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QIng Dynasty清朝The Hundred Days’ Reform百日维新In the 103 days from June 11 to September 21, 1898, the Qing emperor, Guangxu (1875—1908), ordered a series of reforms aimed at making sweeping social and institutional changes.从1898年的6月11日到11月21日间的103天,清朝的光绪帝(1875——1908)下令进行一系列改革,致力于创造全面的社会和制度改变。This effort reflected the thinking of a group of progressive scholar-reformers who had impressed the court with the urgency of making innovations for the nation’s survival.这场改革反映了一群先进的改革家的想法, 他们让朝廷意识到为了国家的存亡进行改革的紧迫性。Influenced by the Japanese success with modernization, the reformers declared that China needed more than “self-strengthening” and that innovation must be accompanied by institutional and ideological change.受日本现代化改革成功地影响,改革者声称中国需要的不仅仅是“自强”,而革新必须伴随着制度和思想上的改变。The imperial edicts for reform covered a broad range of subjects, including stamping out corruption and remaking, among other things, the academic and civil-service examination systems, legal system, governmental structure, defense establishment, and postal services.改革的诏令包含了广泛的主题,其中包括铲除腐败并重建学术和官员考试系统、法律体系、政府结构、国防建设以及邮政务。The edicts attempted to modernize agriculture, medicine, and mining and to promote practical studies instead of Neo-Confucian orthodoxy.法令试图将农业、医药和矿业现代化并促进实践研究以代替儒家正统思想。The court also planned to send students abroad for firsthand observation and technical studies.清廷还决定将学生送到海外学习,使他们进行直接的观察和技术学习。All these changes were to be brought about under a de facto constitutional monarchy.所有这些改变都由实际上的君主立宪制带来。Opposition to the reform was intense among the conservative ruling elite, especially the Manchus, who, in condemning the announced reform as too radical, proposed instead a more moderate and gradualist course of change.保守统治精英阶层对此改革的反对非常强烈,尤其是满族人,他们指责改革过于激进,提倡更为温和和渐进式的改变。Supported by ultraconservative and with the tacit support of the political opportunist Yuan Shikai (1859—1916), Empress Dowager Ci Xi engineered a coup on September 21, 1898, forcing the young reform-minded Guangxu into seclusion.受极端保守主义者和政治投机分子袁世凯(1859——1916)的持,慈禧太后在1898年11月21日策划了一场政变,逼迫年轻的、具有改革思想的光绪帝退位。Ci Xi took over the government as regent.慈禧拦过掌控政府的大权。The Hundred Days’ Reform ended with the rescindment of the new edicts and the execution of six of the reform’s chief advocates.“百日维新”以废除新法令和杀害六位改革的主创者而告终。The two principal leaders, Kang Youwei (1858—1927) and Liang Qichao (1873—1929), fled abroad to found the Baohuang Hui (or Protect the Emperor Society) and to work, unsuccessfully, for a constitutional monarchy in China.两位主要的领导者,康有为(1858——1927)和梁启超(1873——1929)逃往国外建立了保皇会,他们没能成功在中国建立君主立宪制。The conservatives then gave clandestine backing to the antiforeign and anti-Christian movement of secret societies known as Yihetuan (or Society of Righteousness and Harmony).接着,保守党给予了排外和反基督教运动的机密组织义和团以秘密持,这场运动在西方被称为“义合拳”。The movement has been better known in the West as the Boxers (from an earlier name Yihequan, or Righteousness and Harmony Boxers).1900年,义合拳的队伍遍布了中国北部乡村,他们烧毁了传教设施并杀掉了中国的基督教徒。In 1900 Boxer bands sp over the north China countryside, burning missionary facilities and killing Chinese Christians.最终,到1900年6月,义合拳包围了北京和天津的外国租界。Finally, in June 1900, the Boxers besieged the foreign concessions in Beijing and Tianjin, an action that provoked an allied relief expedition by the offended nations.这个行为引发了被冒犯国家的联合救援行动。The Qing declared war against the invaders, who easily crushed their opposition and occupied north China.清朝向侵略军宣战,这些入侵者轻易地就摧毁了他们的反抗并占领了中国北部。Under the Protocol of 1901, the court was made to consent to the execution of ten high officials and the punishment of hundreds of others, expansion of the Legation Quarter, payment of war reparations, stationing of foreign troops in China, and razing of some Chinese fortifications.根部1901年的协议,朝廷被要求统一裁决10位高级官员,惩罚剩下的几百人,扩张使馆区,付战争赔款,允许国外军队在中国的驻扎并且拆除中国的一些防御设施。In the decade that followed, the court belatedly put into effect some reform measures.接下来的10年,朝廷延迟进行一些有效的改革措施。These included the abolition of the moribund Confucian-based examination, educational and military modernization patterned after the model of Japan, and an experiment, if half-hearted, in constitutional and parliamentary government.这些改革包括废除无用的科举制度,以日本改革为模型的教育和军事现代化以及对于宪法和议会政府的稍加试验。The suddenness and ambitiousness of the reform effort actually hindered its success.改革工作的突然性和其野心实际上阻碍了它的成功。One effect, to be felt for decades to come, was the establishment of new armies, which, in turn, gave rise.它的一个作用是对于新军队的建立,它取得了反响却在几十年后才得到了人们的认可。 /201512/412281



