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成都早孕无痛流产大约多少钱四川成都妇幼保健电话多少成都市治疗不排卵泡发育价格表 New Report Predicts Economic Growth for Asia Despite US Recession联合国报告预测亚太经济持续增长  An annual U.N. Economic and Social report is projecting that economic growth in the Asia Pacific region will continue this year, despite the expected recession in the ed States. The survey says that together with U.S. economic uncertainty, rising food prices and poor agricultural policies are key challenges for the region. 联合国一份经济与社会报告预测,尽管有人担心美国会出现经济衰退,但是亚太地区今年经济将持续增长。这份报告认为,美国经济的不确定性、外加食品价格的提高和不良的农业政策,都是亚太地区面临的主要威胁。The ed Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific says developing countries in the Asia Pacific region are expected to grow at a slightly lower rate, at 7.7 percent in 2008, after enjoying its fastest growth in a decade in 2007.联合国亚太经济社会委员会预测,亚太地区发展中国家2008年的经济发展速度是7.7%,比2007前10年的最快发展速度略有下降。China and India, the region's economic drivers, are projected to grow at 10.7 percent and 9 percent. And for the region's developed economies, the U.N. says they can expect a growth of 1.6 percent this year, slightly lower than the two percent recorded in 2007.中国和印度这两个地区经济引擎将分别增长10%和9%。报告说,亚太地区的发达国家今年的经济会增长1.6%,略低于2007年的2%。Shamika Sirimanne is a senior ed Nations economist. She says while the Asia Pacific economies will see some moderation in growth through 2008, they are fundamentally stronger than a decade ago during Asia's 1997 financial crisis.莎米卡.斯瑞曼是联合国高级经济学家。她说,虽然亚太地区国家经济2008年不会显著增长,但经济状况从根本上说还是比1997年亚洲金融危机期间强很多:"We think these economies are very, very resilient," she said. "They have low debt, they have budget deficits under control, surpluses in trade balances inmany places plus there is about three-point-five trillion dollars in reserves. Plus the fact at the moment there is very low exposure to theU.S. subprime crisis in the region." “我认为这些国家经济非常强韧。他们债务很低、预算赤字得到控制、很多地区贸易盈余、外加有大约3万5千亿美元的外汇储备。而且这个地区目前受美国次级贷款危机的影响很小。”But Sirimanne warns there are still great uncertainties facing the region, especially over the degree of the slowdown in the ed States economy.但是斯瑞曼警告说,当地还面临很大的不确定性,特别是美国经济会下滑到什么程度。The U.N. report noted that rising food prices are a much greater inflation challenge than oil prices, because food accounts for a far higher proportion of consumer spending. 联合国报告说,由于食品占据消费开的比例更大,所以食品价格的升高比石油价格升高更容易导致通货膨胀。The Food and Agricultural Organization says food costs worldwide spiked 23 percent from 2006 to 2007. Grains went up 42 percent, while dairy increased by 80 percent.联合国粮食及农业组织说,世界范围内的食品开销2006年到2007年增长了23%,粮食价格提高了43%,奶制品价格升高了80%。The survey also stressed that chronic neglect of the agriculture sector in the region is keeping 218 million people stuck in extreme poverty. 调查报告还强调说,当地长期忽视农业,让2亿1千8百万人陷入极端贫困。Malcolm Cook is the Program Director for East Asia at the Lowy Institute in Australia. He says policy makers in many parts of the Asian region, including the Philippines and Indonesia, have failed to improve some vital areas of its agricultural sector, and have financially lost a lot because of it.马尔科姆.库克是澳大利亚罗伊研究所东亚计划主任。他说,菲律宾和印度尼西亚等亚洲地区很多国家的政策制定人都未能改善农业一些关键领域,因此财政损失巨大。"Maintaining irrigation systems, extending irrigation systems, and improving farm to market access roads, so pretty much your meats and potatoes of agricultural policies," he said.库克说:“维持灌溉系统、延伸灌溉系统,改善农庄通往市场的道路,这些都是农业政策的关键项目。”The report called on governments to implement policies that focus directly on improving agricultural productivity, such as connecting the rural poor to cities and markets and making it easier for farmers to access loans and crop insurance.调查报告呼吁亚太政府贯彻直接提高农业生产率的重点政策,比如将农村的贫困人口同城市和市场相连接,让农民更容易得到贷款和农作物保险务。The report also says liberalizing global trade in agricultural would bring 48 million people out of poverty. Agriculture provides employment for 60 percent of the working population in the region. 联合国的报告还说,实现农业全球贸易自由化能让4千8百万人脱贫。农业占亚太地区劳动人口的60%。200803/32618to beat the system ---- 逃避规则(短语)英文释义(phrase)To evade rules adroitly and successfully.例句My brother isnt supposed to smoke in his office, but he tries to beat the system by smokingin the hallway.我兄弟不应该在办公室里吸烟,但他试图在走廊里吸烟以逃避规则。 /201609/464974成都不孕不育专家

