙路线使其the fence enclosure in the desert.绕过了沙漠中央的篱笆围栏The horses on this side of the fence篱笆这端的马aren#39;t domestic animals like thosebelonging tothe Mongolians and Kazakhs是不同于蒙古人和哈萨克人家畜的存在 /201209/197940

In Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota,loggers harvest over 50 million acres of trees.在密歇根,威斯康星与明尼苏达伐木工人们砍掉了整整5000万英亩森林Green gold.A magnet for Scandinavian woodsmen.绿色的金子,如磁铁一般吸引着斯堪的纳维亚樵夫Between 1825 and 1925,a third of Norway#39;s entire population comes to America. including Nils Haugen.从1825年到1925年这一百年间,挪威总人口的三分之一来到美国,尼尔斯·豪根便是其中一员The pay was a day.You had to have a good pair of driving boots well caulked to be able to keep on top of the logs.当时的薪水是每天3美元,每个人都要准备一双结实的靴子,密不渗水以便能踩在漂浮的原木上There#39;s millions of dollars at stake.事关百万美金的生意If the flow of logs stops, towns can#39;t be built.如果木材不能顺流而下城镇便无法建造Log jams. River man#39;s ruin.原木阻塞是河工们的噩梦In 1886,pines to build 20,000 homes get stopped on the St.Croix River.1886年,可建两万所房屋的松木堵在了圣克罗伊河上 150 Million feet of wood.1.5亿英尺的木材Remove the right log, and the rest will explode downstream.只要移开关键部位的木材,其余的便会奔流而下Rivermen die clearing the obstructions like this.类似的排障过程中有些河工失去了生命In 1892,2 billion feet of lumber will be cut in Wisconsin alone.1892年,仅威斯康星一州就砍伐了20亿英尺木材The railroad feeds lumber into the West#39;s construction boom.木材经由铁路运往各地,促进西部建设繁荣Towns are built so fast,there#39;s no time to name streets.城镇如雨后春笋般发展起来,人们甚至无暇为街道命名They#39;re given letters and numbers.代之以字母或序号The Great Plains is also home to the most numerous species of large wild mammal on earth.大平原上还栖息着世界上大型野生哺乳动物中数量最多的一种30 million buffalo, herds up to 25 miles long,race to summer breeding grounds.3000万头美洲野牛,集结成长达25英里的牛群向夏季的繁殖地狂奔On a collision course with the modern world.却不幸与现代世界迎面相撞The railroad brings a new kind of hunter to the Great Plains.铁路把新一代的猎手带到了大平原Driven by profit,fresh from the carnage of the Civil War.在利益的驱使下,刚刚经过内战的洗礼Two million rifles are in circulation.200万来福触手可及Over a million veterans trained to use them have a new target in their sights.这让100万训练有素的退伍军人,有了新的标靶 /201211/210145

美国总统贝拉克#8226;奥巴马29日说,已选定普林斯顿大学经济学家艾伦#8226;克鲁格出任白宫经济顾问委员会主席。奥巴马定于下周发表重要讲话,公布促就业方案。不过,国会共和党人对新的刺激方案持质疑态度,意味奥巴马的促就业方案可能难获跨党派持。 Under pressure to spur job growth, US president Barack Obama has chosen Princeton University's Alan Krueger as the White House's new top economist. The president is also set to announce a new jobs-plan next week. In a Rose Garden ceremony with Krueger at his side, Obama said he would rely on the economist to help bring down the 9.1-percent jobless rate and restore growth to the struggling economy. Obama described job creation as an urgent challenge, and said he would outline a plan next week to put more money in Americans' pockets and get construction crews working. Many analysts have interpreted this as a sign the administration will go ahead with plans to propose an extension of a payroll tax cut and seek money for infrastructure improvements. Republicans have taken a dim view of new stimulus spending, which means Obama could have trouble gaining bipartisan support.词汇学习:1. spur n. 刺激(物),激励 vt. 激励,鞭策,促进固定搭配:on the spur of the moment 一时冲动之下例句:The aim of this agreement is to spur economic growth around the world. 这项协议的目的是促进世界经济增长。2. bring down 使落下,打倒;降低,减少3. outline n. 提纲;外形,略图 vt. 概述;描绘……外形例句:We outlined our main objections to the proposal. 我们扼要地说明了反对该建议的意见。4. payroll n.工资表,在职人员名单;工薪总额例句:The general manager is trying to meet the payroll. 总经理在设法筹措款项付工资。5. have trouble in doing sth. 做……有困难 Article/201108/151845