  Our strongest personality traits can be deduced simply from our facial features, scientists believe.科学家认为,他人能够通过我们的面部特征轻易推算出我们最显著的人格特质。Research shows those with higher IQs are usually good-looking, while those with wider faces are usually perceived as being more powerful and successful.研究显示,智商高的人通常面容姣好,面部较宽的人则通常被认为更有权、更成功。There is even evidence that sexual deviancy can be picked up from facial features, with paedophiles more likely to have minor facial flaws.甚至有据明能够通过面部特点看出性癖异常,有恋童癖的人更可能有不太严重的面部缺陷。The new evidence means the judgments we make when we meet strangers - which is usually concluded in less than a tenth of a second - are often accurate.这项新的据意味着我们遇到陌生人时做出的判断——这种判断通常在十分之一秒内就完成了——常常是准确的。Mark Fetscherin, professor of international business at Rollins College, Florida, has recently found a link between company profits and the shape of its chief executive#39;s face.佛罗里达州罗林斯学院的国际商贸学教授马克·费斯凯林(Mark Fetscherin)近期发现公司利润和首席执行官的脸型之间存在联系。In his new book, CEO Branding, Mr Fetscherin describes how the executive tended to have wider faces than the average male.在他的新书《CEO Branding》中,费斯凯林先生描述了高级主管的脸颊通常比正常男性更宽。A wider face means that the person is viewed as dominant and successful, Mr Fetscherin said. He also found a positive link between that shape face and the profits of the company.费斯凯林先生说:“更宽的脸颊意味着这个人看起来更有权势、更成功。”他还发现了宽脸和公司利润之间的正比联系。He told The Sunday Times: #39;Facial width-to-height ratio correlates with real world measures of aggressive and ambitious behavior and is associated with a psychological sense of power.#39;他告诉周日泰晤士报(The Sunday Times):“脸的宽高比例与真实世界对攻击性行为和有野心的行为的衡量标准存在相关性,与心理上的权力感也有关联。”British researchers found a similar result when they analysed the results of FTSE chief executives.英国研究人员在分析富时指数公司(FTSE)高管的业绩时也得出了相似的研究结果。Jamie Ward, professor of psychology and his co-author Shuaa Alrajih, suggested the underlying factor was high levels of testosterone, which is linked to aggression and the pursuit of dominance. Testosterone can also influence bone and muscle structure.心理学教授杰米·沃德(Jamie Ward)以及他的合著者舒阿·阿尔拉吉(Shuaa Alrajih)认为其潜在因素是高水平的睾丸激素,这种激素与攻击性以及追求控制权有关。睾丸激素还能影响骨骼和肌肉构造。A typical example might be advertising agency boss Martin Sorrell, who runs WPP, and sportsmen such as Vinnie Jones.一个典型的例子可能是WPP广告公司的老板马丁·索瑞尔(Martin Sorrell)以及运动员,比如说维尼·琼斯(Vinnie Jones)。Elsewhere, scientists also believe people can decipher negative attributes from a person#39;s face. At Cornell University, scientists showed subjects mugshots of those who were guilty and innocent and found the majority could tell them apart.另外,科学家还认为人们能够从一个人的脸上辨认出不好的品性。美国康奈尔大学(Cornell University)的科学家们向研究对象展示了一些罪犯和无罪的人的面部照片,发现大多数人能够将他们区别开来。Researchers have also found that those with a high IQ tend to be better looking.研究人员还发现高智商的人通常颜值也高。An example is Kate Beckinsale, who won poetry awards as a teenager, then studied Russian literature and English at Oxford.以凯特·贝金赛尔(Kate Beckinsale)为例,她十几岁就获得了诗歌方面的奖项,后来到牛津大学学习俄罗斯文学及英语。Actress Natalie Portman also graduated with a psychology degree from Havard in 2003.还有女演员娜塔莉·波特曼(Natalie Portman),她2003年毕业于哈佛大学,获心理学学士学位。Leslie Zebrowitz, professor of social relations at Brandeis University, near Boston, said the trend was due to the high quality of DNA, with few mutations, that those people have inherited.莱斯利·泽布维兹(Leslie Zebrowitz)是位于波士顿附近的布莱迪思大学(Brandeis University)的社会关系学教授,她表示,这一趋势是因为这些人继承了基本没有突变的优质DNA。 /201510/402954

