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NHS Staff Who Refuse Flu Jab #39;Irresponsible#39;Just one in five staff at NHS hospitals in England have received a flu jab despite warnings they are putting patients at risk.In Bourmor the hospital fought flu with 70s disco. Everybody is Kung-flu fighting. In Birming north London, it was a festive number. I don#39;t want a Christmas with flu. And in Birmingham, they roped in Boxer to convince staff to have the jab. The heavy weight campaign was the only one that worked. The city#39;s children#39;s hospital vaccinated almost nine out of ten staff this winter. Nationally just half of all NHS staff had a jab that stops the sping a potentially deadly virus around the wards. Here they say that is just not acceptable.We#39;ve got lots of children in the hospital but aly very sick, the last thing we need is for them to get flu. Also to protect themselves, we don#39;t want our staff to go sick. But we also want to protect their homes as well,we wanna make sure that they some flu in the hospital and take it home to their families.Offical figures show that of 133 hospital trusts, just 40 vaccinated 75% of staff, the target set by the Department of Health. Kings College Hospital in London had the lowest rate with less than 30% of front line staff vaccinated. Great Ormond Street children#39;s hospital, the Royal Marson Cancer Hospital and the Royal Brompton Heart Hospital also have low rates and they treat particularly vulnerable patients. I specialist says staff#39;s refusal to vaccine are being irresponsible.I think they certainly have naievity in the sense that they don#39;t perceive they are protecting colleagues or protecting patients and feel that they are not vulnerable themselves to flu why should they have a injection of vaccine.Once the virus gets on board, it can quickly sp. Here at the L Royal in F, just last month, six children on the high dependency unit came down with swine flu, 3 had to be isolated. The source of the infection was never traced. And it could be a visitor, but barely half of the staff had been vaccinated. Failure to hit the vaccination target could prove costly to hospitals. The Department of Health told Sky News that only in exceptional circumstances will there be considered for a share of a 250 million pound windfall to help the ANE pressure next winter. It added uptake is currently at its highest level ever, however it is clear there is more to do. Expect more s next winter, but with growing frustration, the health worker needs so much convincing to protect the health of patients. /201403/282943Keeping a promise offers many rewards. Highlight your impressive moral character by following through on a promise you made to yourself or to someone else.遵守承诺会为你带来许多回报。遵守为自己或他人做出的承诺,增加你的道德人格魅力。You Will Need你需要Pen and paper纸笔Organization组织Commitment约束Steps步骤Step 1 Write down promises1.写下承诺Write down promises you have made to yourself and to others on a piece of paper.把向自己或他人做出的承诺写在一张纸上。Break down big promises into smaller steps.把比较大的承诺分割成比较小的步骤。Step 2 Organize2.组织Organize your schedule in order to keep promises.制定好日程,以便更好地遵守承诺。Step 3 Track your promises3.追踪Track the progress of your promises in a journal.在日志中及时追踪记录实现承诺的情况。Step 4 Look at consequences4.查看影响Examine the consequences you will encounter if you break a promise.查看一下,如果你违背承诺会造成什么影响。Step 5 Make a promise5.做出能够遵守的承诺Make promises that you can keep.一开始就要做出自己能够遵守的承诺。Step 6 Do not make excuses6.不要找借口Do not make up excuses that will deter you from fulfilling your promises.不要为自己找借口,否则更难以履行承诺。Step 7 Recommit7.重新努力Recommit yourself if you break a promise. Apologize to others if you let them down, and then get back on track.如果你未能履行承诺,重新努力。如果你让别人失望了,向他们道歉,然后重新回到生活轨道。In 2008, there were 2,162,000 marriages in the ed States.2008年,美国共有2,162,000万对新人结婚。视频听力由。 /201401/273053

Sharon lives in Kentucky and was brought up as a Catholic.莎伦在肯塔基州长大 是一名天主教徒She didn#39;t worry about her diet,她从不节制饮食loved meat, particularly pork and fatty foods.喜欢吃肉 尤其是猪肉和富含脂肪的食物Oh, look. Alligator AND pork!快看 鳄鱼拌猪肉She also did very little exercise.她很少参加锻炼Debbie eats fish but not meat.黛比吃鱼 但是不吃肉She lives in New Jersey and was brought up as a Jew.她住在新泽西州 被当作犹太人抚养Unlike her twin sister, she和她的双胞胎不同exercises regularly and is very health-conscious.她定期锻炼并有很强的健康意识Sharon and Debbie are the perfect experiment.莎伦和黛比就是绝妙的实验Carbon copies of each other,作为对方的翻版they are living proof of the power of genes.她们就是基因力量的鲜活明Their separate environments have hardly influenced their weight.不同环境几乎没有影响她们的体重It seems they were born to be slim.似乎她们生来就是苗条的If it really is the case that some如果的确有人生而苗条people are born to be thin, could the opposite also be true?那么反过来是不是同样成立呢By looking at my family and the large number -审视我的家庭和庞大数量的 no pun intended -不是在讽刺of fat people in my family,肥胖家族成员it just to me seems inevitable that I would be large.我似乎注定是个大块头 Article/201306/245974

Jose Mourinho Set For Replay With Chelsea The #39;Special One#39; returns to Stamford Bridge, saying: ;I think we are y to marry again and to be happy and successful again.英超豪门切尔西俱乐部宣布穆里尼奥被任命为球队的主教练,双方签约4年。切尔西官方并没有透露魔力鸟回归斯坦福桥后的薪资问题。这将是时隔6年,穆里尼奥第二次执教切尔西。俱乐部CEO古尔利在官方消息公布后,第一时间表达了对穆里尼奥的欢迎:“何塞能够重返切尔西,我感到非常开心。他将延续自己的成功,而这也是俱乐部未来发展的目标。穆里尼奥就是我们的首选,我们相信他才是真正适合俱乐部的那个人。”I#39;m very happy. I have to prepare myself for not to be, to be emotional at my arrival, at the club, but obviously I#39;m very happy.Was it an easy decision?I met the boss, I met the owner, and I think in 5 minutes after a couple of very short but programmatic questions we decided. I think straight away. I asked the boss: you want me to back? And the boss asked me: do you want to come back? And I think for a couple of minutes, the decision made.I love to be here, and I have big connection with the club, and I think for the club it#39;s not easy. My departure?If you analyze it in a cool way, and you leave the emotion a bit apart, I think it was fantastic because my career after that, I had my career what I was aiming for that appeared in my career. And by the other way, Chelsea football club got important offices after that, had important moments in the history of the club. And now, we are back together, and I think we get together in a great moment for both, so I think we are y to marry again and to be happy and successful again. /201306/243526

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