Here we go again. Another article advising you on how to live a better life. You#39;ve heard it all before, right?真是老套。又是一篇建议你如何过上美好生活的文章。你之前已经听过这种话了,对不?Well, this one is a little different. My good friend Constance gifted me a copy of How to Live a Good Life, by Jonathan Fields, right before the holidays. As a self-help book addict, I was y to dive in, not necessarily expecting to learn anything new.好吧,本篇文章有点与众不同。我的好朋友康斯坦斯在节假日之前送了我一本How to Live a Good Life,此书由乔纳森·菲尔兹所著。作为自助书籍的上瘾者,我已准备好畅游其中,并不期望自己能从中学到新的东西。But I did. Fields simplifies the joy of living into three simple buckets: connection, contribution, and vitality. And what could we possibly value more in this overstimulated, overhyped, over-everything age than the core values of being connected, the joy of giving, and the feeling of being alive?但实际上我真的学到东西了。菲尔兹将生活的快乐简化为三个简单的步骤:连结、贡献和活力。在这样一个过度刺激、过度吹嘘、一切都以过度为好的时代中,还有什么比与人联系、给予他人快乐以及真真切切地活着更值得让人珍惜呢?Here#39;s how these three elements have the power to transform you:下面我们谈谈这三个元素将如何改变你的生活:Connection连结感I grew up with an alcoholic father. My mother was depressed and emotionally absent. My sense of connection came from ing books, from the teachers who noticed my enthusiasm in the classroom, and even from the kind social workers who helped our family when we didn#39;t have anywhere to live.父亲嗜酒,我从小在他身边长大。我的母亲有抑郁症,总是感觉很茫然。我的连接感来自于书本、注意到我在课堂上充满的老师,甚至来自于善良的社会工作者,他们在我们无家可归时帮助了我们。But even beyond that, I formed a relationship with the universe.但除此之外,我与宇宙也形成了一种关系。As a kid, a local church was kind to us and helped us with food, presents at Christmas time, and, I think, money (I was too young to know for sure). My time at Sunday school meant that, traditional religion aside, I created a relationship with a power that was greater than me. I learned about the world as a loving home where everyone belonged, not just the ;normal kids; at school.作为孩子,当地的教会对我们很好,圣诞节会给我们提供食物、礼物,还有我以为的金钱(当时我太小了,根本就不确定)。周日在教堂的时光,除了传统的信仰,我还与比我更伟大的力量形成了一种联系。我知道这个世界是个有爱的家,不仅学校里的;正常孩子;属于这个世界,而且每个人都属于这个世界。Do you have your people and that feeling of security in your life?你的身边有没有和你一样让你感到安全的人?Contribution贡献Fields describes this bucket as, ;How you bring your gifts to the world… It#39;s about that deep knowing that you#39;re doing the thing you#39;re here to do.;菲尔兹将贡献描述为,;你如何给予世界礼物……也就是说你深知自己正在做该做的事情。;This often seems impossible, I know. Bills to pay. Rent due.通常,这看起来是不可能的,我知道。因为你需要付账单、交房租。Vitality活力This is about feeling energized, free from pain, resilient, appreciative, and, well, happy. Vitality is the opposite of depression, anxiety, and suffering. It#39;s your birthright. But we don#39;t always feel that way, do we?这是说你精力充沛、感受不到痛苦、懂得欣赏,同时活得开心。活力是抑郁、焦虑和痛苦的反面。这是你生来就被赋予的权利。但我们并不总是活力满满,对吗?译文属 /201707/516754

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