  In the late stage of his reign, Tang Xuanzong paid no attention to state affairs, so the government decayed, treacherous court officials were in power, and thus instigated the “An-and-Shi Rebellion” in 755.唐玄宗后期,不理朝政,政治腐败,奸臣当道,酿成了公元755年开始的安史之乱。An Lushan born of mixed Hu people in Yingzhou, because that he cruelly suppressed the Xi and Khitan people, he got Tang Xuanzong appreciation and was appointed the governor of Pinglu, Fanyang and Hedong.安禄山出身于营州杂胡。他因为残酷地镇压奚、契丹人,得到了唐玄宗的赏识,先后出任平卢、范阳、河东三镇节度使。An Lushan, engaged in national plunder wars for long, had been to Chang^n, the capital for many times. And by attending royal and official activities, he knew the corrupted and weak government like the palm of his hand, so he stored up the disloyalty of rising in revolt to overthrow the Tang Dynasty.长期从事民族掠夺战争的安禄山野心极大,他多次到长安,在宫廷和官场活动中,对唐政府腐败、虚弱的情况了解得很清楚,蓄下了起兵灭唐的异志。Shi Siming, An^ cohort, was also born of mixed Hu people.安禄山的同伙史思明,也是杂胡出身。He went to Chang’an to report to the throne,thus gained the favor of Xuan-zong who gave the name “Siming” to him.他到长安奏事,得了玄宗的喜欢,赐名为思明。Before An’s rebellion,Shi was official of Pinglu military forces.在安禄山叛乱以前,史思明官至平卢兵马使。In 755,by the name of “ sending armed forces to suppress Yang Guozhong on imperial’s secret order”,they rose in revolt in Fanyang. Leading 150 000 soldiers of Pinglu, Fanyang and Hedong, they started from Fan yang and moved towards south to attack the Tang Dynasty.史思明、安禄山于公元755年(天宝十四年)冬以奉密旨讨杨国忠为名,在范阳起兵,率平卢、范阳、河东三镇兵15万人,南下攻唐。Tang Xuanzong who never called to mind that An Lushan would betray him made nothing in preparation.唐玄宗没有想到安禄山会叛乱,所以在军事上毫无准备。The newly recruited soldiers were unable to keep out An,s powerful force, so An bridged Huanghe,defeated the Tang armies in succession, captured Chenliu(present Chenliu in Kaifeng Prefecture, Henan), Xingyang(present Xingyang, Henan), and Luoyang, till closed in on Tongguan Pass.唐朝新招来的士兵抵挡不住安禄山的劲旅,安禄山渡过黄河后,连败唐军,一路攻陷陈留(现河南开封地区陈留)、荥阳(河南荥阳)、洛阳,直抵潼关。In 756, An Lushan kinged himself the Emperor of Great Yan.公元756年(至德元年),安禄山在洛阳称大燕皇帝。Emperor Tang Daizong assembled military forces from all directions, and borrowed some armies from Huihu nationality. These military forces led by Li Shi (Daizong’s son) and Pugu Huai’en reoccupied Luoyang, Heyang,Zhengzhou, Bianzhou and other places.代宗调集各路兵马,又向回乞借到一部分军队,以其子李适为天下兵马元帅,仆固怀恩为副元帅,率军收复了洛阳、河阳、郑州、汴州等失地。In 763,the 7-year “An and Shi Rebellion” came to an end.公元763年(广德元年)初,历时七年多的安史之乱至此结束。Henceforward, the Tang Dynasty began to decline.自此,唐朝衰落下去。Agriculture was seriously destroyed,then vassal states set up separatist regimes by force,eunuchs grabbed all the powers, parties contended for power and profits, the political situation of Tang was in great turmoil.安史之乱使农业生产受到极大破坏,接着又有藩镇割据、宦官专权和朋党之争,使唐朝政局更为混乱。The economy also suffered heavy losses, most tillable fields were annexed, and the farmers were compelled to escape all around. All of these advent situation invited farmers’ revolts.经济也遭到了极大的破坏,土地兼并十分严重,农民四处逃亡。In 876,the farmers’ uprising led by Wang Xianzhi and Huang Chao broke out.公元876年,导致了王仙芝、黄巢领导的唐末农民大起义。It was defeated in 884, however, the Tang Dynasty also collapsed out.起义在884年失败,但唐王朝亦由此瓦解。In 904, Zhu Wen moved the capital to Luoyang, and three years later, he disthroned Emperor Tang Aidi, established Post-Liang Dynasty, thus the Tang Dynasty came to an end.天佑元年(904),朱温迁唐都于洛阳。至四年,朱温废哀帝,建立后梁,大唐灭亡。 /201601/421846

  5.Two eggs a day-one raw and one cooked5.一天两个蛋——一个生的一个熟的When it comes to Emma Morano#39;s secret to longevity, its all about the diet. She was born in 1899 and is the last living European person to have been born in the 1800s.当提到Emma Morano的长寿秘诀时,你会发现全都是关于饮食的。她生于1899年,是世界上最后一个出生在19世纪且还在世的欧洲人。The 115 year old lives in Verbania, Italy, is in pretty good shape for someone who has seen 11 popes come and go. She still spends her days doing housework and cooking. Morano says her diet – including a raw egg every day – has helped her outlive most born in her time. ;For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk or water,; she said. ;Then during the day I eat two eggs – one raw and one cooked – just like the doctor recommended when I was 20 years old. For lunch I#39;ll eat pasta and minced meat then for dinner, I#39;ll have just a glass of milk.; Not exactly an exciting diet, but it#39;s certainly working for Ms. Morano.这位115岁的老人生活在意大利威尔巴尼亚,她仍保持着非常好的身材,这对于已见过11任教皇交替的人来说实属不易。她仍然会花上整天的时间来做家务和下厨。