成都哪家医院检查精液...in Mars. Although it was completely wrong about Mars and everything he said about Mars practically was wrong. But, he built up interest in the planet which has carried over to this day. And, so, he was, he was quite useful to the Mars exploration program.'Space exploration revealed Mars has little atmosphere and no liquid water on the surface. Yet, Its terrain appears to have been sculpted by water. NASA geologist, Ken Herkenhoff, explains, 'It appears that there were great oceans on Mars sometime in the past and there is currently a debate raging as to exactly when these oceans occurred and how long they lasted and whether there were ice sheets that flowed on Mars.'Today, the dry, cold Martian climate makes it inhospitable to life, but maybe not completely. An amazing survival story during the Apollo missions to our moon provided evidence that life can endure even harsher conditions. Two and a half years after the SurveyorIII spacecraft was left on the moon, Apollo 12 astronauts returned, retrieved the lens of its TV-camera and with it a collection of what seemed to be alien bacteria. But they turned out to be stowaways, bacteria from earth, that had travelled on Surveyor to the moon and survived there for nearly three years, in an environment less hospitable than Mars. Here was the proof that life could endure, at least for a time, on a world other than our own. What are the characteristics defining life as we know it? What else should seekers of life on other moons or planets be looking for? Living things move and grow. Life needs to take in nutrients and eliminate waste. And there is one other quality that is perhaps the most important indicator of all.Oxford University biologist and author, Richard Dawkins: 'the most general characteristic's got to be reproduction, the property of heredity, everything else follows from that. Once you've got anywhere in the universe, heredity, the equivalent to DNA, doesn't have to be DNA, but the equivalent of something that makes copies of itself, genes in other words. Then, Darwinian Natural Selection, evolution and life will follow. Now , in practice, on this planet, life has all sorts of other properties like respiration and feeding and things like that, but the fundamental one is reproduction. 'Today, our planet is a haven for life, a far cry from its violent beginning. The young earth was radioactive, hot, volcanic with no oxygen. The atmosphere was cloudy, full of noxious gases, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane. Red carpets of lava flowed over dark volcanic rock until water from planet's interior formed the vast oceans where life first appeared.words in this passagecarry over:If something from one situation carries over or is carried over into another situation, it is allowed to exist in or affect the other situation: 延期至...sculpt: to form into a particular shape雕刻, 造型stowaway:a person who hides on a ship, aircraft or other vehicle偷渡者(here it means the bacteria from earth)haven:a safe or peaceful place港口, 避难所,安全的地方be a far cry from sth:to be completely different from something:大不相同的东西 (后接地点时也表示距离很远)noxious gas: 有毒气体200808/46327彭州市妇幼保健医院正不正规 泸州治疗不育不孕科哪家医院最好

德阳市妇幼保健院可以做输软管吻合术吗 repine ———— 懊恼(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To fret; to feel discontented, annoyed, and restless.例句 Despite his many financial problems, the optimistic young executive did not repine, and always expressed a bright, confident attitude.尽管出了很多财务问题,这位乐观的年轻高管并不懊恼,始终展现出乐观、自信的态度。 /201607/455758四川省第二中医医院检查看妇科炎症病多少钱四川省成都第十医院妇科好不好



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