Morano说她的饮食(包括每天一个生鸡蛋)帮助她比与她同一时期出生的人活得更久。;早餐的话,我吃饼干加牛奶或水,;她说道:;白天里,我要吃两个蛋(一个生的,一个熟的),这是我20岁时医生给我的建议。午饭的话,我会吃意大利面,晚上吃肉末,外加一杯牛奶。; 这确实不是一个特别的饮食习惯,但它就是对Mrs.Morano有效。4.Don#39;t get married4.远离婚姻Scotland#39;s oldest resident Jessie Gallan celebrated her 109th birthday in January 2015. Being Scottish, it#39;s rather predictable that one of the reasons she cites for her impressive age is eating plenty of porridge. But that#39;s not her strangest explanation for her place in the centenarian club.苏格兰最长寿的居民Jessie Gallan在2015年一月份庆祝了她的109岁生日。不难想到,作为一名苏格兰人,她保持如此傲人年龄的原因之一便是多喝粥。但这并不是她立身于百岁老人俱乐部的最奇怪的原因。;My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They#39;re just more trouble than they#39;re worth,; she said in an interview this year. ;I also made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.; Now we all know some people who could do with being single for a while, but a full 109 years is probably a bit much! After all, can life really be appreciated to it#39;s fullest without someone there to enjoy it with you?;我长寿的秘诀就是远离男人。他们太麻烦了,根本不值得。;她在今年的一次采访中如是说道,;我做足量运动,每天早上喝一碗热粥,一辈子没结过婚。; 我们知道,有些人单身一阵子没问题,但足足109年都单身会不会太长了点!毕竟,完全没人陪伴你一起度过的人生真的令人羡慕吗?3.Staying positive and lots of singing3.保持积极放声高歌Christian Mortensen lived in Marin County, CA until the grand age of 115 years old. He was born on Aug. 16 1882, in Skarrup, Denmark and came to the ed States when he was 21. On his 115th birthday in 1998 he was asked about the key to his impressive longevity. His answer s a bit like a ‘good news, bad news#39; rollercoaster. He revealed his secrets as… ;Friends, a good cigar, drinking lots of good water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive for a long time.;.Christian Mortensen居住在加利福尼亚州的马林县,享有115岁高龄。他于1882年8月16日出生在丹麦的Skarrup,在他21岁时搬到了美国。1998年,在他115岁生日会上,他被问及到保持长寿的秘诀时,他透露道:;朋友、一根好的雪茄、喝好水、不沾酒精、保持积极,再放声高歌都会让你活得久。;Mortensen loved cigars and smoked a few per week from around 20 years old until his death. But it seems that staying positive had a great effect on his life, and he kept singing all through until his death in 1998.Mortensen喜爱雪茄,自从20岁左右直到他去世,每周都会抽几根。但似乎保持积极对他的一生有更大的影响,而且他一生都爱唱歌,直到1988年去世。2.;Funche;2.FuncheDon#39;t tell me you don#39;t know what ‘Funche#39; is!不要告诉我你不知道什么叫Funche!Emiliano Mercado del Toro was born in Puerto Rico in 1891, and became the world#39;s oldest living person on December 11, 2006. Although there have been many super centenarians awarded this title at some point in their lives, del Toro was one of the few men to do so. Emiliano credited his long life to Funche, which is a traditional Peurto Rican dish that he ate every day. Consisting of a blend of corn, milk and fish, Funche doesn#39;t sound that appealing to the uninitiated. But if the oldest man in the world consumed the dish daily, then maybe we should be giving it a try. Can we add bacon?Emiliano Mercado del Toro于1891年出生于波多黎各,在2006年12月11日时成为了世上最长寿且还在世的人。尽管也有很多百岁老人荣获过此殊荣,del Toro也是其中之一。Emiliano将自己的长寿归功于Funche,这是一种波多黎各传统食物,他每天都吃。这种食物是由玉米、牛奶和鱼混合而来,Funche对不太熟悉它的人来说并没有太大的吸引力。但如果世上最长寿的人都每日为之着迷的话,那我们也不妨试一试,不过,可以加点培根么?1.Smoke cigars, drink beer and eat greasy food1.抽雪茄,喝啤酒,吃油腻食物Now then, I would suggest this advice be taken with a pinch of salt (pun definitely intended), as all medical advice would suggest you really shouldn#39;t be doing any of these things if your intention is to live beyond 70, never mind 100. But this is the philosophy behind the remarkable John McMorran, who at 113 was America#39;s oldest man before his death in 2003.对于这条建议,我真的只能说太任性了。如果你想活到70岁的话,恐怕所有医嘱都是建议你不要做以上事情中的任何一件,更别说活到100岁了。可这就是John McMorran的人生哲学,他享有113岁高龄,去世于2003年,曾是美国最长寿的人。As well as cigars, beer and greasy foods, McMorran also stresses the importance of staying away from cheap whisky in staying healthy. ;He was never sick,; 35-year-old great-granddaughter Lisa Saxton remarked in 2003. ;He lived a great life. Obviously, he was well put together. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food. He was an amazing man.;除了雪茄、啤酒和油腻食物,McMorran同样强调了远离廉价威士忌的重要性。;他从不生病,;35岁的重孙女Lisa Saxton于2003年说道,;他生活过得很好。显然,他总体来说很不错,尽管他抽雪茄、喝啤酒还有吃油腻食物。他是一个了不起的人。;他确实是一位了不起的人,直到死的那刻都以自己的方式活着。An amazing man indeed, living life on his terms right until the end. Advice from our super centenarians varies a lot, and can even be quite contradictory! One thing that most have in common though, is a tendency to avoid stress. Nearly all who were asked reported that being positive or avoiding anxiety in their lives had a positive impact. We really can#39;t know for sure what it is that kept these folks going well beyond 100, but you can bet that for the most part they didn#39;t really worry too much about it.我们的百岁老人给出的建议各有各的不同,有的甚至是完全相反。但是,都有一个相同点,都趋向于避免压力。被采访到的人都指出,在生活中保持积极或者说避免焦虑都会对生活有积极的影响。我们的确不能确认到底是什么使得这些人活到100岁以上,但我们敢打赌说最重要的一点就是不要对生活担心太多。翻译:张洋 前十网 /201511/412575

  With both hands gripping a pole, Deng Hongyou rowed a bamboo raft carrying a couple and their 2-year-old daughter down the quiet Yulong River one morning. Hills of karst rock shaped like camel humps and blanketed with plants rose from the banks.一天上午,邓宏友(音)双手紧握着船篙,划着竹筏,载着一对夫妇和他们两岁的女儿沿平静的遇龙河而下。河两岸,喀斯特地貌峰林状如驼峰,植被繁茂。“The Yulong River is just as beautiful as the Li River,” said the wiry Mr. Deng, 53, comparing this waterway in southern China with the larger and more famous river nearby. “Here the water is much calmer. If a child falls in, I can jump in and save her. In the Li River, there are too many big boats that create waves.”“遇龙河和漓江一样美,”精瘦的邓宏友说。53岁的他是在比较这条河与附近另一条更大、更有名的江。“这里的水流要平缓多了。如果小孩落水,我能跳下去救她。但是漓江呢,大船太多,有浪。”Most Chinese have heard of the Li River, one of the top tourist sites in the country. A row of karst hills along its banks has been immortalized on one side of the 20 renminbi note. Lesser known is the Yulong, which runs to the west and south of the town of Yangshuo. It is a narrower, more bucolic waterway flanked by the same kinds of mountains.漓江是中国最热门的旅游景点之一,大部分中国人都听说过。20元面值的人民币的背面,印的就是漓江两岸的一排喀斯特山峰。流向阳朔镇西南部的遇龙河则没那么有名。这条河更窄、更具田园气息,不过两岸的山峰和漓江的同属一类。As Mr. Deng put it, each river has its character, which is reflected in the towns associated with them. Like the Yulong River, Yangshuo has a reputation as a laid-back rural haven. For years, it catered to backpackers with its hostels and banana pancake cafes.正如邓宏友说的那样,两条江河各具特色,而这些特色也反映在它们流经的城镇上。和遇龙河一样,阳朔享有乡间的悠闲胜地的声誉。多年来,这里的旅馆和供应香蕉薄饼的餐吧迎来了无数背包客。The Li is more closely tied to the bustling city of Guilin, a magnet for package tourists and the place that the Chinese government has long promoted to the world as one of the most beautiful places in the country. From Guilin, large and loud motorized tour boats ply the Li.漓江更多地让人想到熙熙攘攘的桂林。那里对跟团的游客颇具吸引力。长期以来,中国政府一直向全世界宣传桂林,称其是中国最美的地方之一。在桂林,不断有喧闹的大型机动游船在漓江上行驶。Now, the government of Yangshuo County is looking to push the Yulong River and Yangshuo, the county seat, into the spotlight. Officials here crave the prominence that Guilin and the Li River have had for decades.如今,阳朔县政府正打算推动遇龙河及县政府所在地阳朔镇成为焦点。这里的官员渴望获得桂林市区和漓江几十年来享有的声望。They have asked the central government to designate the area around the Yulong River as the Yulong National Geological Park in order, the proposal says, “to better protect these geological relics gifted by nature.”他们请求中央政府把遇龙河周边地区定为遇龙国家地质公园。申报材料称,这么做是为了“更好地对这些大自然馈赠的地质遗迹进行保护”。No corner of China outside of the Yangshuo area better embodies the imagined landscape of the country — karst hills, bamboo groves, rice paddies and villages, all occasionally wreathed in mist. Children bike to school along narrow dirt lanes. Farmers lead water buffalo through the wet fields. It is a traditional Chinese painting come to life.在中国,没有哪个地方比阳朔更适合当作中国美景的象征——喀斯特峰林、竹林、稻田和村庄,偶尔还会笼罩着一层薄雾。孩童沿着窄窄的土路骑车上学。农民牵着水牛在水田里劳作。这是一幅活的传统国画。County officials unveiled their plan in May and have not released details, so local residents and workers are unsure what changes would take place should the national-park designation be approved by Beijing. But some speak of the proposal with pride.阳朔县的官员在今年5月公布了他们的计划,但尚未透露细节。因此,当地的居民和工作人员不确定,如果国家公园的申报获批,会发生什么变化。但一些人在说到这次申报时颇为骄傲。“Most people who visit Guilin come to Yangshuo only if they have time,” said Li Zilong, general manager of Yangshuo Resort, on a bank of the Yulong. “If Yangshuo has a national park, maybe people will recognize that Yangshuo is as beautiful as Guilin and will know that people should spend more time here. A national park shows that experts recognize the value of Yangshuo.”“去桂林旅游的大部分人,有时间才会来阳朔,”建在遇龙河岸边的阳朔河畔度假酒店总经理李自龙(音)说。“如果阳朔有了国家公园,可能人们就会认识到阳朔和桂林一样美,知道应该在这里多待一段时间。国家公园表明专家认可阳朔的价值。”County officials “want to build better roads so that more visitors will come,” he said. “We are all for that because once a tourism zone is built up, more visitors will come, and those visitors will attract more visitors. The government will also do some marketing.”县里的官员“想把路修得更好,这样就会有更多游客来,”他说。“我们都很持,因为一旦建起旅游区,就会有更多游客来。政府也会做一些营销。”The profiles of Yangshuo and the Yulong River have been on the rise in recent years. In the 1990s, Yangshuo became a major hangout spot on the backpacker trail through China. Those travelers, most of them foreigners, lingered at restaurants and teahouses on a quiet street in the middle of town, while Chinese and outsiders on package tours preferred to stay in plush hotels in Guilin.近年来,阳朔和遇龙河的影响一直在提升。90年代,阳朔成为背包客的中国旅行路线上的重要一站,而那些旅行者大多是外国人。当时,小镇中心有一条安静的街道,他们在那里的餐馆和茶馆里流连忘返。相对而言,中国人和跟团旅游的外国人,则更喜欢住在桂林的豪华酒店里。In the 2000s, as the domestic tourism industry in China boomed, so did Yangshuo’s. Midrange hotels and even a few luxury ones sprouted throughout the town, as well as in nearby villages and on the banks of the Yulong.到了2000年代,随着中国国内旅游业的繁荣,阳朔的旅游业也蓬勃发展。在整个阳朔镇,以及附近的村子和遇龙河两岸,纷纷出现了中档旅馆,甚至还有几家豪华酒店。The area has also attracted young Chinese wanting to decamp from cities to lead a simpler life.该地区也吸引了中国的一些年轻人。他们想逃离城市,过更简单的生活。“There was a lot of pressure at work,” said Li Chunhua, 32, who opened Little House Cafe near the east bank of the Yulong a year ago after leaving his job at an export company in Shanghai. “A lot of people from Beijing and Shanghai have moved here to get away from the cities and from all the stress.”“工作压力很大,”32岁的李春华(音)说。一年前,他从上海的一家出口公司辞职,在遇龙河东岸附近开了一家咖啡馆。“很多人从北京和上海来到这里,想摆脱城市和所有的压力。”Outside his cafe, rice fields glistening with water stretched from a roadway to a bank of the Yulong. Farmers with bamboo hats stood bent over in the paddies.在他的咖啡馆外,稻田从路边一直蔓延至遇龙河岸边。水田里波光粼粼。在田间,戴着竹帽的农民弯腰劳作。Other parts of the Yangshuo area have become more crowded as tourism has risen. At night in Yangshuo, thousands of visitors flock to a riverbank to watch a sound-and-light show created with the help of Zhang Yimou, China’s most famous film director, and featuring legions of dancers in ethnic costumes.随着旅游业的发展,阳朔地区的其他地方也变得更加拥挤。在阳朔,晚上会有成千上万名游客涌向河边,观看声光表演。演出是在中国最著名的导演张艺谋的帮助下创作出来的,过程中会出现很多身穿民族饰的舞蹈演员。On a recent afternoon, dozens of tourists took pictures of each other in a field of lavender where someone had erected large, white letters that spell “love.”前不久的一天下午,有人在一片薰衣草花田里竖起了巨大的白色字母,拼成了单词“love”。几十名游客在这片花田里给彼此拍照。Though Yangshuo County agencies did not respond to requests for interviews, the park proposal suggests a sense of rivalry with Guilin and the Li River. In it, officials note that while Guilin and the Li River were designated a World Heritage Site by the ed Nations last year, Yangshuo County was named as having the single best karst landscape by Chinese National Geographic magazine. The proposal also insists a section of Yangshuo named Grape Town falls within the World Heritage Site.尽管阳朔县相关机构未回复采访请求,但国家公园的申报材料表现出了与桂林其他地区和漓江竞争的感觉。在申报材料中,官员指出,尽管桂林和漓江去年被联合国列入了《世界遗产名录》(World Heritage Site),但阳朔县也被《中国国家地理》杂志列为最美的喀斯特峰林。申报材料还坚持认为,阳朔县下辖的葡萄镇位于被列入《世界遗产名录》的地区范围以内。The proposal has supporters among provincial scholars of tourism, who say that Guilin and Yangshuo and their two rivers should be regarded as equals.这一建议在广西旅游学者中不乏持者,他们表示,桂林和阳朔,漓江和遇龙河,应该被同等看待。“Guilin has been a metropolis since the Tang dynasty and has the best preserved Ming dynasty houses,” said Yang Yongde, founder of the Tourism Research Institute at Guangxi University. “Yangshuo has authentic rural villages and fields. The two complement each other and are inseparable.”“桂林自唐代以来就一直是大都市,它有保存最完好的明代建筑,”广西大学旅游科学研究所(现为广西西大旅游科学研究院——译注)创建人杨永德说道。“而阳朔有原汁原味的乡村和田野风光。这两个地方可以互补,是不可分的。”The granting of national park status to the Yulong River and its surrounding villages “will give Yangshuo and Guilin more equal status on the average tourist’s itinerary,” Mr. Yang said. He noted that nearly 14 million visitors came to Yangshuo last year, and their average length of stay was just over two days. If the Yulong received national park status, that figure could increase to three days, Mr. Yang said.授予遇龙河及其周边村庄以国家公园的地位,“将使游客在阳朔停留的平均时间和桂林的更接近,”杨永德说。他还指出,去年阳朔接待了近1400万游客,他们停留的平均天数只有2天多。如果遇龙河成为国家公园,这个数字可能会增加到3天。China has yet to establish a national park system that prioritizes conservation, so it is unclear what ecological rules would apply to a “national geological park.”中国还没有建立起可以明确环境保护优先级别的国家公园制度,所以目前并不清楚有哪些生态保护规则适用于一个“国家地质公园”。A manager at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, a long-established riverside lodge, pointed to a map and said that she had heard the area would be blocked off to outside traffic, and that people entering would have to pay a ticket fee at several booths on the roads. Villages and hotels would be enclosed in the tourist zone.阳朔胜地酒店是一家经营多年的滨河酒店,这家酒店的一位经理指着地图上的一片区域讲,她听说这个地区会被圈起来,不准外来车辆出入,进入这一区域的人需要在路上好几个售票点买票。那里的村庄和旅馆也会被划入旅游区。Standing on his bamboo raft as it floated past karst hills, Mr. Deng said that the national park, if it comes to pass, would no doubt attract more people to Yangshuo. “They will hear about the Yulong,” he said. “Where else can you take this kind of a ride on a raft? Not on the Li River.”竹筏沿河飘流,经过两旁的喀斯特地貌山丘。站在筏上的邓宏友表示,如果有关国家公园的申请获得通过,肯定会吸引更多游客来阳朔。“他们会听人说起遇龙河,”他说。“哪儿还有地方能让你享受这样的竹筏游?漓江上是不行的。” /201509/400008



  The quiet, tree-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights have long been among the most sought after for real estate in New York City. Its proximity to Manhattan and an abundance of historic architecture — some of it dating back more than 100 years — has helped the area command some of the highest prices in Brooklyn.纽约布鲁克林高地(Brooklyn Heights)绿树成荫、幽静无比的街巷一直是市区最为抢手的置业之地。它毗邻曼哈顿岛,各种历史建筑云集(有些可追溯至100多年前),从而成为布鲁克林区房价中的佼佼者。While the district has largely escaped the wave of property development that has gripped the rest of Brooklyn in recent years, a small building boom is now taking hold in a neighbourhood unaccustomed to large-scale projects.尽管布鲁克林高地很大程度上躲过了楼市开发热潮,而该股热潮近年来又席卷了布鲁克林其它区域,但小范围房产开发潮如今正在这块对大型楼盘项目“遗漏”的区域渐次展开。According to CityRealty, a property-tracking company, at least six residential developments are in the construction or planning stages in Brooklyn Heights, set to bring more than 774 new homes to an area that measures just over a quarter of a square mile. Many of the new projects target the upper end of the market, where availability has traditionally been tight. “Low inventory has always been the biggest obstacle to buying real estate in places like Brooklyn Heights,” says Leslie Marshall, an estate agent at Corcoran’s local office. “Now there’s more development and that benefits the increasing number of buyers who want to be here.”据楼市信息追踪公司CityRealty统计:在布鲁克林高地,如今至少6处住宅区正在建设或处于规划之中,有望给这块0.25平方英里多一点的弹丸之地新增774套新居。许多新开发楼盘针对高端市场,而昔日的高端楼盘供给一直屈指可数。“楼盘存量低一直是在布鲁克林高地等区域置业的最大障碍。”房产经纪公司科科伦(Corcoran)纽约分部经纪莱斯利氠歇尔(Leslie Marshall)说。“如今布鲁克林高地开发的楼盘渐趋增多,这让有意来此居住的买家获益更多。”According to property appraiser Miller Samuel, prices have almost doubled since 2010. Aly New York’s most populous borough, Brooklyn is still growing. More than 22,000 new apartments are on track to be built by 2019, says CityRealty. While much of the new construction will be in emerging areas such as Bushwick, Red Hook and Bedford-Stuyvesant, some of the building is under way in well-established areas too, such as Dumbo, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights.纽约住宅房产估价公司Miller Samuel认为:自2010年以来,纽约房价差不多翻了一番。尽管布鲁克林已成为纽约市人口最为稠密的区域,但其人口仍在不断增长。CityRealty声称到2019年时,布鲁克林将兴建超过2.2万套新居。尽管很多新建楼盘位于Bushwick、Red Hook、以及Bedford-Stuyvesant等新开发区域,但仍有一些在建楼盘位于小飞象街区(Dumbo)、威廉斯堡时尚区(Williamsburg)、以及布鲁克林高地等黄金地段。“The Brooklyn market is seeing sales strength in just about every corner,” says Doug Bowen, a broker with Douglas Elliman. “Adding units and new property investment just make sense for developers.”“布鲁克林各个地段楼盘的销售都很喜人。”Douglas Elliman经纪人道格贠榜(Doug Bowen)说。“因此地产商投资开发新楼盘也就有了充足的动力。”And nowhere more so, it seems, than in Brooklyn Bridge Park, an area of Brooklyn Heights that hugs the shoreline in the shadow of Brooklyn Bridge. The area sat largely barren of property development for decades, but is now undergoing an ambitious transformation that includes new condominiums, upmarket hotels and restaurants. Pierhouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a hotel and condo complex developed by Toll Brothers City Living, includes 106 apartments with landscaped gardens and unobstructed views across the East River to Lower Manhattan.布鲁克林大桥公园(Brooklyn Bridge Park)如今似乎最为抢手,它属于布鲁克林高地,位于布鲁克林大桥附近的滨海地段。几十年来,一直是未开发的处女地,但如今这里正在雄心勃勃地“旧貌换新颜”,包括分契式公寓、高档酒店和餐馆在内的Pierhouse项目位于布鲁克林大桥公园区,这个酒店与分契式公寓楼盘组成的项目由Toll Brothers City Living房地产公司负责开发,共 106套景观花园式公寓,东河(East River)对岸的下曼哈顿区(Lower Manhattan)胜景一览无遗。Although the project will not be complete until March next year, 70 per cent of its homes have aly been sold, including a four-bedroom penthouse with more than 5,000 sq ft of living space that was bought for .18m — one of the most expensive condominium purchases ever in the borough, according to David von Spreckelsen, president of Toll Brothers City Living. Prices for the remaining apartments range from .55m for a one-bedroom unit to .19m for a five-bedroom home.尽管该楼盘明年3月份才能完工,但70%的公寓已经售出,其中就包括实用面积超过5000平方英尺、售价高达1118万美元的4卧顶层豪宅——Toll Brothers City Living总裁大卫冯斯普里克森(David von Spreckelsen)说,它已成为布鲁克林区有史以来售价最高的分契式公寓;而未售出的公寓房售价介于255万美元(一卧公寓)与1119万美元(5卧公寓)之间不等。One Brooklyn Bridge Park is a 12-storey building with 360 apartments that also includes a 3,000 sq ft fitness centre, a yoga studio and on-site parking. Douglass Elliman is marketing a two-bedroom, 2,550 sq ft apartment in the development for .6m. Prices for the 16 apartments that remain on sale in the building range from 5,000 for a one-bedroom unit to .99m for a five-bedroom home.布鲁克林大桥公园1号楼(One Brooklyn Bridge Park)总高12层,共有360套公寓房,此外还建有面积达3000平方英尺的健身中心、一间瑜伽室以及相应的停车场。Douglass Elliman房产经纪公司正出售该楼盘一套面积2550平方英尺、售价360万美元的2卧公寓。在待售的16套公寓房中,售价从99.5万美元(一卧公寓)到499万美元(5卧公寓)不等。“Brooklyn real estate has always been synonymous with older structures and prewar buildings,” says Tom Bohan, a broker with estate agency Weichert. “But the newer developments are attracting a lot of buyers with larger spaces and updated amenities.”“以前一说起布鲁克林的房地产,就等同于二战之前老旧房子的代名词,”Weichert房产公司经纪人汤姆娠襓(Tom Bohan)说。“但新开发楼盘的户型大、先进设施一应俱全,各路买家纷至沓来。”Traditional stock is still in great demand, though. Corcoran is selling a four-storey townhouse built in 1857 in Pierrepont Place that, at m, is marketed at a record sum for a residential property in the borough. The house has 16 bedrooms and 17,354 sq ft of living space, as well as more than 9,000 sq ft of garden and outdoor space.尽管如此,老房子仍然供不应求。科科伦以4000万美元的售价挂售一套位于Pierrepont Place、始建于1857年的4层连栋老宅,这是布鲁克林区居民住宅有史以来的最高售价。这栋老宅共有16个卧室,实用面积达17354平方英尺,此外还有超过9000平方英尺的花园及户外活动空间。Not everyone is thrilled with surging property development in Brooklyn Heights. Several preservationist groups led by longtime residents oppose the rash of new construction, arguing that the building boom is altering the area’s historic charm and blocking its views of Manhattan. One group, called Save the View Now, lost a court fight in June to block the Pierhouse development when a New York State Supreme Court judge dismissed its lawsuit.布鲁克林高地楼盘开发一路飚升,并非人见人喜。由老居民领衔的几个环保团体反对一窝蜂式地开发楼市,他们声称房地产开发狂潮正在改变该地区的独特历史风情,而且遮挡了远眺曼哈顿岛的视线。今年6月,纽约州最高法院(New York State Supreme Court)法官裁定其中一个名为Save the View Now团体败诉,该团体要求法院阻止Pierhouse楼盘项目的开发。Yet developers and many long-time brokers in the area defend the building work. “It was inevitable that an area as popular as Brooklyn Heights would see more property development at some point,” says Leslie Marshall, of Corcoran. “But frankly many of these newer properties have taken pains to keep with the area’s architectural integrity and some of them are actually adding value to the neighbourhood.” 然而开发商与该地区许多资深经纪人却竭力为之辩护。“布鲁克林高地这类抢手地段兴建越来越多的楼盘是必然之事,”来自科科伦纽约分部的经纪人莱斯利氠歇尔说。“但平心而论,很多最新开发的楼盘竭力保持该地区的整体建筑原貌,而且有些楼盘事实上让布鲁克林高地锦上添花。” /201510/404430


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